Impact Story – Sun City Center Emergency Squad

Every year the Emergency Squad responds to over 5000 calls for emergency service. As the front line of community caregiving for over 57 years, the Sun City Center Emergency Squad provides more than basic life support emergency care: they provide a hand to hold when the patient is scared and a shoulder to lean on when the spouse is worried. Their volunteers are not just extremely well-trained, they are compassionate and caring individuals who love what they do.

When they respond, they often find their neighbors alone and afraid to go to the hospital, yet understanding that they need help. This is why they are here.

Dottie, an 89 year old widow on a fixed income, has several chronic health issues. Her children live in Minnesota and California, too far to be with her every time she needs help. At her age, most of her friends have passed and her social contacts are limited. She no longer knows her neighbors and isn’t sure she should trust them if she needs help. And she is too proud to ask.

Dottie is one of hundreds, maybe thousands, of seniors that find themselves increasingly isolated as they age. Knowing that the Emergency Squad does not charge for any of its services, she is more comfortable requesting assistance when she knows she needs help.

With many chronically ill seniors on limited incomes, the Emergency Squad is often the most trusted source of assistance in the community.

Since its inception in 1964, everything the Emergency Squad does for its community is free. From emergency ambulance transports, transportation to medical appointments for wheelchair bound residents, blood pressures and loaner walkers and wheelchairs – everything is free for the community. None of volunteers receive a paycheck and no one has ever been an employee. Your support today could ensure that they continue the mission of serving the residents of the Sun City Center community.

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