Kristy’s Lightning in a Bottle Fund

Established in 2022
In memory of Kristy Blaine Boss

Inspired by the love, tenacity, and fight of Kristy Blaine Boss, the Lightning in a Bottle Fund was created to help support the financial, medical, and emotional needs of families fighting cancer. Throughout Kristy’s life, she radiated love to all, most importantly to her family for whom she fought so courageously to remain with. While our hearts hurt terribly, we hope that by honoring her greatness, we can help other families with loved ones find the smiles, booming laughs, and magic senses of humor that so defined Kristy.

Make your tax-deductible donation safely and securely using the form below. You can choose to make a one-time or recurring contribution via credit card or ACH/Direct Debit. A credit card processing fee of 2.798% + $0.26 will be deducted from all gifts made by credit card. ACH/Direct Debit gifts will not incur any fees. Minimum online donation is $25.

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