ABC Action News with Robert Boyd: Clearwater Mother and Son Deliver Food to Communities in Need

See the ABC Action News Story with Robert Boyd here.

Every day perfectly good, healthy food is thrown away across the United States. So a non-profit organization out of Pinellas County is taking that food, cooking it up, and delivering it by way of food truck to people living in poverty.

The organization is 360 Eats, and their truck is called Sustain-A-Bowl.

Cameron Macleish takes the orders while Ellen does the cooking, and together this mother-and-son duo is changing lives.

“A lot of people who are new to the service will come up to the food truck, and they don’t believe us at first,” founder and executive director Cameron said. “They think there has to be some catch cause it’s free, it’s gourmet and it’s made with love.”

Cameron’s goal was to bridge the gap between food waste and food insecurity.

“So this is food that, for whatever reason, is still perfectly good, but the grocery stores, the food distributors, etc. don’t plan to actually sell, so we receive it as a donation,” Cameron said.

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