Grants Acknowledgement Tool Kit


These resources will assist you in acknowledging and promoting your grants and partnerships with the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. We encourage you to use any or all of these methods.

  • Logo: Use these copies of our logo on your website or in other promotional materials. Download logo.
  • Newsletter template: A quick blurb to add to your newsletter announcing the grant or project. Download template.
  • Social media posts: Spread the news across your social media outlets with these suggested posts for use on Facebook, Twitter or other platforms. Download examples.
  • Press release template: Save time creating a press release to announce that you have received a grant from the Community Foundation or joined with us on a project. Download template
  • About the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay: Our organization’s boilerplate information for use in your existing press releases or materials. Download boilerplate.


  • If you have a changeable sign in front of your organization, we would appreciate a thank you there.
  • We have a limited number of yard signs available that show support is provided by the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. These can be displayed for a short period of time.
  • We are happy to provide business card-sized information cards about the Foundation to be displayed with other promotional materials.
  • Invite our staff to make a formal presentation of the grant to your Board of Trustees.

To request materials, or for questions and suggestions, please contact us.