Critical Nonprofit Needs

While nonprofits provide services to those most in need within our community, many are often under-resourced and a single, unexpected event can dramatically impact their ability to provide crucial services. To address these unexpected needs, Community Foundation Tampa Bay has created the Critical Needs Form for nonprofits to share those urgent, unexpected needs with community philanthropists.

To support local disaster recovery efforts, Community Foundation Tampa Bay has expanded the criteria for critical needs through the month of November to include requests related to Hurricane Idalia.

What is a "Critical Need"?

A critical need is defined as unbudgeted, unforeseen, and time-sensitive, and one that significantly interferes with a nonprofit’s ability to provide crucial services or presents an imminent threat to the organization’s continued operations.

This is not a competitive grant process. It is an innovative way to share specific needs with us, our fundholders as well as other philanthropists in the Tampa Bay community. Examples of requests for need might include:

  • Emergency repairs of building structure or mechanical systems (heating/cooling, water service, etc.) where a sudden and unexpected failure interferes with the provision of services.
  • Replacement of essential equipment and technology where a sudden and unexpected failure interferes with the provision of services.
  • Addressing circumstances external to the organization that interfere with the provision of mission-critical services. Examples may include:
    • The increase in gas costs for transportation-centric programming (i.e. – mobile services, client transportation, etc.)
    • Updated security measures for organizations, such as churches or synagogues, that are experiencing increased safety concerns due to current events
    • The local community is receiving an influx of refugees as a result of international conflict and your organization needs to purchase bedding to shelter families

*Organizations must provide justification for the request including: 1) how is the request mission-critical to the programming offered?; and 2) the amount of funding the organization budgeted in the previous fiscal year for this expense vs. anticipated amount needed in the current fiscal year and the current gap in needed funding.  

New submissions are added to the list once the nonprofit has been verified, usually within 24 to 48 hours of submission.

Fundholder Match Program

The Community Foundation Tampa Bay has also created a Fundholder Match Program that provides a 1-to-3 match to grants made from a Community Foundation donor advised fund or Family Foundation to directly address a need submitted on the Critical Needs List. The minimum match is $250 when $750 is granted to help meet a need on the list. The maximum match is $5,000 when $15,000 or more is granted to address a Critical Needs Request on the list.

If you are interested in funding a critical needs request or want information about a specific nonprofit, please contact Nicolette Rea, Director of Donor Relations. The specific project name listed in the request should be included as the grant purpose when making a grant recommendation for one of the nonprofits on the list.

Critical Needs List

Instructions: To access the full detail for each Critical Needs request, simply click on the green plus symbol on the left side of the row. Clicking on the red minus symbol will then collapse the Critical Needs request information. To sort any of the columns, simply click on the column header once or twice depending on the desired sort. Pulldown filters can be used to select items to filter on and the RESET FILTERS Button can be used to reload the webpage thus resetting all the filters. Finally, the CSV and EXCEL buttons can be used to download all the detail for the items on the page in the selected format.

FundedPercent FundedProject NameOrganization NameFocus AreaAmount RemainingGeographic AreasOrganization WebsiteRequested NeedCritical Nature of NeedInitial Submit DateDays from Submission to Web RefreshCalculated StatusAmount Funded
Not Funded0%Computer Replacement for Four Staff Members and IT supportFrankie's FriendsAnimal Welfare$17,600.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellas's Friends is requesting a grant totaling $17,600 to purchase new laptop computers for four staff members @ $800.00 per laptop (the entire staff) and pay for IT support for 12 months @ $1,200 a month.

Frankie's Friends previously was the charity of choice for BluePearl Veterinary Hospitals but that relationship ended as of December 31, 2023. At that time, BluePearl decoupled from a 24-year relationship to start their own non-profit foundation under the direction of Mars Corporation, the current owner of BluePearl Veterinary Hospitals. BluePearl provided computer equipment to Frankie's Friends and IT services. Frankie's Friends now needs to replace the used computers that were donated by BluePearl and to replace the IT services that BluePearl had previously provided.

Frankie's Friends is a stand alone non-profit that provides families with pets in need of lifesaving emergency or speciality care grants to ensure the pet receives the required care necessary to save their lives. Frankie's Friends prevents families having to surrender their pets to already overcrowded shelters, or worse, euthanize them, because they are unable to pay for the veterinary care their pet needs to survive or to thrive.
Nearly all of our work, including the applications for assitance for families on our website are managed through a computer, the internet and an IT service. In order to provide the services necessary to perform our mission of helping to save the life of family pets in need, we require functioning computers and IT support.

The cost of computers and IT support are included in our current 2024 budget, however receiving this critical needs request would allow Frankie's Friends to redirect those funds directly to mission-centric work. Animal Shelters and Rescues in Hillsborough County are overflowing with pets that are being surrendered because families cannot cover the cost of caring for them. By providing Frankie's Friend a critical needs grant, we would be able to replace and update computers and secure IT support that enhances and drives our mission. We would continue to high function in the animal welfare arena by helping families cover the cost of veterinary care for their pet when they are critically ill or injured.
Not Funded0%Unforeseen site preparation costs at a Montessori School serving children 3 years through 12th gradeBeach Park SchoolEducation$118,173.00Hillsborough year, we were forced to demolish a building on our property. The new building is set to be constructed off site and to be installed this summer. We will not be able to serve our student body without this new building. The initial costs for the site preparation were stated to be no more than $120,000 which is what our budget was based upon, with 10% contingency built in. The final quote came back in at $250,173, leaving us with an unforeseen deficit in funding of $118,173. In an effort to meet the needs of our students and families in a timely and constructive manner, we are seeing a critical need grant to allow us to make the needed site preparations. This need is critical because work must begin in the next few weeks, and this new, higher spending was unplanned and unforeseen.We lost critical square footage last year and cannot meet the needs of our students should we not gain this square footage back. While we prepared for the cost of the new building and expected site preparation needs, the subsequent, and high cost work recently identified as required was not expected and puts us in a position of not being able to meet the needs of our students effectively and allowing our organization to continue to function with financial solvency. Without this building, which cannot be installed without these new requirements, we will not be able to serve our students with the validity that we have in the past. The students and families would not be able to receive the experience they are expecting and have known with in our school.05/06/202410Active$0.00
Not Funded0%Loss of Free Housing in 2024 for our Warrior Healing Retreat ProgramBrian Bill Foundation, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$175,000.00Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttp://brianbillfoundation.orgIn December of 2023, the foundation that was providing free lodging to our attendees and staff notified us that beginning in 2024 we would receive a donation of $15,000 for the year instead of the free rooms and reduced meals once a month.

Retreats: 12 per year
Lodging of for 21 rooms for 4 nights and meals for attendees and staff: $19,500 average per retreat ($15,000 average increase)

To date in 2024 we have been able to fund our therapeutic Warrior Healing Retreat Programs for our Special Operations Warrior and their spouses but we have depleted our excess funds. With the loss of our free lodging and reduced meals, we have a critical need of funding for the rest of the year. We have Warriors scheduled to attend and the need is lifesaving for them.

Our critical need for lodging and meals for the rest of this year is $175,000. Thank you.
“There are a lot of programs out there that say they help. This is one of a kind and off the charts as being a real therapeutic program that provides immediate help.”
-Navy SEAL
January 2024 Attendee

The Brian Bill Foundation has the best holistic and therapeutic program for our Special Operations Community. THIS PROGRAM SAVES LIVES EVERY RETREAT.

If assistance is not received, we will not be able to provide our program to the Warriors and their spouses who need it, the result will be suicides in the Special Operations Community. The loss of life will effect their spouses, children, family, towns and the Special Operations Community.
Not Funded0%Air Conditioning Replacement at Seniors in Service of Tampa BaySeniors in Service of Tampa Bay, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$6,738.00Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttp://seniorsinservice.orgSeniors in Service’s Air Conditioning unit for our main office unexpectedly stopped working and needs to be replaced – an unbudgeted, unforeseen, time-sensitive problem jeopardizing our daily operations and ability to provide crucial services. We are a nonprofit dedicated to providing solutions to community challenges by engaging volunteers aged 55+. We help at-risk children, isolated seniors, adults with disabilities, overwhelmed family caregivers, struggling Veterans, hungry families and more. Plus our senior-aged volunteers benefit from staying active and purposeful, delaying their own need for services. We engage over 1500 volunteers annually in collaboration with 150+ community partners to meet the needs of 8,000+ underserved individuals in Hillsborough, Pinellas & Pasco counties. During 40 years of service, we have provided over 5,000,000 hours of community assistance with a fair market value exceeding $131,600,000. Each year independent audits show over 94% of each dollar goes to program services.If assistance is not received we will need to use unrestricted donations that we intend to use for essential program services. The $6,738 in assistance will support 7 low-income seniors with ongoing in-home companion services for a full year or 7 economically disadvantaged children with intensive one-on-one tutoring/mentoring for a full school year.

The Air Conditioning Unit must be replaced to ensure a healthy workplace for our staff and for our senior-aged volunteers. WIthout working air conditioning in the midst of the hottest summer months, program staff and volunteers cannot use the office. Program staff use the office to enable volunteer recruiting, criminal background checks, volunteer training, and ongoing services to help our community’s most vulnerable residents. In addition, our dedicated volunteers attend 4-hour new-volunteer orientations and mandatory 4-hour monthly trainings that are required to maximize the impact of their service and improve life for the at-risk children, elders, adults with disabilities, Veterans and food-insecure individuals they serve.
Not Funded0%Refrigerator/freezer at Food PantryThe Society of St Vincent de Paul St James the Apostle ConferenceBasic Needs$3,000.00Pasco main refrigerator/freezer is at least ten years old and is not cooling and needs to be replaced.We would not be able to accept some food donations that we pick up twice a week to serve our needy neighbors in ours community.04/25/202430Active$0.00
Not Funded0%Vehicle Replacement for Food DistributionEast Pasco Meals on WheelsHealth and Wellbeing$30,000.00Pasco were informed that two of the vehicles we use for route transportation and food distribution are no longer candidates for repairs and the only viable option is to replace them. They have served us well, both being almost 20 years old, with very high mileage. Although we have maintained them well, the workloads they have carried and the roads they have traveled over the years is simply too much. Our mechanics said that the damage and broken parts would be at a minimum, double the cost of their value.Right now, we are utilizing our refrigerated box truck to double up on routes to minimize the use of the mini-vans. It's not wise to use this type of truck to run our local pick ups, but in order to use only as necessary, it's what we need to do. We are changing routes and pick ups and using my vehicle as much as we can until we can replace them. We have 4 vans and two box trucks and they are on the road every day, doing food donation pickups and routes. In an average week, our mini-vans pick up about 5-7000 lbs of product and routes that do 50-60 miles daily.04/16/202445Expired$0.00
Not Funded0%Flood and Wind Damage Repairs at Veterans Retreat CenterMy Warriors Place, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$31,760.00Hillsboroughhttp://mywarriorsplace.orgHurricane Ian caused major damage to one of My Warrior's Place (MWP)'s veteran retreat houses making it unusable. Repairs to this house include materials and labor. Materials include flooring, drywall, baseboards, doors, paint, A/C, and bathroom and kitchen fixtures.My Warrior's Place is a retreat center for veterans, military service members, first responders, Gold Star, Blue Star and Silver Star families. It is a place where all can come and rest, take part in activities and heal from the trauma experienced in their lives. Additionally, programs specific to the healing, coping and support processes are offered by qualified professionals should the clients elect to participate in them. The damage to one of MWP's primary buildings has limited the number of heroes that may come to MWP. By not being to utilize the building, it has cut back the mission critical services we offer to the people who have put their lives on the line to protect others.04/08/202445Expired$0.00
Not Funded0%Air Conditioner Repair For Out-of-School Time Learning CenterShirley Proctor Puller Foundation, Inc.Education$38,631.00Pinellashttps://www.sppf.orgWe need to repair the air conditioning unit in our Friendship Learning Center as soon as possible. Currently, two coils have leaks which causes the unit to run inefficiently and forces us to frequently refill the coolant. The coolant leakage into the environment is not at hazard levels but definitely not good for the environment.

The mission of the SPPF M.A.S.T.R. Kids program is to advance reading, math, and science literacy to close the achievement gap for underserved students in South St. Petersburg. It is vital that our students have a comfortable environment in which to learn. “A comfortable environment improves learning performance by reducing fatigue, distraction, and increasing reading speed.” (Journal Article, Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 12-1-21). Ninety-eight percent of our students are from low-income families (below the poverty line or A.L.I.C.E. (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed). SPPF often provides a place to take a break from summer heat as many homes are without sufficient air conditioning.

Repair of the AC unit is estimated at $35,119.33, which will allow us to replace the two coils as well as one compressor which is at risk of failure in the short term. Making this repair will ensure our young scholars remain comfortable and healthy, especially during the summer season.
SPPF has managed its' M.A.S.T.R. Kids Program out of the Friendship Learning Center since 2018. The rent for this facility is very low relative to commercial alternatives and the classroom space/design is well-suited to the needs of the program and our students. We secured a license from the Pinellas County Licensing Board earlier this year to serve upto 100 students in the space. We have consistently delivered strong outcomes for students as measured by the i-Ready assessment -- 1) every summer 65-80% of students have avoided summer learning loss. 2) In the 2022-23 After School session, students reading at grade level improved from 28% to 48% overall. Among 83 students attending for 12 months (Aug’22 through July’23), 64% of students were reading at grade level in July vs. only 27% the prior August.

Failure to repair the AC unit at the learning Center jeopardizes SPPF's ability to consistently deliver the student outcomes. As noted above, there is significant research that speaks to the importance of environment/comfort in student learning. Relocation of the students in summer would prove both disruptive and costly as we lease the current space for a very low fee of $6630 for the three months of summer. Continuing to refill the coolant two to three times annually at a cost of $3000 to $5000 does not address the issue of the failing compressor which will need to be replaced within the next 6-12 months.
Not Funded0%Urgent Storage Need for WellBuilt BikesThe Well IncorporatedBasic Needs$13,000.00Hillsboroughhttp://wellbuilt.cityWellBuilt Bikes, located in the old university mall has always had a large storage space (in addition to the storefront) where bikes and bike parts can be stored for use in the refurbishing process. The mall recently informed us that they needed us out of the storage space ASAP and we are in desperate need of a solution as the entire operation really depends on having this used inventory.We are hoping to solve this problem in 2 ways. First, we have gotten permission to put two 40' shipping containers on the mall property which will meet a small portion of the storage need but really meets the proximity need. Each container is 4k plus the cost of delivery. In addition we are hoping to secure some off-site storage space for the bulk of our bike collection and donation processing/sorting. This will likely need to be a monthly storage rental. The entire social enterprise operation really depends on meeting this need and the loss of the current space is existentially threatening to our mission.03/27/202445Expired$0.00
Not Funded0%Gator Utility Vehicle for Environmental SchoolLearning Gate Community SchoolEducation$18,051.57Hillsborough need to replace a Gator-type utility vehicle and construct a shelter for the storage of the vehicle. The school's current utility vehicle needs unexpected repairs that are much more expensive than its value.
A full-size John Deere Crossover Utility Vehicle achieves the needed vehicle size and carrying capacity. This vehicle can transport three people and up to 4,000 lbs with 4-wheel drive. To protect the vehicle from the elements, an aluminum carport with foundations is also needed.
The utility vehicle is critical to operating the outdoor classrooms on the school's 27 acres. Its most crucial use is transporting staff and students in emergencies. The vehicle transports injured students to the school nurse and is a tool to locate students quickly when they become separated from their class. The vehicle is an essential tool for safely operating a large wooded campus.
Less crucial but essential to the school's everyday environmental education, the vehicle transports equipment from the central campus to the woods for activities like bird banding. The school employs a federally licensed bird banding teacher. Twice a year, the teacher and volunteers arrive before dawn for multiple days to set up bird nets. These nets require heavy metal poles extending 10' into the air. Throughout the day, classes check the nets for birds and safely transport them to an outdoor classroom, where they are weighed and measured. The data is entered into a national database. The students then experience releasing the bird by having a bird rest on their hands before they take flight. This experience is one of many that connect our environmental curriculum to experience that imparts an appreciation of nature to our students.
Not Funded0%Essential Home Furnishing Needs for Refugee ResettlementLutheran Services of FloridaBasic Needs$67,000.00Hillsborough ; Pinellas Services Florida (LSF) is a leading provider of refugee services in Florida, helping newcomers from all regions of the world resettle safely in our communities after being displaced due to conflict, persecution, war, human rights violations, and other life-altering events. To that end, we have developed strong partnerships throughout the community to help address the multitude of challenges refugee families face after arriving.

One of the most significant ways we rely on such partnerships comes after we find housing for our clients. Since refugees often arrive with nothing more than a few personal items, we need to outfit their new living spaces with furniture, kitchen and bath items, toiletries and other everyday household essentials. Unfortunately, one of our most significant volunteer partners in this work here in Tampa needed to step back from assisting us. They were providing donations including buying or gathering items as well as mobilizing, sorting, storing, and setting up homes. In the absence of that relationship, meeting those needs falls back heavily on LSF program staff, a significant burden for them to absorb in the work of resettlement.

To continue creating safe and inviting living spaces for refugees, LSF remains committed to providing everything they need in their new homes. We are requesting an emergency financial investment to provision these needs while we seek new partners to join us in this important work.
Refugees receive a one-time allowance of $1,325 per refugee under a federally funded program to assist with expenses during their first 90 days or 3 months in the United States. The allowance goes towards securing housing (deposit, first month, last month’s rent), and covering their basic living expenses such as food, utilities, and even transportation costs once they find employment. With the cost of living being so high in our region, these funds dissipate quickly.

If furniture and other household items are not provided through partnerships, LSF will need to use part of the already-scarce allowance to cover those expenses. Even modestly used and refurbished household furnishings are expensive, limiting resources and putting a newly arrived refugee family in financial stress. To successfully support economic self-sufficiency for clients, LSF needs additional financial support to reboot its furnishing operations.

The other critical factor is that the loss of our volunteer partner puts a greater demand on LSF staff to meet those needs. We have two case managers and two case aides supporting these clients through other types of services, such as benefits enrollment, employment support, access to health services, school registrations, and connecting the clients with resources, but will now need to refocus their attention on meeting this population’s most basic needs. This will limit the staff’s ability to provide the services that can ensure long term stability and success.
Not Funded0%Emergency Replacement of Security System to Provide a Safe Environment and Uninterrupted Services for the Blind and Low VisionTampa Lighthouse for the BlindHealth and Wellbeing$16,903.00Hillsboroughhttp://www.lighthouseblv.orgThe Lighthouse for the Blind provides critical services to people who are blind and low vision. Our Facility at 1106 Platt Drive in Tampa is home to where people who are blind come in to learn braille, learn how to use a white cane to safely negotiate their environment and learn independent living skills so they can live safely and productively. We provide highly innovative technology training to help people who are who have lost their sight later in life gain the skills to go back to work or have access to computers so they can have quality of life.

The breakdown of the security system creates an unsafe environment for an extremely vulnerable population who attend services at the Lighthouse and creates a risk of theft of high technology equipment used to help people who are blind become independent.

Our security system has broken down and we do not have the funds to replace it. As mentioned, we have high tech equipment for the blind inside of the building such as CCTV's, Magnifiers, Computers with high tech scripting technology, and other critical training materials for the blind that cannot be replaced. Even more importantly, people who come to services would have their safety and security compromised by a broken-down system.
People who are blind and low vision come to the Lighthouse of Tampa daily for training. High tech computers, CCTVs, JAWS equipment, magnification equipment and other high tech scripting equipment, if stolen from the Lighthouse, would be irreplaceable and interrupt services. There is increasing suspicious activity on the property, which has us all concerned, so it could not happen at a worse time. We need to get the security system in place as quickly as possible We offer all services for free which is which puts pressure on the finances, so if someone were to break in and steal the expensive technical equipment in the building, it would be a long interruption to services. Many of the people who are veterans or elderly who have lost their sight are already traumatized. and services provide not only safety training but hope for the future. It would be devastating if the one thing that is giving them hope is stripped from their lives.

Perhaps most importantly, the people we serve are extremely vulnerable and count on the safety and security of the environment. We monitor the front door, but the security system monitors all the other entrances. The system not working compromises the safety of a profoundly compromised population.
Not Funded0%Foster Family Displaced Due to Plumbing CrisisThe Salvation Army - St. PetersburgBasic Needs$11,230.00Pinellashttps://www.salvationarmystpetersburg.orgOne of the foster homes at The Salvation Army Children's Village in St. Petersburg had an underground pipe burst, flooding a section of the house and causing the foster family and children to have to move. Complete re-piping for the home needs to be completed and all damaged parts of the home repaired.The Salvation Army of St. Petersburg runs four foster homes at their Children’s Village site and assist in the placement of children due to abuse, abandonment and neglect. Due to the pipe burst, all water had to be shut off and the foster family and four foster children had to move out of the home. It is critical for this to be fixed so that the foster family can move back into home. The home will be completely re-piped by the plumber and any floor or wall damage that was done by the water or the plumber to re-pipe, will need to be repaired.03/22/202478Expired$0.00
Not Funded0%Air Conditioning Replacement/Flat RoofFLUFF Animal Rescue, IncAnimal Welfare$70,000.00Pinellas Conditioning/Flat Roof replacement(s) for animal shelter in Pinellas CountyIf we are not able to secure funding needed to replace Air Conditioning and Flat Roof Section, our ability to take in between 50-100 animals a month from local overcrowded county shelters will be diminished. These shelters count on us to save lives of cats and dogs, and our mission is so very important to the community as a whole, as we also provide pet food and resources to pet owners in the Tampa Bay area, and we take in owner surrenders from people who can no longer afford to care for their pets.03/21/202478Expired$0.00
Not Funded0% Unexpected, forced relocationBallet Academy of St. Petersburg Inc.Arts and Culture$20,000.00Pinellas We are in critical need of assistance with move-in deposits, flooring, equipment, and storage due to a forced relocation to a very bare facility.
The floor of the new space is concrete which must be covered with Marley floor covering wooden sprung flooring underneath in order to be viable. We will need new barres and mirrored walls as well. The new space also has no storage for: costumes, equipment, set pieces, supplies, chairs for dancers/parents awaiting their class etc.
We must cease operations entirely if we cannot move into this space and we are already well into rehearsals for our spring show.
We received notice February 8th that the company we sublease from will be terminating their lease March 31st. This new space will also require us to add Marley flooring with sprung wood structure underneath. These floor coverings are for the safety of our dancers as training and jumping on concrete is detrimental to knees and ankles and can cause injury if someone falls. We will also have to replace our barres and add mirrors to the walls as these are the very basic needs of any dance class.
Not Funded0%Deuces Live Headquarter OfficeDeuces Live, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$10,725.48Pinellas Critical Needs Project is an initiative aimed at addressing the emergency repair needs of building structures within our community. Our goal is to ensure the safety and comfort of all residents by providing timely and efficient structural repairs in times of emergency.

The primary goal of this project is to address immediate infrastructure repair needs that pose a threat to the well-being or security of residents. This includes, but is not limited to, repairs for damages caused by natural disasters, unforeseen structural failures, or any other incidents that compromise the integrity of residential buildings.
Deuces Live building is older than 20 years old. Our roof is starting to leak extremely bad in different areas of the office. We have some open holes around the building which has begun letting in mice and other rodents. Each day has been a fight to work and deal with the residents on a day to day community with rodents and leaks in building and now A/C going out. Due to finances we are not in a place to move to a more secure modern building which would push off the corridor. Our current office is our home and has been to many of the residents for over 20+ years in the same location.

Everyone comes to us for support and events in the community and at this present time we are seeking donations/grants to help us cover these costs to allow myself and staff to return to the building and not feel scared about it.

We firmly believe that our project will productively respond to the identified need for timely building repairs during emergencies. With careful project management and efficient resource allocation, we can deliver high-quality services that significantly reduce the discomfort felt by residents during periods of building structure emergencies.
Not Funded0%Crisis Recover Grant:Restoring Hope For Johns Pass RescueJohn's Pass RescueAnimal Welfare$130,000.00Pinellas Pass Rescue is dedicated to rescuing diverse animals, excluding cats and dogs, with a strong commitment to wildlife conservation and education in our community.
Our sanctuary recently suffered a devastating fire, resulting in the loss of over 100 animal lives. Despite this setback, we saved 150 animals and welcomed 40more in need.
Our focus now is on habitat restoration and facility repair. The fire damaged critical infrastructure, including our environmental control system. To address this, we require immediate action:
Habitat Restoration: Reconstructing destroyed habitats is crucial for the animals' health and safety, creating environments that mimic natural conditions.
Veterinary Bills: The fire resulted in unforeseen veterinary expenses for animals injured by smoke inhalation and other fire-related injuries.
Your approval of the Critical Needs Grant would:
Enable swift habitat restoration for animal health and safety.
Cover veterinary bills, ensuring injured animals receive necessary care.
This grant application is a request for partnership in our mission of recovery, healing, and continued animal care. With your assistance, we can rebuild, restore, and continue our vital work.
Thank you for considering our application.
If we do not receive assistance, the consequences for our organization and the animals we serve would be severe:

Habitat Restoration: Without funding for habitat restoration, we cannot provide the appropriate living conditions for our diverse animal residents. This compromises their health and well-being, hindering our core mission of animal rescue and conservation.
Veterinary Bills: Inability to cover veterinary bills puts injured animals at risk of untreated injuries and suffering. It also strains our resources, making it challenging to continue our mission effectively.
Without this critical assistance, our ability to provide essential services would be severely impacted, jeopardizing the lives and well-being of the animals we strive to protect and educate about.
Not Funded0%Emergency Vacated Drop In CenterReach Services, Inc.Basic Needs$34,450.00Pinellashttp://reachstpete.orgReach St.Pete had been working hard to make improvements to our Drop In Center to open to the public. When we moved in we had a few issues with our Landlord but made the best out of it for as long as we could. Most recently we realized the entire facility had black mold embedded in the drywall of the walls which wasn't found until we hired professionals to take samples and remove portions of the walls. With this finding we had two separate professionals encourage us to leave the space immediately or request the Landlord terminate the lease because the black mold was at high levels unsafe for us to operate in. Unfortunately our Landlord was aware of the black mold and is refusing to terminate our lease.

Regardless our Board of Directors made the difficult decision for us to move out of the space for everyone's safety (volunteers, clients, staff, etc) and we have been operating out of church partners buildings in the interim. This is only the temporary solution until we can move into a new safe space to carry out our Drop In Center plans. We have found the perfect building at the same price but we need to have the lease covered to confidently enter in a new commercial lease without an official termination of our last. The nature of our situation is vulnerable but we know our last lease has been broken many times and is in code violation with the black mold. (mold reports available upon request) but requires time and money to win the case and exit our old lease.
Because we haven't been able to move into a new building in 2024 we had to pause crucial programs like Pop-Up Pantry operations (Mobile grocery store) that thousands rely on each month for free healthy food options. We have already had to pause our in person client appointments for case management, wrap around service like rental and billing assistance, clothing, hygiene, etc. this will be prolonged the longer we go without a home base. We have temporary storage solutions for our items but that is taking crucial money that could be serving more people in our community if we could move into our potential new space.12/12/2023100Expired$0.00
Fully Funded100%Defective Technology Replacement at School for Students with Developmental DisabilitiesProject Focus FoundationEducation$0.00Hillsborough ; Pascohttps://www.projectfocususa.orgThe Project Focus Foundation urgently seeks emergency funding from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay to address a pressing issue at Focus Academy Public Charter School. Our immediate concern revolves around the malfunctioning projector system and related technology in the school's auditorium, which plays a crucial role in serving over 130 students with developmental disabilities.The auditorium serves as a multifunctional space, facilitating daily educational activities, school performances, and the sharing of essential information to parents, particularly concerning guardianship and other crucial matters for students with developmental disabilities. Focus Academy is unique because of its art-therapy-based curriculum, heavily reliant on the auditorium's projector system. This technology enables our students to learn and express themselves in ways that differ from traditional public schools. Regrettably, the malfunctioning projector is hindering our ability to provide this specialized form of education effectively. The auditorium's technology is vital for effective communication with our diverse group of parents, many of whom English is a second language. During a recent seminar on guardianship, the projector malfunctioned, forcing us to resort to printed PowerPoint handouts. This unexpected technical hurdle disrupted the seminar and deprived parents of valuable educational time.Failure to provide assistance for the malfunctioning projector system and related technology in the auditorium at Focus Academy Public Charter School will have negatively impact the services offered. This includes:

Disruption of Specialized Education: The malfunctioning projector limits the delivery of the art-therapy-based curriculum that sets Focus Academy apart. Students with developmental disabilities rely on this unique approach to learning and self-expression.

Hindered Parental Engagement: The auditorium is a crucial platform for sharing information with parents, especially those for whom English is a second language. The equipment disrupts seminars and meetings, hindering effective communication and depriving parents of critical knowledge.

Inefficient Resource Utilization: Printing materials during seminars, due to the malfunctioning projector, adds unexpected costs and wastes valuable time that could be better spent educating parents and enhancing the learning environment for students.

Diminished School Performances: School performances are essential for students' self-esteem and development, and a malfunctioning projector detracts from the quality of these events and reduces their impact.

The malfunctioning technology compromises the specialized education provided and impedes vital communication and engagement with parents. It disrupts the efficient use of resources and negatively affects the overall school experience for our unique students.
02/05/2024116Fully Funded$1,800.00
Not Funded0%Lost sponsor at community outreach food pantryLove Thy Neighbor IncBasic Needs$5,000.00Pinellas needs we are requesting are help with rent and utilities in Saint Petersburg, FL, at our local food pantry that help many families in need with food, toiletries, paper products, cleaning supplies when donated, and clothing.If no help the pantry would be forced to shut down and families in need that we serve would not receive the help that we offer such as free food, clothing, and toiletries they need to live.01/06/2024136Expired$0.00
Partially Funded96%Security Gate repairSelah FreedomDomestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$133.00Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellas Freedom's safe home located in Hillsborough County is one of the busiest safe homes for victims of Sex Trafficking in the State of Florida. We have a need to repair our security gate that is having electrical issues. This is the only gate to get into our property. It is also tied to our entire security system.As you can imagine, while dealing with survivors of sex trafficking that security at our safe home is of the upmost importance. It is imperative that we get the front security gate fixed asap. The safety of our residents, staff and volunteers is at risk. We need your help to repair our security gate to restore our security system in full. These survivors of trafficking have been through horrible abuse and the need to feel they are safe from their traffickers is paramount in their healing journey. Also the wonderful people, our staff and volunteers, that have dedicated their live to helping these survivors deserve to work in a safe home with working security systems.01/12/2024136Expired$2,867.00
Not Funded0%Increased Stipend/Mileage Costs for Low-Income Senior-Aged Volunteer TutorsSeniors in Service of Tampa Bay, Inc.Education$65,833.00Hillsborough ; Pinellashttp://seniorsinservice.orgWe urgently need funding to cover increased stipends/transportation costs needed for low-income senior-age volunteers to continue helping the MOST at-risk children with the MOST urgent needs build literacy.

Last year 237 volunteers served 146,266 hours (5-30 hours/week each for the full school year) tutoring/mentoring 1,354 economically-disadvantaged K-3rd graders. Teacher assessments show 98% improved literacy. To retain high-quality volunteers, best practices include engaging volunteers from the same neighborhood as those they serve. To help cover costs related to volunteering, volunteers who income-qualify get a small $4/hour stipend and mileage reimbursement to/from their assigned school. This allows low-income seniors the same opportunity as more affluent community members to participate in service, doing what they love most: helping children who struggle to read.

Our critical need to fill a $65,833 budget gap is due to unbudgeted, unforeseen, time-sensitive budget impacts that significantly interfere with our ability to provide at-risk kids with crucial tutoring services:
- Federal-mandated stipend increase ($3.15 to $4/hour) is not reflected in existing grants from funders whose fiscal years don’t align. (Gap= $27,079)
- Federal-approved mileage increase to $.655/mi is not reflected in existing grants. In addition, Children’s Board of Hillsborough budget was reduced mid-year due to Policy change that made volunteer mileage an Unallowable Expense. (Gap = $38,755)
COVID19 Learning Loss creates urgent need to retain volunteers to tutor/mentor kids who desperately need their help. TRUE STORY: Arthur, usually well-behaved & eager to learn, was acting out in class. Noticing this, his teacher asked him to work with Volunteer “Grandma” P. When he remained uncooperative “Grandma” asked what was going on. After some time & space he shared how he’d been removed from his home, sent to live with his aunt. He’d seen his mom for the first time since & was feeling homesick. Teachers do not have time to create that kind of space for each child. “Grandma” lives nearby & understands what life is like for him. She serves 15 hours/week for the full school year, a stable force for at-risk kids & the teacher she’s served for years. Knowing “Grandma” is right there creates genuine connection challenged kids crave. Without assistance, kids like Arthur won’t get support needed for academic & life-long success.
Affordable housing crisis, skyrocketing rents & inflation make it essential to continue helping low-income volunteers cover costs related to volunteering. High-poverty seniors on fixed incomes like “Grandma” P struggle to make ends meet. Studies show seniors who volunteer remain active & purposeful, improving their mental & physical health and ability to age in place, delaying their own need for services. Without assistance, volunteers like “Grandma” P won’t get financial support needed now more than ever to cover expenses related to volunteering.
Partially Funded87%Hospital Closure - Mental Health Professional To Fill GapsNAMI Pasco County Florida, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$1,533.00Pascohttp://namipasco.orgHelp to bring on board temporary help for the influx of participants due to local hospital shutdownWe pride ourselves on providing complementary and placeholder services for those receiving or in need of specialized care. However, we have recently become the only option for some as one of our local mental health hospitals has been completely shut down along with all of the services that they provide to the area in addition the remaining hospital stopped providing their outpatient mental health support group services due to lack of staffing. Not to be overly dramatic, but if this care is not available and received the results could be catastrophic for some. In the less intense cases lack of care results in a lower quality of life and in some cases inability to function. We are doing the best that we can to fill the gaps, but with the holidays coming which always brings us more people anyway, we are worried.11/08/2023194Expired$10,667.00
Not Funded0%Replacement and Cleaning Costs for Kids’ Clothing and Shoes: Warehouse Storage Destroyed by Lightning Strike and Mold from AC OutageOASIS Network of New TampaBasic Needs$42,020.41Hillsboroughhttp://www.oasisopportunities.orgOASIS’ main clothing site and warehouse were deemed unusable because of mold and AC outage when one portable building was hit by lightning and the other building suffered water damage on multiple occasions. OASIS must relocate and find a new home for the clothing, shoes and hygiene items not damaged and replace the 563 pairs of shoes, 873 pieces of school clothing and 1,300 hygiene items that were destroyed. Twenty-seven shelving units used for clothing storage had to be thrown away and plastic storage bins had to be purchased to store usable inventory. Additionally, 1,110 lbs. of clothing had to be professionally laundered.OASIS’ programs provide clothing, hygiene items, and other essentials to over 13,000 PreK-12th grade students per year. These essentials are critical in reducing absenteeism, minimizing discipline problems, and often mean the difference between a student graduating and dropping out of high school. Access to these items allows students to build their self-confidence, fit in with their peers, and reach their full academic and personal potential. If the destroyed clothing, shoes, and hygiene products are not replaced, at least 563 students will go without items needed for school.

Additionally, the closure of our warehouse, a clothing site, and the Online Order & Delivery Program has a significant impact on our ability to serve students. With this delay of services, an estimated 250 students per month will not benefit from OASIS programs. It is critical that the warehouse storage and clothing closet shelving is replaced so that all OASIS programs can resume normal operations when new locations are found.
Not Funded0%Girl Scouts Camp Wai Lani Dock ReplacementGirl Scouts of West Central Florida, Inc.Education$53,806.00Pinellashttp://gswcf.orgDuring Hurricane Idalia, Girl Scouts Camp Wai Lani sustained damage across camp, with the the most damage in the waterfront area. The dock sustained major damage and a portion of the dock was found moved several feet on the shoreline next to the boathouse. The timber piles for the portion of the dock that remained in place were pulled out of the water by approximately 6 inches from the force of the storm surge. Due to this, the dock will have to be rebuilt. Our dock extended 50 feet from the camp site into the Gulf at Boggy Bayou on St. Josephs Sound and was ripped from its’ pilings, warping the boards, rendering it unusable for the waterfront activities at this active aquatics based camp. The dock area is currently closed to our members.Due to the loss of the dock, we have had to close our waterfront, eliminating all waterfront activities at Camp Wai Lani, our aquatics based facility. These include: canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, waterfront based ecological education, and fishing. Should we be unable to replace the dock, we anticipate that our attendance and the camps revenues will significantly drop off as these are the primary activities that girls come to the camp for throughout the year. This includes weekend troop camping that keeps the camp almost fully booked every weekend, large group encampments, program events, trainings, community group rentals, and traditional summer resident and day camps.. Outdoor education and outdoor experiences are one of Girl Scouts foundational program pillars. The loss of our dock means that the camps 6800+ annual visitors are unable to experience all parts of a high quality Girl Scout Leadership Experience, whether it’s their first float in a canoe, conquering their fear of swimming where they can’t see and touch the bottom, or learning about our delicate coastal ecosystem firsthand. When girls are unable to participate, they also lose all of the concentrated skill building and mission critical outcomes that participation in these activities bring to the overall camp experience: conquering fears, independence, challenge seeking, building healthy relationships, learning positive values, and problem solving, among a multitude of other important life skills.10/31/2023206Expired$0.00
Not Funded0%Collapsed ShelvingUloc of TampaBasic Needs$5,375.00Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttp://www.uloccommunitynetwork.orgWe have been serving the Tampa Bay area since 2003. We provide house essentials, food, clothing and hygiene products and disaster relief that are held in our 2400 square foot warehouse. Our shelving units have collapsed, we need shelving ASAP to hold and organize all donations that we currently have and those we pick up every week. In 2020 we was able to provide to over 2000 people in our community cleaning supplies, tissue and paper towels when supplies was scarce due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We currently & specifically have mask, sanitizers, Lysol wipes, tissue and paper towel. God forbid there be another pandemic of any kind. Shelving and proper placing is everything so that we can get to what we need in a timely manner.We want be able to organize and hold item in the warehouse, making it unsafe for volunteers and people to come get the assistance they need. Organization is a must so that we are able to pull the necessary items for the people in our community and for disaster relief. Last year we provide to over 2000 families, We gave 12,000 toys to kids, this past August we provided 1500 book bags for school. We supplied the elderly communities with household essentials and food, we serve our homeless population with hygienes & meals. With out these shelving there is no way for us to organize or categorize what we have to assist those in need.10/26/2023206Expired$0.00
Not Funded0%Critical Safety For Clients, Staff, and Volunteers at FRESH PantrySt. Petersburg Free Clinic, Inc.Basic Needs$66,610.00Pinellashttp://www.stpetersburgfreeclinic.orgSt. Petersburg Free Clinic’s (SPFC) We Help FRESH Indoor Choice Pantry offers essential food and hygiene items utilizing a client choice model, which allows individuals to select the food and basic items they need while providing a dignified market experience. Through our Indoor Choice pantry location alone, we are serving an average of almost 20,000 individuals per month. Consistently, over half of the households served through the pantry are families with children, many of whom bring their children to the pantry. Along with providing high-quality food, it is critically important for everyone accessing our services to feel safe. Unfortunately, recently there were two threats of gun violence at the pantry inside of the same week. SPFC leadership took immediate action, coordinating with the St. Pete Police Department (SPPD) to report the incidents and otherwise support their investigation. We temporarily implemented officer presence during pantry hours and plan to hire security personnel aligned with our values for a lasting solution. We have chosen a well-established security firm with previous experience working in healthcare settings, and we will be involved in interviewing potential candidates to ensure values alignment. We also plan to equip our staff with tools to navigate interactions with clients who become escalated while at the pantry by offering de-escalation training to all SPFC staff as well as a six-month refresher training.At SPFC, we share a deep commitment to creating welcoming, accessible, and inclusive spaces for our clients, staff, and volunteers. We pride ourselves on keeping our buildings and services as barrier-free as possible. We are also committed to ensuring the safety of the children, adults, and seniors who rely on our services, as well as that of our staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to deliver those services. While we recognize the critical importance of providing safety for our clients in these ways, these are unexpected organizational expenses arising from recent threats to client safety. As we continue to respond to the highest level of community need we have witnessed in our 53-year history, this funding would allow us to focus our funds on operating at this unprecedented level while additionally not sacrificing the quality of security personnel for our Indoor Choice Pantry. As SPFC projects program budgets for the next fiscal year, we are already facing difficult decisions regarding our ability to serve the continuously increasing number of clients with finite resources. Continuing to operate our much-needed programs and services while ensuring the safety of our clients are both nonnegotiable. Receiving this support would ensure our ability to accomplish those goals without scaling back more than we already must within our budgetary constraints.10/04/2023229Expired$0.00
Fully Funded100%Flooding of Healthy Families Hudson Building due to HurricanePasco Kids First, Inc.Basic Needs$0.00Pascohttps://www.pascokidsfirst.orgOur building in Hudson (western Pasco) was flooded with 1 foot of water from Hurricane Idalia. This building houses our Healthy Families program which serves pregnant moms/expecting families and parents with young children with education and resources. Eight employees occupy the building and children and families frequent the office for workshops, check-ins, educational opportunities and group activities. The flooding in the building damaged the floors, carpets, baseboards, walls, desks, bookshelves, chairs, and program materials and curriculum. We are requesting $30,000 to cover the cost of drying out and stabilizing the building which was done by a professional company, the removal of damaged furniture by a professional company which was hauled away, the removal of salvageable items by a professional company which went to a storage unit, the moving of equipment, the cost of renting a new storage unit, and the purchase of new office furniture (as listed below) to replace damaged ones. We have invoices from all items mentioned above except the damaged (and to be replaced) office furniture. We have pictures of the furniture. This damage to our building was UNEXPECTED and thus NOT budgeted. Unfortunately, we are NOT able to claim this damage via our insurance because our deductible is too high. This means that we have had to and will have to come out of pocket to cover these expenses which puts a major burden on our organization.If we are not able to recoup these costs from the hurricane damage, we will have to use unrestricted funds meant for other mission critical items such as program supplies (diapers and baby supplies, home and car safety items, curriculum, group activities, technology needs, bus passes and transportation help). These type of program items are essential for our pregnant moms and enrolled families in the program to grow and thrive in their development. The program provides education but also many basic needs such as those listed above. If we have to use these funds to cover hurricane damage, it directly takes away from our program participants and services. In addition, we will have to take away from other program enhancements such as adding new staff positions and boosting training and education for staff.

Healthy Families is a proven child abuse prevention program which boasts a 98% abuse free (reported / verified through the state system) rating for participants while they are in the program and up to 2 years after. It serves over 500 families per year and plays a critical role in giving parents (and the children) a great start in the very early childhood years.
10/20/2023229Fully Funded$30,000.00
Fully Funded100%Refrigerator Unit Replacement at Early Childcare Centers that serves under-represented population in Hillsborough CountyCornerstone Family Ministries, Inc.Education$0.00Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttp://www.cornerstonefamilyministries.orgWe are seeking this critical need grant for the replacement of two critical refrigerator units at our early childcare centers. Our mission to provide supplemented to free early education for underrepresented populations is contingent upon our ability to ensure their safety and well-being. Recent unexpected events have severely compromised our capacity to store and keep fresh food for the children in our care.
At our Old West Tampa Early Childcare Center, our milk refrigerator, an essential piece of equipment ensuring our children's daily nutrition, is currently malfunctioning beyond repair. Despite our best efforts to administer daily makeshift fixes to keep it running, the unit's consistent functioning is now beyond guarantee. This situation is not sustainable and poses a potential health risk to the children due to unreliable temperature control.
At our Oak Grove Childcare Center, a recent power surge from Hurricane Idalia has damaged our commercial 2-door refrigerator. The affected part is unrepairable. The refrigerator is pivotal in storing a variety of foods that feed our children every day. Like our other center, the need to constantly monitor the appliance for temperature consistency is not just a drain on our resources, but also a lingering concern for the safety of our children's meals.
Both of these pieces of equipment are essential for us to provide three nutritious meals each day to over 100 students ages 0-12 years old who may otherwise not receive these meals.
For Cornerstone Family Ministries, the pressing situation regarding our refrigeration units is not just a logistical concern, but a grave impediment to our core mission. This is an unbudgeted and time-sensitive critical need that poses a significant threat to our ability to deliver mission-critical services.
The mission of Cornerstone Family Ministries is to nourish young bodies, develop young minds, and foster hope through Christ one child at a time. We meet our mission by providing learning opportunities on-site, nutritious food, and connections to local churches for children and their families who live at or below the poverty level. Proper nutrition is not just a service, it's a lifeline. Children, especially those in vulnerable populations, require consistent, healthy nourishment for proper physical and cognitive development. Without a safe and secure way to feed our children and staff, we cannot provide for our community.
To highlight the breadth of our impact, Cornerstone annually serves more than 14,000 children across Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, and Manatee counties. Cornerstone Family Ministries is dedicated to serving families of all religions and beliefs without discrimination. Each of these children, their families, and the broader communities depend on us to consistently deliver on our promise. Your support in addressing this critical need will ensure that we can continue to be a beacon of hope and nourishment for so many.
10/16/2023229Fully Funded$3,543.00
Not Funded0%Securing the Safety and Security of Children During Israel - Hamas WarHillel AcademyHealth and Wellbeing$61,760.00Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttp://www.hillelacademytampa.comOn October 7, 2023, Israel was attacked by the terrorist group, Hamas. Since then, based on a worldwide history of propaganda and antisemitism, the Jewish people are now faced with an incredible security risk in addition to the uptick in antisemitism already experienced in recent years. Witnessing the local and national rallies supporting Hamas and its murder of innocent civilians on Israeli land has made it clear that individuals and groups with anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiment have been emboldened to act.

While an annual security fee is charged to our families and the state of Florida also minimally supports Jewish day school security efforts, these annual funds do not completely cover our security costs, especially our most recent critical needs. We have increased security personnel beyond our budget. We have expedited the erection of a campus gate utilizing the final funds of our National Homeland Security Grant, but it doesn't cover the entire cost. Most importantly, we have opened our school doors to Israeli families seeking safety, security, and normalcy for their children without the funding or the ability to extend our budget to fully support their needs (the community is stepping up to help with food and housing).

Currently, we are grieving and we are scared. On top of all of this, we are encouraging our community to support Israel, knowing our own annual fundraising efforts may be greatly impacted.
The safety and security of our 300 students and educators is too important to decrease services. The reality is we will continue with additional security, we will pay the expenses for expediting a major piece of security equipment, and we will manage the emotional and academic needs of the Israeli children who find refuge at our school. We will manage a budget that will dramatically end up in the red and we will keep on asking our donors who have to make a choice between supporting Hillel and supporting Israel to support both. In a crisis, this is just what we need to do as a community.

The greatest impact will be on next year's budget and for a short time afterward. In order to make up for this year's shortfall, we will not be able to compensate our teachers well. We will not be able to provide them with professional development and benefits to the degree that they deserve. We will have to diminish the Jewish life activities of the school for the students, during a time that we should be assuring them that being Jewish and pro-Israel are not risks, but are parts of an identity to be embraced and of which to be proud.

While we have been assured there are no local credible threats to Jewish organizations, we have been warned that the greatest threat at this time is an attack by a "Lone Wolf" who will use the war as a motive for an antisemitic attack. An attack such as this at our Jewish community day school will break the spirit of our local Jewish community.
Not Funded0%Emergency Veterinary Care for Miniature Therapy HorsesHoney's Mini Therapy AdventuresHealth and Wellbeing$14,000.00Hernando ; Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellas main need is addressing the costs when it comes to providing our miniature horses with the proper emergency veterinary care. Supplying our horses with the necessary health care, such as procedures and medications is extremely important during times of an emergency. Their emergency procedures can get expensive as many of our horses are prone to health issues and require consistent care.As we continue to provide our services throughout our community, our organization is facing a variety of challenges involving the health of our horses. During the past year, we have been concerned with the veterinary needs of our horses as it has been a struggle to cover the cost of their care in emergency circumstances. For instance, two of our horses, Belle and Honey, have been experiencing eye issues. Belle has Euvitis which has turned into an eye ulcer. This eye ulcer has raised the pressure in her eye and caused glaucoma. The procedures and medications for Belle have been costing around $5,000 while Honey could benefit from this care as well. She suffers from the same problems in both eyes and her procedures would cost us around $6,000 for each eye. We also had another horse, Jack, who was in the equine hospital in May for a high temperature and low white blood cell count. The hospital fees in total for him cost us about $4,000. These veterinary costs were unexpected as they were not specifically budgeted for in 2023. To cover some of these emergency expenses as the health of our horses is our number one priority, we have been using our operational funds. For us to ensure our continued work and allow these unique services to remain accessible to our community, we need assistance in addressing these emergency veterinary expenses.09/20/2023261Expired$0.00
Not Funded0%Disaster Relief - Hurricane Idalia - Somebody Cares Tampa BaySomebody Cares Tampa BayBasic Needs$25,000.00Hernando ; Hillsborough ; Pasco ; Pinellashttps://sctb.orgAfter Hurricane Idalia touched ground in Perry Florida, Somebody Cares Tampa Bay partnered with Somebody Cares International and Evangel Assembly of God in Perry, Florida, to set up a distribution site to receive truckloads of food, materials and supplies for residents who experienced flooding and food and power shortages caused by Hurricane Idalia. Mark Roye, On-Site Response Coordinator for Somebody Cares America, arrived early with the Holy Smoke USA grill and 500 pounds of sausage donated by Kiolbasa Sausage. SCA also directed trucks to the church with Tyson chicken and water. Mark said, "There is massive destruction here and there is no food service at all in the area. We are really blessed to be here and to be the hands and feet of Jesus to people who are hurting after this storm”.

Somebody Cares Tampa Bay sent our first truckload of generators, gas cans, contractor trash bags, shop vacs and chainsaws to Perry on August 31st. Our second truck arrived on September 6th containing paper towels, ready-to-eat foods, water and other items.

Somebody Cares of Tampa Bay has always been one of the first on the ground bringing disaster relief to people in need after storms. Our efforts start though a collaboration between Somebody Cares International and Somebody Cares Tampa Bay. We pull in local churches and reputable organizations in the area hardest hit who have the facilities to receive large trucks with adequate storage for distribution to affected residents.
Storm surges and battering waves can result in loss of life, buildings destroyed and erosion of roads and bridges which endangers public health, properties and the environment. The recovery efforts of groups on the ground are hampered if they don’t receive the generators, chain saws, food, water and cleaning supplies they need to help residents with basic needs.

SCTB has been providing disaster relief wherever needed for over 20 years with the assistance of the 700 Club and their program, Operation Blessing. Because of previous assistance, local and national organizations depend on us to support their disaster relief efforts. As a compassionate organization, we want to continue to be a lighthouse in major storms letting people know that Somebody Cares. We are effective at mobilizing partners because we go first without initially asking for financial assistance. After we assess the needs, we ask partners in affected areas to join us in meeting those needs.

SCTB paid for the disaster relief we sent to Perry and will be sending a third truck soon. Without a replacement of funds, future disaster relief services will be impacted which presents an imminent threat to our effective operations. We cannot replace these funds because partners have already donated food and other necessities that we sent to Perry. We’re requesting a Critical Needs Grant to cover these unexpected costs to position us to assist during hurricanes and strong storms that may occur.
Fully Funded100%Emergency and Recovery Food Relief and Supplies in Citrus and Hernando Counties Due to Hurricane IdaliaCommunity Food Bank of Citrus CountyBasic Needs$0.00Citrus ; Hernando are filling the meal gap and personal needs of flood victims. Many homeless encampments as well as homes were severely damaged by the storm surge and citizens have lost many of their belongings including food, appliances, clothing, and toiletries.
Our staff and trucks are working extra shifts and covering more ground to ensure the necessary supplies are acquired and appropriately distributed. Additional wages, urgent supply purchases, and fuel costs continue to be impactful on our overall budget. The Community Food Bank provides food relief for over 70,000 residents every day and has ramped up our efforts with direct distribution and the facilitation of emergency meals, water, cleaning supplies, personal care items, and small appliances through agency partners in Citrus and Hernando Counties. By focusing initially on Meals Ready to Eat and longer term with perishable, nutrient-rich foods, water, and household supplies, residents are being given immediate relief and the tools for permanent recovery and sustainability.
The need for both immediate and long-term food relief continues to escalate with over 20% of our most vulnerable residents displaced and heavily impacted by flood waters. Hard choices between medication, gas, or meals are made daily and disasters like Hurricane Idalia intensify that need. Those suffering from traumatic situations will not bounce back without healthy meals nourishing their bodies and minds. Hundreds of residents have lost their entire kitchen including appliances and are working hard to recover what they can and then rebuild their homes. We know that we are better together and the Nature Coast will shine once again!09/12/2023270Fully Funded$45,000.00
Fully Funded100%Hurricane Idalia Housing ReliefCitrus County Education FoundationBasic Needs$0.00Citrushttps://citruseducation.orgDue to the storm surge brought on by Hurricane Idalia, many of our most economically disadvantaged families have been displaced from their homes. As we continue to work with community agencies we have identified a need for temporary housing/hotel stays until a critical disaster relief housing center can be established. Although we are not the hardest hit from this storm, we have many displaced families. The window for state and federal support is approximately 7-10 days out. This leaves many of our families homeless until those necessary measures are available in Citrus County.The Citrus County Education Foundation works closely with the Citrus County School District to identify families in need. Currently, there are no additional funds available to support the level of enormous requests for temporary housing. By not meeting these needs many of these children and families will experience trauma that will be felt in the classroom and beyond.09/01/2023277Fully Funded$25,333.00
Fully Funded100%Replacement of Air Conditioning SystemsEnterprising Latinas, Inc.Workforce Services and Career Development$0.00Hillsborough the air conditioning unit of a modular classroom and office building that make up the Wimauma Opportunity Center where community and educational are offered to residents of Wimauma and surrounding communities.Enterprising Latinas is a women's economic development community-based organization that in 2018 purchased and renovated a neighborhood restaurant building and converted it into the now-known as the Wimauma Opportunity Center. Located on Highway 674 in the heart of Wimauma, the Wimauma Opportunity Center stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment for the community serving an average of 2,000 residents annually.

Having a functioning air conditioning system at the Wimauma Opportunity Center's facilities is critical in maintaining a healthy, comfortable, and conducive learning environment for all residents engaging in educational programs and accessing the resources they need most. Beyond the main building, the Wimauma Opportunity Center is comprised of three modular classrooms and office buildings, of which two are owned by Enterprising Latinas, and one is owned by Hillsborough Community College. The two modular buildings owned by Enterprising Latinas are older models with failing systems that have been repaired over time. This month, one of the two modular buildings' AC systems stopped functioning entirely after having gone through some repairs, and the second modular building while still operating, technicians have warned that it too will require replacement.
08/30/2023281Fully Funded$17,333.00
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