Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

Established in March 2022


Campaign of the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund
Sponsored By: Lyda Tymiak Lindell MD and Carl W. Lindell, Jr. 

A letter from Lyda Tymiak Lindell:

Dear Friends,

I am beyond excited and filled with hope for my next effort to make a real difference in the outcome of this terrible Russian War of Aggression in Ukraine.

My Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund at the Community Foundation Tampa Bay will now be partnering with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), a 5-star 501(c) 3 nonprofit. I have been personally talking to the leaders and Bonnie Carroll, the founder of TAPS. There is a great need now for the restoration of power to those who are supporting the front lines. I am in constant communication with those on the ground who know their immediate needs. Delivery is within days and often documented by an onsite video!

TAPS has staff members in the war zone who know Ukraine’s critical needs firsthand. They have been based in Dnipro since 2014. Learn more about TAPS at this link.

I am also partnering with Whitney Tilson, an ex-hedge fund manager who has raised 17 million Dollars for TAPS Ukraine. I recently met Whitney in NYC.

My first grant this week is $100,000, providing portable generators to villages that have lost Power, Wi-Fi, and water because Russia has successfully targeted infrastructure.

The grant has funded:

  • 5 All-Terrain Vehicles ($10 K each)
  • 30 portable generators ($1 K each)
  • A water truck for 3 months

These were economically sourced in Poland and quickly delivered to the front line. Much, much more is needed.

Without power the resilient Ukrainians cannot win this war. The portable generators only cost $1000 and are reusable. The ATV’s have already saved lives.

Those of us in Florida know what it’s like to lose power temporarily. Imagine trying to resist the brutal Russian aggression without daily access to Power!

I’m calling it The POWER UP UKRAINE Campaign.
I’ve raised $500,000 to date. My goal now is $9.5 million before the winter. Only $1,000 will put a family of resistors back in the game of supporting the front line.

The War in Ukraine is entering its most critical period NOW. Ukraine is making headway. The difference between success and failure depends on the ability of those remaining to resist. Those on the ground in Ukraine have told me that generators are critical to provide the power that the resistance needs.

They must prevail for the sake of our free world!

Helping Ukraine now is truly an investment. Ukraine is fighting our biggest adversary with no U.S. boots on the ground and using only 5% of our defense budget.

Please join me in making a difference in this valiant struggle for freedom and democracy.

Tax-deductible donations may be made below or by sending a check to:
UKRAINE CRISIS RELIEF at Community Foundation Tampa Bay
4300 W. Cypress St. Suite 700, Tampa, FL 33607

Now you will be able to see a video of exactly where your donations are going.

Glory to Ukraine! Slava Ykrainyi!

With all my love,

Lyda Tymiak Lindell, M.D. and Carl Lindell

Lyda’s Cell – 727-244-2650






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