New Pinellas location features works by three local artists

With the opening of our new Pinellas location it was important to support local businesses and artists. We are fortunate to feature three local artists in the new space:

Ya La’ford – “WE ARE Community”

For the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, La’ford created an abstracted site-specific landscape installation on a large scale that responds to the perimeter of the 5 counties that are served in the office and surrounding landscape.

Artist Statement:
Time, space, and place create universal coordinates and intersections that are bridged when perception changes.  

Nathan Beard – Local Art Wall Feature

Nathan Beard’s richly-layered Exit Music paintings combine playful Abstract Expressionism with fields of color that transition slowly through hue and temperature. He slices blue painter’s tape, strip-by-strip, and methodically applies it to create cyclic patterns that enhance the dimension and movement of roughly-hewn serpentine forms floating in a splatter-and-pour soup. Nathan often chooses colors for their metaphorical possibilities, and the dance between chaos and order helps him meditate upon the weaving of human will with natural forces as a creative activity that sculpts Space-Time to our adaptive needs and desires.

Nick DavisBlack is Beautiful Series of digital masterpieces

Davis is an example of a new crop of artists whose work melds long-held spiritually and politically empowering messages disseminated through the digital ethersphere.

The sharpness of Davis’ digital art, the intense focus on the large, bright eyes, almost geometric angles and perfect curves to hair, hats, and jewelry — and the splashes of color in his subjects’ fashion-forward attire — brings a joy that is easier to find.

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