What Is the Individually Managed Charitable Accounts Program?

Our Individually Managed Charitable Accounts (IMCA) program is a win-win for you and your client. Your client can use their donor advised fund to support the causes they care about, and you, as the trusted advisor can manage their charitable assets after they’ve been donated to their charitable fund. Both you and your client will have access to a knowledgeable staff of professionals who strive to empower your clients to become organized and efficient with their philanthropy.

How Does It Work?

The Community Foundation Tampa Bay conducts a due diligence process on new accounts, including asset allocation review.

Once approved, the Community Foundation opens a new corporate account with the investment firm.

A new donor advised fund or family foundation is opened in 10-20 minutes and is ready to receive charitable donations.

Assets are then transferred to the investment firm to manage (managers collect investment fees and post returns net of these fees).

The Community Foundation administers grants from your fund to your preferred charities (local or national).

On a quarterly basis, the Community Foundation notifies the investment firm of grants distributed from the fund.

The donor and the investment manager have online access to the donor advised fund.

The donor may use their fund for the charitable component of their estate plans, thereby necessitating the need for their investment manager to manage these assets after they pass.

Individually Managed Charitable Accounts Video

Our philanthropic expertise partnered with your investment expertise.

Clients formally initiate the process of establishing an Individually Managed Charitable Account by recommending an investment advisor of their choice to manage their charitable fund. Advisors retain client relationships with the goal of growing the assets available for their philanthropy.
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