Funds And Endowments

Fund Name
1st Lieutenant Dimitri del Castillo Fund
2020 Fund
Aila Erman Fund
Alan and Linda Berg Charitable Foundation
Alex Sink Fund
Alex Williams Family Fund
All Sports Community Root to the Fruit Legacy Fund
Allison Rinaldi Memorial Fund
Angel Charitable Fund
Arthur H. Haedike, Sr. Fund
Arthur L. Stuckey Family Fund
Averill and Robert Summer Music Fund
Azzarelli Price Fund
Barbara & Ian Prinssen Family Fund
Barnett-Merrill Family Fund
Believe in an Angel Fund
Bern’s Park Fund
Beth Waters Friendship Fund
Betty and Phillip Casey Family Fund
Betty Castor and Samuel Bell Charitable Fund
Betty Sue and Joel Shane Fund
Betzer Family Fund
Beverley J McLain Fund
Birdies for Hope Foundation
Blanco Family Charitable Fund
Blau Family Fund
Blossom Leibowitz Fund
Bob Blanchard, Sr. Memorial Fund
Bob and Karen Buesing Fund
Boswell/Owen Fund
Brad G.H. Welch Family Fund
Bradley A. Schropp Memorial Fund
Bretta Arthur Sullivan Fund
Bud Construction Inc. Fund
Burkley Family Charitable Fund
C. Lawrence and Betsy Stagg Fund
Caddell-Mahagan Family Endowment Fund
Calyx and Beau Schenecker Memorial Fund
Campo Family Fund
Cason Family Fund
Catherine S. and L. Gray Sanders Fund
Cathy and Gerry Hogan Fund
Cathy L. and Vincent G. Pavese Fund
Cecil S. Harrell Family Fund
Charles and Berneida Hall
Charles and Julie Britton Fund
Charles O. Peyton Fund
Charles R. and Christine D. Smith Family Fund
Christopher Egasti Fund
Chulikavit Williams Fund
Cindy Ruff Memorial Fund
Coach Billy Turner Scholarship Fund
Colin T. Madden Memorial Fund
Coraggio Family Fund
Cordova Inn Charitable Fund 
C.R.I.S.P. at MacDill Park
D. Scott and Cecil L. Owen Fund
Dallas B. and Norma A. Tuthill Fund
Dan and Angela Rodriguez Family Trust
Dana Alysse Pearson Foundation
Daniel and Cynthia Dorsch Family Fund
Daniel M. Doyle, Sr. and Rosaleen J. Doyle Fund
Daniel Toby and Bonnie Lynn Elozory Fund
David A. Tichy Fund
David and Jill Weinstein Family Fund
David and Marie Hyman Fund
David E. Ward, Jr. Fund
David Finkel Charitable Fund
Davis Island Capital Improvement Fund
Dea Wilkins
Denise H. Lasher Fund
Dibbs Memorial Fund
Don and Iris Mastry Fund
Donald and Carol Jean Byrnes Fund
Donald Russell and Elizabeth Spoto-Russell Fund
Donna Berman Memorial Arts Fund
Donna Lee Longhouse Fund
Dr. Navin P. Patel Fund
Dr. Richard G. Azizkhan and Geralyn Brindisi Azizkhan Fund
Dr. Sudhir I. Patel Memorial Fund
Drew and Anne Pittman Fund
Durrance Family Fund
Durward and Janet Siville Fund
Egasti Family Fund
Ellie and Tom Dempsey Family Fund
Esperanza Fund
Ferman Community Advancement Fund
Fischer Family Fund
Flagg Family Fund
Frazier Family Fund
Frederick E. and Aleta B. Fisher Fund
Frederick E. Wiswall Charitable Fund
Friends of RPPF
Friends of SPC Fund
Fries Family Fund
Froid Family Fund
Gail Eggeman Fund
Gary Haas Heart Fund
Gary Markel Family Fund
George and Deborah Baxter Fund for Leadership
George and Joan Lange Charitable Fund
George J. and K. Deborah Baxter Fund
George Jeffrey Family Fund
Giammarco Family Fund
Glenn S. and Carole K. Hooper Fund
Glorioso Family
Gordon and Paula Gillette Family Fund
Grace Fund
Grace and Seton Hengesbach Family Fund
Gralnick Foundation
Great Bay Partnership (Focardi) Fund
Gregory C. and K. Anne Yadley Fund
H. Roy Kaplan Fund
Hal Freedman and Willi Rudowsky Fund
Hamilton E. Hunt, Jr. Fund
Hanna-Hafner Family Fund
Heather L Caswell Jordan-Holmes and Clark Jordan-Holmes Fund
Heller Family Fund
Henthorne Family Fund
Holland Family Fund
Holly Minch Fund
IC Mechanical Inc. Fund
Iris and Lester Mixon Family Fund
J. Bob Humphries Education Fund
J. Thomas and Lavinia Witt Touchton Fund (DAU)
Jack Golly Family Fund
James B. and Jane E. Strenski Fund
James Hiatt “Jimbo” Kynes Fund
James L. and Cecelia D. Ferman, Jr. Fund
James L. and Susan C. Smith Fund
Janis Chapman Donor Advised Fund
Jay Wolf Memorial Fund
Jeff Kromrey Fund
Jennifer and Burwell Bell Family Fund
Jennifer Malin and Marc Dahl Fund
Jill St. Louis Fund
Jim and Liana O’Drobinak Family Fund
John A. and Tilda Brabson, Jr. Fund
John and Cynthia Ruzic Fund
John and Kathy Ralph Fund
John C. and Ruth W. Bierley Fund
John C. and Susanne Blough Abbott Fund
John C. Peters Fund
John J. and Nancy J. Howley Animal Welfare Fund
John J. Cerutti Memorial Fund
John T. Touchton, Jr. and Susan L. Touchton Fund
Joseph and Anne Garcia Fund
Joseph L. Gorga Family Fund
Julia Rachler Memorial Fund
Julio and Tana Castro Fund
Just Dump It Fund
K+Nowledge Fund
Karen A. White Fund
Karen and Jonathan Levy Family Fund
Kathleen C. Perrot Fund
Kay A. Wilson Charitable Fund
Kay and Gordon Norton Fund
Keith D. and Judi Dunn Fund
Kenneth and Joan Barringer Christian Gift Fund
Kevin and Laura Walsh Family Fund
Kwyjibo Fund
Kyle J. Martel Fund
Lachterman Memorial Fund
Laurence and Emily Fasan Family Fund
Lavinia Hannon Touchton Fund
Laxer Family Fund
Leader in Me (Pay It Backwards) Education Fund
Leonard and Helen Wilson Fund
Leslie de Galbert Fund
Levine Tully Family Fund
Linda and Randy Simmons Fund
Lionel and Anne Elozory Family Fund
Lisa A. Eichenholtz Memorial Fund
Logan Welch Family Fund
Lori Ann Castleman Fund
Lorna Taylor Fund
Lyda Tymiak Lindell Fund
M. William Saul and Joan Perlman Saul Fund
Mac and Darlene Greco Fund
Make the World a Better Place Fund
Marcelli Family Fund
Margaret Hunt Fund
Margaret P. Langlykke Fund
Marjorie Igoe Johnson Fund
Martin and Ruth Silbiger Fund
Marvin and Emily Boland Fund
Mary Elizabeth Smith Family Fund
Mary Jane’s Hope Fund
Mary Lou and J. Burns Creighton, Sr. Memorial Fund
Mary Nell Ward Fund
Marylou Y. Bailey Fund
Matthew H. Collom and Jacqueline L. Collom Foundation
Maureen and Scott Pierce Fund
Medi-Weightloss Clinics Fund
Melissa and George Conda Fund
Michael E. Labanowski and April Critelli Family Fund
Miles and Barbara Capron Fund
Mitchell-Medefind Fund
Mittermayr Family Charitable Fund
Moffitt – Caribbean Cancer Health Initiative Fund
Mohr Family Fund
Monsignor Laurence Higgins Fund
Nancy and Gary Wheelock Fund
Nancy L. Brown Memorial Fund
Owen Fund
P.I.F. Fund
Paul and Gail Whiting Family Fund
Paul and Sherrill Tomasino Fund
Paul and Victoria Schulman Family Fund
Paul L. and Dana A. Whiting Family Fund
Paul S. Elsberry Fund
Paul Wolfowitz Fund
Pay It Forward Initiative
Peter and Marlene Daks Charitable Fund
Peter and Susan Betzer Energy Conservation Fund
Philip and Khylee Egasti Fund
Phillip and Linda Lerner Fund
Phyllis Elsberry Family Fund
Plus Projec+ Fund
Positive Synergies Foundation
Priede Charitable Fund
Ramaka Family Fund
Randy Ware Charitable Fund
Raymond E. and Nancy C. Murray Fund
Raymond Gadd and Cathy Peckett Fund
Reilly Frey Philanthropic Fund
Richard Ruhlen Band Fund
Rick and Karen B. Lanese Family Fund
Rick Engels Fund
Robert  J. and Anna C. Jeffries Fund
Robert and Susan Ableidinger Fund
Robert C. Goen Fund
Robert Carlton Ward Fund
Robert H. & Carolyn L. Cooley Fund
Robert L. and Kimberly J. Myers Fund
Robert T. and Laurie Curtis Fund
Robert T. Giordano Fund for Visual Arts Education
Robin K. Warren Fund
Roddy Brownlee Reed Memorial Fund
Roger and Natalie Parker Fund
Roger G. and Kathleen K. Johnson Fund
Ronald E. Perrott Fund
Rose Horticulture Fund
Rosica Family Fund
Rotary Club of Trinity, Florida Fund
Rotifer Research Fund
Roy G. Harrell, Jr. Memorial Fund
Roy McCraw, Jr. and Nedra McCraw Family Fund
S & J Family Fund
Sakalosky Family Fund
Sam and Linda Manci Family Fund
Schulman-Bortman Family Fund
Schuyler Welch Family Fund
Schwerin Family Fund
Sean Manning Family Fund
Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. Charitable Fund
Shaun & Lori Androff Family Fund
Sherry and Thomas Sultenfuss Fund
Signet Properties Partnership Fund
Social Venture Partners Tampa Bay Fund
St. Petersburg Cultural Endowment Fund
Stephen A. Goldman, M.D. and Lynn Goldman Fund
Steven K. and Nancy B. Kreider Fund
Stichter Family Fund
Straske Family Fund
Sun City Center Donor Cultivation Fund
Sunrise Fund
Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated Charitable Foundation Fund
Sylvia P. Rusche Fund
T. Terrell and Neva S. Sessums Fund
Tampa Bay Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund
Tampa Bay Youth and High School Sports Foundation
Ted and Marty Couch Fund
Teddy Dupay for Kids Fund
The Bridge Fund
The Brink Foundation Fund
The Collaboratory Preparatory Academy Fund
The Cristina Memorial Fund
The Cyrus and Joanne Spurlino Fund
The Dreaming Fund
The Edward J. and Vivian E. Lurie Fund
The Emma Fund
The Fullerton Family Fund
The Mark and Robert Elbare Memorial Fund
The Mayor Bob Buckhorn Fund
The Mike and Jill Matthews Charitable Fund
The Premier 1000 of Pasco County
The Richard Rudolph and Franci Golman Rudolph Fund
The Robert and Mary Graham Family Fund
The Tony Borrell Fund
The Trudy and Marvin Barkin Fund
The Wolf Family Fund
Thomas C. Gaputis Charitable Fund
Timothy and Faith Alford Fund
Trombley Family Fund
Truett and Leigh Gardner Charitable Fund
Uiterwyk Family Charitable Fund
Venkataram Family Fund
Welch Family Fund
Werdine Family Fund
Westport Group
William and Marlene Spalten Fund
William J. Paladine Family Fund
William Knight Zewadski Fund
William P. and Sara C. Wallace Fund
YMCA of the Suncoast Employee Assistance Fund
Youth Leadership Pinellas Fund
Zimmerman Family Johns Hopkins All Children’s Fund
Fund Name
AGW Capital Advisors Foundation
Alix Franzblau Foundation
Ashley and Michael Speigl Family Foundation
Benjamin and Nadia Heldfond Foundation
Bishop Family Foundation
Bob and Linda Blanchard Family Foundation
Boehler Family Foundation
Campbell and Donald Burton Family Foundation
Clark-Schine Family Foundation
Cohen Family Foundation
Colfer Family Foundation
Dan and Tina Johnson Family Foundation
Danahy Family Foundation
David and Cheryl Zimmerman Charitable Foundation
David and Virginia Baldwin Foundation
DEC Foundation
Deming Family Foundation
Doug and Brenda Nerland Family Foundation
Dr. Gerald Robbins Family Foundation
Eveland Foundation of Florida
Ezra and Mary Ann “Skipper” Singer Family Foundation
Fenhagen-Morrison Family Foundation
Frank E. Duckwall Foundation
Fugit Family Foundation
Gardner Family Foundation
Genevieve Lykes and Lawrence Dimmitt Family Foundation
Geoffrey Simon and Andrea Graham Family Foundation
Hafer Family Foundation
Harvill Family Foundation
Hinks and Elaine Shimberg Foundation
Hunt and Molly James Family Foundation
James R. and Teri M. Stanger Family Fund
Jan Chase Rutz Family Foundation
Kathleen Moore Rehl MFOYO Family Foundation
Katsadouros Foundation
Koren Family Foundation
Lana Bellini Foundation
Laura and Preston Farrior Family Foundation
Laurence and Carol Hall Family Foundation
Lindell Family Foundation
Lowman Family Foundation
Matthew A. Knight Family Foundation
Mauldin Hill Foundation
Mincey Family Foundation
Monroe E. and Suzette M. Berkman Family Foundation
Nussbaum Family Foundation Fund
ORIEN Foundation
Pam Iorio and Mark Woodard Family Foundation
Palden Foundation
Paul and Susan Schulman Family Foundation
Paul Nussbaum Family Foundation
Pay it Backwards Foundation
Pepin Family Foundation
Rahn Family Foundation
Ramil Perez Family Foundation
Richard J. and Francine Dobkin Family Foundation
Risser Family Foundation
Ruth and J O Stone Foundation
Sarah and Brooks Watkins Family Foundation
SME Foundation
Smith and Associates Real Estate Foundation
Solomon Level 8 Family Foundation
Starkey Family Foundation
Strozier-Viren Family Foundation
Susan Howarth Foundation
The DiBenedetto Family Foundation
The Douglas Family Foundation
Tripp Family Foundation
USAmeriBank Foundation
Wallace Family Foundation
William and Marietta Crosby Family Foundation
Williams Family Foundation
Winikoff Family Foundation
Wish Farms Family Foundation


Nonprofits with endowments Established
A Kids Place of Tampa Bay 2012
Abe Brown Ministries, Inc. 2001
Academy of Holy Names 1997
Academy Prep Foundation 1998
Albany Medical Center Foundation (Julia A. and Harold P. Kraft Endowment) 1992
All Children’s Hospital Foundation, Inc. 1997
Alpha House of Tampa 2004
Alpha House of Tampa (Sister Rosalie Hennessey Endowment) 2011
American Red Cross (Gwen Lonsbrough Endowment) 2011
American Stage Theatre 2005
AMIkids Foundation 2019
Arc Nature Coast 2007
ARCS Foundation-Tampa Bay 2013
Arthritis Research Institute of America, Inc. 2006
Arts Council of Hillsborough County 1996
Back to Basics Charter School Foundation, Inc. 2004
Bay Area Legal Services (Don M. Stichter Endowment) 2020
Bay Area Legal Services (Judge Robert J. Simms Memorial Endowment) 2004
Bay Area Legal Services (L. David Shear Family Endowment) 2007
Bay Area Legal Services (Veterans Legal Endowment) 2018
Bay Area Legal Services (William Reece Smith, Jr. Endowment) 1993
Berkeley Preparatory School, Inc. 1998
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay 1994
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay (Charles Edward Manly II Endowment) 2015
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay (Scholarship Endowment) 2013
Big Cat Rescue 2008
Bolesta Center, Inc. 2000
Boley Foundation, Inc. 2010
Boy Scouts of America Greater Tampa Bay Area Council 1994
Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay Foundation (Bill Carey Brandon Endowment) 2003
Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay Foundation (Gary Nix Endowment) 2007
Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay Foundation (Riverview Endowment) 2007
Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay Foundation 2014
Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay Foundation (Dick and Raymetta Stowers South County Endowment) 2016
BVF 2015
CAI 2010
Camelot Community Care Inc 2019
Campbell Park Elementary School (Craig Humphrey Mad Science Memorial Endowment) 2008
Canterbury Tower Health Care Facility (A M Cornelius Endowment) 2012
Catholic Charities Diocese of St. Petersburg, Inc. 2003
Cedar Key Community 2006
Center for Great Apes 2015
Champions for Children 2016
Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation 2013
Children’s Athletic Network and Dance Opportunities, Inc. 2007
Children’s Cancer Center, Inc. 1995
Children’s Dream Fund 2005
Children’s Home 1992
Children’s Home Society of Florida Joshua House 1999
Clearwater Free Clinic 2018
Community Aging and Retirement Services, Inc 2007
Corbett Preparatory School of IDS, Inc 1997
Crescent of Hernando, Inc. d/b/a Crescent Community Clinic 2012
Crisis Center of Hillsborough County, Inc. 1997
Critter Adoption & Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.) 2008
Cuban Club Foundation 2009
DACCO 2015
Dawn Center Endowment 2021
Daystar Life Center 2019
Directions for Mental Health, Inc. 2008
Easter Seals Florida, West Coast Region 2002
Eckerd Youth Alternatives 1998
Empower ECHO Endowment 2020
Engle Lane Theater (Edwin Barton Endowment) 2011
Epilepsy Services Foundation, Inc. 1992
Errol C Pepin Scholarship – Secondary Ed 2021
First Tee of St. Petersburg 2019
First United Methodist Church (Edwin Barton Endowment) 2011
First Unity Church 2005
Florida Aquarium 2000
Florida Blood Services Foundation (OneBlood) 2002
Florida Council on Economic Education Fund 2001
Florida CraftArt Fund 2013
Florida Holocaust Museum 2000
Florida Marine Science Educators Association 2013
Florida Museum of Photographic Arts 2011
Florida Orchestra 1997
Florida Resurrection House 2004
Florida Scholastic Press Association Agency 1995
Florida Sheriff’s Girls Ranch (Edwin Barton Endowment) 2011
Frameworks of Tampa Bay 2014
Friends of the Festival 2009
Gary Haas Heart Center 2011
GFWC Ruskin Woman’s Club Endowment 2018
GFWC Sun City Center Woman’s Club, Inc. Endowment 2012
Girl Scouts of West Central Florida 2002
Girl Scouts of West Central Florida (Women Investing in Girl Scouting Endowment) 2002
Good Samaritan Health Clinic 2003
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 2006
Gracepoint (Andrew Lutes Endowment) 2017
Great Explorations 2004
Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services 2016
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer and Research Institute, Inc. 1992
Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas 2005
Help Brings Hope for Haiti 2007
Hillsborough Community College Foundation, Inc. 1992
Hillsborough Education Foundation (Marvin Jerome “Doc” Essrig Memorial Endowment) 1997
Hillsborough Education Foundation, Inc. 1996
Hillsborough Literacy Council 2000
Home Association, Inc. 1995
Hospice of Hillsborough Foundation, Inc. 1994
Humane Society of Tampa Bay 1992
Humane Society of Tampa Bay (A M Cornelius Endowment) 2012
Hyde Park Presbyterian Church (Property Maintenance Endowment) 2001
Hyde Park Presbyterian Church Foundation 1993
Interfaith Social Action Council of SCC, Inc. 2007
Italian Club (Building Endowment) 2002
John L. Hyer Tampa Oratorio Singers Endowment 2020
Judeo Christian Health Clinic 2000
Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay, Inc. 2000
Junior League of St. Petersburg 2007
Junior League of Tampa 2005
Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful 1998
Lacoochee Boys & Girls Club (Bob Blanchard Endowment) 2012
LCC Day School 2014
Learning Independence For Tomorrow (LiFT Academy) 2018
Library of Tampa-Hillsborough County (‘Friends of the Library Endowment) 1993
Library of Tampa-Hillsborough County (Friends of the Library in Honor of Jan Platt Endowment) 1993
Lighthouse of Pinellas Foundation Endowment 2018
Lowry Park Zoological Society (ZooTampa) Foundation 1994
Lutheran Services Florida 1997
MacDonald Training Center (Legacy for Independence Endowment) 2012
Mary & Martha House, Inc. 2011
Mary Help of Christians Foundation 2008
Mary Lee’s House Endowment 2019
Meals on Wheels of Tampa 1998
Messiah Lutheran Ministry 2000
Metropolitan Ministries Fund (Morris & Paula Hintzman Endowment) 2008
Military Officers’ Benevolent Corporation 2003
Museum of Fine Arts 2008
Museum of Science and Industry 1996
Northwestern University Medical School (Edwin Barton Endowment) 2011
Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church (Hazel Selz Endowment) 2011
PARC 2006
Pasco-Hernando State College 2020
Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Inc. 2000
Pinellas Education Foundation 2007
Positive Coaching Alliance – Tampa Bay 2014
Preserve Vision Florida 2003
R Club Child Care, Inc. 2001
Redlands Christian Migrant Association (William H. and Phoebe Krome Education Endowment) 2014
Religious Community Services (Gift of Food Endowment) 2007
Ronald McDonald House Charities 2007
Rotary’s Camp Florida, Inc. 2012
Ruskin Community Development Foundation (Charlie and Shirley Riddle Outdoor Education Endowment) 2006
Ruskin Woman’s Club (Ruskin Cemetery Preservation Endowment) 2013
Ruth Eckerd Hall (Jan and Charlie Rutz Endowent) 2001
Ryan Wells Foundation 2014
Salesian Youth Center 1999
Salvation Army (Edwin Barton Endowment) 2011
Salvation Army-Hillsborough County Command 1995
Salvador Dali Museum 2019
Science Center of Pinellas 2006
Seniors in Service 1996
Sertoma Speech and Hearing Foundation of Florida, Inc. 2006
Sheriff’s Boys Ranch (Edwin Barton Endowment) 2011
SPCA Tampa Bay 1998
St. Andrew Presbyterian Church 2008
St. Mary’s Hospital (Edwin Barton Endowment) 2011
St. Peter Claver (Friends of SPC Endowment) 2015
St. Petersburg Arts Endowment 2015
St. Petersburg Free Clinic, Inc. 2006
St. Petersburg Historical Society, Inc. 2007
Streator Unlimited Sheltered Workshop (Edwin Barton Endowment) 2011
Streator YMCA – YWCA (Edwin Barton Endowment) 2011
Sun City Center Emergency Squad 2005
Suncoast Center, Inc. 2010
Tampa Audubon Society 2001
Tampa Bay Business Committee for the Arts (Jan M. Abell Memorial Endowment) 2006
Tampa Bay Children’s Chorus 2000
Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center 1995
Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center/Patel Conservatory (Arts Education Endowment) 2010
Tampa Bay Watch (Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Endowment) 1998
Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA 2003
Tampa Preparatory School 2002
Tampa Union Station 2011
Tennis for Fun 2020
The Centre for Women 1997
The Hope Fund 2018
The Hospice Foundation (Wayne and Pam Coulter Legacy Endowment) 2005
The Mayo Clinic (Edwin Barton Endowment) 2011
The Pier Aquarium 2005
The Poynter Institute 2008
The Spring of Tampa Bay 1998
The Tampa Firefighters Museum, Inc. 2021
The Timberly Trust 2005
UMCM Suncoast 2019
United Cerebral Palsy of Tampa Bay, Inc. 2001
United Community Church of Sun City Center (Gwen Lonsbrough Endowment) 2011
United Way Suncoast 1994
United Way Suncoast (Sylvia Kimbell Endowment) 1994
University Baptist Church (University Community Ministry Endowment) 2000
USF/Suncoast Alzheimer’s Gerontology Center 1993
Voices for Children of Hillsborough County 2005
WEDU 2007
WestCare Foundation (Arnold Andrews Memorial Endowment) 2006
Youth and Family Alternatives, Inc. 2004
Youth and Family Alternatives, Inc. (Hernando County Endowment) 2008
Reserve fund Established
2-1-1 Tampa Bay Cares 2019
Academy Prep Center of Tampa 2016
AFP Suncoast 2017
All Sports Community Service Foundation 2016
CareerSource Tampa Bay Youth Initiatives 2021
Cedarkirk Expansion Fund 2017
Centro Español de Tampa 2019
Champions for Children 2017
Chapel-By-The-Sea 2017
Clothes To Kids 2016
Dawn Center Reserve Fund 2021
Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida 2018
Florida Wildlife Corridor 2019
Freedom Plaza Scholarship Fund, Inc. Reserve Fund 2021
Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County 2018
Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas and West Pasco County Reserve Fund 2021
HT-COSI 2018
Humane Society of Pinellas 2016
Italian Club Cemetery 2018
Kind Mouse Productions 2017
LCC Day School 2015
Meals on Wheels of Tampa Building Fund 2017
Meals on Wheels of Tampa 2017
NOMAD Art Bus 2017
Nonprofit Leadership Center Reserve Fund 2017
Physicians Education & Leadership Reserve 2018
Pinellas Sheriff’s Police Athletic League 2017
Quantum Leap Farm 2017
SCC Security Patrol Fund 2021
St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market 2016
Starting Right Now 2017
Sun City Center Emergency Squad 2017
Tampa Bay Community Development Corporation 2017
Tampa Bay Health Care Collaborative 2017
Tampa Bay Job Links 2016
Tampa Bay Mobility Alliance 2018
Tampa Firefighters Museum Reserve 2017
Think Big For Kids, Inc. Reserve Fund 2019
Trinity Cafe 2019
UACDC 2016
Vincent House 2016
Voices for Children of Hillsborough County 2018
Warehouse Arts District Association Reserve Fund 2021
Wheelchairs 4 Kids, Inc. Fund 2021
Endowment To benefit Established
A Kid’s Place of Tampa Bay Endowment A Kid’s Place of Tampa Bay’s mission 2013
A Woman’s Place Ministries Endowment A Woman’s Place Ministries’ mission 1998
Ainsley Endowment All Children’s Hospital Foundation 2016
Alpha House of Tampa Endowment Alpha House of Tampa’s mission 1995
American Stage Endowment American Stage’s mission 2005
Andrew Lutes Endowment for Gracepoint Gracepoint’s mission 2006
Anna Laura Sine Endowment The Florida United Methodist Children’s Home and Ohio Masonic Home 2005
Anonymous Endowment The Florida Orchestra 2011
Anonymous Endowment WEDU 2011
Arnetta M. Brown Endowment The Florida Orchestra 2004
Arthur Frank Benoit Endowment The Text and Academic Authors Association Foundation 2008
Barbara and Costas Lemonopoulos Endowment Tampa Museum of Art’s Greek and Roman Collection 1994
Bay Area Legal Services – Veterans Legal Endowment Veterans Legal Services 2017
Bay Area Legal Services Endowment Bay Area Legal Services’ mission 2003
Bernard Lonergan, S.J. Endowment St. Peter Claver Catholic School 2016
Betzer Family Endowment to Benefit The Florida Orchestra The Florida Orchestra 2004
Beverly Lauring Endowment The Tampa Bay Youth Orchestra 1997
Big Brothers Big Sisters Scholarship Endowment Big Brothers Big Sisters’ mission 1994
Big Cat Rescue Endowment Big Cat Rescue’s mission 2008
Bill and Elaine Richards Endowment Mary and Martha House 2009
Bill Carey Brandon Boys & Girls Club Endowment Boys & Girls Club’s mission 2003
Bloomingdale Civic Association – Brandon Outreach Youth in the greater Brandon area through Brandon Outreach 2013
Bloomingdale Civic Association – ECHO Youth under age 21 in the greater Brandon area through ECHO 2013
Bob Blanchard/Lacoochee Boys & Girls Club Endowment Boys & Girls Club’s mission 2012
Bobby, Merideth, Dawson and Paxton Newman Family Endowment Southeastern Guide Dogs and The Children’s Home 2006
Boley Foundation Endowment Boley Center’s mission 2010
Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay Foundation Endowment Boys & Girls Club’s mission 2014
Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay – South County Endowment Boys & Girls Club’s mission 2017
Brenda Peash Endowment Veterinary Care Foundation’s mission 2016
Bruce M. Robbins, Jr. Memorial Endowment The steam engine exhibit at the Florida State Fair 2007
BVF Endowment Brooksville Vision Foundation’s mission 2015
Caddell-Mahagan Family Endowment for Children Guardian Ad Litem Foundation of Tampa Bay, Inc. and Children’s Dream Fund, Inc. 2019
Camelot Community Care Inc – Designated First Baptist Church of Brandon 2009
Carl Shaffer Endowment Designated Endowment Camelot Community Care’s mission 2019
Carol D. and Frank L. Morsani Endowment  (TBPAC) David L. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts 1996
CF of Gtr. St. Petersburg Chair for the Florida Orchestra The Florida Orchestra 2007
Champions for Children Endowment Champion for Children’s mission 2016
Charles A.& Irene McKay /Mary Irene McKay Falk Memorial Endowment St. Andrews Episcopal Church 1999
Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation’s mission 2013
Charles and Beverly Gaussiran Endowment 14 different non-profit organizations 2019
Children’s Athletic Network and Dance Opportunity (CANDO) Endowment CANDO’s mission 2007
Children’s Home Society of Florida Joshua House Children’s Home Society of Florida Joshua House’s mission 2002
Clearwater Free Clinic Endowment Clearwater Free Clinic’s mission 2018
Citrus County Harvest – Designated Designated Endowment Citrus County Harvest’s mission 2019
Community Aging and Retirement Services (CARES) Endowment CARES’ mission 2007
Crescent of Hernando County Endowment Crescent of Hernando’s mission 2014
Critter Adoption & Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.) Endowment C.A.R.E.’s mission 2008
Cuban Club Endowment – Designated  Cuban Club  2021
Daniel B. Curtis Endowment St Andrew’s Episcopal Church 2014
David A. and Mary Irene Falk Endowment for the TBPAC To benefit: Ashland University 2019
David Campbell Endowment FBO Ashland University The Straz Center for the Performing Arts 1997
David and Cheryl Zimmerman Florida Orchestra Endowment The Florida Orchestra 2004
David C.G. Kerr Memorial Endowment Washington & Lee University, the Straz Cener for the Performing Arts, Lifepath Hospice, ALS Association and University of Tampa 2002
David and Virginia Baldwin Endowment for CASA Community Action Stops Abuse 2019
David and Virginia Baldwin Endowment for St. Petersburg Free Clinic St. Petersburg Free Clinic 2020
Daystar Life Center Endowment Daystar Life Center’s mission 2019
Dick and Helen Minck Chair Endowment A chair at The Florida Orchestra 2004
Dick and Raymetta Stowers South County Boys & Girls Club Endowment Boys & Girls Club’s mission 2016
Directions for Living Endowment Directions for Living’s mission 2009
Donald and Elizabeth Lau Endowment for Education & Research Morning Star Tampa Foundation, Lifepath Hospice and Palliative Care, University Community Hospital Foundation and St. Paul Catholic Church 2015
Donald C. Forslund Endowment WEDU 2019
Doris Torr Endowment Helen Watts Scholarship for Seniors at the Plant City Family YMCA 2013
Dorothy Wahl Endowment Education needs of residents of Brookwood, Florida-Central 2012
Doyon Brockhausen Endowment Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Association, Inc., American Legion Ruskin Post 389, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, Clemson University Foundation, and Marine Toys for Tots Foundation 2019
Dr. Carolyn L. Cooley Endowment The Emily Dickinson Museum to support the K-12 Education Programs for Students and Teachers regarding the poetry of Emily Dickinson 2021
Dr. Charles W. and Iona A. Mathias Endowment LifePath Hospice in southern Hillsborough County 2009
Dr. Gladys S. Kashdin Endowment Life Enrichment Center 1995
Dr. John Lindstrom Endowment WEDU, WUSF and WMNF 2011
Dr. John Lindstrom Endowment  Florida Orchestra The Florida Orchestra 2011
Dr. John Lindstrom Endowment Organ Fund The Organ Fund at Tampa Theatre 2011
Durward and Janet Siville Endowment A number of agencies servicing the Sun City Center area 1994
Eckerd Youth Alternatives Endowment Eckerd Youth Alternatives’ mission 1998
OneBlood Foundation Endowment OneBlood’s mission 2003
Florida Orchestra – Josephine Garcia Perry Endowment The Florida Orchestra 2000
The Florida Orchestra 100 Endowment The Florida Orchestra 1997
Florida Orchestra Cornerstone Campaign The Florida Orchestra 2011
Florida West Coast Broadcasting (WEDU) Endowment WEDU’s mission 2008
Frank and Hilda Sanyour Memorial Endowment Support organizations within Hillsborough County, FL based upon the following field of interest: Animal Welfare, Veteran or Military Focused, or Cancer Research 2019
Frank and Vicki Fox Endowment for the Arts The Florida Orchestra 2003
Frank E. Duckwall Foundation Endowment The Photography Collection of the Tampa Museum of Art 1995
Frank E. Duckwall Endowment The Tampa Bay History Center 2003
Frank L and Carol D Morsani Endowment for Hernando Pasco Hospice  Hernando Pasco Hospice 2002
Fred and Enola Tobi Endowment Palma Ceia Methodist Church 2011
Frederic and Winifred Upchurch Endowment Metropolitan Ministries, Retired Officers Corporation, Boys town, WEDU, WUSF, Military Family Support Trust and Southeastern Guide Dogs 2016
Friends of Plant Park Endowment University of Tampa 2018
Gary Haas Heart Center Endowment Gary Haas Heart Center at Tampa Children’s Hospital at St. Joseph’s Hospital 2011
Gary Nix Boys & Girls Club Endowment Boys & Girls Clubs 2007
George and Bobbie Karpay Hearing Endowment Therapy at Bolesta Center for children 2004
George and Deborah Baxter Endowment The Museum of Fine Arts 2006
George and Deborah Baxter Endowment The Florida Orchestra 2008
George P. and Pauline W. Bauman for Children’s Home The Children’s Home, scholarships and senior programs in the Sun City Center area 1995
GFWC Sun City Center Woman’s Club, Inc. Endowment GFWC Sun City Center Woman’s Club’s mission 2012
Gilbert R. and June Fischer Endowment The Florida Orchestra 1998
Gladys Shafran Kashdin, Ph.D. MOSI Senior Programs Life Enrichment Center 2002
Good Samaritan Health Clinic Good Samaritan Health Clinic’s mission 2003
H. W. Corrigan Endowment for The Family Y At Big Bend Road Education and literacy programs for underprivileged elementary aged children 2015
Hadley A and Helen Bryant Hill Endowment The Brookville Historical Society 1993
Hadley A. and Helen Bryant Hill Endowment The Future Farmer’s of America 1993
Hadley A. and Helen Bryant Hill Endowment Daughters of the American Revolution 1993
Hanson Mineral Rights Endowment Durwin and Margorie Hanson Scholarship Fund 2015
Harman E. and Mary C. Wheeler Family Endowment Museum of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg, Inc.; Academy Prep Foundation, Inc.; University of South Florida Foundation, Inc.; YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg; All Children’s Hospital Foundation, Inc.; and GFWC St. Petersburg Woman’s Club, Inc. 2020
Harold W. Corrigan Endowment Sun City Center Emergency Squad 2005
Helen Gordon Davis Endowment The Centre for Women 2015
Herbert G. McKay Emerging Artist Endowment at the TBPAC New and emerging artists at the David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts 2000
Home Association Endowment Home Association’s mission 2003
Italian Club Building Endowment Capital improvements to the Italian Club 2018
J. William and Myrtle Hodge Endowment The Florida Orchestra 2004
J. William and Myrtle Hodge Endowment The Tampa Museum of Art 2004
Jack F. Ross M.D. Memorial Endowment The Florida Orchestra 2020
James and Doris Siglin Endowment Meals on Wheels 2009
Jane Ling Memorial Library Endowment The music library of The Florida Orchestra 1998
Jay B. Starkey, Jr. and Marsha M. Starkey Endowment The Florida Orchestra and Master Chorale of Tampa Bay 2005
Jean M. Collins Endowment Habitat for Humanity, The Florida Orchestra, Southeastern Guide Dogs and Humane Society of Tampa Bay 1997
Jeanne Rozier Winter Endowment for the Arts Tampa Museum of Art, specifically for art exhibits 2007
Jerome J. and Alma F. Cummings Endowment Scholarships 2006
John and Betty Zehring Endowment Shriners Hospitals for Children 2017
John and Cynthia Ruzic Endowment Seniors in Service 2000
John Collins Arts Endowment St. Petersburg Arts Alliance 2021
John J. and Nancy J. Howley Animal Welfare Legacy Fund Best Friends Animal Society, Lowry Park Zoological Society of Tampa, Inc., Human Society of Tampa Bay, Inc., Suncoast Animal League 2021
Joseph and C. Anne Garcia Scholarship Fund The Salesian Sisters of Tampa Bay, Inc., Jesuit High School, The Boys and Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay Foundation, Inc., Loyola University, University of Florida and University of South Florida 2021
Judge Paul & Georgia R. Danahy Endowment The Tampa Bay History Center 2007
Judge Robert J. Simms Memorial Endowment Bay Area Legal Services’ mission 2004
Julian Hale Charitable Foundation Florida Wildlife Corridor Coalition, Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas, Inc. and The Conversation Fund 2021
Junior League of Tampa Endowment Junior League of Tampa’s mission 2010
Kay Davis O’Rourke Endowment for the ASPCA ASPCA’s mission 2015
L. David Shear Family Endowment for Bay Area Legal Bay Area Legal Services’ mission 2007
L. David Shear Family Endowment for Boys & Girls Club The David and Casey Shear North Tampa Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay 2007
Bolesta Center Endowment Bolesta Center’s mission 2000
The Florida Orchestra The Florida Orchestra’s mission 2007
Great Explorations Endowment Great Explorations’ mission 2007
Hillsborough Community College Foundation, Inc. Hillsborough Community College Foundation’s mission 2019
InterFaith Social Action Council Endowment InterFaith Social Action Council’s mission 2007
Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay Endowment Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay’s mission 2001
Messiah Lutheran Ministry Endowment Messiah Lutheran Ministry’s mission 2000
Preserve Vision Florida Endowment Preserve Vision Florida’s mission 2005
Plus Projec+ Endowment Grant making efforts of the Plus Projec+ Fund at the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay 2019
The Spring of Tampa Bay Endowment The Spring’s mission 2001
Lawrence and Lucille Falk Endowment Congregation Schaarai Zedek 2000
LCC Day School Endowment LCC Day School’s mission 2014
Leah Morris Donoghue Memorial Endowment Redlands Christian Migrant Association 2006
Florida Aquarium Endowment Florida Aquarium’s mission 2000
The Florida Orchestra Rutz Endowment The Florida Orchestra 2000
Judeo Christian Health Clinic Endowment Judeo Christian Health Clinic’s mission 2001
Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center Endowment Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center’s mission 2000
Lighthouse of Pinellas Foundation Endowment Lighthouse of Pinellas’ mission 2018
Long Center Foundation Endowment The Long Center 2003
Lowry Park Zoological Society Endowment Foundation Endowment Lowry Park Zoo (ZooTampa)’s mission 2011
Lutheran Services Florida Endowment Lutheran Services Florida’s mission 2000
Mahaffey Family Endowment The Florida Orchestra 2007
Mahagan Family Endowment Make A Wish Foundation 2005
Marguerite P. Curtis Endowment Programs at The Home Association 1999
Marian Bonte Endowment Various nonprofits 2010
Marlene Frederick Memorial Scholarship Cristo Rey Tampa High School at Mary Help of Christians, Inc. 2021
Martha B. Politz Memorial American Cancer Society, Tampa Lighthouse for the Blind, Tampa General Hospital Foundation, USF Foundation, American Diabetes Association and Association to Unite the Democracies 2006
Martha S. Clark Preschool Endowment Special needs children enrolled in preschool at Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church 2008
Marvin Jerome “Doc” Essrig Memorial Endowment Hillsborough County public schools for enhancement of classroom instruction 1997
Mary & Martha House Endowment Mary & Martha House’s mission 2013
Mary and Spencer Faircloth Endowment Promotion of volunteerism in South Hillsborough County 2013
Mary Arneaux Family Foundation USF Foundation and All Sports Community Service 2017
Mary Kathleen Endowment Mary Help of Christians Center for afterschool programs 2004
Meals on Wheels Endowment Meals on Wheels 2004
Metropolitan Ministries Morris & Paula Hintzman Endowment Metropolitan Ministries’ mission 2011
Michel Emmanuel Endowment for the Arts Tampa Museum of Art 1992
Mildred W. and Doyle E. Carlton, Jr.  Endowment The Mildred Carlton House at Joshua House 2003
Military Officers’ Benevolent Corporation  Endowment Military Officers’ Benevolent Corporation’s mission 2003
MJH Children’s Charities Inc. Fund Joshua House 2003
Murray S. Cashdollar, Jr. and Wayne G. Cashdollar Endowment Shriners Hospitals for Children, Westminster College and Masonic Villages 2016
Museum of Fine Arts Endowment Museum of Fine Arts’ mission 2010
Museum of Science and Industry Endowment MOSI’s mission 2003
Natasha Brenner Fund Habitat for Horses, Network for Animals and Soi Dog Foundation 2020
Nisha Jain Endowment Church World Service and First United Church of Tampa 2015
Norman and Cynthia Mansour Scholarship To benefit students majoring in Mathematics, Education, a major related to Mathematics, Political Science, Business, Public Administration, or Transportation who plan to or are attending Hillsborough Community College who automatically transfer to the University of South Florida as part of the FUSE program 2020
Norman and Virginia Nelson Endowment Disabled American Veterans 2013
Norman and Virginia Nelson Endowment Metropolitan Ministries 2013
Norman and Virginia Nelson Endowment Military Family Support Trust Scholarship Fund 2013
Norman and Virginia Nelson Endowment Paralyzed Veterans of America 2013
Norman and Virginia Nelson Endowment Salvation Army, Sarasota 2013
Norman and Virginia Nelson Endowment Southeastern Guide Dos 2013
Norman and Virginia Nelson Endowment WEDU 2013
Norman and Virginia Nelson Endowment WUSF 2013
Oscar and Dorothy Ronken Medical Research Endowment Medical research at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute 2000
Paul W. Danahy, Jr. and Georgia R. Danahy Boys & Girls Clubs 2003
Pediatric Cancer Foundation Endowment Pediatric Cancer Foundation’s mission 2011
Quentin E. and Annie B. Wright Endowment Food pantry at Nativity Catholic Church, Brandon 2016
R Club Child Care Endowment R Club Child Care’s mission 2001
Ray and Nancy Murray Endowment for Evangelism Abe Brown Ministries, Dallas Theological Seminary, Word of Life Florida, and Trinity College of Florida 2005
Ray Donoghue Endowment Our Lady of Guadalupe Food Bank 2008
Raymond E & Nancy C Murray Endowment for the Pinellas Youth Symphony Pinellas Youth Symphony 2004
Raymond E & Nancy C Murray Endowment for the Tampa Bay Youth Orchestra Tampa Bay Youth Orchestra 2004
Raymond E. and Nancy C. Murray Performing Arts Endowment Education programs at Ruth Eckerd Hall 1997
Raymond L. Donoghue Endowment for the Children’s Home The Children’s Home 2012
Richards Family Legacy Endowment Mary & Martha House and Alice Lloyd College 2017
Riverview Boys & Girls Club Endowment Boys & Girls Clubs’ mission 2008
Robert and Ann Trinkle Family Endowment Child Abuse Council 1997
Robert and Mary-Lee Rogers Endowment Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church, The Florida Orchestra, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Foundation, Young Life and Friends of the Tampa-Hillsborough Library 1998
Robert H. & Carolyn L. Cooley Family Endowment The physical, mental, and emotional needs of the children at Hope Children’s Home in Tampa, FL 2021
Robert H. Cooley Endowment The medical and nutritional needs of the children who are patients in the Robert H. Cooley Pediatric Clinic in Papoli, Uganda 2021
Robert Summer Endowment Master Chorale of Tampa Bay 1999
Roderick and Katherine Schueler Endowment Calvary Lutheran Church, Wernle Children’s Home and the Nature Conservancy 2017
Ross and Cindy Alander Endowment The Judeo Christian Health Clinic, Tampa 2006
Ruth Coleman Endowment The Florida Orchestra 2012
Salesian Youth Center Endowment Salesian Youth Center’s mission 2000
Sally L. and Walter A. Baldwin Endowment Lowry Park Zoo Endowment Foundation 1995
Salvador Dali Museum, Inc. Salvador Dali Museum’s mission 2019
Sara S. Hammer Memorial Endowment The USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute 2006
Saterbo Family Endowment Girls Inc of Winter Haven 2008
Sertoma Speech and Hearing Foundation of Florida Endowment Sertoma Speech and Hearing Foundation’s mission 2006
Sheila McDevitt Endowment The Florida Orchestra 2007
Sheila Tempelmann Endowment WEDU and WUSF 2014
Sheppard Norton and Lena Norton Endowment Pasco Sheriff K-9 Association, Alzheimer’s Association, American Cancer Society, UF Health Shands, SPCA-Suncoast, Hernando Beach VFW Post 9236, ASPCA International, WEDU, The Humane Society of the Nature Coast and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital 2019
Sister Rosalie Hennessey Fund Staff development at Alpha House of Tampa 2011
St. Petersburg Free Clinic, Inc. The St. Petersburg Free Clinic’s mission 2006
Sterling Research Group, Inc. The Florida Orchestra 2007
Sumner J. Wilson and Helen G. Wilson Memorial Endowment Berkeley Preparatory School, Delta Torch Foundation, United Negro College Fund, and Tampa Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 1993
Suncoast Voices for Children Endowment Suncoast Voices for Children’s mission 2016
Susan Howarth Memorial Fund Speakers Bureau within the Public Media Women in Leadership program administered by the National Educational Telecommunications Association 2019
Tampa Bay Children’s Chorus Tampa Bay Children’s Chorus’ mission 2000
Tampa Habitat for Humanity, Inc. Tampa Habitat for Humanity’s mission 1997
Tampa Theatre Foundation Endowment Tampa Theatre 2002
Tampa Union Station Preservation Endowment Tampa Union Station Preservation’s mission 2008
TBPAC/Patel Conservatory Arts Education for Children in Need Endowment Arts education for children in need 2010
Ted Fyffe Endowment Fund for America’s Second Harvest Programs and services of America’s Second Harvest of Tampa Bay (now Feeding Tampa Bay) 2010
Ted Fyffe Endowment Fund for Meals on Wheels of Tampa Programs and services of Meals on Wheels of Tampa 2010
Ted Fyffe Endowment Fund for the Salvation Army of Tampa Programs and services of Salvation Army of Tampa 2010
The Danahy Fiction Prize Endowment The University of Tampa Press Danahy Fiction Prize 2005
The Dick and Helen Minck Harpist Chair A harpist chair at The Florida Orchestra 2005
The Dick and Helen Minck Violoncello Chair A violoncello chair at The Florida Orchestra 2005
The Froid Family Trust Endowment All Children’s Foundation, Suncoast Dream Fund, Tampa Bay Research Institute, PARC, Society of St. Vincent dePaul and Florida Sports Hall of Fame 2014
The Gregory C. and K. Anne Yadley Endowment The Florida Orchestra 2006
The Hartzog Endowment Alpha House of Tampa 2012
The Hope Fund Endowment The Hope Fund’s mission 2018
The John T. Hogan and Martha C. Hogan Fund St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, American Printing House for the Blind and Smile for Life Society d/b/a/Smile Train 2020
The Spring of Tampa Bay Endowment The Spring’s mission 2000
The Sun City Center Emergency Squad Endowment The Sun City Center Emergency Squad’s mission 2005
The Tampa-Hillsborough County Children’s Library Foundation Children’s programs at Tampa-Hillsborough County public libraries 2016
Tony J. Curcio Endowment A number of agencies in the Sun City Center area 2007
TransAmerica Life Insurance Company (Zewadski) Endowment Tampa Museum of Art 2010
Katharine M. Turtle Endowment The Florida Orchestra 1999
University Area Community Center Complex Building and Construction Endowment Operations of the complex 1995
University Area Community Center Endowment USF Area Community Civic Association 1995
Virginia Eileen Hill Endowment Tampa General Hospital 1996
Voices for Children of Hillsborough County Endowment Voices for Children of Hillsborough County’s mission 2008
Walter H, Anna Mary Lewis& John H, Martha L Pieper Endowment  Young Life Tampa 1997
William and Dorothy Bruse Endowment Humane Society of Tampa Bay 2007
William Herron Endowment University of Florida Department of Engineering 2016
William Zewadski Endowment Tampa Museum of Art programs and/or collections of classical Greek and Roman art 1993
William A. and Eileen V. Freda Fund The Florida Orchestra 2020
William K. Zewadski USF Special Collections Endowment Designated Endowment LGBT collections and materials housed at USF Libraries 2019
WINGS Endowment Girl Scouts of Suncoast Council 2011
Youth & Family Alternatives Hernando Endowment Youth and Family Alternatives’ mission in Hernando County 2009
Youth and Family Alternatives Endowment Youth and Family Alternatives’ mission in Pasco County 2008
Field of Interest Endowment To benefit Established
Alice Miller Cornelius Memorial Endowment Children with physical disabilities 1994
Bill McBride Metropolitan Tampa Bay Capital Initiative Improvements in infrastructure in the Tampa Bay area 2013
Byrd/Clavelli Endowment Organizations which enhance the cultural lives of senior citizens in the Tampa Bay area 2017
Carl N. Ingolia and Ellen M. Ingolia Endowment Nonprofits involved with children’s medical care and support; care of animals; disabled veterans; and care of the elderly 2018
Carrie Esposito Memorial Hockey Endowment Financial assistance for children to participate in youth ice hockey programs 2015
Andrew and V. Jean St. John Endowment Medical Research with a preference for cancer and/or Alzheimer’s, Southeastern Guide Dogs., Inc. in Palmetto, FL and Military Officers Benevolent Corporation in Sun City Center, FL 2019
Col. Eckford & Margaret Tabit Hodgson Memorial Endowment Programs that benefit children and youth in the Greater Tampa area 1995
Harold W. Corrigan Endowment Educational programs for children  
Daniel E. and Dagny M. Brady Endowment Educational programs for children 1999
Dillon Kidd Endowment Fine arts programs for children at Mary & Martha House and Redlands Christian Migrant Association 1995
Doug Gatchell and Sharon Love Legacy Fund Education; Programs focused on hunger and food insecurity; Programs focused on anti-discrimination; Organizations serving the disabled; Refugee and immigration services 2021
Dr. Marie L. (Lennie) Farr Nature Endowment Grants that will encourage the preservation, protection and appreciation of the natural beauty found in south Hillsborough County 2009
Equity Endowment Dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. 2019
First Night Tampa Bay Endowment The performing and visual arts within the Greater Tampa area 1993
Frank and Dorothy Dunn Endowment Enrichment programs for children in South Hillsborough 2014
Fund for Women Organizations that assist women 1996
George and Mimi Frank Charitable Fund Organizations and programs that support children, women and girls, public broadcasting, needs of seniors in south Hillsborough County, FL and to promote philanthropy educational and promotional activities 2020
George and Mimi Frank Environmental Endowment To support nonprofit organizations focused on protecting, restoring, and improving the natural environment within the Tampa Bay community 2021
George P. and Pauline W. Bauman Scholarships and senior programs at Sun City Center 1995
Grace R. Jones Memorial Endowment Agencies with a focus on melanoma skin cancer research, awareness and treatment for African Americans 2013
Guernsey Trust  Endowment Bay Area Legal Services or similar legal aid organizations 1997
Harold W. Corrigan Endowment School leadership programs and education initiatives 1991
Hazel P. Bryson Endowment High school journalism programs and literacy programs for children 1996
Howard L. Leary, M.D. and Mary M. Leary Health and human services in south Hillsborough County 2001
JGary Wellman Memorial Education, religion and senior citizens programs 1992
James F. and Doris T. Siglin Endowment Underprivileged children and seniors 1994
John A. and Tilda Brabson, Jr. Family Endowment Seminary students and pastoral programs at Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church 1995
John Crawford Estate Endowment Fine arts programs 2005
Jonathan Arron Woolard and Esther Annette Woolard Crohn’s disease research 2004
Kathleen M. Moore and Nicholas E. Nitch Endowment Education K-12 (public schools or programs serving at risk/disadvantaged populations);  Training and skill development for ex-offenders and other disadvantaged populations; Poverty and income inequality with a preference for homelessness, affordable housing, impact on women and children; Women’s health and family planning 2020
Lachterman Memorial Fund Health and well being of cats 2019
LEAP College Access Network Endowment Collaborative collective impact work to promote college attainment 2017
Linda P. Halls Endowment Children and families; the care of animals; and the arts 2018
Lissa McClintock Memorial Endowment Arts programs within the Greater Tampa area 1996
Louis B. Memorial Fund Charitable organizations in Hernando and Pasco County for any use and purpose 2020
Louise Wallace and Thelma Wallace Memorial Fund Qualified educational and professional entities for research and development in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. 2005
Mary Petro Food and Medicine Endowment Grants for food and medicine for those in Sun City Center who are in dire need and who have made every effort to be self-supporting. 2005
Charles W. Mathias and Iona A. Mathias Endowment The needy and homeless and to provide assistance to the visually impaired. 2010
Merrill Pratt Thomas Endowment Needs identified by the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay 2007
Nancy C. Murray Legacy Endowment Abused women and children in the Tampa Bay area 2017
Needa Mary Spells From My Heart Endowment Educational and vocational opportunities for under-served youth and young adults in Pinellas County 2017
Oscar A. and Helen Simmons Ayala Endowment Programs that benefit children and youth 1995
Peter Maltese Charitable Endowment Promoting philanthropy and providing betterment of individuals living in the greater Sun City Center area 2017
Pinellas K-12 STEM Endowment K-12 STEM programming in Pinellas County 2020
RAE of Hope Agencies providing adoption services for children born and residing in a foreign country or with physical or mental limitations 2004
Rosa Rio Music Endowment  To provide college scholarships to students planning a career in music performance with an emphasis on piano, and to assist high school and other student musicians to purchase quality instruments. 2021
Ruby LaNace Hurst Endowment Needs identified by the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay 1994
Sales & Marketing Executives of Tampa Bay Education   1997
Sam F. and Helen Ayala Davis Endowment Youth programs in greater Tampa 1995
SCC Performing Arts Club – Lew Resseguie Theatre Arts Organizations in Hillsborough County 2021
Schwerin Family Endowment 2017 Youth in Pinellas County 2017
Schwerin Family Endowment 2018 Youth in Pinellas County 2018
Schwerin Family Endowment 2019 Youth in Pinellas County 2019
Schwerin Family Endowment 2020 Youth in Pinellas County 2020
Schwerin Family Endowment 2021 Youth in Pinellas County 2021
Simon and Lillian Jaret Endowment Sun City Center Library, Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc., Mary and Martha House, Inc., Sun City Center Emergency Squad, Sun City Center Security Patrol and LifePath Hospice, Inc. 2019
Spencer Hall Memorial Endowment for Mental Health Support for organizations addressing mental health issues 2017
Sun City Center Fund Enrich the lives of residents of Sun City Center 2005
Sun-Point Volunteer Fire Association Fire prevention, control and protection programs primarily in the Greater Sun City Center area 1993
Tampa Hillsborough Urban League Endowment for  Employment & Skills Employment and skills training in the Tampa Bay area 2013
The Nisha Jain Childrens    
The Wittner Centre Partners Fund Public school foundations in Florida 2005
Tom and Edna Campbell Endowment Basic reading and/or math skills for children K-6th grade outside the public school system 2021
Warren K. Miller Revocable Living Trust Homeless shelters or similar charities 2012
Women’s Fund Programs to meet the special needs and interests of women, to encourage the advancement and full participation of women in the community, to create opportunities for women to become leaders in philanthropy, to demonstrate the impact of collective giving, and to build an endowment 2005


Scholarship Endowment To benefit: Established
Academy Prep Tampa Scholarship Fund Students attending Academy Prep and graduate support expenses for past Academy Prep students 2012
Al and Olga Barnes Scholarship Students as determined by donor 2008
Albert Gruenig Scholarship High school seniors from Brookeville (Ohio) High School 1993
Alumni Scholarship Fund for Trinity College of Florida Trinity College students 2003
Andrew J. (Andy) Aviles Memorial Scholarship Needy and deserving students at Robinson High, in memory of 18-year-old Tampa Marine killed in Iraq 2003
Anthony Ekonomou WWII Veteran Scholarship Fund Military veterans pursuing a degree in engineering at USF 2017
Athena Society Women’s Education Education of women in Hillsborough County 1997
Athena Women’s Scholarship Education of women in Hillsborough County 2017
Aucremann Medical Education Fund Students pursuing their initial medical education, graduate medical education or speciality medical education 2016
Bayfront Auxiliary General Scholarship Fund General scholarships with a preference for Bayfront Health St. Petersburg employees and dependents. 2016
Bloomingdale Civic Association Programs and scholarships for youth living in greater Brandon 2005
Brooke McDonald Memorial Endowment Scholarships for the Teen Challenge program at Columbus (Ga.) Girls Academy 2008
Caddell-Mahagan Family Endowment to Benefit Veterans Education Students enrolled at USF in support of the Last Mile Scholarships 2020
Certified Public Accounting Scholarships (CPE) Scholarships for junior, senior or graduate students majoring in accounting 1996
Clyde Theron and Martha Clark Christian Education Seminary students 1995
Cody Miley Memorial Art Scholarship Graduating seniors from Chamberlain High 2008
Cristina Ann Memorial Scholarship Scholarships for USF female student athletes for the basketball and softball programs 2016
David Campbell Endowment Scholarships at Ashland (Ohio) University 2019
Duain A. and Helen F. Johnson Scholarship Fund Scholarships for students graduating from East Bay High School or three schools in Illinois 2008
Durwin and Margorie Hanson Scholarship Fund Students attending Iowa State University 2014
Ellsworth G. Simmons Scholarship Students graduating from East Bay High 1997
Ethel Hill Nursing Scholarship Fund Nursing students and professionals pursuing further knowledge in nursing, with a preference for Bayfront Health St. Petersburg employees and their immediate families 2016
Frank and Betty Gooden Estes Scholarship Fund Students from Houston County and Mariwether County, Georgia, in memory of Frank Estes’ parents and grandparents. 1997
Frank Luscher Scholarship First generation college students at USF and St. Petersburg College (SPC) 2018
FUSE Scholarship Students in the FUSE program at HCC, SPC and USF 2017
Gayanna Moss Bailey Scholarship College students from Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church 2002
George and Beatrice Berlin Nursing Scholarship Plant City High School students pursuing a major in nursing and their RN degree 2006
Great Bay Distributors Scholarship Fund Graduating seniors whose parents are Great Bay employees 2017
Harry E. Tropp Memorial Scholarship Fund Students selected by the Ybor City Rotary Club 2004
Hazel and Hershel Cole Scholarship Fund Students in the Doctor of Nursing Program at USF College of Nursing 2014
Herbert D. and Luella B. Carrington, Jr. Scholarship Fund Nursing and education students at Florida A&M University 2010
Hill Ward Henderson Scholarship Students graduating from Hillsborough and Pinellas high schools 2006
Janel Simpson Memorial Scholarship    
John J Todia, III Scholarship Fund Students recommended by the Rotary Club of Indian Rocks Beach with a preference for those pursuing degrees in arts/music related fields 2015
Josephine Ramil Campo Scholarship Students selected by Salesian Sisters of Tampa 2011
Joshua Harris Memorial Scholarship Students with dyslexia at Hindman Settlement School, in memory of a young marine killed in a training mission helicopter crash 2004
Lawrence Hundley Dimmitt IV Memorial Scholarship Employees or children of employees at Dimmitt Automotive Group 2017
Lee Roy Selmon Scholarship Students attending USF, University of Tampa or HCC 2000
Lightning Heroes of Tomorrow Scholarship Public-spirited youth from the Tampa Bay area, selected on the basis of their idea or initiative to benefit the greater community. 2016
Live for 24 Scholarship Scholarships in memory of Janel Simpson and Melissa Vanderhall 2019
Lucile Davis Oellerich Memorial Scholarship Students at Moody Bible Institute 1998
Marvin Hamlisch Scholarship Pianists pursuing a music degree 2007
Mary and Spencer Faircloth MFST Scholarship Fund Military families through the Military Family Servics Trust 2015
Mary O’Donnell Memorial Fund Student interns in the School of Aging Studies at USF 2010
Maureen Hansma Scholarship Students at St. Lawrence Catholic School 2018
Mayor Dick Greco Scholarship Students in the city of Tampa, through the Hillsborough Education Foundation 1995
MacDill Education Endowment Scholarships to support active personnel from MacDill Air Force Base at Hillsborough Community College 2019
Melissa Vanderhall Memorial Scholarship    
Monsignor Laurence E. Higgins Catholic Student Scholarship Catholic students attending Cristo Rey Tampa High School 2017
Monsignor Laurence E. Higgins Scholarship Any student attending Cristo Rey Tampa High School 2017
Myrtle Phillips Baker Memorial Scholarship Fund Students pursuing an RN or a BSN at a Florida college or university 1998
Norman and Virginia Nelson Fund FBO Freedon Plaza Scholarship Local scholarships 2013
Oldsmar and Upper Tampa Bay Scholarship Students living in Oldsmar and upper Tampa Bay 2004
Oscar and Dorothy Ronken College-bound students 1999
Patty Neblett Hartsock Scholarship Award Female graduates of Plant High 1997
Pelican Players Scholarship fund First-year students majoring in performing arts with priority given to residents of South Hillsborough County 2013
R. F. Pittman Scholarship Students of high academic achievement in Hillsborough County, in memory of Tampa Tribune publisher R.F. “Red” Pittman 1999
Ramon F. Campo WWII Veteran Scholarship Military veterans pursuing a degree in business at USF 2017
Ray and Catherine Benecke Memorial Scholarship Titusville High School students who will major in business 2010
Richard C. Spoto Memorial Scholarship Students at Richard C. Spoto High School 2010
Rita Lorraine Lockhart Scholarship Students attending Cristo Rey Tampa High School who are from single-parent homes 2018
Robert L. and Annie L. McClinton Memorial Scholarship Youth who attend the Greater Bethel Missionary Baptist Church of Tampa 2020
Rose V. Spano Scholarship Students attending Cristo Rey Tampa High School who are from single-parent homes 2017
Rozale Millinor Smith Scholarship Most outstanding English student at Plant City High School 1997
Ruth V. Loechler Scholarship First-year students majoring in English or Humanities at HCC 1997
Sam Astin Jr. Agricultural Scholarship Plant City or Durant High seniors who are active in agriculture activities, plan to study agriculture or are from an agricultural family 2006
Sam Stone Scholarship FBO King HS To benefit students at King High School 2020
Sister Wilma Sanchez Scholarship Endowment To provide scholarships selected by Salesian Sisters of Tampa 2003
Southern States and Fischer Family Scholarship Children of employees of Southern States Toyota Lift or Southern States Enterprises for post high school continuing education, including college, trade or technical school 2018
SouthShore UCC – Edwin J. Dietz Scholarship Education beyond high school for students living in Hillsborough County 2017
St. Peter Claver Scholarship Graduates of St. Peter Claver attending Cristo Rey Tampa High School 2017
Sun Towers Residents Good Samaritan Scholarship Fund Employees of Sun Towers 2017
Tampa Federation of Garden Club Circles, Inc. Scholarship College senior or graduate student majoring in ecology, horticulture, conservation or related subject. 2006
The Henry A. Kaplan Scholarship Fund Students at Asbury Park (NJ) High School 2005
The Jack Romano Fund for Plant High School Plant High School students, faculty, and or administrators 2001
Tony Borrell Endowed Scholarships Hillsborough Community College to support scholarships benefiting workforce students with Plant City campus as their home campus 2019
Unsinkable Molly Brown Foundation Fund Music students from Hillsborough County at USF 2014

Walter Jaap Memorial Scholarship

Students attending an accredited college or university and have declared a major in biology, marine biology, ecology, geology, environmental science, or chemistry

Zenaida G (Lla Lla) Borrell Endowed Scholarship Students at St. Leo University 2007
Nonprofits receiving grants from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay
July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019
1st Ranger Battalion Sua Sponte Foundation, Inc.
71 17 Ministries, Inc.
A Kid’s Place of Tampa Bay, Inc.
A. T. Still University of Health Sciences
AARP Foundation
Abe Brown Ministries, Inc.
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute
Academy of Ballet Arts, Inc.
Academy of the Holy Names Foundation, Inc.
Academy Prep Center of St. Petersburg, Inc.
Academy Prep Center of Tampa
Adaptive Golf Association, Inc.
Admiral Farragut Academy Foundation
Advancing Native Missions
African Conservation Centre
Albany Medical Center Foundation
Albany State University
Albemarle Housing Improvement Program
Alexandria Tutoring Consortium
Alfred University
Alice Lloyd College
All Children’s Hospital Foundation, Inc.
All Sports Community Service, Inc.
All Stars Project, Inc.
Alpha House of Pinellas County
Alpha House of Tampa, Inc.
Altamont School
Alzheimer’s Association -Fla Gulf Coast Chapter
Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders
Alzheimers Disease Research Fdtn dba Cure Alzheimers Fund
Alzheimer’s Family Organization, Inc.
Ambassador Baptist College
American Antiquarian Society
American Bible Society
American Cancer Society
American Center for Law and Justice
American Craftsman Museum, Inc.
American Diabetes Association, Inc.
American Enterprise Institute
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
American Friends of Beit Ruth, Inc.
American Friends of Migdal Torah, Inc.
American Friends of Yeshiva Dmir, Inc.
American Heart Association
American Humanist Association
American Jewish Committee
American Red Cross of Tampa Bay
American Stage Company, Inc.
American Values
Amherst College Trustees
AMIKids Pinellas
AMIKids Tampa
AMIKids, Inc.
Amnesty International
AmSkills Apprenticeship Foundation, Inc.
Andrew’s Gift
Angelus, Inc.
Anglican Frontier Missions
Animal Coalition of Tampa, Inc.
Answered Prayers Cross, Inc.
AOPA Foundation, Inc.
Apoe4Info, Inc.
Appalachian Regional Healthcare Foundation
Appalachian State University Foundation, Inc.
Archbold Biological Station
Archdiocese of Miami
ART International
Arthritis Research Institute of America
Arts Center Association, Inc.
ARTZ Philadelphia
AS 220
Asbury College
Audubon Florida
Back to Basics Charter School Foundation, Inc.
Baptist Global Response, Inc.
Baptist Health South Florida Foundation, Inc.
Barry University Physician Assistant Program
Bauder Elementary School
Bay Area Legal Services, Inc.
Bay Hope Church
Bay Point Elementary School
Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope
Belmont Abbey College
Berkeley Preparatory School
Bess the Books Bus, Inc.
Best Friends Animal Society
Beulah Baptist Church M/F Cross Fund
Bible Based Fellowship Church
Bible Truth Ministries International
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay, Inc.
Big Cat Habitat Gulf Coast Sanctuary, Inc.
Big Cat Rescue
Bikur Cholim of Lakewood, Inc.
Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts, Inc.
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Bits N Pieces Puppet Theatre, Inc.
Black Hawk College
BlinkNow Foundation
Bok Tower Gardens, Inc.
Bolesta Center at USF
Boley Foundation, Inc.
Boys & Girls Club of Tampa Bay, Inc.
Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus County, Inc.
Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay Foundation, Inc.
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Suncoast
Boys Town
Bradley University
Brain & Behavior Research Foundation
Brandon Outreach Clinic, Inc.
Brewster Technical College
Brian D Silber Memorial Fund
Bridgepoint Church, Inc.
Bridging Freedom, Inc.
Brooker Creek Watershed Citizens Alliance, Inc.
Brooksville Vision Foundation
Brookville Historical Society
Brookwood Florida, Inc.
Brown University
Buckley School
Butler University
California Community Foundation
Calvary Lutheran Church
Camp Idlewild of Florida, Inc.
Campbell Park Elementary School
Campus Crusade for Christ
Candus Larkin
Canine Companions for Independence
Canterbury Towers, Inc.
Captains for Clean Water, Inc.
Carc-Advocates for Citizens with Disabilities, Inc.
CARES Community Aging and Retirement Services, Inc.
Carl Sandburg College
Carnegie Mellon University
Carthage College
Catholic Big Sisters & Big Brothers
Catholic Charities Diocese of St. Petersburg, Inc.
Catholic Diocese of Belleville General Fund
Catholic Foundation, Diocese of St. Petersburg
Catholic Relief Services – USCC
Cato Institute
Cedar Key Lions Club
Cedarville University
Celma Mastry Ovarian Cancer Foundation, Inc.
Center for Inquiry, Inc.
Central Florida Behavioral Health Network, Inc.
Central Park Village Youth Service, Inc.
Chabad Lubavitch of Sarasota
Chabad of Sarasota
Champions for Children, Inc.
Chapters Health System
Charity Health Resources, Inc.
Chautauqua Institution
Chester Community Foundation
Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation
Child, Inc. d/b/a Bay Area Pregnancy Center
Children Across Borders, Inc.
Children’s Athletic Network and Dance Opportunities
Children’s Cancer Center, Inc.
Children’s Dream Fund
Children’s Home Network
Children’s Home Society of Florida
Children’s Miracle Network
Children’s Museum of Tampa, Inc.
Chiselers, Inc.
Christ Anglican Church
Christ the King Catholic Church
Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization
Church of Scientology Religious Trust
Church of the Ascension
Church World Services, Inc.
Citizens Motorcar Company
Citrus County Abuse Shelter Association Incorporated
Citrus County Family Resource Center, Inc.
Citrus County Harvest, Inc.
City of St Petersburg, FL
Clearwater Central Catholic High School
Clearwater Free Clinic
Clearwater Jazz Holiday Foundation, Inc.
Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Inc.
Clothes to Kids of Haywood County
Cloud Nine Outdoors
Coastal Conservation Association
Columbus State University
Communication Access, Inc.
Community Foundation of Tampa Bay, Inc.
Compassion & Choices
Compassion International Incorporated
Congregation Bais Yisroel
Congregation B’Nai Israel
Congregation Bnai Tzedek
Congregation Kol Ami
Congregation Rodeph Sholom
Congregation Schaarai Zedek
Congregation Yeshiva Avir Yakov
Copartners of Campesinas
Corbett Preparatory School of IDS, Inc.
Council on Foreign Relations, Inc.
Countless Cats Rescue, Inc.
Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation
Create Inspire Change Theater Corporation
Created Women
Creative Clay, Inc.
CREC Foundation
Creekside Church, Inc.
Crescent of Hernando, Inc.
Crisis Rescue International
Cristo Rey Tampa High School at Mary Help of Christians, Inc
Critter Adoption and Rescue Effort, Inc.
Dacco Behavioral Health Properties, Inc.
Daily Cardinal Alumni Association, Inc.
Dallas Theological Seminary
Dattoli Cancer Foundation, Inc.
Davenport Ridge Elementary School
David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts
Daystar Life Center, Inc.
Delta Torch Foundation, Inc.
Delta, Inc.
Denison University
Dept. of Florida Veterans Foreign Wars Foundation, Inc.
DeSales Catholic School
Diocese of St. Petersburg
Direct Relief
Directions for Living
Disabled American Veterans
District School Board of Pasco County
DMG School Project, Inc.
Doctors Without Borders USA
Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida, Inc.
Downcity Design
Dress for Success Tampa Bay, Inc.
Dunedin Fine Arts Cultural Center
Dysautonomia Project
E412 Ministries, Inc.
Early Childhood Council of Hillsborough County, Inc.
Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County
Eastern Illinois University
ECHO of Brandon, Inc.
Eckerd College
Eckerd Youth Alternatives, Inc.
Edible Peace Patch Project, Inc.
Edinboro University
Eight O’Clock Theatre, Inc.
Elam Ministries, Inc.
ElderHelp of San Diego
Emory University
Engle Lane Theater
Environmental Defense Fund
Equality Florida Institute, Inc.
Eternal Word Television
Evansville Rescue Mission
Evolution Institute, Inc.
F E A S T, Inc.
Faces of Courage Foundation
Faith and Action for Strength Together (FAST)
Faith Tampa Bay, Inc.
Family Connection, Inc.
Family First
Family Promise of Pinellas County
Farmworkers Self-Help, Inc.
Favorhouse of Northwest Florida, Inc.
Feeding Tampa Bay
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
FINCA International, Inc.
Firehouse Cultural Center
First Assembly of God of Sumterville FL
First Baptist Church of Brandon
First Baptist Church of Plant City
First Coast Technical College Education Foundation
First Look Media Works, Inc.
First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church of Tampa
First United Church of Tampa (UCC)
Fisher House Foundation, Inc.
Fivay High School ROTC
Flagler College
Florida A&M University
Florida A&M University Foundation
Florida Atlantic University
Florida College
Florida Council on Economic Education
Florida Craftsmen, Inc.
Florida Gulf Coast University
Florida Holocaust Museum
Florida Home Partnership
Florida House Washington D C, Inc.
Florida Humanities Council, Inc.
Florida Museum of Photographic Art
Florida Philanthropic Network
Florida Scholastic Press Association Foundation
Florida Sheriff’s Association
Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches, Inc.
Florida Southern College
Florida State Fair Authority / Antique Steam Engine Display
Florida State University
Florida State University Foundation
Florida United Methodist Children’s Home
Florida West Coast Public Broadcasting, Inc. (WEDU)
Florida Wildlife Corridor
Florida Wildlife Federation
Florida’s Children First, Inc.
Florimezzo, Inc.
FOCUS – Fellowship of Catholic University Students
Fort Valley State University
Foundation for National Progress
Fractured Atlas, Inc.
Frameworks of Tampa Bay, Inc.
Francis Parker School
Franciscan Center Tampa Florida, Inc.
Franciscan University of Steubenville
Free Grace Church of Tampa Bay
Freedom Plaza Scholarship Fund
Freefall Theatre Company
Fresh Air Fund
Friends of Carrollwood Cultural Center
Friends of Florida State Forests, Inc.
Friends of Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park, Inc.
Friends of Joshua House Foundation, Inc.
Friends of Mosdot Goor, Inc.
Friends of Selby Public Library
Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Festival
Friends of the High Line, Inc.
Friends of the Library of Tampa-Hillsborough County, Inc.
Friends of the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, Inc.
FTCE/FELE Customer Service
Future Business Leaders of America Phi Beta Lamdba, Inc.
Gasparilla Festival of the Arts, Inc.
Gasparilla Music Foundation, Inc.
Gator Boosters, Inc.
Gemach Zichron Moshe, Inc.
Georgetown University
Georgia College & State University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia Southern University
Georgia Southwestern State University
Georgia State University
GFWC Ruskin Woman’s Club, Inc.
GFWC Sun City Center Woman’s Club, Inc.
Gilchrist Hospice Care, Inc.
Girl Scouts of West Central Florida, Inc.
Girls Incorporated of Winter Haven
Glenville State College
Glenville-Cashiers Rescue Squad, Inc.
Global Refuge Community Church
Golf Support Our Troops
Good Samaritan Fund and Services of Sun City Center
Good Samaritan Fund of Greater Sun City Center, Inc.
Good Samaritan Health Clinic of Pasco
Goodwill Industries – Suncoast, Inc.
Grace Community Church of Brandon, Inc.
Gracepoint Foundation
Great Explorations, Inc.
Greater Tampa Bay Area Council, Boy Scouts of America
Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Inc.
Greater Twin Cities United Way
Grow Smart Rhode Island
Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services
Gulf Coast Youth Choir, Inc. d/b/a Lumina Youth Choirs
Gulf Harbors Civic Association Charitable Fund, Inc.
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute Foundation
Habitat for Humanity International
Habitat for Humanity of Citrus County
Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County Florida, Inc.
Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County
Hadassah the Women’s Zionist Organization of America
Hall of Fame Foundation
Hands of Christ Ministry Center at Chisolm Baptist Church
Handshake Columbus, Inc.
Hanover College
Harvest Hills Church of the Nazarene
Haverford College
Healthnetwork Foundation, Inc.
Healthy Start Coalition of Pinellas, Inc.
Heather Williams
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion
Heels to Heal, Inc.
Heifer Project International, Inc.
Helping Haitian Angels
Henry B. Plant Museum
Heritage Park Foundation, Inc.
Herman Lucerne Memorial Foundation, Inc.
High Risk Hope
Hillel School of Tampa, Inc.
Hillels of the Florida Suncoast
Hillsborough Community College
Hillsborough Community College Foundation
Hillsborough County 4-H Youth Foundation
Hillsborough County Public Schools
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
Hillsborough Education Foundation
Hillsborough House of Hope, Inc.
Hillsborough Literacy Council, Inc.
Hillsdale Baptist Church
Hindu Temple of Florida, Inc.
His Mansion Ministries, Inc.
Historic Toxaway Foundation
Holmes Community College Development Foundation
Homeless Emergency Project, Inc.
Hope Community, Inc.
Hope International Ministries
Hospice Foundation of the Florida Suncoast, Inc.
Hospice of the Treasure Coast, Inc.
Human Rights Campaign Foundation
Human Rights Watch, Inc.
Humane Society of Tampa Bay, Inc.
Hyde Park Presbyterian Church
Hyde Park Presbyterian Church Foundation
Hyde Park United Methodist Church
Idlewild Baptist Church
In Touch with Communities Around the World, Inc.
Indiana State University
Indi-Ed Foundation, Inc.
Inner Explorer, Inc.
Innocence Project of Florida, Inc.
Institute for Patient’s Rights, Inc.
Interfaith Social Action Council of Sun City Center, Inc.
International Children’s Surgical Foundation, Inc.
International Cooperating Ministries
Iowa State University
Irish International Immigrant Center, Inc.
James Garasz
James Museum of Western Art
JDRF International
Jefferson Scholars Foundation
Jersey College
Jesuit High School
Jesuits of USA Central & Southern Province
Jewish Burial Society of Pinellas County, Inc.
Jewish Federation of Pinellas and Pasco County, Inc.
Jewish Kids Groups Foundation, Inc.
Jewish National Fund
Jewish Theological Seminary
Jill Young
JJ Lyon Guard Foundation
Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital
Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Foundation
Jubilee House Community
Judeo Christian Health Clinic, Inc.
Judicial Watch, Inc.
Julie Weintraub’s Hands Across the Bay, Inc.
Junior Achievement of Tampa Bay, Inc.
Junior League of Tampa
Keep St. Pete Lit
Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful
Kennesaw State University
Key Center Foundation, Inc.
Kingwood Center
Kiwanis Children’s Fund
Kiwanis of Dade City Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Kiwanis of SouthShore
Kodiak Baptist Mission
Kuow-Puget Sound Public Radio
La Lumiere School, Inc.
Lake Erie Foundation
Lake Martin Humane Society, Inc.
Lawton Chiles Foundation, Inc.
Leadership Institute
Learning Independence for Tomorrow dba LiFT Academy
Learning Tree, Inc.
Lets Go Boys & Girls
Lewy Body Dementia Association, Inc.
Life Action Ministries
Life Connections Counseling Center
LifeCare Network, Inc.
Lighthouse of Pinellas Foundation, Inc.
Lighthouse of Pinellas, Inc.
Lighthouse of Tallapoosa County, Inc.
Literacy Council of Central Alabama
Living Water Community Transformation
Long Center Foundation, Inc.
Love Futbol
Love INC of Metro Tampa
Love the Nations, Inc.
Lowry Park Zoo Endowment Foundation, Inc.
Lowry Park Zoological Society of Tampa, Inc.
LSU Foundation
Lutheran Church of the Cross Day School, Inc.
Lutheran Services of Florida
Mainly Mozart, Inc.
Make A Wish Foundation
Margaret Acheson Stuart Society, Inc.
Marietta College
Marion County Sheriff’s Office Foundation, Inc.
Marquette University
Marquette University High School
Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, Inc.
Mary & Martha House, Inc.
Mary Help of Christians School Foundation
Mary Lee’s House
Mary’s Center
Masonic Charities of Florida, Inc.
Masonic Home Endowment Fund, Inc.
Masonic Villages of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania
Master the Possibilities, Inc.
Mayo Clinic
Mazon Inc. A Jewish Response To Hunger
McMullen-Booth Elementary School
Meals On Wheels of Tampa
Medal of Honor Convention of Tampa Bay 2019, Inc.
Medical Debt Resolution, Inc. (dba RIP Medical Debt)
Melissa Haas
Menorah Manor Foundation
Merrie-Woode Foundation
Messiah Lutheran Ministry
Messmer Catholic Schools
Metropolitan Ministries, Inc.
Miami University
Michelle Kolch
Michelle White
Michigan State University
Military Family Support Trust
Military Officers’ Benevolent Corporation
Military Order of the World Wars, Chapter 226
Minneapolis Community Kollel
Mission Tampa, Inc.
Mississippi Animal Rescue League
Monmouth University
Moody Bible Institute
Morning Star Tampa Foundation, Inc.
Morton Plant Hospital Association, Inc.
Morton Plant Mease Health Care Foundation, Inc.
Museum of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg, Inc.
Museum of Science and Industry, Inc.
Nathan B. Stubblefield Foundation, Inc. – WMNF Radio
National Abortion Federation
National Christian Foundation Tampa Bay
National Consortium for African American Children
National FFA Foundation, Inc.
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
National Foundation for Cancer Research
National Review Institute
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
Nativity Catholic Church
Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.
New Beginnings of Tampa
New Dramatists
New Jerusalem Missions
New Leaders Council
New Life Solutions
New Tampa Players
New York University
Nicole Affatato
Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay, Inc.
Norman B. Leventhal Map Center, Inc.
North Lawndale College Preparatory Charter High School
North Shore Elementary
Northern Illinois Food Bank
Northwestern University
Nova Southeastern University
Oasis Pregnancy Care Canters Corp.
Ocean Conservancy
Ohio Masonic Home
Old Florida Federation, Inc.
Oldsmar Cares
Olivet Nazarene University
One City Chorus, Inc.
Oneblood Foundation, Inc.
Operation Heal Our Heroes, Inc.
Operation Heart Felt Foundation
Operation Helping Hands
Operation Military Matters Corp
Orange Grove Elementary School
Organic Consumers Association
Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Migrant Mission
Outreach360 Heroes
Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife
PACE Center for Girls, Inc.
PACT, Inc.
Palma Ceia Presbyterian Church
Palma Ceia United Methodist Church
Pan Massachusetts Challenge Trust
Para Los Ninos
Paralyzed Veterans of America
PARC, Inc.
Parents & Children Advance Together Literacy Ministries, Inc
Pasadena Community Church
Pasco County Lacrosse Alliance, Inc.
Pasco Education Foundation
Pasco Hernando State College Foundation, Inc.
Peace on Earth Foundation, Inc.
Pediatric Cancer Foundation
Pemi-Baker Literacy
Pennsylvania State University
Pepin Academies Foundation, Inc.
Performing Arts Club of SCC Inc. dba SouthShore Players
Phantom Rescue, Inc.
Pinckneyville Middle School
Pinellas Community Foundation
Pinellas County Urban League, Inc.
Pinellas Education Foundation
Pinellas Park Middle School
Pius XI Catholic High School
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Planned Parenthood of Southwest & Central Florida
Plant City Family YMCA
Plant High PTSA
Plant High School Academic Foundation
Plant High School Athletics Foundation, Inc.
Pleasant Run Presbyterian Church
Pontifical North American College
Positive Coaching Alliance – Tampa Bay
Powerstories Theater of Tampa Bay, Inc.
Poynter Institute for Media Studies, Inc.
Pray Tampa Bay
Prayer House
Pregnancy Care Center of Plant City
Presbyterian Camp and Conference Ministries of SW FL
Preserve Vision Florida, Inc.
Princeton Theological Seminary
Princeton University
Prison Fellowship Ministries
Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS)
Project Akilah, Inc.
Project Hope of Marion County, Inc.
Project Prosper, Inc.
Providence Foundation
Pug Rescue of Florida, Inc.
Quantum Leap Farm, Inc.
Queen of All Saints Chapel, Inc.
Ramah Ministries, Inc.
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund
R’Club Child Care, Inc.
Reach Ministries
Reach Out Speak Out, Inc.
Reading is Fundamental, Inc.
Ready for Life, Inc.
Reality and Truth Ministries
Recover Pinellas, Inc.
Redeemer Presbyterian Church
Redlands Christian Migrant Association, Inc.
Reilly Arts Center
Religious Community Services, Inc.
Renew Haiti
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Resurrection Episcopal Church
Retirement Home for Horses, Inc.
Rhythm Changes
River Garden Foundation, Inc.
Robert Middleton
Robinson High School Foundation
Rock Steady Boxing, Inc.
Rogers Memorial Hospital Foundation
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama, Inc.
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Tampa Bay, Inc.
Ronald McDonald House of Buffalo
Rotary Club of Seminole Charitable Fund, Inc.
Rotary Foundation of Rotary International
Rotary’s Camp Florida, Inc.
Round House Theatre, Inc.
Rowan University Foundation, Inc.
Rutgers University Foundation – CINJ
Ruth Eckerd Hall, Inc.
Safety Harbor Neighborhood Family Center, Inc.
SailFuture, Inc.
Saint Joseph’s University
Salesian Sisters
Salesian Sisters of Tampa Bay
Salesian Youth Center
Salesian Youth Center of Tampa Bay
Salvador Dali Museum, Inc.
Salvation Army
Salvation Army Citrus County
Salvation Army Sarasota Command
Samaritan’s Purse
Sanders Memorial Elementary School
Sandy Hook Promise Foundation
Santa Fe College
Sapling Foundation
Sarasota Opera Association
Savannah State University
Save the Children Federation, Inc.
Save the Manatee Club, Inc.
Saving Sight and Sound, Inc.
Sawgrass Lake Elementary School
Schwab Charitable Fund
Science and Environmental Council of Southwest Florida, Inc.
Scleroderma Foundation Michigan Chapter
Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida
Sea Turtle Conservancy
Sea Turtle Trackers, Inc.
Seminole State College of Florida
Seminole Warhawk Band Aides Boosters, Inc.
Seniors in Service of Tampa Bay, Inc.
Shelter Box USA
Shepherds Village, Inc.
Sherry White Ministries
Shining Light Baptist Church
Shorecrest Preparatory School
Shriners Hospital for Children
Sing Out and Read, Inc.
Skyview Elementary School
Smile Train
Smith College
Smithsonian Institution
Soaring Spirits Foundation
Social Venture Partners International
Society of St. Vincent de Paul South Pinellas, Inc.
Soroptomist Foundation, Inc.
South Tampa Fellowship
South University
Southeast Asian Relief, Inc.
Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc.
Southern Illinois University Foundation
Southern Legal Counsel, Inc.
Southern Poverty Law Center, Inc.
Southshore Arts Council, Inc.
Spanish Lyric Theatre, Inc.
SPCA Suncoast
SPCA Tampa Bay
Special Olympics Virginia
Special Operations Warrior Foundation
Springdale Elementary School
SS United States Conservancy
St. Ambrose University
St. Andrew Presbyterian Church
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
St. John the Evangelist Parish School
St. John’s Episcopal Parish Day School, Inc.
St. Joseph’s Hospitals Foundation, Inc.
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
St. Labre Indian School
St. Lawrence Catholic School
St. Leo University
St. Mary’s Catholic Church
St. Mary’s Episcopal Day School
St. Paul Catholic Church
St. Paul United Methodist Church
St. Paul’s School, Inc.
St. Peter Claver Catholic School
St. Petersburg Catholic High School
St. Petersburg College
St. Petersburg College Foundation, Inc.
St. Petersburg Free Clinic, Inc.
St. Petersburg Historical Society, Inc.
St. Petersburg in the World
St. Petersburg Opera Company
St. Petersburg Preservation, Inc.
St. Petersburg Warehouse Arts District, Inc.
St. Procopius Abbey
St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary
Stageworks, Inc.
Stanford University
Stano, Inc.
Starting Right, Now
State College of Florida Foundation
Sterling Schools Foundation
Stetson University
Stetson University College of Law
Stonecroft Ministries, Inc.
Streator Unlimited, Inc.
Streator YMCA-YWCA
Sulphur Springs Elementary School
Sumer Samhoury
Summerbridge – San Francisco University High School
Sun City Center Charitable Foundation
Sun City Center Emergency Squad
Sun City Center Library
Sun City Center Security Patrol, Inc.
Suncoast Animal League
Suncoast Center, Inc.
Suncoast Humane Society, Inc.
Suncoast Voices for Children Foundation, Inc.
Suncoast Waterkeeper, Inc.
Sunrise of Pasco County, Inc.
SUNY New Paltz Foundation
Sweetwater Organic Community Farm, Inc.
Taller Trees Foundation
Tampa Bay Baptist Association
Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture & the Arts
Tampa Bay History Center Foundation
Tampa Bay History Center, Inc.
Tampa Bay Mobility Alliance
Tampa Bay Partnership for Regional Research & Edu Fdn.
Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center Foundation, Inc.
Tampa Bay Research Institute
Tampa Bay Watch, Inc.
Tampa Bay Wave, Inc.
Tampa Chapter, SPEBSQSA, Inc.
Tampa Film Institute, Inc.dba Gasparilla International Film
Tampa General Hospital Foundation, Inc.
Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation
Tampa Jewish Community Center Federation
Tampa Jewish Family Services
Tampa Lighthouse for the Blind
Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA
Tampa Museum of Art Foundation, Inc.
Tampa Museum of Art, Inc.
Tampa Oratorio Singers
Tampa Preparatory School, Inc.
Tampa Theatre, Inc.
Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding
Teachers College, Columbia University
Temple Beth Sholom
Temple Beth-El of St. Petersburg, Inc.
Temple B’nai Israel
Temple Terrace Elementary
Temple Terrace First Baptist Church
Texas Civil Rights Project
Text and Academic Authors Association Foundation, Inc.
TFTSP Youth Golf Council St. Petersburg, Florida, Inc.
The ALS Association Florida Chapter
The Board of Regents of Gunston Hall Incorporated
The Carter Center
The Centre for Women, Inc.
The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, Inc.
The Cypress Initiative, Inc.
The Explorers Club
The Faison School for Autism, Inc.
The First Tee of Tampa Bay
The Florida Aquarium
The Florida Orchestra, Inc.
The Greener Side Haven, Inc.
The Home Association, Inc.
The Hope Fund for Children Southshore, Inc.
The Island Chapel
The James Madison Institute for Public Policy Studies
The Jobsite Theater, Inc.
The Jonathan D. Krist Foundation, Inc.
The Master Chorale of Tampa Bay
The Nature Conservancy
The Navigators
The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation
The Poynter Institute for Media Studies, Inc.
The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army of St. Petersburg
The Shepherd’s Call
The Spring of Tampa Bay, Inc.
The Studio @ 620, Inc.
The United Methodist Church of Sun City Center
The University of Michigan, President’s Fund 419049
Third Order Reg of St Francis Prov of Most Sacred Hrt of Jes
Timberly Trust, Inc.
Torah Academy of Minneapolis
Tribute to the Troops
Trinity Baptist Church of Sun City
Trinity Cafe
Trinity College of Florida
Trinity Presbyterian Church
True Vine Fellowship
Truman State University
Trustees of Boston Universtiy
Trustees of Dartmouth College
Trustees of Deerfield Academy
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College
Tufts University
Tulane University
Turning Points
Tuskegee University
Uncharted Ministries, Inc.
Union of Concerned Scientists, Inc.
Uniondale High School
Unitarian Universalists of Clearwater
United Community Church of Sun City Center
United Hospital Foundation
United Methodist Church of Sun City Center
United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
United Negro College Fund
United States Army Ranger Association, Inc.
United States Friends of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
United States Power Squardrons
United Way of Miami-Dade, Inc.
United Way Suncoast, Inc.
University Area Community Development Corporation, Inc.
University Baptist Church
University Church of Christ
University Community Hospital Foundation
University of Buffalo
University of Central Florida
University of Cincinnati
University of Dayton
University of Florida
University of Florida Foundation, Inc.
University of Georgia
University of Georgia Foundation
University of Maine Foundation
University of Miami
University of Miami Business School
University of Michigan
University of North Florida
University of Pennsylvania
University of South Florida
University of South Florida Alumni Association, Inc.
University of South Florida Foundation, Inc.
University of South Florida Health
University of Tampa
University of Toledo
University of West Georgia
University of Wisconsin Foundation
Upper Tampa Bay Chamber Education Foundation
US Peace Memorial Foundation, Inc.
USA for UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency
Valdosta State University
Van Gogh’s Palette, Inc.
Vanderbilt University
Veterans Alternative, Inc.
Veterans of South Pinellas County
Veterinary Care Foundation, Inc.
Village Partners International
Virginia Athletics Foundation
Voices for Children of Tampa Bay, Inc.
Voto Latino, Inc.
VSA Florida
Walden University
Washington & Lee University
Wayne County Community Foundation
WEDU / Florida West Coast Public Broadcasting
Wellfleet Elementary School
Wells Fargo
Wells of Salvation, Inc.
Wernle Children’s Home, Inc.
West Georgia Technical College
West Pasco Habitat for Humanity
West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
Western Governors University
Westminster College
Westminster Retirement Communities Foundation
Widow Care Incorporated
Widow Connection, Inc.
Wildlife Conservation Network, Inc.
Willow House
Wimauma Community Development Corporation
Word of Life Fellowship, Inc.
Word on Fire Catholic Ministries
WorkNet Pinellas d/b/a The Science Center
World Reformed Fellowship
World Wildlife Fund
Wright State University
WUSF Public Media
Wycliffe Associates, Inc.
Yad Yehuda of Greater Washington
Yale University
Ybor City Rotary Foundation, Inc.
Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla Community Fund Corporation
Yeshiva Gedolah of South Monsey
Yeshiva of Minneapolis
Yeshiva University
YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg
Young Life
Young Life Africa
Young Life South Tampa
Young Life Tampa Bay Metro
Young Life Tampa Urban
Youngstown State University Foundation
Your Real Stories, Inc.
Youth and Family Alternatives, Inc.
YWCA of Tampa Bay
Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation