Regional Competitiveness Report

Through a strategic partnership with Community Foundation Tampa Bay, United Way Suncoast and the University of South Florida’s Muma College of Business, the Tampa Bay Partnership launched the State of the Region initiative in 2017. Together, we create the annual Regional Competitiveness Report, a collection of research projects that utilize reliable, objective and comparable data to assess the state of our region and develop performance-based strategies to improve.

This invaluable report measures our region’s performance using a number of indicators

Economic Vitality

Economic Vitality measures the quantity and quality of jobs within a region, the relative incomes that its residents earn, the wealth they attain, and the economic opportunities seized by its entrepreneurs.


Innovation measures the extent to which a community and its institutions are generating new ideas, and the market’s reception of these ideas.


Infrastructure measures the quantity and quality of the investment a region makes in getting people here, getting them around, and keeping them safe while they’re on the move.


Talent measures who’s working today, and how well the region’s talent pipeline is being prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.

Civic Quality

Civic Quality measures the affordability of a region, the health and safety of its citizens, and the recreational opportunities that impact its quality of life.


Outcomes measure the growth of the regional economy as a whole and on a per person basis, the extent to which economic growth is being enjoyed by everyone, and the attractiveness of the region for its current and potential residents.
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