Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

Established in March 2022

Ukraine Crisis Relief Campaign
Sponsored By: Lyda Tymiak Lindell MD and Carl W. Lindell, Jr. 

Dear Friends,

Last year I started the Ukraine Crisis Relief fund at the Community Foundation Tampa Bay in order to help the 8 million refugees fleeing the unprovoked Russian War of aggression in Ukraine. These were mostly women and children. Through your generosity $425,000 was raised and put to great use feeding and housing these innocent people.

I am writing to share the good news about Ukraine. Democracy is winning! Russia’s unprovoked war has stirred the fight for freedom and sovereignty throughout the world as evidenced by the protests in Iran and China. NATO is unified as never before. Ukraine must win this war for all of us and our way of life.

On February 24th, Russia invaded Ukraine and expected to topple the democratic government in three days. Now, after a year of brutal attacks by Russia on the innocent civilian population, the resolve and bravery of the Ukrainian people is stronger than ever. Russia has been forced to retreat from key areas of Kherson and Donetsk. President Zelensky is admired worldwide for his excellent leadership.

Putin has resorted to targeting infrastructure and the power grid leaving millions of people without electricity or heat in the freezing cold. In order to win this war, the Ukrainian people need to survive the bitter cold and darkness of this winter. They desperately need our help. They are fighting to preserve democracy for the entire world.

I am in touch with key organizations providing humanitarian aid, generators, water, and food to so many millions who are suffering but will not give up.

Please consider a generous tax-deductible donation to our Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund at the Community Foundation Tampa Bay, so that we can reach our one-million-dollar goal.

You may donate below or by sending a check to:
UKRAINE CRISIS RELIEF at Community Foundation Tampa Bay
4300 W. Cypress St. Suite 700, Tampa, FL 33607


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