Impact Story – Frameworks of Tampa Bay, Inc.

Frameworks of Tampa Bay is a nonprofit organization that empowers educators, youth services professionals, and parents and guardians through training, coaching, and research-based resources to equip students with social and emotional skills.

“Our emotions need to be as educated as our intellect. To reach our greatest potential, we must know how to feel and how to respond. Today may feel more challenging than ever, but there are actually more opportunities to bring awareness to the importance of building social and emotional competencies (SEL)! I am so fortunate to be surrounded by the most amazing team of folks that “get it”! They are making a difference in the lives of educators, other youth professionals, mentors, students and parents/guardians every day, bringing training, coaching and resources that will pave the way for enhanced emotional intelligence and lifelong success.”
– Elizabeth Reedy Foley, CEO

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