Thrive by Five

Community Foundation Tampa Bay is proud to be the backbone organization for Thrive by Five, a cross-sector network focused on supporting families with young children. The goal of Thrive by Five is to increase the percentage of children in our community “ready” for kindergarten. The initiative works with diverse partners throughout the community to achieve a multi-faceted common vision, ensuring that children, families, schools, and the community are aligned in supporting the development of young children.

Engaging the Community

Thrive by Five fosters highly functioning countywide collaboration by engaging a wide-reaching network that proactively connects families and caregivers with available county resources. To help serve our children and their parents and caregivers, our Leadership Council works together to guide Thrive by Five’s strategy and efforts. We lean on a diverse set of stakeholders and subject matter experts who collaborate and help align resources across the County.

Partnering with Lawmakers

By functioning as a voice for the needs of Pinellas County’s children, Thrive by Five helps lawmakers put policies into place that set kids up for success and ensure equitable access to resources. Thrive by Five communicates directly with lawmakers in the State of Florida and educates voters on how to advocate for early childhood systems.
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