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Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

Established in March 2022

Ukraine Crisis Relief Campaign
Sponsored By: Lyda Tymiak Lindell MD and Carl W. Lindell, Jr. 

As of March 22, 2022 over 3.5 million Ukrainian people are refugees and 7 million are internally displaced. 90% are women and children. 80,000 women are expected to give birth within 6 months. Millions within Ukraine are running out of water, food, shelter and medicine. Hospitals, apartment buildings, schools and orphanages are being bombed. Beautiful historic cities are being turned into rubble.

This tragedy has hit me personally. I am of Ukrainian heritage and it was my first language. My parents escaped from Ukraine after World War II with only the clothes on their backs and their education. When my father was a student he was imprisoned by the Soviets in a basement and survived a bomb attack when the bomb did not detonate. My family never lost sight of the importance of freedom and democracy.

In 2015 my sister Ada and I traveled to Lviv with our Mother’s ashes. She wished to be buried alongside my father in Hlynyany, the small town outside Lviv where he was born. I have family living in Lviv now. After two weeks of prayers, tears, and sleepless nights I decided I must do more for the incredibly brave and resilient Ukrainian people who are suffering so much and fighting for democracy and freedom for ALL of us. I have never been more proud of my Ukrainian heritage.

Several friends who want to help Ukraine but are unsure where their dollars would do the most good have asked me for recommendations. My husband Carl is a businessman, philanthropist and Young President’s Organization YPO member for 40 years. He joins me and Community Foundation Tampa Bay in vetting the organizations that are most needed right now in Ukraine. We are also actively participating in YPO’s Global Diplomacy Network. Here we are in direct contact with leaders in Ukraine and Eastern Europe who pinpoint immediate needs and the right organizations to effectively fill those needs The International Red Cross is doing life saving work both in and outside Ukraine’s borders. UNICEF is directly helping women and children refugees. Global Kitchen is feeding the refugees at the Polish border. These organizations will be the initial beneficiaries of the fund.

PLEASE join us in helping the Ukrainian people especially the women and children. We have set up a Ukraine Crisis Relief Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation Tampa Bay where I am a member of the board of trustees. Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 to be used immediately for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Carl and I have committed $200,000 for a matching program. When you donate $1000 or more we will match your gift. We greatly appreciate your generosity.


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