Promoting Your Partnership with the Community Foundation Tampa Bay

Top 5 Ways to Acknowledge Our Partnership

Download our Buzz Kit here and please contact for assistance. 


Use our logo on your website, on signage or in other promotional materials. Please see below to download the logo in various formats.

Newsletter, Blog or News Item

Add a quick blurb to your newsletter or website news area announcing the grant or project. This is a great opportunity to tell your story.  

Social Media Posts

Spread the news across your social media outlets and please tag us. We are active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Media Release/Media Pitch 

Create a media release or media pitch to announce the grant and use the opportunity to feature the impact of your work. Coordinate with CFTB to amplify coverage. 

Site Visit and Check Presentation

We can work together to arrange a check presentation or visit with your Board.

Brand Mark

Primary Brand Mark – Vertical

Primary Brand Mark – Horizontal

Clear Space Guidelines

Common Mistakes and Correct Usage

Do not unproportionally stretch or condense the logo.
Do not change the size relationship between the elements of the logo.
Do not substitute fonts in the logo. Do not enlarge bitmapped images.

Color Palette

Primary Palette

Our color palette features Space Cadet, Sunset, and Dark Orchid as our three primary colors. They can be used independently or in unique combinations.

HEX: 2F3C56
RGB: 47, 60, 86
CMYK: 86, 74, 43, 34
Pantone: 432 C

RGB: 245, 190, 64
CMYK: 3, 26, 86, 0
Pantone: 142 C

HEX: 644B9F
RGB: 100, 75, 159
CMYK: 73, 83, 0, 0
Pantone: 7678 C

Secondary Palette

Watermelon Rose and Azure can be used sparingly as secondary colors.

RGB: 242, 111, 125
CMYK: 0, 71, 36, 0
Pantone: 805 C

HEX: 2587C8
RGB: 37, 135, 200
CMYK: 79, 38, 0, 0
Pantone: 7689 C

Tell Us Your Story

Please share examples of how the Community Foundation Tampa Bay
has impacted your organization. 

Send photos, logo and story to

To request materials, or for questions  please contact Katie Shultz at

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