Big Idea Grant: Civility awarded to OPEN

The third annual $50,000 Big Idea Grant, this year focused on civility, goes to the Open Partnership Education Network (OPEN), operated under University of South Florida St Petersburg. OPEN’s focus is to build a smarter, better connected community by making it easier for citizens to be inspired, educated, trained, funded and engaged in practical ways to address the issues we all face.

The Civility project will work to break barriers among neighbors to learn from one another and connect at projects and events across St.  Petersburg, including Et Cultura, a festival aligned with the concept. It will explore common ground through storytelling, art and civic dialogue.

OPEN will add Civility to its current themes: Seeds (urban agriculture), Radical Schools (fresh takes on education), Live Well (healthy living), Future Cities (smart, inclusive communities), and Frontiers (science and research).

We are proud to be a part of this innovative project to help people come together to do more good in our community.

The first event, Civility Though Leader Kick Off & Happy Hour, is September 28. Details and RSVP


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