Continue managing your clients’ assets while they support their favorite charities

If charitable giving is on your client’s radar, consider having a conversation about establishing a donor advised fund or another type of charitable giving fund through the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. Our donor advised funds not only provide a value-added service that you can manage, but also make a meaningful impact on your clients and the causes most near and dear to their hearts.

For more than 30 years, we have partnered with professional advisors like you to serve your charitable clients. Why? Because we believe that we are better together. Through the Community Foundation’s Individually Managed Accounts program, your clients can simplify their giving by establishing a charitable giving fund at the Community Foundation while you continue to manage their assets.

What is the Individually Managed Account Program?

Our Individually Managed Account program is a win-win for you and your clients. Your client can use a donor advised fund to support the causes they care about, and you can manage your client’s charitable assets after they are donated to the fund. Both you and your clients will have access to a knowledgeable staff of professionals who empower donors to become organized and efficient philanthropists.

How it Works

  • We establish an investment account with you, and you provide investment services. The assets in the donor’s fund remain under your management.
  • Your clients establish a charitable fund at the Community Foundation, receive maximum tax benefits and enjoy access to our team of experts to assist in their strategic giving, as desired by the client.
  • Your clients recommend grants from the charitable giving fund to support the causes and communities they care about.
  • Your clients will receive a quarterly statement from the Community Foundation that details fund activity or access information about their funds online at any time through our online fund management tool. As your client’s trusted advisor, you may also be granted access to this online portal.
  • Investment performance information is provided to clients through your organization.

Identify Your Ideal Clients

Think about your clients who fit the descriptions below – they might be an ideal fit for a donor advised fund. We often work with clients who:

  • Want to create and leave a legacy for future generations
  • Desire a charitable tax deduction now with the flexibility to make distributions in the future
  • Want to grow their contributions tax-free over time
  • Are in a transition phase of life – empty nest, nearing retirement, involved in estate planning
  • Plan to sell a private company
  • Are holding appreciated assets (publicly traded securities or other complex assets) and have high capital gains tax exposure
  • Are private about their wealth and/or giving
  • Are too busy to handle the administrative side of giving

What is a Donor Advised Fund?

Donor advised funds are charitable investment accounts that grow tax-free. Our donor advised funds make charitable giving easy, efficient and rewarding without unnecessary rules or limitations.

  • You can choose to manage the assets of the fund on your own platform, along with the rest of your client’s wealth portfolio. Or, if you’d prefer, your client can invest their assets in the Community Foundation’s investment pools.
  • Your clients contribute cash, stock or other complex assets to the fund and their charitable dollars grow tax free.
  • Your clients receive online access to their fund and are able to easily request grants, track the fund’s charitable activity and access quarterly fund statements.
  • Grants from the fund may support charities that are local or anywhere in the nation. Some grants may be made internationally (contact us for more information).
  • Your clients can name successor advisors to their fund, involving future generations in their charitable goals and giving, allowing you to establish and foster connections with the next generation.
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