Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

Established in March 2022


Campaign of the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund
Sponsored By: Lyda Tymiak Lindell MD and Carl W. Lindell, Jr. 

A letter from Lyda and Carl:

Campaign of the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund
Sponsored By: Lyda Tymiak Lindell MD and Carl W. Lindell, Jr.

A letter from Lyda and Carl:

Dear Cherished Donors,

I am so grateful for the generosity that you have shown towards our mission to help the people in Ukraine fight this continuing Russian War of Aggression. The world is watching who supports Ukraine’s fight for democracy and its very existence. The outcome of the war will change the world.

The Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund at the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay continues to partner with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), a 5-star 501(c)(3) nonprofit. I meet with Bonnie Carroll, the founder of TAPS, and Whitney Tilson, ex-hedge fund manager who has raised $17 million dollars for TAPS Ukraine, regularly to strategize relief efforts. We are thankful our team on the ground in Ukraine has been able to continue communicating their immediate needs. We document through photography and video when the support arrives and share that with our donors. Watch our latest update here:


Achievements to Date:

Fundraising Milestone: The fund has now raised over $1 million. The million-dollar threshold was met at a recent fundraiser, where almost $400,000 was raised in a single night.

Generators: 234 generators have been donated for $1000 each.

Water Truck: A water truck operates monthly, providing 85,000 people per month with the entirety of their water needs. The water truck costs $8,000 per month.

Ambulances: 5 ambulances have been donated at $5,000 each.

ATVs: 11 all-terrain vehicles at $10,000 each.

Windows and Medical Supplies: The Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund has funded the transportation of 8,000 windows and 4 pallets of medical supplies courtesy of Support the Troops.

Without power, the resilient Ukrainians cannot win this war. Portable generators, which cost only $1,000 each and are reusable, have been a lifeline. The ATVs and medical supplies have saved lives by enabling swift transportation of supplies and injured civilians. Windows have restored warmth, privacy, and dignity back to the homes damaged in the shelling.

Ukraine and her people are strong, but the difference between success and failure depends on the ability of those remaining to resist. They must prevail for the sake of our free world!

Helping Ukraine now is truly an investment. Ukraine is fighting our biggest adversary with no U.S. boots on the ground and using only 5% of our defense budget.

Please join me in making a difference in this valiant struggle for freedom and democracy.

Tax-deductible donations may be made below or by sending a check to:
UKRAINE CRISIS RELIEF at Community Foundation Tampa Bay
4300 W. Cypress St. Suite 700, Tampa, FL 33607

Now you will be able to see a video of exactly where your donations are going.

Glory to Ukraine! Slava Ukraini!

With all my love,

Lyda Tymiak Lindell, M.D. and Carl Lindell

Lyda’s Cell – 727-244-2650






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