WUSF Public Media Launches ArtsAxisFL.org as Free Streaming Hub of Performances from Arts Groups Across Florida

Performances of music, theater, dance and more available online

TAMPA, Fla. (November 17, 2020) — This week, WUSF Public Media is launching a free, new online streaming service called ArtsAxisFL.org for users across the nation to stream and enjoy performances from a wide variety of arts groups and cultural institutions in Florida. Some examples include:

  • Classical music performances from The Florida Orchestra
  • Presentations by art historians at the Salvador Dali museum
  • Videos by art curators at the James Museum for Western & Wildlife Art
  • Stage performances by the Sarasota Ballet

The free service launches as a new way to bridge a divide created by COVID-19 precautions – as arts groups around the country look for new ways to reach their audiences, and on the other side, those audiences look for safe, meaningful ways to enjoy and support their favorite destinations.

“WUSF has long appreciated the fortunate role we have in connecting people with the artistic treasures of our state, and that mission is more important now than ever,” said WUSF General Manager JoAnn Urofsky. “The launch of Arts Axis Florida is the culmination of months of remote work during the pandemic. This service is designed to bring the performances of non-profit arts organizations throughout Tampa Bay and Sarasota directly to the community. You can watch, listen and enjoy wherever you are. We’re grateful to the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay for their vision in supporting this arts connection for the community.”

To access the service, users simply go to ArtsAxisFL.org – no login, fee or password required – and select from a wide range of arts categories and genres, including Classical music, Jazz, Opera, Performance Theater, Cultural Destinations and Dance.

In addition to stage performances, the ArtsAxisFL.org service includes new ways for users to access locations such as museums and gardens. For instance, there is a channel for The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art, including a ‘story time’ performance of the book “Why Cowboys Sleep with Their Boots On,” by Author Laurie Knowlton and Illustrator James Rice. Another video segment explores the iconic 1978 Henry Jackson sculpture “Two Champs” with a rugged cowboy riding atop a bucking stallion.

There is also a section that includes a video from the Dali museum curators explaining symbolism buried within iconic works by Salvador Dali.

This new tool grows from the long heritage that WUSF has in expanding the reach of arts groups in the area. For instance, WUSF regularly broadcasts performances from The Florida Orchestra (TFO).

“Besides being a welcome respite from the turmoil of our extraordinary year, the groups that bring us the creative arts stand worthy of our support,” Urofsky said. “With all the challenges that COVID-19 precautions have put before us as a nation, we hope Arts Axis Florida can meet the need for an exciting, free and accessible platform for all of us to enjoy the arts that so enrich our lives.”

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