After retiring in 2008 Chris Duncan was finally able to start spending full time on art adventures. She began taking watercolor classes at many different local art centers learning many different and exciting techniques.

One day by mistake her paper was too wet, and when she added color it all mixed together.  To her amazement and delight it was beautiful and the beginning of a new phase in her watercolor paintings. The watercolor paintings on display in this exhibition were all done with a pouring technique.  She wants to paint an interpretation of the essence of what she sees and feels, rather than an exact replica.

After drawing her design on the watercolor paper, she covers the areas she wants to remain white so that they don’t “take” the color.  She pours liquid red, blue and yellow watercolors, the three primary colors, onto the paper separately to randomly mix together, creating a rainbow of beautiful color combinations.  When dry, she again covers the areas she wants to have only the first pouring color on and she pours the liquid red, blue and yellow watercolors again, usually a darker mixture, onto the paper again.  She can do this process once more but usually two pours are enough and she is able to uncover all those protected areas that were covered and do her detail painting.

She has exhibited her paintings at the Manatee Art Center in Bradenton.  In 2020 she won Best of Members Show award at the Morean Arts Center was awarded a solo show in 2021.  She exhibited 15 of her poured paintings at that show and loved talking with the visitors about them.

She is honored to show her poured paintings of beautiful downtown St. Petersburg and nearby areas at the Community Foundation Tampa Bay and sponsored by the Morean Arts Center. She continues to enjoy painting and hopes when people see her paintings that they have enjoyment too. She lives in St. Pete and enjoys this wonderful area along with all our neighbors, residents and visitors.

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