January 2020 NEWSLETTER

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Retired businessman creates endowment,
increases CASA’s sustainability

retired businessman with a heart

The St. Pete Catalyst called him a “retired businessman with a heart” for his impactful philanthropy.

Mr. David Baldwin gave a $1 million gift to Community Action Stops Abuse (CASA), a St. Petersburg-based nonprofit working to end domestic violence, to create the Virginia and David Baldwin Innovation and Growth Endowment.

The endowment was established at the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay to provide long-term sustainability to CASA. The Foundation then multiplied the impact of Mr. Baldwin’s generous gift by contributing an additional $333,333 as part of the Endowment Match Challenge.

Endowments provide stability and a consistent source of income for nonprofits. The principal gift and matching funds grow over time and CASA receives annual income from the endowment, which is managed and invested by the Foundation, along with more than $278 million in other assets.

Learn how the Foundation is multiplying the impact of major gifts.

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Celebrating 30 years
of giving

Celebrating 30 years of giving

The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay is reaching a major milestone. The Foundation started 30 years ago with a $100 donation, and now it’s receiving – and multiplying – $1 million gifts.

Over the past few months, we’ve run a successful Endowment Match Challenge to sustain nonprofits into perpetuity, and unveiled 5 new focus areas for our competitive grants.

You’ve been a key part of our success, and we thank you for your partnership, support and encouragement over the past 30 years. Be on the lookout for opportunities to celebrate this important milestone with us in 2020, from our Celebrations of Giving to National Philanthropy Day.

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Changing the conversation

Changing the conversation

Friends and family of Lawrence Hundley Dimmitt IV wanted to take action after his death by suicide in 2017 at 32.

They created the Love IV Lawrence Foundation, and they’re working through and beside the Community Foundation to make positive changes around mental health, including research, direct action, and intervention, in our community. 

Love IV Lawrence hosted its first event, “Reeling in Stigma,” in partnership with Mountainfilm on Tour, the Community Foundation and the University of South Florida in October 2019.

Learn about the Foundation’s focus on mental well-being.

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Positive education works

Positive education works

Students at Patricia J. Sullivan Partnership School sit in a circle as a soothing voice talks them through a mindfulness exercise.

The Inner Explorer mindfulness program offers their brains a way to reset each morning and focus on education. The exercises help students develop skills of attention, self-control, and resilience.

It’s working. Sullivan Partnership implemented Inner Explorer 3 years ago, and went from an F-rated school to a B-rated school that’s closing the achievement gap.

Learn how the Foundation is supporting positive education.

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SVP’s Fast Pitch competition for nonprofits is Feb. 20

SVP's Fast Pitch competition for nonprofits is Feb. 20

Social Venture Partners and the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay host the third annual Fast Pitch Competition at Tampa Theatre at 7:30 pm Thursday, Feb. 20.

SVP Fast Pitch highlights and propels social innovation in Tampa Bay’s nonprofits. Participants are paired with business and community leaders who help them powerfully communicate their stories to accelerate impact.

Join the action as seven local nonprofits show off their hard-earned skills and tell their unique stories for a chance at cash prizes!

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Outstanding year of generosity & impact

Outstanding year of generosity & impact


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