Apply for a Grant

Competitive Grants

We look to local nonprofits to help us lead the way to a more prosperous community. We award competitive grants annually to respond to new programs, emerging needs and innovative services. Funding areas for our competitive grants include:

  • Arts and culture
  • Education
  • Health and human services
  • Environment/animal welfare

The application period for this fiscal year has ended. Applications will be accepted again in Fall 2019.

Opportunity Grants

We know that there are many creative solutions to community issues. To assist with this, we have created a subset of our competitive grants process entitled Opportunity Grants. These Opportunity Grants have the same targeted focus areas and the same award criteria as competitive grants with some additional flexibility in terms of the proposal deadlines.

Some examples of Opportunity Grants could include:

  • A health and human services project that would need to be started before the yearly proposal cycle for health and human services begins.
  • An education project that was going to be conducted for the first time by the organization.
  • A gap of service opportunity that is aligned to one of the four target areas, but outside the traditional grant timelines.

To be considered for an Opportunity Grant funding, please ensure that your idea meets all the competitive grant criteria  and then reach out to the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay.


All Community Foundation of Tampa Bay grant proposals should be completed on our online grants site.

Grant guidelines and tips for a more successful grant proposal. Applicants are required to read the guidelines before starting a proposal.

Application steps

  1. Review eligibility, guidelines & deadlines.
  2. If you have not applied for a Community Foundation of Tampa Bay grant before, create an account in our online grants site. Select one login email address/password to be used for all your organization’s submissions. This email should be of the person ultimately responsible for the grant administration.
  3. Complete an online Letter of Intent.
  4. If invited, submit an online Grant Proposal.
Focus area Letter of Intent Due Proposals Due
Arts, Culture & Education October 1, 2018 October 22, 2018
Health, Human Services,
Environment and Animal Welfare
February 1, 2019 February 18, 2019
Opportunity Grants
(Email with your idea for an Opportunity Grant. See criteria above.)
As determined As determined