Competitive Grants Focus: Community Vibrancy

Community vibrancy is one of five focus areas for competitive grantmaking in 2019-20.

People who are engaged in their communities are more likely to be healthy, well-educated and secure. So building vibrant, active communities is essential for the well-being of the people of Tampa Bay.

Unfortunately, the Tampa Bay area ranks 12th out of 20 comparable communities in the 2019 Regional Competitiveness Report. One indicator: We have 4.1 cultural and recreational establishments per 10,000 residents. By comparison, Nashville has 7.5.

We are seeking Community Vibrancy projects that improve local communities in a number of ways:

  • Access and appreciation of arts and culture
  • Flourishing local environmental resources
  • Collaboration among residents. All neighborhoods, communities, and areas are eligible for these grants. However, projects that serve at-risk populations will be given priority.

Community Vibrancy projects may include:

  • Arts and culture projects to engage people
  • Projects that strengthen environmental resiliency and sustainability
  • Local ideas for community involvement and improvement

Most of the grants proposals submitted in the past will still be viable candidates for funding this year. We simply will look at them through a different lens.

For example, Friends of The Library of Hillsborough County Inc., received a grant last year in the Arts & Culture category. This year, that same proposal to connect people through art classes would fall under Community Vibrancy.

Applications for competitive grants will be accepted through Nov. 22, 2019. The Community Foundation’s additional focus areas are Economic Mobility, Empowering Women and Girls, Mental Well-Being, and Positive Education.

Learn more about applying for a competitive grant. See summaries of previous competitive grants.

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