Competitive Grants Focus: Mental Well-Being

Mental Well-Being is one of five focus areas for competitive grantmaking in 2019-20.

Research shows that traumatic experience — especially in childhood — have long-term, chronic effects on both behavioral health and physical health. Substance use, mental health conditions, and participation in high risk behavior have all been linked with traumatic experiences.

One in six American adults has experienced a mental illness within the last year. Those experiencing mental health conditions can be further impacted by stigma, which can be caused by fear and a lack of understanding. The stigma also can lead to harassment, bullying, and discrimination.

By focusing on Mental Well-Being, we hope to foster a community where every person can:

  • Realize their own potential
  • Cope with the normal stresses of life
  • Work productively
  • Make a contribution to their community.

Programs for people experiencing challenges with mental wellness and those who may be impacted will be given funding priority.

Mental Well-Being projects can include:

  • Trauma informed care models, especially those which address suicidal thoughts and addiction
  • Models for the reduction/elimination of stigmas associated with mental health conditions.

Most of the grants proposals submitted in the past will still be viable candidates for funding this year. We simply will look at them through a different lens.

For example, Greener Side Haven received a grant last year in the Environmental and Animal Welfare Category. This year, that same proposal to match seniors with foster pets would fall under Mental Well-Being because it addresses loneliness and isolation.

Applications for competitive grants will be accepted through Nov. 22, 2019. The Community Foundation’s additional focus areas are Community Vibrancy, Empowering Women and Girls, Economic Mobility, and Positive Education.

The Foundation will continue to award its Opportunity Grants. Application for those grants is open throughout the year. Opportunity Grants are not categorized into focus areas.

Learn more about applying for a competitive grant. See summaries of previous competitive grants.

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