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You want to donate to causes you care about. But how can you make sure your money will do the most good? Since 1990, Community Foundation Tampa Bay has been helping donors maximize their giving potential to create a greater collective impact. We make giving meaningful — for you and for the nonprofits you support.  You’ll achieve a deep, genuine satisfaction by seeing and feeling the good you are doing in your community, now and in the future.


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Since 1964, the Sun City Emergency Squad has been providing critical, life-saving emergency service to vulnerable residents—all free of charge. Made up entirely of well-trained volunteers, the Squad provides more than basic life support. They offer a hand to hold when a patient is scared and a shoulder to lean on when a spouse is worried. With many chronically ill seniors on limited incomes, the Emergency Squad is often the most trusted source of assistance in the community. And not a single volunteer receives a paycheck. Their ability to save lives and offer support depends entirely on generous donations from individuals and groups like Community Foundation Tampa Bay.
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Critical Needs

While nonprofits provide services to those most in need within our community, many are often under-resourced and a single, unexpected event can dramatically impact their ability to provide crucial services. To address these unexpected needs, Community Foundation Tampa Bay has created the Critical Needs List for nonprofits to share those urgent, unexpected needs with community philanthropists. A critical need is defined as unbudgeted, unforeseen, and time-sensitive, and one that significantly interferes with a nonprofit’s ability to provide crucial services or presents an imminent threat to the organization’s continued operations. Please view our list submitted by local nonprofits below.
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Mental Health
First Aid

The Community Foundation Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg College, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration are partnering to launch Addressing Crisis Today in Tampa Bay (ACT-TB), which will expand current efforts to raise awareness of the prevalence of mental health issues in the community through offering FREE Mental Health First Aid training to staff of nonprofits, churches, and other public service agencies. 

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