Critical Nonprofit Needs

While nonprofits provide services to those most in need within our community, many are often under-resourced and a single, unexpected event can dramatically impact their ability to provide crucial services. To address these unexpected needs, Community Foundation Tampa Bay has created the Critical Needs Form for nonprofits to share those urgent, unexpected needs with community philanthropists.

What is a "Critical Need"?

A critical need is defined as unbudgeted, unforeseen, and time-sensitive, and one that significantly interferes with a nonprofit’s ability to provide crucial services or presents an imminent threat to the organization’s continued operations.

This is not a competitive grant process. It is an innovative way to share specific needs with us, our fundholders as well as other philanthropists in the Tampa Bay community. Examples of requests for need might include:

  • Emergency repairs of building structure or mechanical systems (heating/cooling, water service, etc.) where a sudden and unexpected failure interferes with the provision of services.
  • Replacement of essential equipment and technology where a sudden and unexpected failure interferes with the provision of services.
  • Addressing circumstances external to the organization that interfere with the provision of mission-critical services. Examples may include:
    • The increase in gas costs for transportation-centric programming (i.e. – mobile services, client transportation, etc.)
    • Updated security measures for organizations, such as churches or synagogues, that are experiencing increased safety concerns due to current events
    • The local community is receiving an influx of refugees as a result of international conflict and your organization needs to purchase bedding to shelter families

*Organizations must provide justification for the request including: 1) how is the request mission-critical to the programming offered?; and 2) the amount of funding the organization budgeted in the previous fiscal year for this expense vs. anticipated amount needed in the current fiscal year and the current gap in needed funding.  

New submissions are added to the list once the nonprofit has been verified, usually within 24 to 48 hours of submission.

Fundholder Match Program

The Community Foundation Tampa Bay has also created a Fundholder Match Program that provides a 1-to-3 match to grants made from a Community Foundation donor advised fund or Family Foundation to directly address a need submitted on the Critical Needs List. The minimum match is $250 when $750 is granted to help meet a need on the list. The maximum match is $5,000 when $15,000 or more is granted to address a Critical Needs Request on the list.

If you are interested in funding a critical needs request or want information about a specific nonprofit, please contact Nicolette Rea, Director of Donor Relations. The specific project name listed in the request should be included as the grant purpose when making a grant recommendation for one of the nonprofits on the list.

Critical Needs List

Instructions: To access the full detail for each Critical Needs request, simply click on the green plus symbol on the left side of the row. Clicking on the red minus symbol will then collapse the Critical Needs request information. To sort any of the columns, simply click on the column header once or twice depending on the desired sort. Pulldown filters can be used to select items to filter on and the RESET FILTERS Button can be used to reload the webpage thus resetting all the filters. Finally, the CSV and EXCEL buttons can be used to download all the detail for the items on the page in the selected format.

FundedPercent FundedProject NameOrganization NameFocus AreaAmount RemainingGeographic AreasOrganization WebsiteHurricane Ian RelatedRequested NeedCritical Nature of NeedFund UseFinal Submit DateDays from Submission to Web RefreshStatusAmount FundedAmount Requested
Not Funded0%Kids Homeless Shelter - AC Repair and Unexpected Rent IncreaseJust Initiative IncBasic Needs$9,260.00Hillsboroughhttp://www.justinitiative.comNoThe air conditioner stopped working in our Emergency Bridge Shelter for moms and children experiencing homelessness. This required a new coil. We were able to acquire the coil and have it installed for $1340.
In March the rent for the building where we operate Petra House unexpectedly increased. After initial fundraising we are still short $660 per month (a total of $7920 for the lease). We are asking for a total of $9260 for these 2 things.
The rent was an unexpected or planned for expense this year. This will be taken in to consideration in developing our budget and overall plans for the following year.
Without air conditioning or raising the remaining funds for rent, we would have to close Petra House. This would lose 12 beds for homeless moms and children in Hillsborough County. Recently the Hillsborough County School system reported over 3300 homeless school aged children are in our county. It is critical for our county's continuum of care that we do not lose any beds.The funds would be used to cover the shortfall in rent and to cover the AC repair expense.05/19/20234Active$0.00$9,260.00
Not Funded0%Replacing Damaged BarnKids and CaninesEducation$15,000.00Hillsboroughhttp://kidsandcanines.orgYesKids and Canines is requesting a $15,000 critical need grant to tear down an existing building that is not suitable or safe and to replace it with a pole barn. The pole barn will be roughly 24 by 34 with an additional 10 feet for picnic tables. The main section of the pole barn will be used for dog training. The fence will surround the pole barn area for the direct release of the dogs into a safe, spacious yard. The current barn sustained damage during the storm a few months back. After having several contractors out to give quotes on fixing the damage, it was determined that the best thing to do was to demolish the current structure for safety reasons and to replace the enclosed barn with a pole barn.

At Kids and Canines, we help the most underserved, disadvantaged children. These children have often faced challenges that most of us will never encounter nor be able to understand fully. They have been abused, neglected, abandoned, and live a life rife with challenges. Our programs provide educational enhancements, deliver cognitive well-being services and help children develop critical social, life and job skills. Our programs are available to all Hillsborough County Schools at no cost. Priority is given to Title I (low income) schools and ESE (special needs) students. Over 1500 students were served through our programs in 2022.
The removal of the barn (at a cost of $3000) is not optional. It must happen to provide a safe space for the youth, staff and our trained program dogs. The impact of not having a large training facility decreases the number of dog/handler volunteer teams needed to work in the school programs. We have more requests for our program services than we can fill. By using trained volunteer/dog teams we can better meet the needs of our community, and save considerable funds otherwise spent on the care of program dogs. Currently, we have 10 program dogs that we provide all the care for (over $18,000 annually) along with five dog/owner teams which cost us very little ($150 one time) to train and evaluate. To meet our program needs, we need 10 more dog teams or to add 10 more program dogs.

The pole barn will be equipped with lighting and fans allowing Kids and Canines to hold community dog training programs for prospective volunteers. Additionally, the picnic table areas will provide outdoor opportunities for the kids participating in activities like summer camp to interact with the dogs and for us to host fundraising events. Quotes for the new pole barn are running $11,000 to $28,500 plus the costs of landscaping and flooring ($1500)

The fence ($1200) to be installed where the old barn was, keeps our trained dogs safe especially as we sit off Hwy 301, and it saves staff and volunteer time that must be utilized to walk and exercise dogs.
The funds would be used to pay for the demolition of the existing out building, the rebuild of the 24 by 33 pole barn in the location of the demolition and a fence that surrounds the pole barn for play and exercise of the dogs that are utilized in the Kids and Canines programming.05/19/20234Active$0.00$15,000.00
Not Funded0%Hot Water Electrical Panel Replacement at Community Food PantryDaystar Life CenterBasic Needs$1,446.25Pinellashttp://www.daystarlife.comNoThe electrical panel that powers the hot water tank at Daystar malfunctioned and needed to be replaced immediately to restore hot water to the building.Hot water is essential for proper sanitation of the building. Cleaning services, washing of produce and eggs prior to distribution, and the ability for clients, staff and volunteers to wash hands properly is significantly impacted and poses a health risk to the community at large.The funds received will be used to reimburse Daystar operations account for the unbudgeted and unexpected cost of the new electrical panel that had to be replaced immediately.05/19/20234Active$0.00$1,446.25
Not Funded0%Transmission Repair - Mobile Food Pantry - Donation Pick upULOC OF TAMPAHealth and Wellbeing$6,200.00Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttp://www.uloccommunitynetwork.orgNoOur mobile food pantry / donation pickup truck needs transmission repairs.We will not be able to continue to serve our communities or pickup food donations from 7 stores and we will lose partnership. There are many people who are struggling in rural areas due to the enormous increase in cost to live. We provide food and household essentials to 1,200 - 1,600 people monthly. The calls are overwhelming to hear so many people that need food, toiletries, and baby items. The impact would be terribly great as we try to help meet the needs in the Tampa Bay Area.To pay for transmission repair.05/19/20234Active$0.00$6,200.00
Not Funded0%Food Bank Truck and Equipment BreakdownHope Villages of America, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$9,387.00Pasco ; Pinellas Hope Villages of America, we distribute nearly 7 Million pounds of food each year throughout the community. We utilize various equipment to assist in this effort, including trucks, pallet jacks, and fork lifts. Our 2011 26' refrigerated box truck picks up food donations from various retail stores like Publix, Walmart, Costco, and Sam's Club on a regular basis. In order to work more efficiently and safely, we utilize pallet jacks to load and unload the truck. After picking up the donations, the food is transported back to our warehouse for unloading and sorting for distribution to our neighbors in need. The truck has broken down and is in need of a $3400 repair, and our two pallet jacks are broken beyond repair. The truck utilizes a DEF filter system to clean the exhaust to protect the environment. When the filter becomes clogged, it causes the truck to degrade where it will not travel more than 25 miles per hour. A forced regeneration of the system can normally fix the problem; however, if the filter is too clogged, it only fixes the problem for about a week. Each forced regeneration costs about $500. Rather than throwing good money after bad, we need to replace the DEF filter for $3400. Additionally, our two electric pallet jacks, which have been in service for 15 years, are no longer repairable. Each pallet jack costs approximately $3,000, and we need two in order to continue distributing millions of pounds of food each year. Our total request is $9,387.We pick up and distribute nearly 7 Million pounds of food each year utilizing various equipment to assist in this effort, including trucks, pallet jacks, and fork lifts. Not having one of our trucks operational drastically reduces our ability to distribute food. We do have 2 additional trucks; however, they are being utilized for other routes. The food from the retail stores is only available for pick up and redistribution in the morning hours each day of the week. Additionally, not having a pallet jack to load and unload the food is a huge disadvantage; not only in terms of time, but safety. We mainly utilize volunteers to help with food distribution, and the average age of our volunteers is 65 years old. This means that the volunteers do not have the capability to lift and carry heavy boxes of food. Being down one truck and two pallet jacks in a huge detriment to our operations.We would utilize $3400 to repair our 2011 26' refrigerated box truck. Specifically, we would replace the DEF filter. We would utilize another $6000 to purchase two new electric pallet jacks.05/19/20234Active$0.00$9,387.00
Not Funded0%Ultrasound Exam Table for Pregnancy Care CenterPregnancy Care Center of Plant CityHealth and Wellbeing$1,000.00Hillsborough replace a broken exam table used during ultrasounds at a pregnancy care centerThe adjustable headrest on our current exam table is broken and will not stay in position. Therefore, it is permanently folded down. This makes the area that the patient lies on very short and her legs hang off of the end of the exam table. Without the use of the adjustable headrest, the patient does not have a clear view of the ultrasound image without straining her neck or trying to raise up.The funds would be used to purchase a new exam table.05/19/20234Active$0.00$1,000.00
Not Funded0%Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance & RepairGreater Mt. Carmel Development CorpBasic Needs$1,200.00Hillsborough Pantry has 1 commercial freezer; 1 small freezer, and 2 refrigerators that support our weekly donations. Recently, we lost over 100 pounds of primarily fresh meat, due to a mechanical malfunction. We need maintenance work and repairs for our freezers and refrigerators.We typically run out of meat and other perishables, for our twice a month food pantry events. We turn away many in need because we do not have the freezer /refrigerator capacity to serve our east Tampa community. We will not be able to store fresh foods for distribution to those in need without repairs to our freezers and refrigerators.Maintance/repair for all refrigerator and freezer units04/12/202341Active$0.00$1,200.00
Not Funded0%Rebuilding Back Deck and ADA Acess RampTampa Realistic Artists, Inc.Arts and Culture$7,500.00Hillsboroughhttps://www.tamparegionalartists.comNoTampa Realistic Artists, Inc. operates the Old Hyde Park Art Center, an historic turn of the century schoolhouse. We have a front door and porch on Swann Ave., and a back deck with our ADA ramp on the alley behind the building. The back deck/ ramp also provides access from our 3 dedicated parking spaces. Through years of use and weather, not helped by last year's 2 hurricanes and this year's Gasparilla, the deck and ramp had deteriored to the point that it had become a safety issue. Boards were loose or popping up, supports on the rails had broken, etc. Over the past years, we have been continually patching the deck, nailing down loose boards, etc. However, we determined that the deck had deteriored to the point that rather than patching this time, it needed to be replaced before someone was injured.The Old Hyde Park Art Center only has access through the front and back door. Access by the front door involves 5 steps, which is not possible for anyone who is disabled, and is very difficult for people bringing in their art supplies. The Art Center is in use 7 days a week with classes, workshops, etc., with people bringing in art supplies. Many of those who attend our activities are senior citizens, and need the convenience of the ADA ramp.The funds would be used to replace the back deck and ADA ramp.03/28/202356Active$0.00$7,500.00
Not Funded0%Technology/Computer Lab ReplacementSalesian Sisters of Tampa Inc d/b/a Salesian Youth CenterEducation$56,540.50Hillsboroughhttp://salesiansisters.orgNoThe Salesian Sisters of Tampa, Inc, which is the nonprofit that owns and operates both Salesian Youth Center (SYC) and Villa Madonna School (VMS) (both located on Villa Madonna Campus), has a desperate need for new computers in the computer labs that are used daily. The computers at both SYC and VMS no longer have operating systems that are current which has made the computers virtually unusable, as these computers are now over 10 years old and also in terrible shape otherwise. Both computer labs for the SYC (after school and summer program) and Villa Madonna School have 25 computers each. Children ages 5 to 18 use the computers daily for homework, tutoring, and learning typing, STEM activities, and learning computer literacy, which is so important these days. There are even other nonprofits and volunteers that come in over the summer and work with the children on computer skills, work with the teens on building their resumes, looking at colleges and scholarship opportunities, and searching for occupations they may be interested in. Children at Villa Madonna School also use the computers daily for typing lessons, and computer classes beginning from Kindergarten up through middle school to teach the kids computer literacy.The computers at both the SYC and Villa Madonna School are beyond the point of repair. Students currently are waiting in line at the SYC after school to try to complete homework on the few slow computers that do work, as many of the computers simply are unusable. We have recently had them inspected to see what can be fixed, and the recommendation is that they are all replaced as soon as possible. The computer teacher at Villa is unable to work with students other than to show them what happens when a computer doesn't work. There is already an interruption to students, and if we don't replace them immediately, students' education and grades that staff have worked so hard to help improve over the past 28 years of the SYC being open will suffer.

For many of the children, especially the ones who come daily to the Salesian Youth Center, the computer lab is their only resource for technology. This need for the computers to be upgraded is so incredibly important for them, as students, to be able to get their homework done, be tutored, and learn, grow, and thrive in a world filled with technology.
Funds would be used to purchase 50 Chromebooks for the 2 computer labs which will make the computer labs usable and the programs the students take part in will no longer suffer.02/02/2023110Active$0.00$56,540.50
Not Funded0%Laptop Office Computer for Mental Health Office's EDNAMI Pasco County Florida Inc.Health and Wellbeing$4,919.00Pascohttp://namipasco.orgNoLaptop office computer for mental health office's ED due to prior laptops death from old age.Our ED's work laptop has died beyond repair and our volunteer laptops can't hold the software she needs to do her job. She is currently using a combination of her own laptop, her cell phone, and pen and paper to continue the normal course of business. Due to the confident nature of our business, this is not ideal and is leaving gaps in our secure HIPAA-compliant systems for some of our programs despite our best efforts being made to fill them.Funds would be used for a fully warranted Mac Book with maximum storage and Case01/19/2023124Active$0.00$4,919.00
Fully Funded100%Repair Damages to tower and equipment for WPHX FM Radio caused by Hurricane IanFirehouse Cultural Center, Inc.Arts and Culture$0.00Hillsboroughhttp://www.firehouseculturalcenter.orgYesHurricane Ian's winds tilted the antenna at the top of the 100 foot communication tower. Additionally the guide wires may have been slightly weakened. We had a tower climber come and temporarily fix the antenna The tower is structurally safe but the guide wires need tightening and securing to be assured that future storm seasons dont impact it. There is also so significant rust at that a galvax coating can extend the life of the tower.

Additionally the power surges damaged the Mac Book which runs the Mega Seg software that feeds the programming to the transmitter and connects teh Emergency Broadcast system to the transmitter. We are currently operating on a 2015 Macbook that has been kept as an emergency backup.
The County will not maintain the tower and if it is determined that the supports place the tower in an unsafe state it will be removed thus leaving WPHX unable to broadcast. This preventative maintenance is beyond our financial ability as underwriting for programs has been significantly impacted the past few years as South County small businesses have struggledTower climber to apply galvax and secure tension guide wires( bid from Paul Kempter Engineering)
Mac Book Pro
12/29/2022145Fully Funded$7,700.00$7,700.00
Not Funded0%Increase In Fuel Cost for Picking up Food and Air Conditioner ReplacementHopeville Family MinistriesBasic Needs$12,300.00Pasco distribute emergency food to individuals on an as needed basis through open food banks. We must pick up donated food items and have a need to cover the increased fuel cost for picking up the food at 14 locations on a weekly basis. Additionally, one air conditioning unit has broken and the other one is not functioning properly and needs to be replaced. We must keep the location cool for the food, clients and staff.We will not have the appropriate finances to purchase the fuel needed for picking up the food from donation sites. This will impede our organization from being able to continue providing needed food distribution services to our clients. Staff and clients have been complaining about the heat with the lack of air conditioning and we will not be able to continue providing services without replacing the units.Funds will be used to supplement the cost of fuel for picking up food donations and to replace the broken air conditioners.12/02/2022172Active$0.00$12,300.00
Not Funded0%Generator Replacement at Residential Village for Foster YouthFriends of Joshua House Foundation, Inc.Basic Needs$52,213.00Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttp://friendsofjoshuahouse.orgYesJoshua House requests the replacement of three generators that stopped working during Hurricane Ian. The cost of repair is very close to that of replacement, and the generators are 28 years old, promoting leadership’s decision to replace them. Our campus experienced the loss of power, and then the subsequent loss of the three generators for 2.5 days. The resulting power outage with generator loss within 24 hours caused loss of food for five residential homes, and our water treatment balance for our potable water tank through the loss of the generator that keeps the chlorine feed and compressor going to insure circulation and the chemicals and PH balance.Two generators at Joshua House power the main administration building with the large kitchen that supports 36 - 40 foster youth with complex traumas in residence at any given time. Another generator is dedicated to the water system and security gate. This critical infrastructure ensures food, clean clothing, adequate shelter during emergencies, and opportunities for healing and growth through stability, therapeutic activities, and less disruption for our youth. In addition, it is not uncommon for us to bring in other foster youth with complex traumas who would need to be evacuated from other high-risk areas, youth who cannot go to traditional shelters due to the nature of their trauma, and the risk to their safety.

Generators are necessary for ensuring continued service to youth already suffering from past traumas. Disruptions in service such as closing the learning lab or enrichment center when schools are closed, canceling a therapy session, or moving to another building for an overnight stay often cause our youth to escalate and disrupt, which can impede their progress toward recovery. Joshua House strives to provide a safe and stable environment and tools for all youth to prosper.
We request funds in the amount of $52,213 for the replacement of three generators and other restoration needed from losses due to the storm. Each standby generator is quoted at $10,869.38, and $3,000 in unexpected modifications from replacing 28-year-old systems. Generators will be better secured than in the past, as the vendor will be pouring concrete pads for the generators to sit upon. The quote is attached. Additional costs requested include food spoilage estimated at $6,350, chemical balancing and treatment for the water treatment tank and to return balance to potable water on the property at $6,870. Because of an imbalance, the water must be tested, treated, and balanced more frequently. This increased cost will likely last for a year. Replacement of an electrical panel to be in code with the new generators is estimated at $3,000. It is imperative that we get the generators returned to service before another hurricane or no-name storm knocks out our power again. A generator also caused damage to a gas line, resulting in a service call to AmeriGas for a cost of $384.99.12/02/2022172Active$0.00$52,213.00
Not Funded0%Gas for Transportation CostsVoters Exchange IncEducation$15,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough ; Pasco ; PinellasNANoThe increase in gas prices has had a significant impact in services offered and attending voter registration events, which is hurting us financially. Our service is to educate voters on how, where, and when to vote at high volume public events, while remaining nonpartisan. Additionally, we offer rides to voters without transportation, or pay for a ride share service when needed. The increased cost of gas and increase rideshare costs was unbudgeted and unforeseen. but we must be able to cover the cost to continue registering voters and getting voters to the polls.Without assistance we will not have proper funds to travel to and host voter registrations booths, as well as provide transportation to voters.
Majority of our transportation requests are from Tampa residents, which has a growing population with limited access to public transportation.
Funds would be used for fuel / cost of rideshare trip12/02/2022172Active$0.00$15,000.00
Not Funded0%Air Conditioning Unit ReplacementRomy and Gaby SCI Foundation, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$10,000.00Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellas in Step was able to purchase a building in July 2022. Unfortunately, our AC unit is now not working correctly and according to multiple quotes, we need to replace two units which is $10,000.All of our clients in the afternoon in particular are very uncomfortable as they are receiving their rehabilitation.This funding will be used to replace two AC units.12/02/2022172Active$0.00$10,000.00
Not Funded0%Walkway and Railing Repair on 2nd Floor of CHILDREN’S MUSEUMGlazer Children's MuseumArts and Culture$8,800.00Hernando ; Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellas area of mezzanine walkway and railing needs urgent repair at a Children’s Museum.
In preparation for a new exhibit, planned works were undertaken to reconfigure an area of museum floor space, directly below a mezzanine walkway. This included the removal of a staircase leading directly down from the mezzanine to the 2nd Floor. Unfortunately, the new exhibit fell short of the standard expected and its installation did not proceed. The result is that there is now a gap in one section of the mezzanine walkway railing, and material damage (metal and concrete) to the walkway itself. This has rendered the area concerned unsafe and unusable. The cost of repairing this area was neither foreseen or budgeted for.
The area is unsafe and unusable in its present state. If the repairs are not carried out, then this designated operational exhibit and activity area cannot be used. Exhibit space in the museum is at a premium. It is vital to our operations and in enabling us to serve our community. The repairs are critical in making the area safe, fit and ready to be occupied by other exhibits and activities. Pipeline exhibits and other activities will need to be paused or delayed until such time as repairs are complete. This will result in the museum incurring further costs and could potentially impact negatively on museum revenues. It will also restrict the range of activities the museum is able to offer patrons. Funds are being sought for this critical and necessary work.Funds will be used to pay for repairs to the railing and concrete. Specifically:
Chip back concrete/remove steel chunks/weld on new front kick plate/peach rails together/backfill with concrete.
Partially Funded2%St. Vincent de Paul CARES Hurricane IAN ReliefSociety of St. Vincent de Paul South Pinellas, Inc.Basic Needs$66,950.75Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellas mission of St. Vincent de Paul CARES is to be a beacon of light by transforming lives in Vincentian spirit of charity, justice, and mercy through interpersonal connectivity. Homelessness is more than just lacking a place to sleep at night—it also includes not having a place to cook good nutritious meals. If it were not for SVdP CARES serving an average of 300 meals per day (an average of 109,500 meals per year) hungry individuals and families would have nowhere else to go.
The expenses incurred as a result of Hurricane Ian have proved to make things difficult for SVdP CARES to offset losses when providing temporary relocation services and shelter for individuals and families experiencing homelessness while repairs are made to housing structures. SVdP CARES also incurred emergency expenses for operations disruptions including the temporary relocation of its service centers due to hurricane damage. In addition, there has been an increase in the usage of the SVdP CARES Food Center and Pantry since Hurricane Ian’s impact on the community and the loss of wages for the working poor during the storm. SVdP CARES is a stronghold for many in the Tampa Bay area that rely on the agency to put food on their table or for individuals and families experiencing homelessness. If not for this assistance, many people in the Tampa Bay area would otherwise go hungry.
SVdP CARES remains laser-focused on its goal to end homelessness and serve the vulnerable individuals and families experiencing homelessness in the community. The impact if assistance is not received would be devastating as the repairs mentioned and the increased need at the Food Pantry and Food Center would go partially unmet. There is a significant increase in demand for food, emergency housing, and shelter services since the landfall of Hurricane Ian. With funding assistance for the increased need for food in the Food Center and Food Pantry, the staff can ensure those 300 meals per day can still be served to the working poor and homeless individuals along with families with children in the same way the staff and volunteers are accustomed to serving.To ensure that all services continue, funds will assist with the cost of items listed in the needs section above, and any unexpected emergency expenses that may arise due to increased need and reliance of the Food Center and Food Pantry from Hurricane Ian survivors. Additionally, as SVdP CARES ends homelessness, or assists with prevention of homelessness during this time of financial insecurity for many, funds to assist with items like application fees, rental arrears, first/last months’ rent, pet deposits, and move-in kits (supplies, baby products) are critical to ensure that people served by SVdP CARES programs can quickly access positive housing outcomes. These funds will provide a hand-up that help people transition out of homelessness into a home of their own where they become more and more self-sufficient and begin to thrive.11/04/2022200Active$1,333.00$68,283.75
Not Funded0%Critical Needs Relief Program Hurrican Ian ReliefGIRLS OF THE WORLD INC.Workforce Services and Career Development$6,000.00Hillsborough are requesting funding to replace essential items and technology that was damaged from Hurricane Ian. The technology places a big part in our daily operation for our girls and organization. The essential items are needed for our girls daily living.If assistance is not received it will be a challenge for GIRLS OF THE WORLD INC. and greatly reduce the quality of services due to the safety and equipment we need to educate our girls. Our girls will suffer significantly. A lot of them rely on coming to the center to get help with their online school work, projects and applying for jobs. We also supply the girls with personal hygiene items that families can not always provide. We make sure refreshments are provided for every young lady that way no one goes home hungry. Our organization is the pillar of the community for girls we believe. We want to continue to positively impact the future of our young leaders.The funds will be used to repair damages and replace essential equipment and technology that was damaged due to Hurricane Ian. This will allow the girls to stay on track with their online school work and not fall behind. The funds will allow us to purchase refreshments and personal hygiene items that were damaged from the hurricane.11/04/2022200Active$0.00$6,000.00
Not Funded0%House of David Help Center Clothing Closet RestorationDeeper Life Christian Church, Inc.Basic Needs$25,000.00Hillsborough clothing closet trailer took a huge hit from IAN. Each Wednesday, the clothing closet is open to any person/family from our community who is in need of daily hygiene products, shoes, clothing, undergarments, coats, sanitizers, masks, gloves, and more. it is open daily to clients of our residential program. However, the roof caved in on the south side and many of the clothes were destroyed. We are asking assistance for with repairs and/or replacing the old trailer with a used portal building which will be able to accommodate both the clothes closet and the feeding program. Currently, both identities utilize the trailer. The feeding program is on the North side of the trailer and we serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner (365 days yr), This program is open to anyone in our community in need of a nutritious hot mealWe are currently limited to the number of citizens we can service because the building is unsafe to allow them on the inside. When we open our doors for service, our volunteers intake staff, set up a station outside to receive requests for products. Afterward, the products are gathered by our staff, in lieu of clients entering the building to make their own selections. There are so many homeless people in our community who depend on us each week and we are asking for your support to continue our efforts of "People Helping People."Our first option would be to purchase a used portable suitable to both the clothing closet and the feeding program
Secondly, if we are not able to purchase, we would invest in structural repairs to ensure it is safe for all to enter and their needs are met.
If repairing is the final option, then funds would be used for material and labor.
Not Funded0%Post Hurricane Ian repairs at Good Samaritan's Educational & Outreach Organization Headquarters/FacilitiesGood Samaritan Mission, Inc.Education$210,259.51Hillsboroughhttp://gsmission.orgYesOrganization's 15,800 sq ft facilities utilized for education, pantry, and Chapel, sitting on 10.6 acres. Storm damage due to Ian is extensive causing a domino effect on some of the items listed below, under "Fund Use." For example, repair of primary buildings leaking roofs, walls, replacement of ceiling tiles, lighting, repairs and replacements of air conditioners, out building roofs, & broken door replacement, and a downed tree.In its 38 years of service to the community, Good Samaritan Mission has been meeting the needs of its neighbors. From collecting food and clothes for the migrant population, through outreach events/food pantry/clothing distribution to starting a preschool for migrant children to serving as a Red Cross Emergency Shelter. Then in 2013 we introduced the innovative Seeds of Change program as an "Incentivized Adult Education Opportunity" where adult students learn valuable life skills, such as "Prenatal", "Civics", "English as a Second Language", "How to Use Computer for Beginners", "Cooking (Nutrition) Class", "Financial Training", (and many more) in a participation format, all designed to equip and inspire adult students to grow and better themselves and impact the lives of their relatives and neighbors. Tokens were earned and later redeemed for donated items of value to the attendees, allowing students to "put some skin in the game". Most recently the scope of our organization's vision is to utilize our Seeds of Change model to lead our neighbors to be healthy in body, mind and spirit with classes and events for adults and children utilizing the Arts as our method (vehicle) of instruction. To our knowledge, there is no other program like this one in the community. At this time, the program has been paused while funds are raised and repairs made. Once all the repairs are finished, and our building/grounds are safer, these classes will resume.Repairs on four air conditioning units and replacement of four other air conditioning units on the buildings used for education, pantry, and Chapel: $35,000
Removal of uprooted tree: $1,500
Removal & clean-up from storm damage of collapsed security fencing surrounding retention pond: $1,000
[We have been waiting for quotes to replace downed security fencing around our retention pond and for weeks; therefore this quote was not available at the time of submission for this grant so we proceeded out of necessity without it.]
Repair of leaky metal roofs on buildings: $ 165,000
======================= HOME DEPOT PURCHASES ==========================================
Replacement of blown roof shingles and underlayment of out buildings, PLUS
Replacement of damaged ceiling tiles: PLUS
Lighting replacement in buildings after storm water damage: PLUS
Two sets of double exterior doors with knobs and locks for the pantry building with extensive frame damage: PLUS
35-UltraLight Mold Tough Drywall replacement (with screws, joint compound, tape, 4-corners) from water leakage, TOTALING: $ 7,759.51
Not Funded0%Roof, Window and Air Duct Repairs at Cornerstone Family MinistriesCornerstone Family Ministries, Inc.Education$18,216.00Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttp://www.cornerstonefamilyministries.orgYesIt's been four weeks since hurricane Ian came onto Florida shores and changed many parts of our state forever. Cornerstone Family Ministries’ main structures located at 1802 N. Albany Avenue and 2707 Waters Avenue had exterior damage to the roof which resulted in leaks that damaged our air ducts and windows. While we do have insurance, our deductible is $10,000 and an unexpected expense is not something that we can cover at this time. The damaged roofs, leaks, air ducts, and windows are a priority to make sure that we provide a safe and secure place to educate children throughout Tampa.For Cornerstone Family Ministries this is an unbudgeted, and time-sensitive, critical need that will significantly interfere with our ability to implement our mission-critical services. The mission of Cornerstone Family Ministries is to nourish young bodies, develop young minds, and foster hope through Christ one child at a time. We meet our mission by providing learning opportunities on-site, nutritious food, and connections to local churches for children and their families who live at or below the poverty level, without a safe and secure structure for our families, children, and staff we can not provide for our community. Cornerstone is dedicated to serving families of all religions and beliefs without discrimination. Annually, Cornerstone serves more than 14,000 children in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, and Manatee counties.Due to Hurricane Ian, we have experienced some damage to our buildings and grounds. Funding would go towards the following: replacing the exhaust fan flashing, a leak at the roof drain, and modified bitumen voids at stripping ply; replacing 11 damaged wood windows; replacing and sealing our ducts due to water leaks. Funding would go towards labor and materials, please see quotes attached.10/31/2022204Active$0.00$18,216.00
Not Funded0%New Fridge for Hurricane Ian Relief SuppliesUnderground Network IncorporatedBasic Needs$5,000.00Hillsboroughhttp://www.tampaunderground.comYesOur organization's focus and priority is guiding and helping women, men, and their children, who are either victims or survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence. However, the doors of our food pantry and community resource center are open to all those in need. Our location is in mind-Seminole Heights. This neighborhood and adjacent communities are of low or mid- income, placing our organization in the best spot to assist our community with daily needs, and to help those affected in any way by Hurricane Ian. In the aftermath of the hurricane, we need additional funding to accommodate the increased need for resources in our community. We particularly need a new, commercial grade refrigerator to store the food donations we receive and disburse to the community.Without additional funding, we run the risk of not having the resources to benefit the families affected by Ian, in addition to the community we already serve, which includes victims of domestic violence and their children. Last week, we had over 500 families come to our food pantry on one day. If we are not able to purchase an additional commercial grade fridge, we will need to turn these families, many of whom have been impacted economically by the hurricane, away. As many members of our community are under financial and emotional stress, we are also trying to offer additional emergency medical assistance and counseling in the wake of this tragedy, which will not be sustainable for our organization without additional funding.Mainly funds would be used for a new, commercial grade refrigerator. Additionally, funding would be used for immediate appointments for medical attention in cases of emergency, especially to our families and individuals without medical insurance. It would also be used for emotional support and counseling referrals for all affected by loss due to Hurricane Ian. Finally, it would be used for helping hurricane victims who need relocation assistance, to aid them with rent and utilities for a certain time, through financial assistance or referrals.11/01/2022203Active$0.00$5,000.00
Not Funded0%Essential Costs Associated with Hurricane Ian for the Seaside Seabird SanctuarySeaside Seabird SanctuaryAnimal Welfare$4,500.00Pinellashttps://seasideseabirdsanctuary.orgYesWe are requesting support from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay for costs associated with Hurricane Ian. While Hurricane Ian did not impact us directly, we are requesting funding for our costs for moving birds at the SSS and for food and support for additional birds that we received from sanctuaries in the Fort Meyers area that were directly impacted by the hurricane.The SSS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, treatment, and rehabilitation of sick and injured wild birds, with the goal of releasing them back into the wild. While the SSS has been able to provide adequate support to the birds of the area, due to limited resources and the additional costs we have incurred as a result of Hurricane Ian, it will be nearly impossible to provide the services required to continue our important mission.

Our team of dedicated and experienced staff and volunteers diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate between 2,500 and 3,000 sick and injured wild birds each year.Approximately 50% of all sick and injured birds admitted to the hospital are successfully treated and rehabilitated well above the national average of 39%. The SSS conducts 300 rescues, receives 2,300 hotline calls, and releases 900+ rehabilitated birds per year.

If assistance is not received, we will have to cut back on other essential services that we provide to our resident birds and the public. It is possible that we will not be able to treat birds that are rescued. Support of the activities proposed here from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay Foundation will allow us to continue our work with seabirds of the Tampa Bay and beyond. Your support will have a significant impact given that the SSS is the largest bird rescue and rehab center from Sarasota to the panhandle of Florida.
Support from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay will be used to offset essential expenses to treat and rehab birds affected by hurricane Ian. This funding shortfall would dramatically affect our ability to provide life-saving treatments and rehabilitation for seabirds in the area.

Funds would be used to offset the following expenses incurred during hurricane Ian:

U-Haul Rental: $400 We rented a U-haul truck used to transport our 75 permanent resident pelicans to a safe location off-site
Food Costs: $3,500 We ordered extra food supplies including fish, meat, seed, fruit, and rodents to give out to staff and volunteers that housed birds at their homes and for birds relocated from Fort Meyers area
Transport Supplies: $300 We purchased additional kennels as well as larger “playpens” to house our shorebird residents
Gas: $100 Covering the gas of the U-Haul, volunteers, and staff making multiple trips during the evacuation as well as gas for our generator if needed
Miscellaneous Supplies: $200 Supplies used for evacuation area including drop cloths, temporary doors, and lanterns
Total $4500
Not Funded0%Hurricane Ian Relief: Loss of Freezer Inventory Due to Power OutageMeals On Wheels of TampaBasic Needs$3,907.42Hillsboroughhttp://mowtampa.orgYesMeals On Wheels of Tampa (MOWT) respectfully seeks funding to compensate for the loss of freezer inventory during the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, due to a 2 day power outage at our facility. As the storm moved up Florida's west coast, MOWT prepared and delivered hot meals and frozen meals to all 1,100 homebound recipients in anticipation of closing the office on Wednesday and Thursday for the safety of our volunteers and staff. The plan was to be closed on Wednesday and Thursday and reassess operating after the storm passed. As we all know, we were spared the worst of the storm, however the MOWT facility, which includes the commercial kitchen used to produce all our meals, lost power Wednesday afternoon and did not regain service until Friday afternoon. Our facility has a natural gas-powered generator to supply the energy to the operating portions of the building, including the freezers and refrigerators. Unfortunately, we have learned the generator had been improperly wired to operate the freezers during a power outage. We were not aware of this wiring issue, although we had tested the system over the 2 years we have been in the new facility. The total loss of inventory was $3,907.43. Since discovering this issue, we have a full electrical audit in process to address the problem.MOW Tampa is serving more folks than ever before. Currently, approximately 1,100 individuals receive meals Monday through Friday. Frozen weekend meals are available for those who need them. The meals are freshly prepared each weekday in the wonderful (although we now know, mis-wired!) commercial kitchen which this community generously helped to build 2 years ago. Although 90% of the Meals On Wheels programs across the county are government funded, MOWT is completely community funded. The advantage of not accepting government funds is we are able to serve many neighbors who are indeed homebound and in need, however they may not meet the strict age/income/health specifications of government programs. We work with every recipient to understand their situation in terms of physical limitations, and what their financial circumstances are. Recipients who are able to afford the cost of the meal pay $5.50/meal. 70% of neighbors on the program are paying on a sliding scale, or nothing at all. The gap in funding created by delivering meals to homebound and senior neighbors who cannot pay for their meals is growing. Folks simply do not have the means to pay for their meals. Inflation, rent increases, rising health and medicine costs, all contribute to their dire need. The loss of freezer inventory caused by the wiring issues represents funds we are not able to use towards feeding those in need. Reimbursement of this loss would help underwrite the cost of 727 meals.The requested funds would be directed to replace the monies lost by having to throw out freezer inventory due to losing power for 2 days during which the freezers reached unsafe temperatures to use the products.10/31/2022204Active$0.00$3,907.42
Not Funded0%Basic and Special Needs Assistance Program FundingChapters Health FoundationBasic Needs$50,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellas has begun its long journey toward recovery from Hurricane Ian's impact. Meanwhile, thousands of Floridians have seen their world shattered.

Not-for-profit Chapters Health System, Inc. (CHS) is a leading provider of home health, palliative medicine, and hospice care serving 29 Florida counties. CHS, through the fundraising efforts of Chapters Health Foundation (CHF), also provides no-cost community support programs including bereavement counseling for all ages, charity hospice and respite care, family caregiver relief, veteran and first responder support programs, end-of-life wish granting, and basic and special needs assistance--financial and in-kind--for patients, their families, and the community at large. Each CHS affiliate hospice is a community support organization that provides aid to those in need, whether they are hospice patients, grieving family members, or the community.

The Basic and Special Needs Assistance Program provides groceries and nutritional drinks, emergency shelter, transportation, utility, rent, and mortgage payments. CHS affiliate hospices also maintain eight food pantries to meet the needs of at-risk and vulnerable populations, including the ill, aged, homeless, and impoverished. These programs are greatly needed during the recovery from Hurricane Ian and funding to support these programs is critical, as the pantry supplies and program funds are quickly shrinking to meet demand.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, pantries and Basic and Special Needs Assistance funds are being depleted by the increased needs in communities hardest hit by the hurricane. Food, water, nutritional drinks, emergency shelter, clothing, and transportation are the greatest needs. With the impact of Hurricane Ian, CHS anticipates doubling or tripling the number of families needing support through the Basic and Special Needs Assistance program.

CHF will continue to aggressively seek funding to support this program and the communities it serves. The ability to provide assistance will be diminished without funding, as "funding in is funding out" directly supporting those in need.
Again, this program provides financial and in-kind support directly to patients, families, and the community, regardless of affiliation with a CHS affiliate hospice. The Basic and Special Needs Program provides limited assistance for groceries, nutritional drinks, transportation, utility payments, rent/mortgage payments, emergency shelter, medically assistive devices, pet care support, home safety modifications for home hospice patients, and more. As assistance through this program is limited, CHS social workers and caregivers also assist patients and family members with identifying and applying for other means of long-term support. CHF operates five thrift stores which occasionally meets needs for wheelchairs, lift chairs, clothing, and other needs.11/02/2022202Active$0.00$50,000.00
Not Funded0%Hurricane Ian Relief MissionChabad Lubavitch Of South Tampa Inc.Basic Needs$5,000.00Hillsboroughhttp://chabadchaicenter.comYesWe have a close friendship with a Rabbi of a large congregation in Venice, Florida. On Thursday, we began talking with the Rabbi about his devastated community and how we could help them. The greatest need was determining the status of his elderly community members, which were 150 families spread across four cities. Venice, Englewood, North Port, and Rotunda. Over the next 48 hours, we collected 60 volunteers and thousands of pounds of supplies for the mission and Sunday morning, we left for Venice. Upon arrival we created a human chain to unload the supplies and set up a makeshift relief center for anyone missing essentials lost in the storm. We broke into 15 teams, each tasked with a local driver, and a list of homes to visit. The goal was to make sure the people were alive, in what condition, and their greatest needs, IE, food, water, and medicine.
Here are photos taken on the mission:
Some groups were sent with heavy machinery for areas hit hardest; some groups were sent with doctors we brought for people who were stroke victims, and heart attacks victims. Some groups visited Holocaust survivors. We were able to deliver these meals and many other life-saving supplies to 140 homes over the course of the day. The stories our volunteers heard will stay with them forever. The fear of seeing their lives ripped away and the joy of knowing that they weren’t forgotten and would be cared for were some of the feelings expressed time and again.
The trip cost was roughly $5,000, including transportation, lunch and dinner for our volunteers, and certain necessary supplies. Due to the quick nature of this mission, we had no chance to raise any additional funds to cover these costs and took this money from our operational budget. This has created a unique budgetary challenge for an organization that operates on a tight budget. Any assistance you could provide to offset the costs of this mission would be essential to our organization, and it's community work.To offset the costs of the mission and relief work we never budgeted for.11/04/2022200Active$0.00$5,000.00
Not Funded0%Mobile Education and Transportation SupportCultural Exchange Lyfe-Stile NetworkEducation$15,645.00Hillsborough need we are seeking to address is to fix a damaged Econoline transporting vehicle which provides students and families with mobile education and transportation services. Cultural Exchange Lyfe-Stile Network provides support to at risk youth and students in the most vulnerable areas in Hillsborough County. The bus is in need of outside panel replacement on the side and top of the bus. It also is in need of some mechanical work that was unforeseen. With the increase in gas prices, we are currently unable to pay for these repairs and continue to budget for gas to serve students North and South of the Alafia River.
Additionally, we are seeking assistance with building repairs, the ceiling is currently leaking is need of air conditioning ducts replacement, tile and filter replacements. Ceiling tiles throughout the building are in need of replacement. This issue was unforeseen and seemingly after Hurricane Ian, damages have gotten worse. The storm seems to have taken a toll on the structure. We currently do not have the funds to pay for the damage.
The impact to the services is critical because many of the students are already dealing with legal issues and are in at risks high crime areas. Without the services provided by Cultural Exchange Lyfe-Stile Network, many of the students are in despair and may lose their life to the streets or the prison system. It is our goal to continue to empower these young adults and assist them in making better choices, get their high school diploma, GED, and/or a skill or trade that will help them become self-sufficient in life. Additionally, the building is used for workshops, trainings and classes for the students and community. It is necessary that the building is safe and up to standard. With the new damages to the building, it may hinder the process of being able to meet face to face or may cause us to go back to viirtual classes. This is not very beneficial because "the digital divide" is a real issue. Many of our families do not have devices or internet. Assistance with keeping the doors open will allow us to best serve our community.Funds would be used to repair the transporting vehicle for students served and to repair the building ceiling that currenly has water damage. If allowable funds would also be used to help reimburse supplement the 49% increase in fuel prices.11/04/2022200Active$0.00$15,645.00
Fully Funded100%Roof Replacement for Transitional Living HomeAbe Brown Ministries, Inc.Workforce Services and Career Development$0.00Hillsboroughhttps://abebrown.orgYesOne of Abe Brown Ministries' Transitional Living Homes experienced roof and soffit damage during hurricane Ian. Many shingles are missing and soffits were blown off. Given the age of the roof, it is recommended that the entire roof be replaced.Abe Brown Ministries (ABM) and its transition homes serve the marginalized, vulnerable, under-served, and economically disadvantaged residents of Hillsborough County. The population we serve primarily consists of individuals who have been affected by the criminal justice and/or corrections systems. Those reentering society after incarceration are often among the most poor and vulnerable population within any community.

ABM operates a 12-month Transitional Living Program (TLP) that provides managed housing to 20 returning citizens. TLP residents are assigned a case manager and receive comprehensive reentry services that improve their health and well-being as they transition back into the workforce and society. It is imperative that those returning to the community after incarceration secure healthy, safe, stable and affordable housing. The particular location that was damaged during hurricane Ian is home to 5 returning members of the Tampa Bay community. In order to maintain the safety of this dwelling place, the roof must be replaced.
Funds from this request will be used to purchase materials and perform labor necessary to complete the roof replacement and repairs to the soffit and fascia.10/31/2022204Fully Funded$13,333.00$6,500.00
Partially Funded52%Hurricane Ian Disaster ReliefCatholic Charities Diocese of St. Petersburg, Inc.Basic Needs$24,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttp://www.ccdosp.orgYesCatholic Charities provides assistance throughout the five-county area of the Diocese of St. Petersburg including Pinellas, Hillsborough, Hernando, Citrus, and Pasco Counties. While Hurricane Ian's impact on our area was not as severe as the area directly impacted, we have received hundreds of calls from individuals in our service area requesting assistance to repair roofs, pay bills due to time off from work from the workplace or school closures, repairs from local flooding, and the need to remove damaged trees due to the high winds.Since 100% of funding will go towards direct assistance, we are only able to provide assistance if funding or donations are received. Catholic Charities will provide the cost of the case manager, office space, computer, and software licenses as needed.Our agency will utilize 100% of funding/donations to go directly to those individuals who are unable to cover these expenses. Individuals served will be low-income to extremely low-income households (80% AMI and below). Information requested from participating clients will include pay stubs, proof of loss of income, estimates to repair damages, and confirmation of the date that damage or loss of income was sustained. In addition, clients will complete intake paperwork including demographics and household information will be collected - including lease or mortgage information (if helping with rent/mortgage), social security, and birth certificates for all household members including identification (driver's license or state ID) for any household members over the age of 18. In order to maximize the reach of assistance, clients will only be eligible for assistance once through this funding source.10/21/2022214Active$26,000.00$50,000.00
Not Funded0%Damage Repair from Hurricane Ian and Increased Security NeedsOperation Light ForceDomestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$16,385.00Hillsboroughhttp://operationlightforce.comYesOur ministry center sustained roof damage, damage to 4 doors, and damage to our laundry room as a result of Hurricane Ian. We also learned that our AC system is not adequate to cool the building where we meet with and care for our clients every day. Finally, because of the increased security needs serving survivors of Human Trafficking and domestic abuse while also housing some homeless people on our premises we need to upgrade our security system.The damage to our building from Hurricane Ian makes it unsafe to enter the front of our building. People cannot enter from our front patio or safely use our laundry facilities. They now have to enter through a back door. When it rains, If it is not dealt with soon, it will damage other things that are necessary for our services.

The Air Conditioning is critical because of the Florida heat and client comfort. Some days it will not cool below 80 or 82 degrees. We are meeting one on one in our offices with clients who have been through severe trauma, and we conduct group sessions there as well. Some of our clients have medical issues that make them unable to be in heat for long periods of time. Without better air conditioning, these physically and psychologically challenged individuals will no longer be able to attend individual pastoral counseling, coaching, small group classes and support groups.

The need for increased security is obvious when dealing with clients who have been trafficked or are fleeing abusive situations. It is important to protect them from anyone who would want to enter our facilities for malicious reasons. It is also needed to monitor those living on our premises who have come from very broken backgrounds. Without increased security, there is a risk for violence, harassment, and/or destruction of property of survivors, their children, our organization and those residing on the premises.
$10,885 for roof repairs
$ 5,000 for new AC system installed in our office & ministry building.
$ 500Security System Installed
Not Funded0%Refrigerated Box Truck PurchaseCountryside CaresBasic Needs$40,000.00Hillsborough ; Pinellas Cares, Inc. (CCI) is seeking to replace one of our non-refrigerated trucks with a new or used Isuzu refrigerated 16' box truck. The current demand to distribute perishable and nonperishable food to food-insecure families in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties is at an all-time high. Historically, the need has always been there, however, with retail food prices increasing two-fold, the demand has significantly increased. CCI has a food distribution three days a week at our McMullen Booth facility serving over 500 households each week and two times a month at our Tampa location on Ballast Point Blvd. In addition to our local food distribution, we are providing food to eleven outreaches in Pinellas County via mobile food delivery. Our request is to replace the 1998 GMC box truck with a newer refrigerated box truck. Our delivery of perishable food to all of our 13 outreaches is critical to maintaining lower temperatures to protect the perishable food. The need for refrigeration will ensure the safe delivery of perishable produce, fruit, dairy, and meat to the outreaches we support providing food for another 500 households a week. Distributing this much food entails picking up perishable food from food banks and grocery stores with refrigerated trucks to be delivered to the outreach distribution locations. Another refrigerated vehicle added to our fleet would meet this need.The families we are serving have increased by 45% in the last 6 months. We are running out of food quicker and unable to meet the needs of these families who are desperate to get healthy food onto their tables. Healthy food requires refrigeration. It is mission-critical to have that refrigerated truck in order to meet the current needs by picking up more grocery store stops. In order to do that we need to replace a non-refrigerated vehicle with a refrigerated vehicle as stores are requiring that in order to donate. Currently Feeding Tampa Bay is waiting to assign us a Hillsborough County grocery store route until we have a replacement for this essential piece of equipment (refrigerated truck). Our Tampa location is currently on hold for weekly food distributions until we meet that requirement.

We recently had a situation where our largest refrigerated truck was out of commission and in the shop multiple times over a month. There are no refrigerated trucks available for rent in the state of Florida. Having a non-refrigerated truck at those times affects the quality of food on arrival at the distribution site and how much food we can transport depending on the size of the trucks available to us on short notice.

We've spent $12,000 in unexpected repairs and routine maintenance because of our older vehicles.
We will purchase a used 2015 -2017 Isuzu refrigerated 16-foot box truck with a lift gate that will replace our 1998 GMC 3500 non-refrigerated truck. The attached file is an example of the type of vehicle we are seeking.10/21/2022214Active$0.00$40,000.00
Not Funded0%Hurricane Ian ReliefStarting Right, NowHealth and Wellbeing$5,200.00Hillsborough ; Pinellashttp://www.startingrightnow.orgYesStarting Right, Now (SRN) engages a comprehensive, continuum-of-care approach to end the generational cycle of homelessness and poverty in unaccompanied youth attending high school in Hillsborough and Pinellas County. Our program combines a range of wrap-around services to eradicate youth homelessness and its associated traumas.

The impending arrival of Hurricane Ian forced SRN to suspend normal operations to focus on emergency preparations. All students and house staff residing at both SRN transitional housing facilities in Hillsborough and Pinellas County were transported to Brandon following evacuation orders.

To prepare for the hurricane and guarantee students’ basic needs were met while sheltering in Brandon, SRN had to purchase nonperishable foods, water, hygiene necessities, plastic and paperware, portable charging packs, and air mattresses. Students and house managers needed transportation to and from Brandon, we incurred additional transportation and gas costs. Because SRN youth must be supervised by a staff member, multiple house managers sheltered in place with the students. As some worked longer shifts than normal, they need to be fairly compensated for their additional time. Upon returning to our Pinellas housing facility, we discovered Hurricane Ian demolished our urban farming storage shed which cannot be repaired. We will need to purchase a new shed and pay for installation.

SRN is requesting assistance to offset these unexpected, emergency costs.
Starting Right, Now (SRN)’s Hillsborough housing facility was in mandatory evacuation zone A, and because we knew from previous storms our Pinellas facility loses power, all students were forced to evacuate for Hurricane Ian. SRN staff excels at pivoting when facing emergencies, however, moving the kids and house staff into a safe space was costly. In addition, we have to pay our staff additional money as all house staff stayed with the kids 24/7 while they were evacuated. In order to make sure they had all of the emergency supplies needed, we incurred expenses totaling $5,200.

We feel extremely lucky and grateful the hurricane did not directly hit us or cause significant damage to any of our properties. To ensure the $5,200 setback to our budget does not interfere with us delivering our crucial services to end the cycle of youth homelessness, SRN is asking for assistance to relieve these unbudgeted hurricane expenses.
As a predominantly privately funded nonprofit, we are frugal with our funding. For this emergency, we relied on our community connection with an apartment complex, to lend us unfurnished apartments. We placed sleeping bags on the floors to accommodate everyone. Transportation to get everyone to the apartments and back home was expensive. Food, water, paper and plastic products, air mattresses, cleaning supplies, hurricane supplies added up quickly when accommodating that many people. In addition, the pay for staff also added to our expenses. This unforeseen cost was not part of our current budget.

Hurricane preparation supplies, additional staffing compensation, transportation and replacing our demolished urban farming shed total $5,200. Any funds from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay would be used to cover these Hurricane Ian Relief costs and would be greatly appreciated to keep our budget in sync.
Partially Funded5%Hurricane Disaster ReliefMetropolitan Ministries, Inc.Basic Needs$238,001.00Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttp://www.metromin.orgYesMM will provide crisis assistance and system navigation support to families impacted by Hurricane Ian and the post-COVID financial crisis. Specifically, these funds will provide flex funding to our Family Support Centers and community-based case management programs to support immediate crisis needs, which can include rent/utilities assistance and emergency motel stays as well as emergency food, clothing, hygiene products, and connection to public benefits. MM’s Family Support Centers located in Tampa, Holiday, and Dade City provide system navigation services and financial assistance for approximately 80 families daily to prevent and divert homelessness. Prevention Specialists conduct assessments with each household to determine needs, the type and amount of financial assistance needed, and the other community resources available. The community-based case management programs provide 425 homeless or at-risk of homeless families annually with system navigation and wrap-around services in their homes or at a location convenient for them. These programs help homeless families stabilize, work towards self-sufficiency, and promote family well-being. In addition to providing flexible financial assistance to address needs, these programs also help families reach other goals, including gaining more income, finding permanent housing, childcare, or supporting children in school.If assistance is not received, MM will not be able to serve as many families affected by Hurricane Ian and the post-COVID financial crisis. The 2018 United Way ALICE Report states that 44% of households (505,868 households) in Tampa Bay are unable to afford basic needs and that small emergency can plunge them into poverty and financial chaos, often causing homelessness or increasing the risk of homelessness. We do not know the full impact yet, but Hurricane Ian has likely disrupted the financial situation of many families in the area. Preparing for and recovering from a hurricane brings extra unanticipated costs such as having to replace food that spoiled when the power went out for multiple days or costs associated with relocating to a safer location to weather the storm. These extra costs have likely put families over their budget, unable to pay their current bills or unable to replace the food they lost in the storm. During hurricane preparations and in the days following, MM had lines around the building of people coming for food, water, and assistance. We also anticipate some households unable to return to their homes in areas with immense hurricane damage will relocate temporarily to Tampa Bay, and will need emergency motel, food, and resource assistance. Individuals and families are affected in many ways by disaster situations, and MM will be there to support and provide resources to prevent homelessness and to help families recover from the effects of these crises.This funding will support families in multiple ways as we seek to provide disaster relief and financial assistance to families in whichever way is most appropriate for each family’s situation. We request $25,000 of the total request to support Prevention/Diversion staffing and the remaining amount to go directly to client assistance. This could be providing financial assistance to pay rent/utilities, emergency motel stays for families seeking refuge or for families who lost housing during or after the storm, or emergency food, to name a few expected needs. As an example, if every household served received rent assistance at an average of $1,050, we could provide one month's rent to 214 households. Or if the total amount awarded provided families with emergency motel stays, we could provide emergency motel shelter to 88 families for one month. We anticipate these funds to meet a variety of needs. To show samples of average cost for rent, utilities, and motel stays in the Tampa Bay area, please see attached documentation.10/17/2022218Active$11,999.00$250,000.00
Not Funded0%Low-income Housing Emergency Repairs: Hurricane IanRebuilding Together Tampa BayBasic Needs$246,989.00Hillsborough ; Pinellas Together Tampa Bay works diligently to preserve homes and revitalize communities so that low-income homeowners, from the elderly and disabled to families with children, and veterans who have served our country, have a safe, healthy, and affordable place to call home. Hurricane Ian has been a disaster of epic proportions for many of our most vulnerable neighbors. We are, therefore, raising funds to make emergency roof repairs and replacements across Tampa Bay.Having a roof over ones head is one of the most basic necessities a person can have. When that structure fails or is penetrated due to debris and winds water intrusion invariably follows. This intrusion can exacerbate serious health issues and create long term problems with mold and detritus that enters the home. Securing these roofs is also imperative prior to making other internal repairs.These funds will be used to complete roof repairs and replacements for a minimum of 16 low-income homeowners (defined as 80% AMI and below) across Tampa Bay that have had significant damage caused to their roofs by Hurricane Ian.10/12/2022223Active$0.00$246,989.00
Not Funded0%Hurricane Ian Disaster ReliefMutual Aid Disaster ReliefBasic Needs$100,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttps://www.mutualaiddisasterrelief.orgYesMutual Aid Disaster Relief has been providing relief efforts to people impacted by Hurricane Ian and have become aware of several needs. Many families have roof damage, so tarps have been a steady need, as is the volunteer labor and supplies to assist with tarping roofs. People need assistance clearing debris, including downed trees. Electricity is still out in some places that experienced flooding, so solar cell phone chargers, generators, gas, and similar things are a need. Many people lost belongings or are in danger of losing them, so both supplies distribution to replace items and storage totes to salvage belongings are both needed. This disaster also comes in the midst of a pandemic, so wellness and hygiene supplies are needed to reduce risk and promote safety and wellness. Food, water, Gatorade, diapers, cleaning supplies, and other similar supplies are needed as well. Medical supplies are also needed, as we have medics, nurses, and other wellness practitioners attending to the wellness needs of people impacted. Those are some of the most pronounced current needs we are coming across.

We are assisting with these to the best of our ability currently, with supplies distribution, work crews, and a solar trailer cell phone charging station, activating hundreds of our all-volunteer network to meet these current needs. Funds would help us continue and expand our relief efforts in Hurricane Laura impacted areas.
Hurricane Ian caused widespread devastation to our region. Many people from historically marginalized communities feel left out of and abandoned by traditional top-down relief agencies. We meet emergent needs of people impacted, but we do so as an all-volunteer network with very limited funds. Financial support will contribute to us meeting more of the needs of our community with flexibility, integrity, and respect.Funds would be used to meet the supply, wellness, cleanup, and other needs of Hurricane Ian survivors.10/07/2022228Active$0.00$100,000.00
Not Funded0%Hurricane Ian Relief EffortsFlorida Baptist Children's Homes, Inc.Basic Needs$46,660.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttps://www.onemorechild.orgYesOne More Child staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to provide food, water and other resources to individuals and families devastated from the impact of Hurricane Ian.

We are partnering with local churches and other organizations to set up distribution centers in Ft. Myers, Naples, Arcadia and Wauchula. One More Child has distributed 19 truckloads of supplies with more shipments scheduled to deliver throughout Southwest Florida.

Residents are able to receive food and water, along with other important items such as diapers, baby formula, wipes, toiletries, bug spray, cleaning supplies and tarps at the distribution centers.

Many of the families we serve were already struggling to put food on the table. “Now, in the wake of a disaster like this, it’s even more urgent that we work with our partners throughout the state to mobilize quickly and efficiently, ensuring these essential items get to those who need them the most." said Dr. Jerry Haag, president and CEO of One More Child.

Please pray that we can continue reaching more children and families in Southwest Florida.

$7,000- Fuel to Transport Supplies
$20,860- Semi-truck Rental + Driver Wages
$5,000- Diapers & Pull-Ups for vulnerable children
$4,000- Temporary Housing for OMC Staff serving on location in Southwest Florida
$800- Meals for OMC Staff and Volunteers
$9,000- Gift Cards for Foster Familes & Trafficking Victims
We currently have 90 One More Child foster families living in the Southwest FL region who were significantly impacted by Hurricane Ian. In addition, trafficking survivor clients have been displaced. Our Fort Myers campus and offices sustained structural damage. In addition, we are running loads of supplies out of both our Bradenton and Lakeland Compassion Center warehouses to meet the needs on the ground by partnering with church and other organizations. Without funding, we will not be able to continue serving our clients in this critical time of need.$7,000- Fuel to Transport Supplies to Southwest Florida from our two Compassion Center warehouses
$20,860- Semi-truck Rental + Driver Wages
$5,000- Diapers & Pull-Ups for vulnerable children
$4,000- Temporary Housing for OMC Staff serving on location in Southwest Florida
$800- Meals for OMC Staff and Volunteers
$9,000- Gift Cards for Foster Familes & Trafficking Victims
*not included is staff time dedicated to serving Hurricane related needs
Partially Funded36%Hurricane Ian ResponseSPCA Tampa BayAnimal Welfare$35,000.00Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellas sheltered animals in Pinellas County for 82 years, SPCA Tampa Bay was on deck immediately when Hurricane Ian became a threat to Florida. We are seeking a Critical Needs grant to support $55,000 of expenses due to the storm.
We took in 22 adoptable animals from affected areas to make room for animals displaced by the storm at a cost of $11,500. Hill’s Pet Nutrition delivered a donation of 6,000 pounds of food for us to distribute to shelters to the South. Our staff made their first delivery to Ft. Myers on Friday, October 7.
We took in 48 wild creatures, including squirrels and songbirds, injured or displaced during the storm. 22 of them are in incubators. As these animals will be in our care for several weeks, the total cost for our Wildlife Program will be substantial. We are asking for $16,200 of support for these expenses.
Our Largo shelter is not in an early evacuation zone. During storms, we utilize our Education Center to care for the overflow of dogs and cats from pet-friendly hurricane shelters and for the exotic pets not accepted at any evacuation centers – like rabbits and birds. We also invite Sunstar Emergency responders to leave their pets with us while they work long shifts. Our staff members who were able to safely travel to the shelter and those who sheltered in place on site worked long hours before, during and after the storm. The additional cost for staffing is $25,500.
Hurricane Ian brought unplanned expenses for SPCA Tampa Bay - to care for transferred pets, rescue wildlife and support staff working before, during and after the storm.
As is standard practice for animal rescue, we transferred in 22 adoptable pets from storm-affected areas to make room for pets displaced by the storm. This way, shelters in storm-affected areas can house strays and serve as a reunification center for community members to find lost pets.
As a free service to the community, our Wildlife Rescue Program is supported solely by individual donors and grant funding. Taking our Wildlife program to over-capacity in response to Hurricane Ian means additional supplies and staff time. The smallest of the rescued wildlife will be on campus for several weeks, growing strong so they can be released back to their wild home.
Though we budget for typical spikes in expenses during hurricane season, we did not expect a Category 4 Hurricane that would dramatically impact our city for four days. During those four days, SPCA Tampa Bay leaned heavily on staff members who were able to safely travel to the shelter and those who made the commitment to stay on site during the storm with the animals in our care.
SPCA Tampa Bay Initial Hurricane Ian Expenses:
22 Transferred adoptable pets $11,500
48 Wildlife Rescue $16,200
Storm Preparation Supplies $ 1,100
First Food Delivery to Gulf Coast $ 700
Staff OT/Storm Hours $25,500
TOTAL $55,000
Partially Funded25%Urgent need for supplies for pregnant and postpartum familiesMarch of DimesBasic Needs$22,500.00Hillsborough of Dimes fights for the health of all moms and babies. Due to the impact of Hurricane Ian, pregnant and postartum families have been displaced, are still without power, have lost and damaged property and there is an urgent need to provide baby care items and hygiene products. We are seeking support to purchase and distribute diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, bottles, breastmilk storage bags, pack n plays, toilet paper, sanitary pads and water.While entire communities have been affected by the impact of Hurricane Ian, mothers, babies and postpartum families have specific needs that must be met. Withouth the basic necessities listed above, the physical and mental health of families will be negatively impacted. We would like to respond to this need as soon as possible with baby care and hygiene items.March of Dimes fights for the health of all moms and babies. Due to the impact of Hurricane Ian, pregnant and postartum families have been displaced, are still without power, have lost and damaged property and there is an urgent need to provide baby care items and hygiene products. We are seeking support to purchase and distribute diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, bottles, breastmilk storage bags, pack n plays, toilet paper, sanitary pads and water. We will work with community partners, such as local Healthy Start coalitions and hospitals to assess needs and coordinate disttribution efforts.10/06/2022229Active$7,500.00$30,000.00
Not Funded0%Senior (55+) Support Due to Hurricane Ian ClosuresReDefiners World Languages Inc.Workforce Services and Career Development$480.00Hillsboroughhttp://www.redefinerswl.orgYesCritical financial support for two individuals participating in the AARP Senior Community Service Employment Program and placed at ReDefiners World Languages to gain workforce development skills through on-the-job-training lost wages that they depend on for daily living expenses as a result of Hurricane Ian closures. Both individuals are paid $10.00 per hour and lost 24 hours ($240.00) each from the time period of September 27-30th, when our office, along with many other service agencies closed due the the impending threat of Hurricane Ian. Unfortunately, the federal program is not offering compensation for that time period of closure, yet, the closure and consequently, the loss of work was at no fault to the Seniors serving at ReDefiners. The total of $480.00 is requesting to help maintain daily living expenses for these vulnerable individuals who are on fixed incomes and dependent upon the compensation earned through the workforce development program.Without assistance, both seniors will have trouble balancing their budgets for gas and housing.Funds will be provided to two seniors ($240 each) to mitigate gaps in financial sustainability due to lost income as a result of Hurricane Ian forced office closures.10/06/2022229Active$0.00$480.00
Fully Funded100%Replace food lost due to power outages in our residential home.Selah FreedomDomestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$0.00Hernando ; Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellas to Hurricane Ian, our safe home was without power for several days we had to throw our 2 freezers and 2 refrigerators worth of food that was meant to feed the residents in our home. Currently, Florida ranks 3rd in the nation for incidents of sex trafficking and the Tampa Bay area is second highest area in our state. Every day Selah Freedom provides safe housing, basic needs, therapy and wrap around services to survivors of sex trafficking. Currently our safe home in Hillsborough County is full with residents with several women on a waiting list. We are in desperate need of funding for food and medication for these survivors. Selah Freedom does utilize the services of food banks as much as possible. Often these food banks only supply non-perishable items. Funds are needed to purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, diary, eggs, meat and other protein items. We also need funding to fill their prescription or over the counter medication that is needed.Selah Freedom provides a place for survivors of sex trafficking to rest, pause and reflect. We currently have two safe homes. A short term one, where we work with the survivors to develop a safe plan for the next steps for their life. A long term one that they can stay in while working on their mental health, physical recovery and career goals. We provide them the path to obtain the life they were meant to have. A healthy diet and proper medication is so critical in their recovery. Without the proper nutrition or medication, it is hard to move any further. With the recent rise in food costs, plus the increased number of survivors we are helping, this cost is really growing. Once the basic needs are supplied, Selah's team can help these survivors further their recovery and move on to the life they dreamed of.To purchase food to replace all of the food lost during the power outages during the hurricane.10/03/2022232Fully Funded$3,500.00$3,500.00
Partially Funded26%Food Relief for those effected by Hurricane IanFeeding Tampa BayBasic Needs$184,334.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttp://www.feedingtampabay.orgYesAs the region’s largest foodbank, and the primary food-related disaster response organization, we are launching our response after Hurricane Ian. Pantry distributions are planned for Hillsborough Community College Dale Mabry in Tampa, Baycare Health in Clearwater and Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg. Other disaster response distributions will be added and we will distribute food through our partner agency network as we learn which partners have the capability to do so. To do this, we need additional financial support to purchase food and supplies, as well as for transportation expenses.

There were over 623,278 food insecure individuals in Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas Counties before Hurricane Ian. Many not normally in need of food will have been affected by the storm and also seek our assistance. Food insecurity refers to the USDA’s measure of lack of access, at times, to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members and limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate foods. Food insecure households are not necessarily food insecure all the time and food insecurity may reflect a household’s need to make trade-offs between important basic needs, such as post-storm repairs to house or vehicle, and purchasing nutritionally adequate foods.
Storm response has three stages:
• Before the storm: We staged mass distributions at several high profile sites to give households needed supplies.
• During and immediately after the storm response: Beginning late last week, we started receiving supplies of MRE's and water. We always have FEMA supplies on hand and are scheduled to receive between 10-15 tractor trailer loads immediately following the storm. We've also been packing disaster kits and preparing meals for special needs areas of our community.
• Following the storm we will work to restore household food needs as families recover from any impacts. This may last anywhere from 1 - 3 months.

Many served will be those already in our care- low to moderate income families facing food insecurity- who have been negatively affected by Hurricane Ian. Others will be newly facing food insecurity directly related to the impacts of Hurricane Ian. Any of these folks may have lost income due to workplace closures around the storm. With power outages, they may have lost perishable food supplies or otherwise be newly in need of food. And they may be facing repair costs while living on a fixed income. Increased access to food will help ease this household budget strain.
Funds will be used to purchase additional food to be distributed to those effected by Hurricane Ian. Additional related costs such as distribution supplies and transportation expenses may be supported with these funds. Food will distributed in multiple ways:
-Mobile distributions throughout the community
-Food provided to our 450 partners who in turn distribute to those they serve
-Individuals may pick up food from our warehouse in Tampa
-Hot meals served at Trinity Cafe, our free restaurant with two locations in Tampa and one location in Pinellas
Not Funded0%Air Conditioning Replacement at Equine Assisted Services CenterInspire Equine Therapy ProgramHealth and Wellbeing$6,000.00Pinellashttp://inspireequinetherapyprogram.orgNoInspire Equine Assisted Center's air conditioning unit in the barn is broken and needs to be replaced.The air conditioning unit in the barn keeps all of our leather equipment from molding in the Florida heat and humidity. If the equipment is damaged we would not be able to offer services to the teens and adults with disabilities that look forward to partnering with the horses. The air conditioning unit all supplies the main office/volunteer area. Our Executive Director is currently going through treatment for Cancer and needs the cooler air to assist in her recovery and for her to be able to stay energized to conduct programming.To replace the broken air conditioner in the barn at Inspire Equine Assisted Center.10/03/2022232Active$0.00$6,000.00
Not Funded0%Air Conditioning ReplacementTurn Around Tampa IncBasic Needs$11,143.04Hillsborough facility has experienced challenges with our AC Unit, we have been in our location since 2017 and had our unit repaired in 2018. Unfortunately our system is beyond repair. The unit is extremely old and the property management will not be replacing our unit. Our facility accommodates up to 120 people including children on a regular basis and are in need of a replacement unit.Being that our facility is used for multipurpose hosting job fairs, special events, etc. and without the proper cooling system we are unable to provide the adequate services needed for our community. Being that we are unable to operate at our full capacity, after school programs and the safe haven for our youth has been suspended. Our community service for the evening events have all come to a pause until we are able to get the unit replaced.11,143.04 will be used for the AC replacement
Not Funded0%S.O.S. Means Save Our ShipOpiate Awareness InstituteEducation$20,000.00Pinellas has focused on getting our youth involved in the marine environment for education, skill & character building, and to provide the excitement and adventure we all desire. We operate from marine vessels to engage in scuba, water sports, marine biology & conservation, as well as salvage, rescue & recovery. Our unique and exciting programs and activities centered around the marine environment have been the "saving grace" for many young men & women, as well as the volunteer veterans who serve.

We had $25,000 of funding from SBA arranged, but we received an email from SBA that all future funding promised has been cancelled, and that the funding has run out since the funding of Ukraine began.

Our primary vessel, Research Vessel Sala (40' Albin Trawler), is in serious need of repairs to be functional this season. A haul-out is needed immediately as the vessel cannot be considered safe as is, preventing OAI members from normal boarding or maintenance. Mechanical repairs are needed as well.

Our work boat (16" Aluminum Run-a-bout) blew the old motor. A 30 to 50 HP long shaft outboard is required, and since the vessel has been stagnant for 4 months, needs haul-out and bottom paint. This vessel is very important for personnel transportation, salvage operations, and educational youth projects.
As of this point over half of the planned projects and activities have been delayed. Many of our youth participants are "losing touch" with the organization, causing more & more to be devoured by the darkness of drug addiction. Our lack of community engagement also creates a sinking revenue stream that perpetuates the problem. OAI's success at engaging Tampa Bay's youth with the areas veterans has been instrumental at saving countless lives and families in our local communities. Please help us continue to be of service to Tampa Bay & all of Florida.Haul-out R/V Sala for repairs, anti-fouling paint, diesel maintenance, thru-hull replacement & underwater lighting repair. Fees will include haul-out, vessel transportation to & from service yard, refueling, as well as physical repairs and parts..

Service boat will require replacement engine (used), mounting & rigging, haul & paint.
Fully Funded100%Mobile Grocery Store Emergency RepairReach Services Inc.Basic Needs$0.00Pinellashttp://reachstpete.orgNoIn February 24th, 2022 we launched out newest initiative of the Pop-Up Pantry that is the first of its kind in the entire state of Florida. It is a decommissioned city bus that was gifted to us from PSTA to transform into a mobile grocery store. This mobile grocery store has been dubbed as the "Pop-Up Pantry" a grocery store on wheels committed to restoring access to fresh foods in food desserts and low-income areas. Recently our bus has been faced with multiple mechanical issues. Including but not limited to broken HVAC, broken AC, Coil Replacement, Disconnect switch replacement, electrical panel repair, and replacing a commercial fridge.This need is crucial to our operations, our bus served 355 unduplicated individuals during service route with fresh milk, eggs, breads, dry-goods, meats, produce, and hygiene items. Families depend on this twice a month because it drives out to high need areas, food desserts, and low-income areas. It serves some of our most vulnerable populations in Pinellas County. The bus will not be able to run if we do not get these items repaired. A survey response from a client can be found below:

"My only comment or feedback for you all is thank you. You saw I had 3 kids with me and grocery shopping is something that has been given me anxiety because we cant afford them. Now the girls look forward to coming to the bus because its fun in there and so clean. Its fun for me to because we use the bus service the two times in the month it comes and the other two times in the month we go to the grocery store because I can afford the 2 trips there a month with the help of the bus. so my feedback is thank you so much for doing this for us."
$610.64 : Suncoast Fleet Services Repair (Mechanics)
$1,263.90 : Thermos King Repair (AC)
$2,500 : New Commercial Fridge Replacement
$7,000: AC Replacement
08/09/2022287Fully Funded$13,333.00$11,374.54
Not Funded0%Urgent Repairs to Building and Electrical Set-up at Child Abuse Prevention Organization OfficesChampions for Children, Inc.Domestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$6,743.70Hillsboroughhttp://cfctb.orgNoAn electrical pole recently fell off the side of one of the buildings where we provide services at our main campus on Azeele Street in Tampa, leading to power and internet outages. We discovered that the part of the building to which it had been attached has rotted out and is no longer capable of holding the weight. A temporary solution has been but put in place, however ultimately that portion of the building will need to be restored, and then the pole reinstalled and rewired to provide electricity and ensure the safety of staff and participant families using the building and parking lot. Any funds to help offset the cost of the repairs will ensure that the building and parking lot can quickly be restored for safe and comfortable use, without drawing necessary funds away from direct services.Failing to repair the building and/or electrical pole will have a negative impact on the services we provide in two ways. First, the instability of these two physical components of our building poses a safety thread to staff as well as parents and children walking through the parking lot and/or utilizing services inside the affected building. This building houses the offices of more than two dozen staff who work directly with families, and is also a place where new moms can come for one-on-one, no cost professional breastfeeding support in a comfortable and supportive environment. Second, we are vulnerable to further power and internet outages that make it difficult or at times even unsafe to provide services onsite. Without these needed repairs, neither the building nor the parking lot (which serves two other buildings of ours on the same campus) cannot be safely or comfortably used by staff or families. As a result, we have already begun the process without dedicated funding, but have a need to recoup a portion or all of the expense in order to not adversely impact other parts of the budget.If awarded, the requested funds would be used to cover the costs of necessary repairs to one of our buildings at 3108 W. Azeele Street in Tampa. The process will involve the following steps:

- Demolishing one wall of the building and removing the old wall coverings and build-outs.
- Rebuilding and reinforcing the wall.
- Purchase and run temporary air conditioning unit during repairs.
- Cutting power and disconnecting electrical conduits from the wall.
- Replacing rotted damaged board behind electrical.
- Reattaching electrical conduits to the rebuilt wall.
- Running new wiring to electrical poll and reattaching conduits to building.

Invoices are attached as evidence of amount requested.
Not Funded0%Replace A/C system for One Community NowOne Community NowBasic Needs$4,900.00Pascohttp://www.onecommunitynow.comNoOne of our two A/C units in our office just stopped running cool. Our office is where we meet with clients on a daily basis. We called the repair tech and he told us we have an extensive leak which would require a full replacement of the A/C unit due to the age of our system and how much coolant we are loosing.
We use our office as the primary meeting place to assist our clients. We provide human services to individuals and families that are at-risk of becoming homeless and those that are already homeless. We are a full service agency with the ability to help our clients with employment, education, housing, food, and other resources.
Our primary clients are those that are very low income, at-risk of homelessness and the homeless. We assist them by meeting with them in our office to help them have their immediate needs met and help to set longer term goals. We help those that are looking for employment by assisting them with resume and interview coaching. We assist those that are at-risk of losing their housing due to a lack of funds and increased rent rates. Most of our clients are veterans, seniors, disabled and/or single parents. All of our clients fall at 80% of AMI or below with more than 60% of our clients falling below 30% of AMI. Our office is the location where we meet with clients face to face. We usually have 20 clients each day in our office and we have a staff of 8 employees.We will use the funds to replace one of our A/C systems that is not working. 100% of the funds will be used to purchase and have installed a new machine that will be a Champion Heat Pump Split 3 ton 16 SEER horizontal heat pump with 5KW emergency heat stips. Includes new copper line sets.07/14/2022313Active$0.00$4,900.00
Fully Funded100%Replacement TechnologyUnited Methodist Church of Sun City CenterBasic Needs$0.00Hillsborough community facing programs that are run through the United Methodist Church of Sun City Center need to replace their current technology/systems in order to continue to serve the community. The current technology in place is hindering our ability to deliver programming such as the Mary Petro program - for example the Director's current computer does not allow for video calls.Updating the equipment will allow for clients to continue to receive services in a timely and efficient way.See attached06/24/2022333Fully Funded$4,500.00$4,500.00
Fully Funded100%Gas for Transportation CostsSun City Center Security Patrol, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$0.00Hillsborough cost of gas has more than doubled in the past few months, which is causing a shortfall in our budget, as our main service is to patrol the Sun City Center Community for safety concerns and to ultimately reduce crime. This rise in the price of gas was unbudgeted and unforeseen, but we must be able to cover the cost to continue providing services. We also need to replace the tires on our cars, and due to inflation, the cost is significantly higher.If we do not receive assistance, we will not be able to continue patrolling the neighborhoods in our community to the same degree as we have been. We would have to reduce the number of cars that are able to patrol, which would reduce the safety impact of having the Security Patrol patrolling the town. If we are not able to replace our tires, we will also have to reduce the number of cars that are able to patrol the community.Funds will be used to replace tires and purchase gas.06/20/2022337Fully Funded$15,000.00$15,000.00
Fully Funded100%Gas for Transportation CostsGood Samaritan Fund and Services of Sun City CenterBasic Needs$0.00Hillsborough provide transportation for vulnerable residents of Sun City Center, so that they can safely access medical treatment and other basic needs. In addition to the increased need for our services, the significant increase in the cost of fuel has caused a shortfall in our budget. This rise in the price of gas was unbudgeted and unforeseen, but we must be able to cover the cost to continue providing services.If we do not receive assistance we will need to cut down on the services we provide to this community. Due to the population of Sun City Center, transportation services are critical to ensure the health and well-being of the residents.The funds will be used to purchase gas06/20/2022337Fully Funded$15,000.00$15,000.00
Not Funded0%Security EnhancementsChabad Lubavitch Of South Tampa Inc.Health and Wellbeing$25,000.00Hillsboroughhttp://chabadchaicenter.comNoWe have faced new threats due to the increase of antisemitic behavior in Tampa. As a Chaplain with local and federal law enforcement, we are keenly aware of the potential danger to our organization. As a result, we need to greatly enhance the security measures at our facility and off-site events. This will include security guards, lay leader training, cameras, and upgraded barriers. I am saddened by the amount of money that will need to be spent on these measures, money that could be so much better spent on helping people grow and move their lives forward.
Any assistance you could provide will be essential to our organization continuing to provide life-changing social, educational, and humanitarian services in safety.
If we're not able to secure this essential funding, then we will either have to pull some of our current programs such as loaves of love, law enforcement counseling, visit me, or we will have to cut back on programming we can't ensure as secure.$5,000 Barrier Enhancement
$10,000 Security Personnel
$5,000 Security Cameras
$5,000 Lay-Leader Training
Fully Funded100%Portable Sound and Stage EquipmentThe Pelican PlayersArts and Culture$0.00Hillsborough order to provide services throughout South Shore, Pelican Players takes programming to residents who often are unable to get to the theatre. As a senior theater company, we need to replace the current outdated and heavy equipment which limits our ability to deliver programming. In addition to portability, we need our sound equipment replaced so that programming can be delivered, often to a population that has challenges with hearing.We will start turning down off-location shows.These funds will be used to purchase all of the equipment showing on the quote uploaded below. This will help us to meet the demands of community organizations hiring our theater company to perform on location at area venues.06/27/2022330Fully Funded$16,239.56$16,239.56
Fully Funded100%Air Conditioning Replacement at Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation LibraryChi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation, Inc.Education$0.00Pinellas conditioning for the library at the Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation no longer functioning and needs to be replaced.Currently not able to operate in the library due to the AC no longer functioning. The library is used by students to check out books for recreational or academic focused reading. Our teachers utilized the library to expand their collection of books throughout the year. It has also been used as additional classroom space when needed.Funds will be used for the cost and installation of a new 3.0 ton A/C system.05/12/2022376Fully Funded$5,990.00$5,990.00
Fully Funded100%Repair Motor on Mobile Food Pantry TruckUnique Ladies of CharacterBasic Needs$0.00Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttp://uniqueladies.orgNoOur engine went out and is in the shop now. We need the engine repair for our mobile food pantry truck to continue to serve. We have 3 mobile pantries weekly.We want be able to serve our community effectively. We are currently renting U-Haul trucks to deliver, which is costly. We need our truck fixed soon to keep our commitment to those in our community, especially in the rural areas. We feed 1,200 to 1,600 families monthly - mostly seniors, struggling families and homeless individuals. Last year alone we served over 18,000 families. With your support, it would help us to continue the work.To Repair the truck03/02/2022447Fully Funded$4,685.11$4,685.11
Fully Funded100%Emergency Plumbing Repair at Affordable Housing UnitHope Villages of America, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$0.00Pinellas Villages of America (HVA) operates an 11 unit affordable housing complex for formerly homeless families who came from either Grace House (HVA's emergency shelter) or The Haven.(HVA's domestic violence shelter). One of our units had a sewer pipe break underneath the slab, causing sewage to come up out of the toilet, bathtub, and access panel. Because the unit is at the 'end of the line,' when another tenant flushes their toilets, it causes a sewage overflow in the unit that has the pipe break. The pipe needs to be replaced, along with bathtub drain mechanism. This is an invasive repair, as the concrete must be broken up.This is a critical repair because we are not able to house a family in that unit until it is fixed. It has caused us to displace a family, and it is causing major damage to the unit, including flooring and drywall damage, not to mention the potential for mold growth.The funds would be used to cover the cost of the snake to try to eliminate the issue, along with hiring a plumber to complete the repair.01/06/2022502Fully Funded$4,650.00$4,650.00
Fully Funded100%Van RequestShirley Proctor Puller Foundation, Inc.Education$0.00Pinellashttps://www.sppf.orgNoSPPF is seeking to address our need to improve reliable access to transportation for our youth. The van and bus that are currently leased to us by the host facility (Mount Zion Progressive) are 2007 models, over 14 years old, past their warranty period, unreliable, in poor condition, and in need of frequent repairs. In addition, at present we share these vehicles with our host facility (a church). SPPF clients (youth) and staff have encountered disruption - delays due to maintenance and/or scheduling overlaps and notifications of no availability - making current use of leased vehicles a challenge for the transportation of the children who rely on the M.A.S.T.R. Kids program for daily after-school educational programming and summer learning, enrichment, and care.The children and families served by the Shirley Proctor Puller Foundation (SPPF) come to us from the largest African American community in Pinellas County (south St. Petersburg) and from families that have faced generations of inequity and who typically encounter some form of crisis/trauma every day. SPPF is dedicated to helping to close the achievement gap for these youth but to do so we must first get them to our program. Without reliable transportation our youth will lose access to valuable educational opportunities in a safe environment filled with positive reinforcement.

Parents depend on us to pick up their children every day after school and for summer transportation. Reliable transportation enables our program to provide a positive, safe learning environment for our scholars, reducing their exposure to crime after school. Reliable transportation reduces the daily stress of possible conflicts, potential breakdowns and/or accidents, and improves our ability to provide safe transportation conditions for the scholars. This enhances trust with parents. Most importantly, the transportation provides consistency and program fidelity which is critical to our success in advancing literacy skills with our students.
We are requesting funding to purchase a used Ford Transit Passenger Van to transport up to 13 students, a driver and a bus monitor, at a time. We are looking at Ford model vans from 2019. We have identified a first van with 39,675 miles at a cost of $47,684. The second van we are considering is a 2019 model with 34,000 miles at a cost of $52,738 (attachment pg 4). The third van we considered is a 2019 model with 55,305 miles on it at a cost of $44,991. We are confident that using the requested funds for the purchase of a used van is a wise investment balancing cost, use, and safety for our youth. Used vans are expected to last 8-10 years.11/16/2021553Fully Funded$52,738.00$52,738.00
Fully Funded100%Emergency Secure Storage for Musical Instruments and EquipmentGirls Rock St. PeteHealth and Wellbeing$0.00Hillsborough ; Pinellas carefully invested instruments and equipment for Girls Rock St. Pete (guitars, keys & stands, drum kits, amps, mics, equipment) has been partially stored in the secure and temperature controlled garage of a generous volunteer who has unexpectedly needed to move out of the area as early as Dec. 15, 2021. As we revitalize our budget after two COVID years without hosting camp or our major fundraising associated, we are in need of proper storage space large enough to store over$35,000 worth of inventory and which is accessible by our volunteers for various programming and fundraisers. As we gear up for camp in 2022, we are also coordinating our instrument lending library, which will entail an inventory and check-out system from storage for campers who wish to continue their musical education beyond camp and need borrowed instruments. A local storage company is well located between our coordinators with easy access in a secure location. A locked in rate would save us $1,400 and allow us time to host our major fundraiser, as well as other planned fundraising campaigns in 2022 to ensure fiscal sustainability going forward.Five years of financial investment into the instruments and equipment required to run camp will be at risk. 15-16 guitars, bass guitars, drum sets, keys, stands, amps, equipment, merch, supplies must be properly stored to avoid repair and replacement costs come Spring. Volunteer access to this equipment is essential to our operations as well as keeping all equipment protected from potential weather and security damage. Also, not securing proper storage could severely delay a new program The Girls Rock Instrument Lending Library, which will entail an inventory and check-out system from storage for campers who wish to continue their musical education beyond camp and need borrowed instruments.Funds would cover costs for one year of secure storage while Girls Rock revitalizes our camps after two years of COVID closures, ensuring the safety of our carefully invested inventory of musical instruments purchased specifically for youth learners practice and performance. Costs include protection coverage for all contents stored within.11/12/2021557Fully Funded$4,716.00$4,716.00
Fully Funded100%Office Printer For Mental Health OfficeNAMI Pasco County Florida Inc.Health and Wellbeing$0.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough ; Pascohttp://namipasco.orgNoThe printer at our mental health office needs to be replaced as it is fully broken with no chance of revival.Since our printer has died we have had to outsource our printing or not do it at all. In some cases, this has led to us having to take funds from other areas such as programming or has resulted in our resources not being able to be given out to participants and community members. These resources range from mental health fact sheets, assignments, and further support resources. Without them, we sometimes break the chain in care causing some stagnation and in extreme cases backsliding in wellbeing.Xerox High Output Printer11/12/2021557Fully Funded$5,000.00$5,000.00
Fully Funded100%Walk-in Freezer Repair at Wildlife SanctuaryElmira's Wildlife SanctuaryAnimal Welfare$0.00Hillsboroughhttps://www.elmiraswildlfie.orgNoThe motor for the walk-in freezer at Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary must be replaced or 4000 lbs of meat for big cats and wolves will spoil. The repair company has been out 3 times, trying to keep the existing motor going to no avail. This is a costly repair that is not in this year's budget. Renting a freezer truck is not an option, nor are upright and chest freezers. We rely on this freezer for our daily storage needs.

Please help save the food for animals.
4000 lbs of meat for animals, along with a variety of frozen fruit, dog food and other animal feed, will spoil, resulting in an additional financial loss of several thousand dollars. The food may not replaceable at the price we originally paid for it.The food loss is much more costly than replacing the motor in the freezerPay the refrigeration repair bills11/12/2021557Fully Funded$1,640.00$1,640.00
Fully Funded100%Truck Repairs for Ministerio Mujeres Restauradas Por Dios Food PantryMINISTERIO MUJERES RESTAURADAS POR DIOS, INC.Basic Needs$0.00Hillsborough truck that we use to transport food, hygiene items, and clothes to our food pantry for at-risk families just broke down. The clutch, Load Handling System, rear door, and all four tires need to be replaced. The A/C compressor and expansion valve, the rear lift gate, and the transmission need to be repairedWithout these repairs and replacements, our truck will be inoperable. This means that we cannot use it to transport food, clothing, and hygiene items to our food pantry. This limits the supplies that we are able to offer to vulnerable families in our community. Typically, we serve up to 500 people a day. This number has been severely diminished since our truck broke down- we are able to serve less than half that number of people with resources available in our facility.This amount is based on a repair quote from a mechanic (attached). Funds would be used solely for purposes of getting our truck operational again.10/14/2021586Fully Funded$8,071.76$8,071.76
Fully Funded100%Recovery Home Roof RepairTimothy Initiative Ministries, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$0.00Hillsborough operate several recovery homes in the Ybor area and 1 of our homes needs a new roof. The condition of the roof has been surveyed and is considered to be in urgent need of repair. We are not able to cover the costs of the new roof and it threatens the livability of the home should it begin to fail. The men we house have life issues with homelessness and addiction and rely on our programs and housing.The home currently houses 7 men in recovery that we would not be able to absorb into our other homes. We would loose the revenue from the fees that we collect as well as having the task of finding other affordable options if any for our residents. We will have no other option other than to move the men out of the residence.The full amount of the funds would go to pay the contractor for services related to repairs of the roof.09/14/2021616Fully Funded$15,170.00$15,170.00
Fully Funded100%Replacement of Transmission for Therapuetic Community Recreation Center Transport VanTherapeutic Community Recreation CenterEducation$0.00Pinellas are seeking funds to repair our daily transportation van for the Therapeutic Community Recreation Center. We serve children who have been exposed to severe trauma and display behavioral issues. We provide a safe haven for these children as wells as homework assistance, employability skills, counseling and mentoring. Most of these children have not been successful in traditional childcare settings.This van is used for drop offs and pick ups for the children in the program daily. There are morning pick ups, and also afternoon pick ups from various schools and some of the children are also dropped off at home at the end of each day if parents aren't able to pick them up.The funds will be used to replace the transmission in the van and also the CV joints that need to be repaired as well.09/07/2021623Fully Funded$5,534.00$5,533.88
Fully Funded100%Washer and Dryer Replacement for Family Resiliency Program with Long-term Transitional HousingFlorida Resurrection HouseBasic Needs$0.00Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttp://www.floridaresurrectionhouse.orgNoThe washers and dryers in our on-site laundry facility need to be replaced with commercial equipment. The machines are nearly two decades old and are also residential grade, so can't keep up with constant use. One (of the four) dryers has completely stopped working, a second dryer works on and off, and two (of the four) washers regularly overflow or breakdown. (For example, a single washer or dryer can only handle a twin bedspread and nothing else). We have made multiple small repairs and part replacements as needed and finances allow, yet these machines are at the end of their lifespan.With fifteen families in our program, their budgets are already small and stretched tight. Participants are provided a time in the weekly laundry schedule when they may use the laundry facilities. However, if the machine(s) are out of order during their assigned time, they either try to use an emergency time slot, or pay for laundry at an offsite laundromat. Going off site means participant's already small budgets are stretched even farther. Some participants with no income do not have this option. Full replacement of the washers and dryers is not a budgeted expense and therefore it is unknown when we will have the funding to replace them. The machines were purchased in 2007 and at least one can no longer be repaired. Additionally, the commercial grade machines will be better able to handle the large volume of use.Purchase, delivery and installation of 4 commercial washers and 4 commercial gas dryers, into on-site laundry facility.08/27/2021634Fully Funded$8,552.00$8,552.00
Fully Funded100%Purchase Replacement Safety VestsSun City Center Emergency SquadBasic Needs$0.00Hillsborough of critically needed safety vests- slip-on for all sizes.We are critically low on safety vests. They need to be replenished asap. The Need: The Squad equips each of our 4 ambulances with 3 vests (one for each team member) and our two wheelchair vans with 2 vests (one for each team member) for a total of 16. Our current vests are old and are sized often resulting in a team member being unable to fit into one of the three vests onboard. Our request for 24 allows for 1 vest when needed in our Chief’s car and replacements when vests are soiled while performing our duties.

The impact will be a major issue as the vests are used whenever an ambulance is called to a motor vehicle accident and anytime the team exits the vehicle in a public place particularly during night-time hours. With the population boom in this area, more and more traffic is traversing SR 674 (SCC’s main thoroughfare between I75 and SR 301) resulting in an increase in motor vehicle accidents in SCC. We are also heading into the return of snowbirds which will add to the traffic and a potential for more MVA's. Another more recent unanticipated need has been when our squad members who are now working at COVID vaccination sites (our EMT’s vaccinate at drive throughs). Squad members also provide traffic control at the site. This need is likely coming up again shortly when Booster shots are offered. We want to be prepared.
Not realizing the unforeseen increased need, we did not budget for enough vests. We will rectify this situation when we work on a 2022 budget.
The purchase of critically needed safety vests. We now found a vendor for "one size fits all" vests to ensure all members of the ambulance and van teams can fit into vest.
Further information is included above in the "Critical Nature of Need" section.
08/23/2021638Fully Funded$34,548.00$34,548.00
Fully Funded100%The EmpowHERment Community Center Table and Chairs ReplacementEmpowhermentWorkforce Services and Career Development$0.00Pinellashttp://empowherment.orgNoThe EmpowHERment Community Center is an all-inclusive, grassroots-operated space that encourages women to reach their full potential through education, communal support, and individual advocacy. EmpowHERment organizes and hosts a Monday night financial literacy class, a "Painting and Healing" workshop, a single mother support group, monthly networking events, and many programs designed to aid the budding entrepreneur.
Our workshops take place in the EmpowHERment Community Center Conference Room, where we have a long wooden table and eight IKEA-bought chairs. We are coming up to our one-year anniversary in our community center, and unfortunately, it has become apparent to the team that the conference table is too small and that every single chair in the conference room is broken to some degree. The conference table is too small to allow comfortable social distancing, and the chairs are missing bolts or screws or are uneven and wobbly. Not only is this distracting during workshops, but it is dangerous for our guests, clients, and team members. With the help from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, we can replace the conference table with a larger one-preferably 11ft- and we can purchase steadier, high-quality chairs as soon as possible without interrupting our programming.
If we are unable to receive funding for new conference room furniture, we may have to revert back to virtual workshops via Zoom. Over time, we may be able to receive a donation that will allow us to purchase a new table and chairs; however, our clients prefer to meet in person to establish community support and browse through the hygiene pantry at the center. Without this interpersonal connection provided by in-person meetings at the center, our clients may fall through the cracks and eventually stop participating in events and programs.The funds from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay would go towards conference room furniture inside the EmpowHERment Community Center conference room.
The conference room furniture needed includes:
-10ft/11ft conference table with a built-in power outlet.
-10 quality chairs for workshop and seminar usage.
08/18/2021643Fully Funded$6,000.00$6,000.00
Fully Funded100%Repair of Air Conditioning and Plumbing in Our Re-entry HomeCons Helping Cons - Free to Serve, Inc.Basic Needs$0.00Hernando ; Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellas assist an average of 240 men and women each month to successfully re-enter society after incarceration by providing housing, employment, and a mentor. One of our re-entry homes is currently uninhabitable due to the air conditioning failing. We were already having problems with the plumbing in the house but the AC outage was the straw that broke the camel's back. We desperately need to get this home back up and running to provide the necessary housing component to those re-entering society.We cannot operate this home without AC and plumbing. Without this home, we are unable to provide housing to the men and women who are exiting incarceration. That population then has a greatly increased recidivism risk.$10,000 to replace air conditioning unit and repair ductwork. $15,000 to replace all underground plumbing in this home.08/16/2021645Fully Funded$25,000.00$25,000.00
Fully Funded100%Air Conditioning Part ReplacementArts Center Association, Inc. dba Morean Arts CenterArts and Culture$0.00Pinellashttps://www.moreanartscenter.orgNoThe Morean Arts Center is requesting funding to replace parts needed for its air conditioning system. The system failed last month due to its age which has affected all the 3 classrooms,4 galleries and the retail area located on the first floor. The Morean's building at 719 Central Avenue was built in the early 1990s and the old air conditioning system parts are not available anymore. The part needed is a condenser coil which is non-repairable. Our vendor, ABM (see attached quote doc) will rebuild that part for us for $7,668.65.The Morean serves more than 5,000 students every year, a third of which take classes on the floor affected by this issue. Those classes include Jewelry, painting, open studio and figure drawing. We also welcome more than 1,000 visitors monthly to our galleries. The uncomfortable temperatures are detrimental to our visitation numbers, where visitors are not likely to spend any time at the galleries. During our past exhibition openings, the Morean used portable A/C units as a temporary solution which proved ineffective due to the ventilation needed to operate them. Temperatures were uncomfortable throughout for our guests and we had to postpone some events. They also affect our class registrations as we have received numerous complaints from students during the current session who are not likely to sign up for future classes until the issue is fixed. This has definitely affected our operations.The funds will be used to directly fund the cost of the condenser coil needed to fix the A/C system.08/12/2021649Fully Funded$7,000.00$7,000.00
Fully Funded100%Transportation Bus Roof Leak and Catalytic ConverterSerenity Outreach INCWorkforce Services and Career Development$0.00Hillsboroughhttp://www.serenityoutreachinc.irgNoSerenity Outreach is in need of assistance with repairing the roof leak on our 14 passenger bus which was discovered after this past storm we had. We also desperately need assistance with the replacement of the Catalytic Converter that was cut and stolen from our bus. Because of this, we have had to cancel 3 of our community trips and make other provisions for our clients to get to work.If we do not receive assistance it will impact our workforce development program and our community engagement & outreach which will impact the family systems that depend on transportation to work, stores, and doctor visits. It will also impact our part-time diver he will lose his job if we can afford to get the bus back on the road.

The funds will be used to tow the bus to the mechanic shop. Fix the Catalytic Converter and any unknown part due to it was cut off. Also the leak and repaint of the topper and roof. Plus Labor.08/12/2021649Fully Funded$3,200.00$3,200.00
Fully Funded100%Air Conditioning Replacement at Seniors in Service of Tampa BaySeniors in Service of Tampa Bay, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$0.00Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttp://seniorsinservice.orgNoSeniors in Service’s Air Conditioning unit for our main office unexpectedly stopped working and needed to be replaced – an unforeseen problem that is crucial to daily operations. We are a nonprofit dedicated to providing solutions to community challenges by engaging volunteers aged 55+. We help at-risk children, isolated seniors, adults with disabilities, overwhelmed family caregivers, struggling veterans, hungry families and more. Plus our volunteers benefit from staying active and purposeful. We engage over 900 volunteers annually in collaboration with 150+ community partners to meet the needs of 7500 underserved individuals in Hillsborough, Pinellas & Pasco counties. During 37 years of service, we have provided over 5 million hours of community assistance with a fair market value exceeding $131,600,000. Each year independent audits show over 93% of each dollar goes to program services.If assistance is not received we will need to use unrestricted donations that we intend to use for program services. The $5,145 in assistance will support 5 low-income seniors with ongoing in-home companion services for a full year or 5 economically disadvantaged children with intensive one-on-one tutoring/mentoring for a full school year.

The Air Conditioning Unit must be replaced to ensure a healthy workplace for our staff and for our senior-aged volunteers. WIthout working air conditioning in the midst of the hottest summer months, program staff and volunteers cannot use the office. Program staff use the office to enable volunteer recruiting, criminal background checks, volunteer training and ongoing services to help our community’s most vulnerable residents. In addition, our dedicated volunteers attend 4-hour new-volunteer orientations and mandatory monthly trainings that are required to maximize the impact of their service and improve life for the at-risk children, elders, adults with disabilities, Veterans and food-insecure individuals they serve.
Funds will be used to purchase and install a New 3.5 Ton Straight Cool Split System for Seniors in Service’s main office.
-Straight Cool Condenser
-Air handler
-10 year parts warranty
-10 year compressor warranty
-1 year labor warranty
-1 year maintenance agreement
-Basic Digital Thermostat
-Float Switch
-Pad and straps
-Heat shield
-7.5 KW heat
*Includes all equipment, materials and labor necessary to complete work. All old equipment and
debris to be hauled away and disposed of properly.
08/12/2021649Fully Funded$5,145.00$5,145.00
Fully Funded100%Roof RepairGirls Incorporated of PinellasEducation$0.00Pinellashttp://www.girlsinc-pinellas.orgNoAt Girls Inc of Pinellas, we experienced major leaking in our roof during the last two rainstorms. The storms left our front check in/check out area for our students filled with puddles of water. This reception area houses our intake computer and the front area telephone station.This reception area houses our welcome area, student intake computer and the receptionist telephone station. Without the repair to the roofing system, we anticipate continued flooding in the reception area and risk to our systems. The check-in station is strategically located at the entrance of the facility to monitor arriving and departing students and families.As per the attached estimate, the funding would be used to reinstall a roofing system.07/26/2021666Fully Funded$38,850.00$38,850.00
Fully Funded100%Washer and Dryer Replacement for Single Mother HousingShepherd's VillageBasic Needs$0.00Hillsborough ; Pinellashttps://www.shepherdsvillage.comNoBroken Washer and Dryer at a single-mother housing facility. Shepherd's Village provides onsite free laundry for our residents and their children. Currently we have one broken washer and dryer. The second washer and dryer are on it's last leg of life. Two washers and dryers provide the basic need of laundry assistance for 11 families (22 children and 11 moms). With the COVID-19 pandemic we saw a significant increase in the usage of the washers and dryers which has resulted in many repairs and now a broken washer and dryer.Our families would see immediate financial stress to their budget. Some of our families have small children and the stress of finding laundry locations that are safe and conducive to their varying schedules would bring stress to families that are working hard to provide a stable environment for their children. These families are in crisis, by providing free laundry facilities we give them a little more breathing room to reach their goals.These funds would be used to purchase two commercial washers and two commercial dryers to replace a broken washer and dryer and replace the one washer and dryer that need repairs.07/14/2021678Fully Funded$5,875.00$5,874.21
Fully Funded100%Wall Repair and Computer ReplacementNext Generation Kids Camp IncEducation$0.00Pinellashttp://nextgenerationkidscamp.orgNoCurrently need to replace computers, fix wall in facility which is causing water to come in from heavy rain, and clean carpets.If assistance is not received we will have to scale back children at the center due to the inability to use one of the rooms because of the water coming in. We also will have to deny many children access to our services and resources needed in the community.Funds will be used to fix/repair walls in facility which will allow us to once again utilize this room to be able to assist more families. We will replace 3 computers that were damaged for children to have access to for tutoring and homework assistance. Total amount requested also includes carpet cleaning. These repairs and replacements will allow us to continue offering assistance in the community due to absence of parents who have been incarcerated.07/15/2021677Fully Funded$7,200.00$7,200.00
Fully Funded100%Critical Needs Relief Program - Hurricane Ian ReliefRedlands Christian Migrant Association, Inc.Basic Needs$0.00Hillsboroughhttps://www.rcma.orgYesDue to the loss of power in the Tampa Bay and rural outlying regions, RCMA staff and parents have lost the food they had in their refrigerators. There are still many families without power. There is also some damage to homes, not severe, but some damage. Feeding Tampa Bay will be sending food this week. However, many of our families still have no power to cook. We would like to request food vouchers, gift cards, and financial assistance for 250 families in Hillsborough County.If assistance is not received, our families suffer significantly. Many families and children go hungry, and their quality of life declines. They are also more susceptible to illness, mental depression, crime, and many other uncertainties. Our migrant families depend on food assistance, medical care and supplies, utility coverage, infant and toddler care, and educational resources. This is a domino effect where it starts at the top, and if RCMA lacks any resources for families, the end result will be detrimental and potentially life changing. RCMA relies 100% on financial support to perform all of its community responsibilities, programs, initiatives, and human services.
In the state of Florida, RCMA serves approximately 6000 children every year representing nearly 4000 families. RCMA respectfully requests $25,000 from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay for approximately 250 families that RCMA serves in Hillsborough county. These funds could help purchase gift cards, food vouchers, or more specifically, food, water, canned chicken, canned tuna, rice beans, tortillas, bread, non-perishables, etc., for families to get immediate food access.10/03/2022232Fully Funded$25,000.00$25,000.00
Fully Funded100%Replace Stolen Catalytic Converters on Transport Buses for Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa BayBoys and Girls Clubs of Tampa BayBasic Needs$0.00Hillsborough ; Pascohttps://www.bgctampa.orgNoOn June 7, 2021 (the first day of Summer Camp), we arrived at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay administration office to find that the catalytic converters had been stolen off of all four of our transport buses, which had been parked in our parking lot. These are the buses that we use to transport kids to and from field trips during summer camp. Last year, we were not able to take any of our kids on field trips, due to COVID, so we were really excited to be able to offer field trips for the first time in two years. Field trips are really a wonderful way to let our kids enjoy special experiences that most of them would never have the opportunity to experience. So, the theft was especially disappointing. Our insurance does not cover the cost to replace and repair the vehicles, which is a total cost of about $8,800. And, this is a cost that we did not budget for. And, unfortunately, we do not have security cameras, which we definitely need, which is an additional cost of $3,100.The four transport buses are the only mode of transportation that we have, to get kids to and from their Summer Camp field trips. So, without the repairs and without the buses, we will have to cancel the field trips, which will take away the opportunity for our most underserved kids to have new experiences. We have a saying of "If the kids can't see it, then they can't be it," meaning that it's impossible for these kids to even imagine what they've never had the chance to experience. We don't want to take that away from them.$8,800 to cover the cost to repair and replace the four stolen catalytic converters on the four transport buses. $3,100 to purchase and install a security camera system for our Metro administration building.07/14/2021678Fully Funded$12,000.00$12,000.00
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