COVID-19 Nonprofit Needs

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our nonprofit community and the residents they serve was immediate and continues to grow. The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay instituted this list at the beginning of the crisis to showcase local nonprofits’ most pressing needs. The list shows our fundholders, partners and the community at large what the needs are and how they can help.

(Nonprofits submit requests through the simple, seven-question Nonprofit Needs Request Form).

Because needs evolve, the list is refreshed monthly to remove requests more than 60 days old. Nonprofits may resubmit if the need continues to exist or has changed.

The list below contains all verified submissions that have not yet been funded or have received only partial funding


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Nonprofit needs are displayed by row and can be accessed with 20 per page. To see more detail, click on the green plus sign next to each request. The list can be sorted by project name, organization name, category, amount, geographic area and number served.

Information about funding is updated each business day.

New submission are added to the list once the nonprofit has been verified, usually within 24 to 48 hours of submission. 

If you are interested in funding a nonprofit needs request or want information about a specific nonprofit, please contact Nicolette Rea, Director of Donor Relations.

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FundedPercent FundedProject NameOrganization NameCategoryAmount RemainingGeographic AreasNumber ServedOrganization WebsiteRequested NeedAmount FundedOriginal Amount RequestedFund UseInitial Submit DateDays from Submission to Web RefreshStatus
Not Funded0%COVID-19 Homeless Youth Emergency Assistance ProgramYouth Improvement ServicesBasic Needs$10,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas10http://www.youthimprovement.orgThe COVID-19 pandemic has created an urgent need in the Tampa Bay area for additional services to unsheltered and disadvantaged, unaccompanied youth who lack family support and are being disproportionately impacted. We have been a part of the community's response and would like to gain additional support . Youth Improvement Services, Inc. (YIS) is a nonprofit organization that empowers low-income youth. We are located in Pinellas County and will provide solutions in the entire Tampa Bay area. Our agency provides emergency housing and support services to young adults, ages 18-24 years old. Our program focuses on black and indigenous youth of color, LGBTQ youth and immigrant youth. We are very grateful for a recent grant from the Plus Project at the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. This request is to supplement the funding already received so we can assist additional youth in need. $0.00$10,000.00ergency Housing, Support Services, General Economic Assistance to Clients $6,500 - direct project/program costs to cover housing and housing related items, transportation assistance, life skills training, meals for participating youth.

Personnel $3,000 – Direct project/program related for staff to administer the project, conduct intake, provide training to clients and support services.

Marketing and Promotion, Project Evaluation, Fundraising: The $500 requested will be used to support the outreach efforts to the target population, distribution of project related information, purchase office supplies, assist with management of project related information and support efforts to raise additional funds to continue the project sustainably.
Not Funded0%Request for FundsChildren Across BordersBasic Needs$40,000.00Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)4,000http://www.childrenacrossborders.orgDue to COVID-19, Children Across Borders (CAB) is unable to host its fundraising event this year, proceeds of which positively impact 9 grassroots children-focused organizations In Hillsborough County, distributing funds for programs in education, health, shelter and wellness. We are requesting a grant of the maximum possible, to provide urgent supplies for children at these organizations to purchase food and water, books, internet access, tutoring fees and mental health access. Most of these children live below the poverty line and have one or no parent. $0.00$40,000.00To purchase basic and necessary items for kids affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic:
- Nutritious food (hot meals), snacks, water & clothing
- Books, uniforms, tutoring, internet access
- Diagnostic tools, books for Life-skills training
- Mental health access and healthcare for kids with cancer, hemophilia and mental health issues
- Veterinarian services for dogs that help Guardian Ad Litem, Juvenile and Foster kids
Not Funded0%General Clubs Operating CostsBoys & Girls Clubs of Tampa BayEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$100,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco20,000https://www.bgctampa.orgDespite the worldwide pandemic, we have kept our Clubs open, with enhanced safety measures, giving kids in our community consistency and safety in these trying times, as well as the quality programming that Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay are known for..
A significant portion of our fundraising comes from generous donors, like you, that believe in and support our mission “to enable all young people, especially those who need us the most, to reach their full potential as productive, responsible, caring citizens.”
We would be extremely grateful for your consideration. Funds raised help continue the programming both in our physical Club locations and our new online Virtual Club. These programs support the key pillars of our organization: Academic Success, Character & Leadership, and Health & Wellness.
To learn more about our story, visit
$0.00$100,000.00These funds would be used to keep our Clubs open and operating, to serve the children of Hillsborough and Pasco County. The staff at our Clubs is focused on helping kids with e-learning throughout the school year. Our entire staff is also planning to undergo mental health training, to help our kids even more as they navigate through this incredibly stressful time. And, our Clubs are also focused on being part of the solution to the social justice issues that we are dealing with, in our Club partnership with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department.10/16/20206Active
Not Funded0%Additional operational needs to serve Adults with Developmental Disabilities during CovidMcClain IncHealth and Wellbeing$20,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)35 are a small organization that has been in Tampa for 43 years. McClain Inc. exists to serve Adults with Developmental Disabilities with an array of services to maximize their potential in all areas of their lives in the least restrictive environment.
We are in need of additional funding to help with increased operating costs during Covid and also renovation costs to one of our three group homes.
$0.00$20,000.00Some of the funds will be used for additional operating costs to run the 3 Group Homes. Due to Covid, some of the Day Programs which some of the Residents attend are closed. Therefore, there are additional Residents that are home during the day. Additional staff are required to meet Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) requirements.
Additional funds will be used in the renovation of one of the homes which is in need of some immediate repairs. (Kitchen cabinets, carpet)
Not Funded0%Ford Transit Van for Mobile Audiology Services for the Poor and Underserved.Sertoma Speech & Hearing Foundation of Florida, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$25,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas5,000http://www.familyhearinghelp.orgWe are in need of an additional gently used Ford Transit Connect Van to provide direct services to the poor and underserved children and adults in the Tampa Bay Area. We usually serve
approximately 27,000 children and 900 adults and hope to increase those numbers with the addition of a van.
We were planning on raising enough money from our fundraisers this year to secure the van. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. We provide over $4 million in free audiology services
each year and could truly use the communities help in securing the van we are requesting.
$0.00$25,000.00The requested funds would be used to purchase a gently used Ford Transit Connect Van to provide Audiology Services throughout the Tampa Bay Area.
We were counting on our fundraising events this year to purchase a van to provide mobile services throughout the Tampa Bay Area including all of the
counties covered by the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. Unfortunately, the impact of COVID 19 forced all fundraising to be cancelled.
Not Funded0%Sertoma Literacy Program for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing ChildrenSertoma Speech & Hearing Foundation of Florida, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$500.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas500http://www.familyhearinghelp.orgDeaf/Hard of Hearing children need to participate in literacy programs to continue their language skills and develop new ones. We started a new program during the COVID 19 crisis and
are continuing to provide it in the future. We just need a little assistance in the purchase of books from Scholastic and other resources.
$0.00$500.00The requested funds would be used to purchase books to be distributed with a read a long program and fun activity books.
The books would be delivered to hard of hearing children directly and Early Learning Centers who participate in Hearing Screenings and Early Intervention programs
Not Funded0%Safety Enhancements and Re-Opening Costs for Tampa's Hope Lodge serving Cancer Patients in TreatmentAmerican Cancer SocietyHealth and Wellbeing$15,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas800http://cancer.orgTampa's Hope Lodge provides free home-like housing for cancer patients and their accompanying caregivers who can't afford a place to stay when receiving treatment in Tampa. The Lodge is conveniently located on the campus of USF next to Moffitt Cancer Center, with 40 private guest suites offering 14,600 free nights each year. The Lodge serves more than 800 guests each year. Over the last 3 years (2017-2019), patients from Greater Tampa Bay (Citrus to Pinellas) stayed over 4,750 nights for free - saving these families more than $700,000 in hotel costs alone.

The Lodge was not built for isolation, but rather for community. For the safety of our patients (some of the most high-risk and vulnerable to infection), caregivers, volunteers, and staff, the Lodge has been temporarily closed since late March. When it is safe to do so, the Lodge will re-open with new requirements at increased cost.
$0.00$15,000.00Tampa's Hope Lodge increases access to cancer care for patients who can't afford to travel daily or weekly or pay for a hotel near treatment for long periods of time. This funding ensures the Lodge is ready to re-open and provide this critical service, as soon as it's safe to do so.

Re-opening requirements are developed in consultation with our referring health partners (such as Moffitt Cancer Center), local Departments of Health, and the Society's medical and scientific office.

Re-opening requires more than unlocking doors and turning on lights; one-time costs include:
> facility fumigating and disinfecting;
> installing plexiglass barriers;
> creating screening stations;
> stocking thermometers, personal protective equipment (PPE), hand sanitizer, etc.;
> installing social distancing signage;
> recommissioning plumbing and preparing mechanical systems.

Thank you!
Not Funded0%No One Hungry HolidayCommunity Food Bank of Citrus CountyBasic Needs$20,000.00Citrus ; Hernando66,000 believe that no one should go hungry, especially during the holidays. With your support we can ensure over 60,000 of our neighbors in need will have full bellies and a great start to a new year.
Special distributions of holiday meals including turkeys will be provided for free to all clients in need in November and December 2020.

50% of our community lives at or below the poverty level and COVID-19 has only further impacted this with closures, furloughs, shortened hours and scarce resources. 1 in 3 pantry clients have never needed food relief before.
$0.00$20,000.00Holiday meal kits of frozen turkeys, dry mashed potatoes, canned vegetables and a dessert will be provided through our 56 pantry partners to those living in poverty or facing food insecurity due to COVID-19 closures and lay-offs through Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas.

As the only Food Bank in Citrus County serving 56 food pantries and the Emergency Management/FEMA hub for 3 counties (Citrus, Sumter and Hernando), 2020 has been an epic time to serve those in need and fight hunger. We will double our capacity and distribute close to 4 million pounds of food relief to our community. Our commitment to ending hunger and nourishing hope is no less essential during the holiday season when accessible resources can be scarce.

Please help us to elevate our neighbors in need, ward off depression, sickness, and fight hunger this holiday season!
Not Funded0%Alternative School Student & Families in CrisisHillsborough County School DistrictHealth and Wellbeing$25,000.00Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)500 has deeply affected our entire community especially our low income families and minority students attending our EPIC 3 Alternative Education school. Our students traditionally are low income males and minority students who have been removed from their traditional school due to a history of chronic disruptive behaviors. We are seeking support to aid our efforts in stabilizing and building up our students during this incredible time. We are seeking to restore our students with needed resources. Our request is to support our students with needed clothing, shoes, toiletries, technology supports for academic remediation, funding for needed vaccine and immunization shots for families in need, emergency funding for families in motels classified as homeless, as well as funding for private academic tutoring where recommended. $0.00$25,000.00Student needs including but not limited to, clothing, shoes, toiletries, technology supports for academic remediation, funding for needed vaccine and immunization shots for families in need, emergency funding for families in motels classified as homeless, as well as funding for private academic tutoring where recommended and private trauma counseling where needed.10/15/20207Active
Not Funded0%Care for Orphaned and Injured WildlifeOwl's Nest Sanctuary for WildlifeAnimal Welfare$6,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas500http://owlsnestsanctuaryforwildlife.comNearly 2,000 orphaned and/or injured animals pass through our facility per year. All of them need food and care, some for extended periods of time. On average, our monthly expenditure to cover those needs is $2,000.00. Our food needs are as varied as the animals that come into our care. Keeping an appropriate diet on hand for every species is very important. During a normal year we would have no problem raising these funds during outreach events. This year has proven a challenge and is causing us to look for support where we normally would not. $0.00$6,000.00Funds would be used to purchase food and care supplies which would meet the needs of approximately 500 animals that will pass through our care over the next three months. Food would be species specific according to what is currently in our care, or anticipated to come in, and care supplies would include medical supplies (needles, fluids, syringes, exam gloves, antibiotics, pain medications) and feeding supplies (nipples, tubes, bottles, species specific baby formula).10/15/20207Active
Not Funded0%Covid-19 Support Chabad Lubavitch Of South Tampa Inc.Basic Needs$25,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)5,000http://chabadchaicenter.comWe have been inundated with requests for food assistance. For two months we've operated a food distribution drive, we've given out 18,000 boxes of food and the requests keep coming. We've been able to get some supplies from the USDA but we are out, and we need more manpower to keep responding to the requests we're getting. In addition, we have been offering hundreds of virtual mental health sessions to people across the city. $0.00$25,000.00Funds will be used to procure food and supplies for mass distribution to the community. Funds will also be used to expand staffing to meet the expanded need. 10/14/20208Active
Not Funded0%COVID reliefPACE Center for Girls - PascoBasic Needs$6,000.00Hernando ; Pasco120 the current COVID-19 financial situation, our girls and families have been hit especially hard. At the same time, our Center was unable to hold fundraising events. This has put us in a situation where it is even more difficult to offer support. Assistance would include emergency food and hygiene items, shelter if girls and families are evicted or need assistance with rent, utility payments, bus passes, etc for those with transportation issues. While we provide these things as needed as part of our program, the current emergency situation has escalated these needs. This funding would help us help them. $0.00$6,000.00In their regular day-to-day lives, many of our girls and their families struggle to pay their bills, buy food, household and hygiene supplies and medicine, buy gas or find transportation, etc.

In the current COVID-19 financial situation, our girls and families have been hit especially hard. At the same time, our Center was unable to hold 2 fundraisers. This has put us in a situation where it is been more difficult to offer support. This funding would help us help our girls tremendously.
Not Funded0%ScoutReach Program Materials/Camping Expenses for Underserved YouthPathfinder District of the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council Inc., Boy Scouts of AmericaEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$21,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas500http://tampabayscouting.orgThe Pathfinder District delivers the Scouting program to our most vulnerable boys and girls. The District partners with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay, Tampa Housing Authority, Hillsborough County School District, the faith community and comparable partners in Pinellas and Pasco Counties to reach underserved youth. Further, it pays for all program costs and provides professional staff assistance, supplemented by substantial volunteer support, to ensure quality program delivery. Due to COVID-19, almost all in-person program delivery ceased, so District staff pivoted and now create individual lesson/activity packets for each child for delivery each week through partner organizations—at greater expense. The District hopes the programming will include at least one day outing to and, hopefully by December, overnight camping at, an area Scout camp—an educational and enjoyable highlight!$0.00$21,000.00Each child’s lesson/activity kit each week costs about $1.00, so 500 kits per week for eight months amounts to $16,000.00.
A long standing Scouting tradition is the Pinewood Derby, which will happen this fall. Pinewood Derby kits cost approximately $5 each. For 500 children, the cost will be $2,500.00, not including the cost of individual paint sets, weights, and other materials to finish the cars.
Transportation, food, and essential gear (e.g., socks) costs for a day trip to an area Scout camp for Cub Scouts (younger kids) is estimated at $1,000.00.
Overnight camping, including transportation, food, and essential gear (e.g., socks, sleeping bags), for Scouts (older youth) is estimated to cost approximately $1,500.00.
The lessons in personal fitness, fair play, leadership, citizenship, respect, and more learned through these activities and outings are invaluable and last a lifetime.
Not Funded0%Safe and Healthy Schools Program - Support for LGBTQ Students during COVID-19 PandemicEquality Florida Institute, Inc.Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$50,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas59,477http://www.eqfl.orgEquality Florida Institute’s Safe and Healthy Schools Program aims to create a culture of inclusion while countering the stigma that dramatically increases risk factors for LGBTQ students. LGBTQ youth face increased risk for being bullied, assaulted, dropping out, becoming homeless, abusing drugs, committing suicide, or being victims of homicide. During the Coronavirus pandemic, many LGBTQ youth are spending increased time at home with unsupportive/unaccepting families, cut off from support networks they have forged with welcoming clubs, friends, and organizations. We are hearing nightmare stories of young people forced back into the closet, making desperate plans to run away or worse. The need for our program has only increased during the pandemic, and we are rapidly adapting our services to ensure that LGBTQ students are supported in education whether in-person or virtual.$0.00$50,000.00Schools throughout Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas are in immediate need of our support to ensure that their LGBTQ students remain resilient and cared for during the Coronavirus pandemic. Our Safe and Healthy Schools Program is a lifeline to 59,477 LGBTQ youth across Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas who are facing increased risk, lack of resources, and social isolation due to the pandemic. The increased demand for training and dedicated virtual support has necessitated increased dedication and resourcing from our staff who are racing to meet the needs of LGBTQ youth throughout the region during this crisis. Funds will partially cover salary costs for Safe and Healthy Schools staff members to provide life-saving programs for LGBTQ students and training to school district administrators, teachers, and staff during the Coronavirus pandemic. 10/09/202013Active
Not Funded0%Storage needed to help provide free clothes to kids with cancer.Kailani's Kloset, Inc.Basic Needs$10,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas150's Kloset provides free clothes to kids with cancer. Chemo wreaks havoc on the body, both inside and out. Some types cause nausea, resulting in weight loss, while others cause extreme cravings, resulting weight gain and bloating. Kids going through chemotherapy will need a variety of sizes as they continue to grow and cope with the side effects of chemo. That's where we come in. Since the pandemic we've had an influx of both items donated to us and requests from local pediatric cancer families. We've grown substantially over the past year and are now in need of a place to store everything, as right now it's all in our home and we are out of space. We've even had to start turning down items that would be beneficial to the families we assist simply because we have nowhere to store it.$0.00$10,000.00The funds would be used to purchase and insulate a storage shed to keep all of the clothing, shoes, accessories, and small home decor items we donate to local pediatric cancer families. Having a place to store everything means we will be able to accept more items, therefore increasing the amount of assistance we are able to offer.10/09/202013Active
Not Funded0%Sober Active Community: A Critical Resource for Addiction Recovery in Tampa Bay The PhoenixHealth and Wellbeing$20,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas2,500 convergence of the COVID-19 pandemic with the existing addiction epidemic is igniting a health crisis for millions of Americans. Isolation, job loss, anxiety, and stress associated with the pandemic has sparked an increase in substance use while many recovery organizations have had to cancel or decrease services to comply with social distancing guidelines. The Well Being Trust estimates that an additional 75,000 Americans could die because of drug or alcohol misuse and suicide as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which represents a 40% increase over last year. In September, Governor DeSantis reported that the state of Florida has seen an increase in overdose deaths during the pandemic. More than ever, those suffering from substance use disorder need free, accessible recovery support to build resilience to cope with the pandemic.$0.00$20,000.00The Phoenix is an innovative nonprofit that leverages the power of friendships and an active lifestyle to help people overcome substance use disorder. We combine activities like group fitness, yoga, and social events with trauma-sensitive peer support to help individuals build the emotional strength they need to sustain sobriety and thrive in recovery. All events are free to individuals with 48 hours of continuous sobriety. Our programs are currently offered in safe, distanced in-person and virtual formats allowing our members to receive uninterrupted peer recovery support during the pandemic.
The Phoenix Tampa requests $15,000 to scale up our services and conduct outreach to at-risk communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Funds will specifically support staff outreach hours, in-person activities throughout Tampa Bay, and travel costs associated with outreach and activities.
Not Funded0%Expansion Kingdom Purpose Teach One Reach One IncEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$50,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)500 expansion, we need a larger facility and supplies for our organization to better serve the children and their families in the community .$0.00$50,000.00To move to a larger more COVID equipped space for our children. Also to purchase more supplies like books, masks and essentials needed for our community giveaways . 10/07/202015Active
Not Funded0%Holiday Gifts for Foster ChildrenVoices for Children of Tampa Bay, Inc.Basic Needs$15,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)650http://vfcgal.orgVoices for Children partners with the Hillsborough County Guardian ad Litem Program (GAL) to support the abused/abandoned children in our community. Each year, with the help of our community partners, we are able to provide hundreds of children with a gift to open during the holidays. In 2019, 162 volunteers attended our event and were able to select 1,308 gifts for 654 kids. Every year, various companies/individuals in Tampa have hosted toy drives that yield approximately $40,000 of in-kind donations for these children during the holidays. However, with face to face interactions discouraged, we do not anticipate our supporters will contribute to this extent. Because of this, we are expecting a significant decrease in donations this year. We need add'l funding to supplement the gaps in our toy collections, so we can ensure our children will have a gift to open this holiday season. $0.00$15,000.00We would utilize this funding to purchase toys and gift cards so every child in our care will have a gift to open this holiday season. Every year, with the help of so many of our wonderful community partners, we have been able to ensure ALL young people in Hillsborough County have had a gift to open during this heartwarming time. It would break our hearts to have to discontinue this important program, as many of these children have NEVER received a holiday gift. Hundreds of children ages 0-18 in Hillsborough County are in jeopardy of being forgotten during the holidays and they depend on us. We have been able to deliver, year after year! Amid this crisis, we need your support now more than ever.10/07/202015Active
Not Funded0%Food Bank Expansion Due to COVID Social Distancing GuidelinesResurrection House Mission, Inc.Basic Needs$14,500.00Pasco1,200 serving 1,640 farmworker and immigrant neighbors storing supplies in empty bathrooms and another areas of the campus that are not appropriate for our food banking operations. The need quadrupled since March. We need storage space and refrigeration to store fresh meats and produce for an extended amount of time. Due to Covid, we need the ability to host a drive through food pantry to follow CDC guidelines / social distancing. Currently we are having to store surplus at another location, move the food to another area for packing, then move to another space to distribute. If we have this warehouse we will be able to combine these three points of operation to create a more efficient program and increase capacity to serve more in need due to Covid. This would require $14,500 for the cost of the pre-fab warehouse, the refrigerator, and the freezer. Local labor will finish building.$0.00$14,500.00The $12,000 would pay for the warehouse, and the $2,500 would pay for the refrigerator and freezer. The warehouse will be a 14’ x 36’ x 8’ building with attached 8’ x 36’ covered work area which will enable us to receive palletized food donations and sort in a socially distanced environment. We will utilize donated local labor and supplies to finish out interior. 10/05/202017Active
Not Funded0%VPK Support During COVIDResurrection House Mission, Inc.Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$20,000.00Pasco40 organization launched a licensed Early Childhood Daycare right when COVID hit our area in Dade City, Tommy Town”. We had anticipated up to 37 children registering and paying a subsidized amount to send their child to our VPK. But due to COVID, we currently only have four children signed up. We have 3 staff and 1 volunteer, that run the facility and their positions rely on the revenue from enrolled students to sustain the program costs. We are asking for $20,000 to fund the facility while COVID continues to prevent children with vulnerabilities and transportation issues, from attending their school. Many of the children in “Tommy Town” do not speak English as their primary language and later on fail in elementary school as a result of lacking early exposure to the English language. Our VPK would help solve that issue, but we need support during COVID to keep our doors open.$0.00$20,000.00Of the $20,000, $4,675 will be used for salary (monthly) for Director, Assistant Dir., and Aide; and $325.00 (monthly), for classroom supplies, and utilities. This will enable us to stay operational over the next 4 months as we continue to increase enrollment. We serve a primarily immigrant Hispanic community. We believe access to early education and intervention is critical to long term success for those children who find themselves in a new and often hostile environment.
Not Funded0%Navigating COVID with Academic Support and a Nurturing EnvironmentThe Basketball Warehouse AssociationEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$15,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas30https://thebasketballwarehouse.comWe are implementing an after-school youth development & support program for at-risk students ages 10 -17. The program runs from 3 p.m.- 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, provides transportation, & is free of charge to students who qualify. With online/hybrid school options, COVID-19 has increased the importance of our afterschool program for academic accountability & tutoring, as well as a safe environment that provides stability, mentoring, a healthy snack, & peer interaction during this unpredictable time. Many of our students wouldn't have the adult support or technology at home to navigate online learning & would fall behind academically without our help. Additionally, studies show many of the high-risk students we serve are more likely to engage in risky behaviors when left home alone due to working parents - a risk that increases with more limited school access due to COVID-19. .$0.00$15,000.00The funds would support our after-school academy - providing a daily, nutritious snack; transportation; tutoring and leadership staff; academic materials; & wellness/basketball equipment. With COVID, we have seen an increased need for students to receive tutoring & academic support, as well as access to technology. Our organization lost considerable funds over the last several months due to cancellations & limitations on our program due to COVID. However, with our new after-school program, we have seen the number of our kids grow. Kids did not have a solid end to the school year in 2020 due to COVID school closures & online options, & now they are navigating a new school year with uncertain conditions/restrictions. Our program is necessary for kids to receive not only academic support, but also a stable, nurturing environment to offset the instability caused by COVID. 10/05/202017Active
Not Funded0%Future Leaders GalaSOAR FirstEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$1,500.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)150http://soarfirsttampa.comOur Future Leaders Gala is an evening to culminate our year and to highlight the work the youth have done in the community that year and recognize the academic successes on all levels. This event also is focused on social skill development and dining etiquette. The youth are invited to participate in two training sessions to develop these skills and understand the importance.

This year is more important to reinforce the appropriate social skills as all of our participants have been and are still impacted by COVID. This event will allow us to also work to address the psychological impacts COVID is having on their future and opportunities.
$0.00$1,500.00The team works year around to provide resources, volunteer opportunities and tools these young men and women need for their current and future success. Monthly, we lead volunteer efforts, facilitate mentoring sessions, take the youth on field trips to expose them to various career paths they may be interested in considering, as well as leads the coordination/planning of an annual college trip where the youth that are seniors and juniors take a few days to go tour colleges they are considering attending. We culminate our year with an end of the year Future Leaders Gala to highlight the work the youth are doing in the community and academically. This program is completely free for the youth and is funded by donors. 10/04/202018Active
Not Funded0%Operation Sober Living Housing AssistanceEmpowered to Change International Inc.Basic Needs$16,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas113http://www.empoweredtochangeint.orgEmpowered to Change is addressing one of the most important basic needs for individuals in Pinellas and surrounding counties, which is stable and sanitary housing. Our organization provides a clean and sober-living environment for individuals struggling with addiction and/or homelessness. Along with safe housing we provide a structured 7-month program that consists of life/employment coaching, trauma therapy, accountability, and budgeting. We strive to reduce the rate of recidivism and to see our clients become self-sufficient, healthy and law abiding citizens.

We provide our clients with remarkably affordable housing and other life giving resources. Due to COVID-19, many of our cliental lost their jobs. This lead to a significant decline in participants being able to pay their program fees, which is a main source of our operating income.
$0.00$16,000.00In January, we were operating at full capacity with a waitlist. Now, we currently have an entire safe house that is unoccupied and we are down cliental by 31.4%. While we continue to help our clients find gainful employment and assist them with budgeting, these funds would give us some leeway to push forward with our fundraising efforts and ultimately keep our operations running while we navigate this uncertain time.

These funds would go directly to one months rent for each of our 12 safe-homes. Which, in return would allow us to allocate other funds for further needs of our clients; such as, food, clothing, therapy, medications and transportation services.
Not Funded0%Childcare Provider COVID Support ProgramEarly Learning Coalition of Pasco and Hernando Counties, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$35,000.00Hernando ; Pasco9,000http://www.phelc.orgWe would like to provide PPE to our more than 300 contracted childcare providers. After surveying them, the greatest needs are gloves, disposable masks, disinfectant cleaner, hand sanitizer, and hand soaps. In addition, we would like to provide contracted partners with COVID-19 book sets from Gardner Media. The first book in each set is a book directly related to COVID-19. In these extraordinary times, we’re all finding that the challenges of teaching and caring for our children are new and different ways. These book sets present basic information about the virus to parents and teachers in a way that helps them share this information with their children. $0.00$35,000.00The average cost of each set is $50.00. It provides tools for talking about the feelings we’re all having, especially when we find ourselves in new situations. In addition, these sets include fun activities that we can do when we’re sheltering together – singing, dancing, experimenting and sharing our ideas, thoughts and our dreams. One of the goals is to provide 2 sets to each provider for classroom libraries. I provided the list of books for set A so the titles can be seen: Set A consists of: The Covid-19 Virus, First Time Doctor, Family and Friends bilingual; Rosa's Big Pizza Experiment, My Body, Pat a Cake -- First Book of Nursery Rhymes, Amazing Me Sing bilingual, Wheels on the Bus w/ Where did you go today. The company offers 5 different sets and we would place 2 sets from the collection with each provider to encourage early literacy support and socio-emotional support. 09/28/202024Active
Not Funded0%Project Rescue Housing Assistance Empowered to Change International Inc.Domestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$15,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas10http://www.empoweredtochangeint.orgEmpowered to Change International Inc. addresses the needs specifically for human trafficking victims. Our organization, right now, provides safe housing and a structured sober-living program for individuals in need. Project Rescue is a division of Empowered to Change that is specific to the needs of human trafficking victims. These funds will go directly to the operational costs of this branch; such as, rent/utilities for safe homes and client needs like trauma therapy, food/hygiene products and transportation expenses. Not only does our program provide these immediate needs to our clients, we also provide employment and life coaching, accountability and budgeting in the hopes that our clients learn to be healthy, self-sufficient, law abiding citizens.

ETC works closely with Pinellas County Drug Court and we receive about 90% of our clientele through Drug Court as a diversion program.
$0.00$15,000.00Because of the arrest restrictions placed on law enforcement, due to COVID-19, Drug Court participants are down by 60%. In January our organization was running at full capacity with a wait list. Now, we have an entire safe house that is currently unoccupied and we are down cliental by 31.4%. These funds would help to ensure we do not have to close anymore of our safe homes, and will give us leeway to find other routes for reaching those who need our services in the community.

$5,700 would be allotted for 3 months of rent for one of our safe-homes.
$5,400 would be allotted for 3 months of trauma therapy services for each client within this safe-home.
About $1,600 would be allotted for 3 months of utilities/maintenance for this safe-home.
The remaining $2,300 would be allotted for 3 months worth of individual needs; such as, clothing, food/hygiene, and transportation services.
Not Funded0%Mental Health Support Services for Students, Alumni, Employees, and the Greater Pasco and Hernando CommunitiesPasco-Hernando State College Foundation, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$10,000.00Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas2,000http://phsc.eduPasco-Hernando State College has surveyed the immediate needs and challenges of our more than 11,000 students, and more than 400 of the 563 results received to date have revealed that their top challenge due to the COVID-19 crisis is stress, anxiety, and worry. This is not surprising, since 2/3 of our students are part-time, managing not just classes, but frequently full- or part-time jobs, raising families, caring for other loved ones, and more. The crisis has brought life-altering challenges and uncertainty, but it won't last forever. When it's over, we need to move forward. The more than 600 nurses being trained at PHSC will be needed in hospitals and clinics; the economy and community will need skilled workers. PHSC has the tools to support students' mental and emotional health through the crisis and beyond, however, we seek emergency funds to put the full supports in place.$0.00$10,000.00PHSC is acutely aware of how the pandemic is affecting our students, alumni, staff, and faculty, and it is intense. Despite our campuses reopening to students in August, most classes remain online except for those which require hands-on instruction, such as nursing, labs, law enforcement, etc. We are actively working to provide supports which will help students continue their coursework successfully, but we believe more is needed to support the mental and emotional health of our community. We seek funding to launch new e-resources to support the mental and emotional health of students, alumni, staff, families, and the community at large through this crisis and beyond. PHSC already has a Student Assistance Program in partnership with BayCare, which is a free resource for students, but we believe we need to do more to make mental health resources available for thousands who need them.09/25/202027Active
Not Funded0%Support Increased Need for Child Abuse Prevention ProgramsChampions for Children, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$75,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)40,000http://cfctb.orgChampions for Children works to prevent child abuse and neglect through science-based family strengthening and family education programs primarily in Hillsborough County. Tragically, studies show with kids out of school, parents out of work, and basic needs like food unmet, the risk of child abuse right now is higher than ever. In Hillsborough, where more children are removed from their homes every year due to child abuse and neglect than anywhere else in FL, the impact of the coronavirus is expected to be especially dire.
When the pandemic forced most in-person services to shut down, we moved quickly to provide almost all our existing services and even some new ones virtually. Since then, we have seen more families participating than ever! Unfortunately, several prospective funders of these critical programs have suspended their grant cycles due to coronavirus, creating a funding gap.
$0.00$75,000.00Currently, our greatest needs are as follows:
(1) Internet for Low-Income Families: Reliable internet has become a “basic need” for families to access critical resources ranging from Champions’ programs to unemployment and job training. We need funds to provide internet to families who can’t afford it.
(2) Kids on the Block: educational puppets that teach children how to recognize, report, and get help in cases of child abuse, neglect, and other maltreatment.
(3) Parents as Teachers: a home visiting program that helps parents manage family stress and provide a positive environment for their child during this time of heightened risk for child abuse and developmental regression.
(4) Talk Read Sing: a community awareness campaign focused on educating parents about the importance of fostering healthy child development and parent-child bonds by talking, reading and singing from birth.
Not Funded0%Citrus County Education Foundation (CCEF) Keeps Brick and Mortar Learning Safe for AllCitrus County Education FoundationHealth and Wellbeing$20,540.00Citrus16,000https://citruseducation.orgWe will provide a face mask lanyard to every student and staff member on our school campuses. Providing these items will save money and keep students and staff safe.
We currently provide single use face masks for every student that needs one. If we were to hand out just one disposable mask to each student once a day, that would mean almost 12,000 masks. If a child loses their mask, that could mean handing out tens of thousands of masks daily. In addition, students could put their mask down on a surface that is not clean, or masks could get mixed up as they all look the same. Supplying these items would keep disposable mask purchase to a minimum and keep all masks safer and less apt to get infected resulting in lower spread of COVID-19.
$0.00$20,540.00Our school district serves the students of Citrus County, Florida. More than 70% of our families are economically disadvantaged. Our latest enrollment count was 15,642. Almost 20% are minority students. On August 20th, students returned to school (75% at schools, 25% from home). Face masks are to be worn on all school campuses. The costs involved in the pandemic are massive. In addition to normal costs of school, we now need to spend millions on masks and chemicals to keep those that are at school safe. Face mask lanyards allow accessibility when social distancing is not possible. It reduces the risk of contamination if a mask is put down on an unclean surface. We want to keep our students and staff safe while they are learning.09/23/202029Active
Not Funded0%Light The Way CampaignThe Jewish Federation of Florida's Gulf CoastHealth and Wellbeing$100,000.00Hernando ; Pasco ; Pinellas36,000http://jewishgulfcoast.orgBasic human services for those in our community who are most vulnerable who have been affected by COVID-19 either physically, financially, or emotionally. $0.00$100,000.00The requested funds would provide additional allocations to our human service beneficiaries enabling our organization to help the most vulnerable. It would also enable us to continue our mission of ensuring the continuity of Jewish life and culture locally, in Israel, and around the world. 09/23/202029Active
Not Funded0%Housing The HomelessThe Prayer HouseBasic Needs$30,000.00Hernando ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas50http://theropecor.orgThe ROPE Center is a residential program for homeless men and women serving adults from Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. Many in our area have been adversely affected by the economic impact of COVID-19. Through the provision of food, clothing, shelter and (most important) case management; the ROPE Center helps those who need assistance in getting back on their feet. Many who come to us have lost employment, some have been hospitalized. Some have faced family situations which caused them to be homeless. Others have been incarcerated and are needing a fresh start. We are hoping to be able to help even more homeless; however we need funds to assist us in housing the men and women who come to us for help. We are not a government funded organization and depend on generous donors to help us house those who ask us for a hand-up.$0.00$30,000.00When we accept a homeless man or woman into our 90-day program, they are expected to pay a $45.00 weekly residential fee. This fee covers their food, clothing and shelter as well as case management and the resources we provide. Most intakes come to us with no funds at all. We need funding to help these individuals until they can get back on their feet financially.

Our goal for all residents is that they leave our program self-sufficient, able to become contributing members of our community. For most, the costs associated with moving into their own residence seems insurmountable. We would like to assist and help to ease the burden of getting them into permanent housing.

As we approach the winter months, we are anticipating an even greater need as those who have been sleeping in cars, porches, sheds, garages or on the street must find more appropriate shelter.
Not Funded0%Educating our Community Parentship with The MobEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$5,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)500 this chaos in the world it can easily cause stress. We want to help relieve some of the stress off of parents in the Tampa Bay Area. We would like create a weekly program to tutor children that need help with homework. We would also like to offer supplies and backpacks for low income families struggling during this pandemic. We recently coordinated a graduation ceremony for 2020 Graduates that wanted to still celebrate their accomplishments. During this time we would like to ensure everyone is practicing social distancing, so we would like to provide PPE to families joining tutoring sessions. Our organization focuses on family, we believe this is a good step in making a change in our community. $0.00$5,000.00We would like create a weekly program to tutor children that need help with homework. We would also like to offer supplies and backpacks for low income families struggling during this pandemic. We recently coordinated a graduation ceremony for 2020 Graduates that wanted to still celebrate their accomplishments. During this time we would like to ensure everyone is practicing social distancing, so we would like to provide PPE to families joining tutoring sessions. Our organization focuses on family, we believe this is a good step in making a change in our community. We would be able to get laptops for students to use while doing schoolwork. 09/21/202031Active
Not Funded0%Housing Surge In Pasco CountyTake Charge Wellness Center Extreme, IncBasic Needs$100,000.00Pasco40http://erprojectextreme.comPasco County government is in the process of rapidly rehousing 225 homeless families and 100 families that may be losing their homes. It is called the Pasco County Housing surge. We need to have $100,000 in advanced funding for this program and we are in dire need of these funds. We have the powerpoint to show the need of advanced funding: it may take the county 6-8 weeks to reimburse. It starts 10/01/20. We will be offering wraparound services to each family and following them for 12 months
Overview of Cost and Funding
Anticipated costs to provide housing to 225 households and prevent 100
households from becoming homeless - $3.8 million
Includes cost of outreach, case management, rent assistance, and more
Utilizing CRF for motels and move-in expenses
Utilizing ESG-CV, HOME TBRA, State ESG-CV, regular ESG, CoC grants for
Rapid Rehousing (housing id, rent assistance, case management)
$0.00$100,000.00Funding to pay rent & utilities for the families we assist & the county will stand with us & we're hiring 2 full time case managers& a project manager for cases..
Housing Surge Goals
1. Rehouse 225 homeless households in 180 days. Over that 180-day period, prevent 100 households from becoming
3. Build capacity in the CoC – coordinated entry and housing-focused
case management
Financial and Reporting
General•program and performance reports submitted to Coalition
• HMIS data entry – will track speed & number of housing placements, housing retention, changes in income, etc.
• Reimbursement-based contract
• May take up to 8 weeks for reimbursement – agency is responsible for ensuring cash flow concerns do not interrupt housing placement and services
• Monthly reimbursement request submitted to Coalition – accurate and complete packet to the Coalition will help
Not Funded0%Project P.U.P-Pets Uplifting PeopleProject PUPHealth and Wellbeing$5,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas1,500http://projectpup.netAs a direct result of COVID-19,all therapy visits have been cancelled due to the CDC guidelines. Our organization is not able to screen/evaluate new applicants for membership in our organization due to obvious health and safety concerns. Our last screening was held at Moffitt Cancer Center in March of this year. At each screening, each potential new volunteer pays a fee of $35,00 for evaluation fees and member to the organization. At each evaluation session, the organization evaluates up to 15 dogs and handlers. This fee of $35.00 helps maintain our operating costs for the organization. In addition to our day to day operating costs, we are in desperate needs of updating our computer software which will allow us to generate renewal notices for membership yearly fees. The cost of the 2nd phase of updating our data base is approximately $5000.00. $0.00$5,000.00Computer programmer, Vernon Dunell as provided Project PUP with an estimate of $5000.00 to update our current data base. The update will provide will enable our organization to generate additional reports include current health certificates and volunteer hours in addition to volunteer opportunities. The majority of our request since the pandemic is for our daily operational costs since we are not able to participate in therapy dog activities and our biggest expense is our liability insurance and board member insurance that we are still paying a premium(s) for this year although we are not participating in therapy dog visits. The combined costs for the two insurance policies is $3600.00 and our yearly storage fees to store educational materials and medical equipment for our evaluation process is $1200.00 per year. Our mailbox with UPS is $312.00 per year.09/19/202033Active
Not Funded0%Emergency Shelter during COVID-19Tampa Crossroads. IncBasic Needs$60,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)50http://tampacrossroads.comIn April, as a means of preventing the spread of COVID-19, Tampa Crossroads began offering emergency shelter to individuals who are homeless and unsheltered by partnering with local hotels. The hotels agreed to put rooms aside for these individuals and our staff provide case management and food. The project was intended to be only temporary. Five months later the pandemic is still very real and the individuals have remained in the hotels. In August we were awarded a grant that will provide funding to place the individuals into permanent housing; however, there remains a gap in time where we have to secure the permanent housing. During that gap, the individuals remain at the hotels. The need is to assist us in providing funds for continued emergency shelter at the hotels as well as food during the time we are searching for safe and affordable permanent housing.$0.00$60,000.00The negotiated rate is $85 per room per day day at each hotel. The requested amount would enable Tampa Crossroads to place individuals who are homeless into 40 hotel rooms for 15 days for a total of $51,000. In some cases a family unit occupies a single room, which is how we estimate to be able to serve 50 individuals, even though we would only be occupying 40 rooms. The remaining $9,000 would be used to purchase ready to eat meals, which we would deliver to the individuals. Our aim is to move individuals into permanent housing as quickly as possible. In our experience with this type of housing, called rapid rehousing, we can place individuals within days. The current challenge is limited available permanent housing as well as limited safe options for shelter. Funds for hotel stay will help us keep the individuals safe as we work to secure permanent housing options. 09/18/202034Active
Not Funded0%COVID-19 Relief - Food Assistance Hearts & Hands Disaster RecoveryBasic Needs$20,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco50http://www.hhdr.ngoHHDR provides food-insecure households with greater access to obtaining the food they need. Although there are food pantries and some soup kitchens in various locations throughout the Tampa Bay region, newly food-insecure families are unlikely to know of those resources, how to find them, or if they qualify. Many pantries may not have items to meet dietary needs or accommodate food allergies. Our program fills the gap for these households. Each eligible household will receive a $300 gift card to their local grocery store. Providing households with gift cards to grocery stores enables them to purchase the specific food and dietary products they need as local pantries may not be able to fulfill specific needs. For example, families with infants in need of specific formula blends due to food sensitivities or allergies have struggled to find and pay for these limited and high priced items.$0.00$20,000.00HHDR will provide households with gift cards to a local grocery store. Each gift card will be for the maximum amount of $300.00 per household. HHDR will work with other local community partners and organizations to distribute this resource in the communities served. Individuals who would benefit from this program will be able to apply online via a Google form on our website or in person at one of the distribution locations. Applications and distributions that take place in person will be by appointment only so that all COVID-19 social distancing protocols may be followed. This funding request of $20,000.00 will include $15,000.00 for the direct service of gift cards and $5,000 in administrative expenses to provide the resource. Those expenses include staffing, travel, postage, and printing. 09/17/202035Active
Not Funded0%Motel Homelessness OutreachReach Services Inc.Basic Needs$15,000.00Pinellas400http://reachstpete.orgWe have over 55 families living in one of the Motels we serve due to not being able to afford first and last months' rent to get a place of their own. Motels are not meant to be a residence but rather a place to pass through. Due to the damaging effects COVID 19 has had on families incomes due to job loss or cut wages many have now had to move into Motels for their housing as a more affordable option. We are the only nonprofit serving these Motels to provide their residents with healthy snacks, hygiene items, access to groceries, kids/infant supplies, bill assistance and community support. $0.00$15,000.00Healthy snacks : $1400
- Fruit Cups, Granola Bars, Baked chips, Juice Boxes, Organic snacks
Hygiene items : $2000
- Shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, deoderant, feminine care, etc
Access to groceries : $4000
- Volunteers will deliver requested groceries to Motel Rooms who have 2 or more children and need additional groceries to feed everyone
Kids/infant supplies: $3500
- Formula, toys, diapers, wipes, blankets, clothing, basics
Bill Assistance: 4,100
- Assistance with additional bills
Not Funded0%Tech Equipment for Combination classrooms of E-learning and In-School classesReddick ElementaryEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$1,500.00Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)350"Our dual language teachers during this trying time are being asked to teach both brick and mortar and e-learning. This is so that students who want to be bi-lingual in Spanish and English can remain in the program. We currently have 128 students in our K-2 classrooms. with 40 of them requesting e-learning. Using this technology will help the teacher and students be able to simultaneously work with both sets of students. The students at home will be able to participate just like they are sitting in the classroom. These teachers are already challenged by teaching in a half day what regular class teachers teach in a full day" Joan Storey, Media Specialist
We are finding that as the school year progresses, there will are other teachers who will be faced with this same challenge and need the same technology equipment to be more responsive to the e-learning students.
$0.00$1,500.00The funds would be used to purchase one (1) 10" tablet, one (1)telescope tri-pod and one (1) pair of wireless earbuds for each of the teachers.(Total cost is $ 150 per classroom)
Our first priority are the Dual Language teachers and then expand in to other classrooms.
Not Funded0%Tampa Theatre - Emergency COVID-19 reliefTampa Theatre, Inc.Arts and Culture$50,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)60,000http://tampatheatre.orgTampa Theatre – in conjunction with our film distributors, show promoters and rental clients – closed its doors on March 11, 2020 and suspended all films, concerts, tours, and special events in response to the rising public health threat of COVID-19. Due to this closure, Tampa Theatre will have either cancelled or postponed over 100 events, which would have served over 60,000 adults, children and visitors to the Tampa Bay community.

The monthly operational costs to keep the Theatre running as well as keeping our full-time staff (at reduced pay) in place while they monitor this crisis, plan for fall and winter events, and curate our virtual cinema content will cost the Theatre $100,000 per month during the closure.

All funds that we receive will support Tampa's only nonprofit film and cultural center, Tampa Theatre.

We truly appreciate you considering our request!
$0.00$50,000.00The funds we raise will help to keep the Theatre operational during the closure and to assist us as we finalize our plan for re-opening including:

1. Personnel: Retaining and supporting 15 local full-time staff including their healthcare coverage

2. Monthly operating costs including insurance and administrative costs and facility related expenses.

The Theatre partners with so many field trip groups, schools, senior groups, film distributors and festivals, community organizations and other partners that being dark for this extended period of time is threatening our business and the ability to serve our amazing community. Funding will bridge the gap until Tampa Theatre is able to open its doors again, generate revenue, and once again be a gathering place for the residents and visitors of our great town, as it has been for the last 94 years.
Not Funded0%COVID-19 Relief - Rental Assistance Hearts & Hands Disaster RecoveryBasic Needs$60,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco50http://www.hhdr.ngoThe COVID-19 pandemic has had crippling economic impacts across the United States. One in five US households who rent their homes could face eviction by October 2020. In April, the government placed a moratorium on eviction hearings until the end of August. This was done in an effort to stave off the inevitable spike in homelessness that will happen as a result of the pandemic. Although the moratorium helped to keep low-income families and individuals in their homes over the last few months, it has not addressed the larger issue of how they will continue paying rent. Furthermore, all past due rent and fees have been able to accrue and are now coming due. HHDR is requesting funding to assist renters in the Tampa Bay area with paying their rent to avoid becoming homeless. Funding will be leveraged with other grants and donations obtained to address this need in the Tampa Bay region.$0.00$60,000.00Funding will be used to provide rental assistance to those who are behind on their rent and facing eviction due to the economic impact of the pandemic. Program applicants will be provided with $1,000 in rental assistance paid directly to the landlord. Applicants to the program will need to provide a copy of their current lease, proof of unemployment, and demonstrate financial need. HHDR will require landlords receiving payment to sign an acknowledgment agreement stating how much has been paid for the tenant. All program participants will receive a copy of this signed acknowledgment for their records. We know this amount will not solve the problem for most so we will also provide clients with referrals to other assistance programs that may be able to help them close the gap on past due rent. We will reach this goal by leveraging funding from other sources for this program.09/16/202036Active
Not Funded0%COVID-19 Response: Healthcare for Uninsured-Access to CarePremier Community HealthCare Group, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$30,600.00Hernando ; Pasco200http://www.premierhc.orgPremier Community HealthCare is requesting financial support to assist patients in need of healthcare.
With the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, more patients in crisis are in need of care and have no ability to
cover the costs. Premier offers discount fees based on household size and income. Those with no income still
need and receive care. Funds requested would support the most vulnerable population: the homeless,
agricultural workers, older adults that do not qualify for Medicare, and uninsured children. Medical, Dental
and Behavioral Health services are offered to any one in need, regardless of an ability to pay. Premier's clinic
doors remain open for the entire community during the pandemic crisis. To assist with the shelter at home
orders, Premier also launched Telehealth services to address the needs of those than can shelter in place and
receive the care they need.
$0.00$30,600.00Funds requested would support the most vulnerable population, homeless, agricultural workers, older
adults that do not qualify for Medicare, and uninsured children. Due to the impact of COVID-19, there is an
increase in uninsured patients seeking care. Care includes clinical exams, behavioral health services,
emergency dental visits, and testing for COVID-19.
Medical, Dental, and Behavioral Health services are offered to any one in need, regardless of an ability to
pay. With dedicated licensed and board certified clinical team members, the cost of care remains and the
mission of Premier is to provide accessible healthcare services for all.
Partially Funded56%Justice Studio at Pinellas Regional Juvenile Detention CenterNOMADstudioArts and Culture$16,000.00Pinellas700http://nomadartbus.orgIn May 2018, the NOMAD team visited Pinellas Regional Juvenile Detention Center (RJDC) to deliver what was to be a one-time printing workshop for detained youth. While there, we learned that youth attend onsite school at the facility, but no enrichment programs (art, music, dance, theatre) are offered as part of their school day. NOMAD rallied community support to establish an afterschool art program at RJCD, which we call Justice Studio. NOMAD was onsite every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon since our September 2018 launch until mid-March 2020, when all enrichment programs were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The FL Department of Juvenile Justice has now authorized the facility to restart enrichment programs. We are seeking funding to restart Justice Studio, providing detained youth with a safe space for creative expression, which helps foster a sense of normalcy and belonging.$20,000.00$36,000.00Requested funds would be used to pay an art therapist and two teaching artists for Justice Studio facilitation ($24,960); purchase art supplies, sanitizing supplies, and protective equipment ($8,320); and provide food and beverages for participating youth ($2,600). If fully funded, the total amount requested would allow us to provide a full year (52 weeks) or Justice Studio programming at RJDC, twice a week for 3 hours per session.09/15/202037Active
Not Funded0%COVID-19 Homeless Street Outreach PPE SupportSt. Vincent de Paul CARESBasic Needs$50,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas1,395https://www.svdpsp.orgSVdP CARES Street Outreach is especially critical now as people without a place to stay are at greater risk of COVID-19. According to HUD, persons more likely to be harmed by COVID-19 include low income, racial minorities, the elderly, those with underlying health conditions, and those experiencing homelessness. Places most at risk to spread COVID-19 are crowded indoor spaces, especially emergency shelters with shared sleeping areas, and in places that lack proper hygiene such as homeless encampments. Face-to-face outreach involves interacting with unsheltered people who are homeless in whatever location they naturally stay (in campsites, on the streets) by building trust through engagement, and offering access to housing options. The mission is identify veterans and nonveteran homeless who might not use assistance due to a lack of awareness or active avoidance because of COVID-19. $0.00$50,000.00SVdP CARES Street Outreach practices include personal precautions during encounters with people following the CDC Guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19. This includes use of masks and hand sanitizer, and screening from a distance of six feet. Staff explain the reason for wearing masks and taking precautions when appropriate, and offer the same to each person including masks, disposable gloves, toiletries, hand sanitizer, soap, tissue packets, and other supplies that address life safety such as water. Each staff carries a thermometer. Based on the person’s age, responses, and temperature, staff will provide direction to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and assist the individual to obtain medical care/testing as appropriate. This funding will secure COVID-19 PPE supplies required to support outreach missions in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Citrus, and Hernando counties.09/15/202037Active
Not Funded0%Empower voters to tell fact from fiction onlineThe Poynter Institute for Media StudiesEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$20,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas100,000http://www.poynter.orgMisinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic is traveling across social media platforms at an alarming rate, endangering your ability as a citizen to stay healthy and as a voter to cast your ballot based on factual information. That’s why the Poynter Institute launched MediaWise, our innovative digital media and news literacy program.

Support Poynter to help empower citizens find reliable, accurate information.

Through our work at MediaWise, we’ve taught 9 million citizens the skills they need to sort fact from fiction online. This year, we aim to teach millions more through our new programs specifically for first-time voters and senior citizens. A new e-learning course helps adults 50 and over learn the skills fact-checkers use and reduce the spread of misinformation.

We can’t do this work without support from people like you who care about an informed electorate and fact-based voting.
$0.00$20,000.00Funds will be used two ways:

1. Create a playbook for high school journalism teachers to teach them how to use MediaWise skills with their student journalists to produce stories on social media that sort fact from fiction about the pandemic. By showing advisers and editors of student media how to create video fact-checks for Instagram and the other sites where teens and their families get information, we'll teach them valuable skills to help them in college and career and reduce the spread of misinformation. Funds will cover staff time for a teacher/writer and a designer for the curriculum and marketing and promotion.

2. Carry out MediaWise training on COVID in low-income areas of Tampa Bay and areas with high populations of Black and Hispanic residents, who are disproportionately impacted. Funds cover staff time to develop & promote the training, customized for each audience.
Not Funded0%Human Trafficking Victim Case ManagerUnited Way of Pasco CountyDomestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$42,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas100http://unitedwaypasco.orgAccording to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, Florida consistently ranks 3rd among the rest of the states in the country for the highest call volume to the hotline.

UWPC will be partnering with community partners to help offer longer-term housing solutions for this population, and will be providing direct service assistance to clients with the help from a caseworker trained in working with survivors of human trafficking. The goal and objective of the program is to secure safe housing for survivors and their families along with linking survivors to other wrap-around services.

The UWPC is able to provide service from a federal grant award from the Office for Victims of Crimes but the grant will not cover the cost of the case manger.
$0.00$42,000.00The funding provided by the Office for Victims of Crime will only cover expenses related to direct service provided to the trafficking victim and not the cost associated with having a trained social worker on staff. By contributing towards the $42,000 you will be facilitating the disbursement of $498,000 directly towards victims of trafficking by allowing us to have a trained case manager on staff.

This additional expense of $42,000 for our organization will place a strain and limit capacity of our organization. During COVID our collections on pledge are tremendously down compared to previous years. Most indications are also showing an increase in trafficking and increased difficulty for victims to leave their situation during a pandemic.
Not Funded0%Food Security with Dignity and Choice for Vulnerable PopulationsGulf Coast Jewish Family and Community ServicesBasic Needs$10,000.00Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas467http://gcjfcs.orgThroughout the pandemic, vulnerable populations like seniors, low-income families, and communities of color have been more adversely impacted. The Tampa Bay community has come together to provide a wide range of supports related to housing, employment, and health. Still, food insecurity remains a significant issue for 1.7 million of our neighbors, according to Feeding Tampa Bay.

We have been stocking our own Food Pantry, arranging grocery deliveries, and linking our clients to local food distribution sites and delivery programs like Feeding Tampa Bay. With donations, we have also purchased grocery gift cards, giving our clients access to perishable items, nutritional supplements, and medication. Importantly, these gift cards also offer flexibility, dignity, and choice. Instead of being limited by a pantry’s availability, individuals can shop for what they need just like anyone else.
$0.00$10,000.00We serve thousands of Tampa Bay residents each year, including frail seniors, Holocaust survivors, Jewish families, pregnant teens and teen moms, unemployed parents, refugees, and survivors of torture. Some of these individuals and families have special dietary needs—such as prenatal vitamins, baby formula, meal replacement shakes, or Kosher foods. Everyone we serve can benefit from access to perishable items like fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy, personal hygiene items, and medicine. Through our wrap-around approach to service, we look at all available options to help our clients meet their needs. Grocery gift cards offer us greater capacity to do so.

With $10,000, we will purchase 200 grocery gift cards in $50 denominations for Target, Publix, and WalMart. We will support 200 households or 467 individuals (average household size is 2.16 in Pinellas and 2.51 in Hillsborough).
Not Funded0%Bed Bug HeaterLiberty Manor for VeteransHealth and Wellbeing$5,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)1,000 Liberty Manor is a transitional program, we have residents that come from shelters and hospitals who bring the bed bug hitch hiker to our property. It has become overwhelmingly exhausting to treat this type of bug by traditional means, they continue to reappear. I have been told the only real treatment would be a Heat Package. This process kills the adult bed bugs as well as their offspring. This treatment would actually benefit our entire community because it is a method that stops the bed bug production and transmittal to other programs, hospitals,doctor offices and other peoples homes. It is difficult times providing a roof over their head, we simply cannot provide some of the most basic essentials. Due to Covid19 we are in dire straits. Please help our Veterans.- they are so deserving of our support.$0.00$5,000.00VersaPro Bed Bug Heat Package $3,499.99 Treats up to 900sqft and is hands down the ultimate bed bug heat package designed specifically for the professional heat treatment company in mind. The heater can operate off both 120volt and 220volt power alone or at the same time!

$1501.00 would be for our maintenance department to study the process and then to administer the treatment.
Not Funded0%LIBERTY MANOR FOR VETERANS, INC.Liberty Manor for VeteransBasic Needs$20,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)1,000 Manor is committed to making an impact on our veterans because when you make an impact on a single person, you have theoretically affected five generations. The first being the actual individual that was the benefactor of the assistance, their children and grandchildren, and in all probability surviving parent(s) and quite possibly grandparent(s). By helping men to become financially self-sufficient, it becomes possible for a father to contribute financially to the well-being of their dependents. This initiative can contribute to the stability of the family unit. Our objective is accomplished by reintegrating veterans into meaningful career opportunities, or if the veteran is disabled, we assist them to apply for a deserving disability pension to meet the objectives established. $0.00$20,000.00Our veterans need some of the most basic essentials such as toilet paper, paper towels, clothing, gas cards for transportation and food. It is difficult times providing a roof over their head, we simply cannot provide some of the most basic essentials. Due to Covid19 we are in dire straits. We have received limited funding and can only provide a roof over our veterans head. They have other needs such as food, clothing, laundry detergent, etc. Please help our Veterans.- they are so deserving of our support.09/13/202039Active
Not Funded0%EmpowHERing: Single Mothers ClassEmpowhermentBasic Needs$7,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas55http://empowherment.orgWe are providing a class called "Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-by World". This class will be for women in poverty that shows how to use the hidden rules to build up financial, emotional, social, and other resources. Understanding the hidden rules of the middle class and wealth, and choosing to use them, can open doors to new relationships, new jobs, and homeownership. The single mothers in this program will learn how to tackle their financial situation while also Identifying their strengths and building financial resources for them & their children.
12 sessions
1 class/week
*Due to the Pandemic (COVID), We had to cancel our fundraiser which would have gone towards these program expenses. Additionally, many of these mothers are struggling substantially due to COVID. This additional resource will hopefully educate and appease the need during this time.*
$0.00$7,000.00These funds will be used for materials, curriculum, facilitation, and to provide an incentive to the mothers for attending. The mothers will be given a $100 gift card for each child at the end of the program, which will be just in time for the holidays. Also, this funding will allow us to feed the children during the time the parents are attending this class, as they are once a week, in the evening. We want to make sure the parents are able to attend with ease.
Due to the Pandemic (COVID), We had to cancel our fundraiser which would have gone towards these program expenses. Additionally, many of these mothers are struggling substantially due to COVID. This additional resource will hopefully educate and appease the need during this time.
Not Funded0%Victory High SchoolFlorida Recovery Schools of Tampa Bay, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$60,000.00Pasco200http://floridarecoveryschoolsoftampabay.comThe COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges for youth with substance use disorders. Adolescents struggling with substance use disorders or co-occurring disorders are at a greater risk of completing suicide, overdosing and/or death from overdoses due to the pandemic. In Pasco County alone, 15 youth ages 10-17 have overdosed January-July 2020 resulting in 2 fatalities. This pandemic has created a public health crisis during an opioid epidemic! Victory High School will be the first Recovery High School in Tampa Bay. Our non-profit tuition free school provides a healing centered educational environment with mental health services for ages 14-19 seeking recovery from substance use disorders or co-occurring disorders. We will reduce dropout rates, suspensions, truancy and criminal behaviors while restoring lost childhoods, rebuilding self-esteem and reviving gifts to offer this world. $0.00$60,000.00Our budget provides for a Licensed Mental Health Counselor to conduct mental health individual counseling and teach an Expressive Art Therapy class once a week with our students. A full-time teacher will provide instruction and academic advising to each student to ensure they are on level to achieve their GED or diploma. A Licensed Social Worker will help the families with basic needs (i.e. shelter, food, utilities and clothing). A Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor with provide counseling to build a solid foundation to live a substance free life. Two Certified Recovery Coaches and a Peer Recovery Specialist will advocate for our youth. A Recovery Coach will teach Creative Writing Classes. Our students will receive Yoga 4 Change by trauma informed trained instructors and physical fitness classes from The Phoenix a recovery centered non-profit and performing arts classes from Prodigy.09/11/202041Active
Not Funded0%Salesian Youth Center after school care and tutoringSalesian Sisters of Tampa Inc d/b/a Salesian Youth CenterEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$48,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)180http://salesiansisters.orgAs the Salesian Youth Center is in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs, the Salesian Sisters cover the cost of the building and grounds, while Boys & Girls Club covers staffing. In order for the Salesian Sisters to
continue their mission for the children of Tampa at the Salesian Youth Center, expenses as electric, water, and maintenance must be kept up. Now that the after school program has started back up, tutoring must continue. Located in Tampa Heights on Villa Madonna School campus, the Salesian Youth Center/Boys and Girls Club is an inclusive youth development organization for ages 5 to 18, open from 2:30 to 7pm after school. The SYC is committed to helping children not only with schoolwork, but also to develop the character and qualities they need to become responsible citizens and good leaders. Since opening in 1995, the SYC has helped over 9,000 children.
$0.00$48,000.00All funds received will be used for programs during after school care to help the kids with tutoring and literacy, as the kids have returned and have gotten behind in their education due to COVID-19 and need additional help. Also, funds will be used for maintenance and cleaning of the buildings during these hard times. 09/11/202041Active
Not Funded0%Covid-19 Feeding Pinellas CountyAdvantage Village AcademyBasic Needs$25,000.00Pinellas10,000http://advantagevillageacademy.comAdvantage Village Academy has fed over 5,527 individuals since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. We have given out 3,000 face-masks, 2,000 hand sanitizers and 1,000 set of gloves. We have surveyed the Midtown Community to find out more immediate needs from the families. We have uncovered additional needs including assistance with utility bills, baby items and more healthy food. We are asking for additional funding to help continue the fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic. We have exhausted our grants and the funding we have allotted in our budget. $0.00$25,000.00The funds will be used to continue feeding the community, assisting individuals with utility bills, and purchase baby items for families in need. 09/10/202042Active
Not Funded0%College Scholarships for Financially Disadvantaged StudentsCollege Fund of Pinellas CountyEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$10,000.00Pinellas10http://collegefundpinellas.orgWe are currently helping 60 outstanding students who could not otherwise afford college with $1,000/year scholarships until they graduate. Due to the novel coronavirus, colleges are financially stressed and cutting scholarships they used to provide. Our donations are less than 2/3 of what they were last year at this time, and will likely get worse as donors choose not to take their IRA minimum distribution and donate it to a charity, as they would have done before the CARES Act waived it his year. We are in dire need of $10,000 to support 10 of our students with a scholarship for the Fall 2020-Spring 2021 school year.$0.00$10,000.00The funds will allow 10 outstanding students continue their college education this year.09/09/202043Active
Not Funded0%Trailer to Help Kids with CancerKailani's Kloset, Inc.Basic Needs$5,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas50 provide free clothes to families who have had a child diagnosed with cancer. We oftentimes both pick up donations from members of the community and deliver clothes and other household items to multiple families in need across Tampa Bay on the same day, and currently we have no means of transporting these items other than the use of our own personal vehicles. We are applying for funds to purchase an enclosed cargo trailer to help us fulfill our mission and serve even more families more efficiently. $0.00$5,000.00Since the start of the pandemic we've seen an increase in requests for free clothes, as both word gets out about our mission and as families already facing a medical crisis are now faced with loss of income due to the pandemic. With an increase in requests, and oftentimes making multiple drop-offs in a day, we're in need of a larger mode of hauling the items to deliver to families in need. We often coordinate donation pickups at the same time we're delivering donations, and we are extremely limited in what we can transport. A trailer would allow us to serve more families in our community by giving us the freedom to bring as many items as we need to, as well as allow us to pick up more donations of clothing to donate to families affected by childhood cancer. If awarded, the funds will be used to purchase an enclosed cargo trailer in order to help us better fulfill our mission.09/09/202043Active
Not Funded0%Porch Pups Reading ProgramKids and CaninesEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$3,600.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)120http://kidsandcanines.orgThe children in our reading programs are some of the most vulnerable, selected by therapists, counselors and teachers. Our readers struggle with learning disabilities and other challenges that have set them back, often by years. With COVID-19 many families are choosing to keep their children home. This new program, Project Porch Pups Reading Program, will serve Title I school children who do not have access to our programs at the schools. We bring our services (trained dogs and books) to the child’s porch, or other nearby outdoor location. Those selected, by the schools, will participate in a one-on-one weekly reading session and earn books for their personal libraries as an incentive to continue their reading. The reading sessions with the dogs help with the child’s well-being, provide socialization, encourage the joy of reading and increases reading comprehension. $0.00$3,600.00Staffing is our biggest cost. It takes, on average and with transportation, one and half hours per child for each reading session. We plan to conduct 10 reading sessions a week for 3 months. This comes to 180 staff hours. In total the budget includes staff time ($2700), transportation costs ($300) and books ($600). Each child's reading session, which is conducted at their home, will cost around $30. Porch Pups follows our successful in-school Furry Tales Program which costs $10.78 per session and uses volunteers. For safety issues (both the virus and being off site) home visits can only be conducted by staff, increasing the costs. However, these children are at the highest risk, and are already falling behind, so we feel it worth the extra funds. The pilot will be modified to continue to serve low income, at-risk children, beyond the three months.09/09/202043Active
Not Funded0%Providing Service Hours to High School Students for Florida Bright Futures ScholarshipsSouth West Florida Therapy AnimalsEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$11,200.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)400http://floridatherapyanimals.comThroughout the pandemic, high school students from Hillsborough County have been struggling to find non-profit organizations to accommodate them for their service hours because of closings or restricted access. Each high school student who qualifies for a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship is required to perform 100 service hours (
This summer we had over 100 high school students volunteer at the South West Florida Therapy Animals (SWFTA) ranch, and we are looking for funding to support a full-time volunteer coordinator in order to accommodate more students. On the 12-acre ranch, we have many outdoor activities that will allow students to obtain their service hours in a safe environment with appropriate social distancing and other safeguards.
$0.00$11,200.00Hiring of a full-time, volunteer coordinator:
3 months (14 weeks) x $20/hour X 40 hours a week = $11,200
Not Funded0%I AM THE FUTURE TAMPA TOURS FOR YOUTH 12-22Future You Network Inc.Health and Wellbeing$25,000.00Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)1,000http://focnw.orgAs a nonprofit we are faced with hardships due to COVID-19 and the interruptions to programming and fundraising required to generate funding to achieve our missions. It is as important as ever for our organization to maintain its people-centered approach for culturally diverse youth from families with fewer resources who have been hit the hardest. The Future You Network is committed to staying vigilant to ensure equitable outcomes for youth who still have dreams for their future in spite of the scarcity they see around them. We are already seeing how this pandemic disproportionately affects low-resource and at-risk families. Our org. wants to bridge gaps to the future of marginalized youth ages 12-22 in Hillsborough County w/ online and in-person activities to help them identify what their next steps are in their personally, academically, and professionally-to reengage, excel w/ support.$0.00$25,000.00Funding is intended to be used to cover expenses such as outreach, marketing, supplies, materials, events, or local staff to present researched community workshops, career labs, and educational supports to enable marginalized students in Hillsborough County grades 6- 12 and college to engage in educational projects that will enhance their future goals & aspirations based on our collaborative LEAD Models:
1. Workshops and trainings that will promote leadership skills in youth.
2. Nonviolence trainings focusing on communication and intervention skills
1. Virtual College and Career Workshops,
2. SAT & ACT Testing Prep Services,
3. Sports Recruiting/ Scholarship assistance
1. Discovering Passion workshops
1. Conflict resolution and interpersonal skills training
2. Personal development Assessments
3. Pairing youth with mentors and caring adult supports
Not Funded0%Human Trafficking Behavioral Analyst Operation Light ForceDomestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$15,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)10,000http://operationlightforce.comDue to COVID we are in need of an additional Behavioral Analyst to accommodate
the back log of victims waiting on treatment. Out of 89 victims 71 have been human trafficked.
For more information, just give me a call. Thank you for your consideration.
$0.00$15,000.00We do not charge the victims. We need the funds to hire a Behavioral Analyst
to help as many victims as soon as possible.
Not Funded0%Human Trafficking Non-Profit in Need of Assistance Operation Light ForceDomestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$17,500.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)10,000http://operationlightforce.comDue to COVID we were unable to provide ministry to victims due to shut down.
Out of 89 of our current victims, 71 have been human trafficked.
$0.00$17,500.00The funds would help replenish some of the loss of income we incurred. 09/03/202049Active
Not Funded0%Great Futures ScholarshipBoys & Girls Clubs of Citrus CountyEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$25,000.00Citrus70http://www.bgccitrus.orgDue to the COVID pandemic, Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus County have had to halt all fundraising events that are used to support our Great Futures Scholarship. In 2019, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus County served over 700 youth and issued 65 Great Futures Scholarships that equaled approximately $115,000. Without these scholarships, children and families could not afford to join our Club, receive our services, or develop the lasting relationships. Boys & Girls Clubs are proud to promote that 75% or our members stated college is in their plans for the future but 100% stated they have a plan that includes a trade, job, or military service. A staggering 79% of regular attending youth improved their English, Math, and Science grade in 2019. Also to note: in our 25 year history we have never had a regular attending member become an underage parent. $0.00$25,000.00Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus County has taken it upon ourselves to never turn a child away from our Clubs due to the family's inability to pay the monthly or yearly fees. To maximize our impact of providing quality summer or after school care, Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus County is requesting funding from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay to provide Great Futures Scholarships to families struggling financially. We are requesting the amount of $25,000 to be used to offer full or partial scholarship assistance to children of disadvantaged families attending our Clubs.
Boys & Girls Clubs of Citrus County seek to help our community’s youth become responsible, caring, productive citizens. Boys & Girls Clubs has the staff and tools necessary to see this vision come to life. Thank you for your consideration and together we can ensure that our community’s youth go on to have great futures.
Partially Funded20%Legal Support for Domestic Violence SurvivorsCASA - Community Action Stops Abuse, Inc.Domestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$20,300.00Pinellas180 match for Florida Bar attorneys who represent survivors of domestic violence during injunction for protection/ restraining order request cases. CASA houses three Florida Bar Association attorneys and one paralegal under a federal agreement that is distributed through the state Office of the Attorney General. These professionals represent survivors of domestic abuse in injunction for protection (IFP) hearings at no charge to the survivor. As a result of restrictions and stress caused by COVID-19 precautions, CASA has experienced an increase in the number of persons asking for this service. The federal monies require a 25% match in local funding, which would be about $28,071 without the salaries, fringe, and indirect expenses. Certain line items are not covered, and certain services are needed more than ever, not just due to more demand but a need to serve remotely.$5,000.00$25,300.00CASA is under contract with the Victims of Crime Act via state Office of the Attorney General to provide free legal representation in court hearings for injunction for protection or restraining orders in domestic violence cases. There is now a greater need for transcripts (180 cases x 3 transcripts each x $40/ transcript = $14,400), and for supoenas (180 cases x 2 supoenas each x $25/ supoena = $9,000). These services are limited by the federal grant to $300 and $2,800 respectively for the entire year. Additionally, the four professionals require continuing education (CLEs) that they can attend online in order to meet state requirements for practice (4 professionals x $300/ each = $1,200). Some legal references are only available in hard copy, such as the Florida Evidence Courtroom Manual and will help support the basis of these cases (2 manuals x $300/ each = $700). 09/02/202050Active
Not Funded0%Ecked Connects Raising Hope- Room of Hope inventoryEckerd Youth Alternatives, Inc.Basic Needs$5,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas200 Raising Hope is a privately funded/donation based program of Eckerd Connects. Raising Hope operates 5 Rooms of Hope in Tampa Bay to serve the basic needs of children entering our foster care system (Largo, Tampa, New Port Richey, Dade City, Trinity). When children are removed from their homes due to child abuse and/or neglect, they often have little belongings with them, and what they do have is often shoved in a trash bag. Rooms of Hope are set up like stores where the kids can come and pick out items they need and deserve. These items include clothes, new shoes, underwear, socks, hygiene items, school supplies and baby care items, all packed in a new duffel bag for them. We serve children newborn to 18 years old, and are available 24/7 to child safety workers. Raising Hope fills the gap of basic need items that the State of Florida funding does not provide.$0.00$5,000.00Inventory of clothing and new shoes is needed to keep our Rooms fully stocked for the children we serve. Pre-COVID-19, we accepted donations of clothing at 10 different locations each weekday. Now, we are restricted to only accepting donations on 2 days a month, by appointment, and only at our Clearwater office. This is so we can quarantine the donations for 2 weeks prior to sorting and stocking. This has caused a major decrease in the clothing donations we receive, particularly from Hillsborough and Pasco County. Funding would be used to purchase new sneakers and new tops/bottoms for toddlers, children and teens to fill gaps in inventory at our 5 Tampa Bay locations.09/02/202050Active
Partially Funded47%Economic Fraud Educational Materials for Vulnerable Age GroupsHillsborough County Sheriff's OfficeEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$8,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)467,000 Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) is committed to educating vulnerable age groups about potential scams that compromise their security and safety. Through advertisements, mailers, and magnets, an HCSO Deputy and Community Service Aide provide information about how vulnerable age groups can recognize economic scams and fraud and how to report them to the HCSO. In 2019, there were an estimated 95,000 residents in Hillsborough County between the ages of 15 and 19, and approximately 372,000 residents that were age 55 or older. Funding would allow the HCSO to reach communities in Hillsborough County that are at-risk for economic scams and fraud. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted a need for vulnerable populations to continue receiving education and information focusing on preventing economic crime. $7,000.00$15,000.00The funding will be used to educate vulnerable populations throughout Hillsborough County about economic fraud schemes that target financial information. Recent types of fraud have included computer scams, romance scams, grandparent scams, and even ruses to get victims to sell their debit and checking account information to money laundering organizations, who then use the accounts to accumulate illicit money. Specifically, funding for this initiative will be used by an HCSO Deputy and Community Service Aide to provide awareness and educational materials, such as brochures, mailers, magnets, and media advertisements to teenagers and seniors/senior community centers in an effort to prevent these types of fraudulent activities. The medium through which education and awareness is provided may change due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 09/02/202050Active
Not Funded0%Stage West COVID Relief RequestStage West, Inc.Arts and Culture$100,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Pasco75,000http://www.stagewestflorida.comWe are addressing loss of revenue due to COVID 19 shutdowns and limited ticket sale opportunities going forward.$0.00$100,000.00These funds will be used to replace lost revenue from cancelled shows, cancellation of summer children's workshops/ shows, loss of rental opportunities and reduced seating for upcoming season under COVID guidelines.09/02/202050Active
Not Funded0%Stage West Engagement, Education and Outreach Wing Stage West, Inc.Arts and Culture$1,500,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Pasco75,000http://www.stagewestflorida.comThe specific need that we are addressing is the loss of Cultural and educational programs due to budget cuts and the resulting impact from COVID in the underserved areas of Hernando, Citrus, Pasco and North Hillsborough counties.$0.00$1,500,000.00Build 6000 square foot education/ multipurpose facility on existing footprint. This wing will house classrooms that will be used for music, dance, and theatre classes. In addition, there will be practice studio rooms as well as meeting rooms. Classes will support youth, adult, seniors and special needs programs. 09/02/202050Active
Not Funded0%Help the Masks for All chapter in Florida to sew and distribute protective masks to help fight against COVID-19!Masks for AllHealth and Wellbeing$8,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas5,000 Masks for All FL organization is asking the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay for funding towards the necessary materials and supplies such as fabrics, elastics and threads for our volunteers to utilize to cut and sew masks to be distributed to the Florida community. We will also use the funding towards packaging and delivery such as Ziploc bags and shipping fees, in which we have a supplier that we buy the bulk of materials from. We have a large volunteer group in Florida that are willing to help out such as college and high school students. Therefore, we need to acquire as much materials we can afford for the long term run for Masks for All FL.

We are in a fiscal sponsorship with the Richmond Community Center. The grant money will be spent on whatever needs purchasing through Executive Director Michelle Cusano of Richmond Community Center in CA.
$0.00$8,000.00There is a universal budget for the materials and shipping from our supplier:

Fabric: $0.44
Elastic: $0.07
Thread: $0.00
Packaging: $0.03
Shipping: $0.05
TOTAL: $0.58 (per masks)

With that said, we will asks many different organizations such as hospitals, schools, daycares, etc for their requested amount of masks and that all depends on the funding. Materials will be sent to our volunteers and the finished product (masks) will be sent to the organizations.

In the long run, we hope to find funding for our long term goal as financial troubles derived from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Not Funded0%Feeding and Hoteling overflow families with sick kidsRonald McDonald House Charities of Tampa Bay, Inc.Basic Needs$40,250.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas240 McDonald House Charities provides housing, food and support to families of children receiving medical treatment.
Covid-19 has changed the way we provide services. Our houses have a limited capacity to allow for social distancing and additional safety criteria. To accommodate more families, we are also providing an additional 260 hotel nights a month (About 9 families at a time at a rate of $75/night for 30 nights). Additionally as our volunteer meal groups can still not come to our houses, we are purchasing food for in-house families and hotel families. The cost of meals for all families is about $5,000 a week.
$0.00$40,250.00When your child is sick and needs the best care, parents go to the hospital with the specialist needed. This often means crossing county lines or traveling from outside our area. RMHC provides for health equity and availability and affordability of care by taking the burden off of the cost of essential needs. Additionally, many parents have lost jobs and other resources due to Covid on top of their child's illness. We know that parents and siblings need their basic needs met all the time, and especially when fighting childhood illness. Funding will be used to feed families and, due to our reduced occupancy for safety, to provide overflow rooms at hotels at a discounted rate.

Meals: 60 people x 2 meals/day x 7 days = $5,000/week (About $6/meal/person); $20,000 a month
Hotel Rooms: (when houses are full at Covid-19 occupancy): 9 hotel rooms/week x $75/room x 30 nights = $20,250
Not Funded0%Babysitting and Childcare classSWIM for CJ Inc.Workforce Services and Career Development$2,000.00Hernando20 families are juggling working from home and having to get creative with childcare, and many times may be relying on their older children to help with their younger siblings. There may be parents in our community who are also needing to consider hiring teen babysitters to help with their children. We want to ensure these newly appointed babysitters have the tools they need to safely care for their younger siblings, and to be able to care for children in the community.
The Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) program from the American Safety Health Institute gives teenagers and young adults (ages 11-15) everything they need to know for safe and successful babysitting.

All students who attend will achieve three certifications: Babysitting Safety with recognized 2-year certification, 2-year CPR adult, child, and infant certification, and 2-year basic first aid certification.
$0.00$2,000.00Funds would directly impact 20 children by allowing them to take this course. These children will then be able to safely babysit for parents and caregivers in our community, potentially impacting hundreds of people. The cost of this six hours class is $75 and must be taught by a certified CPR instructor, which we have already lined up. This leaves $500 left to buy lunch or dinner for the children who attend (so they don't have to bring a meal from home) and to be able to provide prizes for participation and correct answers. This is a fun and informative class and prizes are a great way to keep the students engaged in the lesson and eager to participate. 09/01/202051Active
Partially Funded7%American Stage - Creating Sustainable Professional Theatre, with Innovation, Inspiration & Inclusion for all. American Stage Company, Inc.Arts and Culture$93,333.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas35,000 a July 2020 press release, Jon Moses, president of the Florida Professional Theatres Association (FPTA) said, “Florida theatres are bracing themselves for what could be up to 18 months of limited or altered programming.” When live performances halted, American Stage pivoted from on-site to online programming, launching the Virtual Stage & Academy in June 2020.

While digital innovation provides work for artists and enriching cultural experiences for community, the absence of on-site and in-classroom engagement has created a sustained impact on staff & fiscal resources.

To realize a safe return to live events & a new season of virtual programming, essential expenditures include: new technologies to produce theatre & provide digital inclusion & access for artists, students & audiences; PPE for safety protocols; programmatic payroll for those who create & deliver cultural enrichment.
$6,667.00$100,000.00$50,000 helps fund the artists, educator & arts administrators who are creating and connecting our community with accessible, enriching theatrical & learning experiences.

$20,000 in support of new technologies essential for presenting theatre & arts education virtually, while ensuring a viable and safe return to on-site performance, including hardware, software and digital production elements.

$15,000 helps sustain digital inclusion & access for our artists. students and audiences for our Virtual Stage and Academy performances, classes and outreach.

$10,000 helps fund the implementation of essential safety and sanitation protocols, inclusive of staff and PPE supplies necessary to bring artists,audiences, students and staff together again.

$5,000 in support of marketing communications necessary to promote, connect, educate, & engage with our community.
Not Funded0%Director of Behavioral Health/Case WorkerOperation Light ForceDomestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$50,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)500http://operationlightforce.comDue to COVID 19 the requests for help have increased and so we need to expand. Operation Light Force provides support, care, counseling, and training for survivors of human trafficking, rape, long term sexual abuse, PTSD, and other traumas. 800,000 people are trafficked every year globally. Right now, 71 of our 89 clients have been human trafficked. These clients come with many behavioral health challenges including suicidal thoughts and self-harm, addictions, relationship issues, and abuse issues. Currently, our ministry staff has trained pastoral ministers. With the needs of our current clients and the addition of residences, we need to add a professional behavioral therapist to train our staff and provide direct services to our residential clients and our current clients. We will need a caseworker to care for our residential clients and our long term non- residential clients. $0.00$50,000.00A behavior therapist who has volunteered part time with our organization for the last 3 years has agreed to work full time for us at a salary way below typical market prices for her profession as a Behavior Analyst. She has the degrees, certifications, and experience that is needed to fulfill a unique role in our organization. We will use this money to hire her to become director of behavioral health and case worker. Our ministers and staff are lacking the training that we need. If we hire this person she will be able to increase our training and we can provide more care and improved care. She will also lead support groups, and provide group sessions for current clients and future residents and provide individual and group support for families of survivors. In addition, she will be the case worker for our residential clients and longer-term non-residential clients.08/30/202053Active
Not Funded0%Executive Ministry Team TrainerOperation Light ForceDomestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$60,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)10,000http://operationlightforce.comDue to Covid 19 Operation Light Force has experienced a marked increase in requests for help and we have a backlog. Operation Light Force is a 501 c 3 Ministry that ministers to, cares for, nurtures and trains people who have experienced severe trauma. This includes victims of human trafficking, people who have been victims of childhood and adult sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional and spiritual abuse. Of our current 89 clients 71 have been human trafficked. We currently have 12 ministry team members. We need to multiply our team and provide more training. This position will be responsible for:
1. Marketing, training and new team members.
2. Doing personal one on one training with clients while training others.
3. Helping develop and present training resources to double our ministry team over the next 2 years.
$0.00$60,000.00 for our clients and our client’s families.

This person will also hold conferences for the general public that will bring awareness to the general public of the needs and challenges of human trafficking victims and other trauma and abuse victims. They will educate and empower others to rise up and help meet the needs.
Not Funded0%Housing for Survivors of Human Trafficking, PTSD and other AbusesOperation Light ForceDomestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$890,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)500http://operationlightforce.comDue to COVID 19 we have experienced a marked increase in people requesting a place to stay while receiving ministry. Operation Light Force is a non-profit 501 c 3 that provides care, nurture, ministry, and training to people who have experienced trauma as a result of Human Trafficking, physical abuse, sexual abuse, spiritual abuse, satanic ritual abuse, and PTSD. Currently, 71 out of 89 clients have been human trafficked. The people we minister to need long-term care, community, training, support, and ministry. We do not have a place to house people when they come, so they would stay in hotels. We have also had to turn many away because we were unable to accommodate them. We have an incredible opportunity to purchase a mobile home park next door to our facility that we would like to refurbish and transform so that we can provide affordable housing for these overcomers.$0.00$890,000.00We plan to purchase a 21-unit mobile home park for $840,000 and transform it into a much nicer park that will provide low income housing for survivors of abuse and their families. The park currently provides over $150,000 in annual revenue. Over the next 5 years, we will use this revenue to refurbish and transform the park. We will also need an additional $50,000 to make a few immediate improvements to the property. Also located on the property is a 3-bedroom home that is structurally in good condition, but it will need to be refurbished for staff housing and to house our first guests. We would also like to repair the roadwork and clean the park up and deal with all needed repairs to establish good faith with the current renters. This park will also provide residual income for the ministry, so that it will be self-sustaining. 08/30/202053Active
Not Funded0%Human Trafficking Survivor Housing and Community/Arts Event CenterOperation Light ForceDomestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$180,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)10,000http://operationlightforce.comDue to COVID, we've had an increased number of requests for long-term ministry by survivors. Operation Light Force counsels and provides extensive care, training, nurture, and ministry for clients who have been through severe trauma due to sexual, emotional, physical, and spiritual abuse. We also deal with many clients who are dealing with PTSD from military, those growing up in war torn areas, as well as survivors of many other aspects of trauma. We recently had a young woman who was being human trafficked by her parents. She had reached out to us from a safe house. She had to move to another safehouse, but those environments were not good for her. She ended up returning to her family out of desperation. We would love to be able to respond to people in situations like that. She is not the only one, but that was the most recent tragic situation we would like to be able to address.$0.00$180,000.00We plan to purchase a 2 acre lot for $110,000 directly behind our current property to be able to provide additional parking, housing for survivors, and a community event facility. The property has a large derelict pole barn that we will refurbish into a beautiful community center. There is also a home on the property that has not been lived in for 3 years. It needs a large amount of work to refurbish it, but can be beautiful. We would use this home to house clients who come to us in need of healing from trauma, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse and those dealing with PTSD. The additional $70,000 would provide for the immediate refurbishing of two buildings, and clearing the land.08/30/202053Active
Not Funded0%Making our Ministry Center ADA compatibleOperation Light ForceDomestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$15,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)10,000http://operationlightforce.comDue to the increased demand for ministry we are having to expand the number of rooms for counseling and ministry. Operation Light Force is a 501 c 3 non-profit ministry that provides care, nurture, training and ministry to people who have endured a significant amount of abuse and Human Trafficking. Our current facility needs some critical updates immediately to be more ADA compatible so that we can set up some new counseling/ministry rooms. We have marked off parking places for handicapped parking, but they are not cemented. Our lobby area is also currently gravel. It needs to be turned into a concrete pad. We have several clients that come every week who are handicapped.$0.00$15,000.00The funds will be used to provide concrete parking spaces, a concrete entryway as well as sidewalks. We will also change out some of the doors to make them more ADA compliant. This will help us to double our ministry capacity rather quickly.08/30/202053Active
Not Funded0%Covid- 19 - Food for Foster Children and FamiliesI Matter Too CorporationBasic Needs$3,720.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas350http://imattertoo.orgI Matter Too foster families are in need of additional financial and food assistance in Hillsborough and surrounding counties. In March 2020, I Matter Too launched our "Weekly Manna" outreach in partnership with Panera Bread.

Every week, we select several foster children and their foster family to receive a bag of breads, pastries, additional groceries like pasta and soups or diapers and needed supplies and a $25 gift card for groceries. Each foster child and family is the recipient for one month, providing total of $100 in gift cards and a weekly drop off delivery of breads and other groceries.

This has provided a needed encouragement to families facing crisis who are caring for foster children. Our families are appreciative and volunteers are enthusiastic to deliver and drop off Weekly Manna bags.
$0.00$3,720.00Funds would be used to purchase $25 grocery cards for weekly distribution to places such as Publix, Walmart and local grocery outlets. In addition, a coordinator is contracted to do all scheduling of recipient foster children/families, and coordination of the volunteers delivering.

This outreach was launched in response to Covid 19 and the increased need for financial and food assistance to those children and families we already serve at I Matter Too through our mentoring and tutoring services. During this time of social distancing, it has provided an exceptional way for our mentor and tutors to connect within guidelines and provide for their most basic needs.

Covid Weekly Manna Outreach - 3 families/wk - 6 mos. - approx. 350 ppl.
Groceries/Gift Cards 1800.00
Family/Child Coordinator 1920.00
Breads/pastries provided by Panera Bread partnership - donated already by Panera Bread
Not Funded0%Covid UPLIFT Child Literacy - I Matter TooI Matter Too CorporationEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$3,180.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas25http://imattertoo.orgSeverely abused and orphaned children (including those rescued from sex trafficking and other horrific crimes) growing up in the state's foster care system, ages 5-12 (on average) who are 1-3 years behind level in Reading, Reading Comprehension, and other important early skills will have the opportunity to learn through I Matter Too's Covid UPLift Child Literacy Program. All tutors and teachers are the highest level qualified professionals and FDLE background checked.

Children growing up without access to libraries or parents at home to read to them are at a disadvantage in their education. This specific and immediate request will fund an online, virtual after school literacy program hosted 3 days a week where any child qualified can have the same opportunity as their peers to learn to read and write.
$0.00$3,180.00Rest assured your donor funds will be used move children forward in reading, reading comprehension, and other core competencies so they can read and write. An estimated 25 children (broken into smaller group online classes) will be accepted through our referring partners through agencies such as Youth and Family Alternatives, Gulf Coast Jewish Community, Devereaux, Lutheran Services Florida and other Eckerd Connects partnerships.

Costs will be allocated:
After School Literacy Virtual Program - up to 25 students, 12 weeks
Books/Supplies/Curriculum 1500.00
Literacy/Reading Teacher 1440.00
Talk Interactive Account - Technology w/Zoom 240.00
Not Funded0%Covid 19 Student Emergency Fund Stetson University College of LawBasic Needs$25,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas300 enrolled Stetson Law students and recent graduates (due to The Florida Bar Examiners delay of the bar exam) will be eligible for this grant award, based on financial need. The criteria will consist of students showing proof of financial disruption due to COVID-19. The fund will be to assist students who are currently experiencing an unexpected financial or medical situation.
Awards will be based on needs related to, but not limited to, rent and mortgage payments, increased bar prep costs, health insurance, loss of income, etc.

In this unprecedented time, Stetson Law has seen a significant increase in requests for financial aid to cover basic housing and food needs, over the past four months.
Requests have come through a variety of departments: including, the business office; housing; student affairs; financial aid; and alumni relations.
$0.00$25,000.00The funds will be used to help with the top needs we have seen specifically at Stetson:
Rent/Mortgage payments - due to the Florida Bar exam delay, graduates are unemployed.
Food – Stetson has a food pantry on campus, but the needs have significantly increased.
Income Loss – Students and family members.
Cost of online education – Internet data usage increases and/or the inability to access campus facilities have caused students to have to buy or pay more for internet service. Many have also had to purchase equipment and supplies to make online learning at home possible.
Health Insurance – Some students have lost their health insurance coverage due to the loss of their job, their spouse/partner’s loss of job, or their parent’s loss of job.
Illness/Medical Bills – Self, dependents, caregivers to parents/other family members.
Not Funded0%Adaptive Reading Program that Prevents Academic Regression for Students with Special NeedsLiFT Inc, (Learning Independence For Tomorrow)Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$9,770.00Pinellas100http://liftacademy.orgLiFT empowers neurodiverse learners, providing them with education, independent living skills, and workforce development so they may achieve successful independence. Unexpected change can have significant negative impacts on the behaviors, academic performance and emotional well-being of those with neurodiversities (autism, Down syndrome, learning disabilities and more). Summer is known to be a time of academic regression for all students; but (particularly during a pandemic) it puts students with disabilities in a more vulnerable position than ever before. Our students already experience significant challenges with reading and processing; and we seek to offer a digital curriculum that targets the root causes of reading difficulty while strengthening fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension; so students may achieve grade level proficiency and confidence as they work towards graduation.$0.00$9,770.00I. $8,450: 1-year subscription to Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus (for use by LiFT students in grades K-12)
The total cost for the 1-year subscription is $9,450; and LiFT has received a $1,000 grant towards this cost at this time. These adaptive digital computer-based programs can be utilized by both traditional/face-to-face students, as well as those participating virtually from home. The evidence-based, adaptive reading programs are designed to target individual students' weaknesses; delivering 1-2 years gain in 40-60 hours of use. Students receive real-time corrective feedback as they read aloud with a virtual personal reading tutor; and teachers are able to track individual student progress and gains.

II. $1,320: One quarter (3 months) of Internet use, to be used with the Reading Assistant Plus and Fast ForWord programs in the classroom

Total Funding Request: $9,770
Not Funded0%Hope At The City InitiativeShiloh Restoration TabernacleBasic Needs$11,250.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)6,000http://thecityofrestoration.orgWe are in need of purchasing an Enclosed Cargo Trailer, an Industrial Forklift & Pallet Jack. This will allow for us to better easily serve, transport and distribute items throughout building spaces, too assisting agencies and transporting food to areas of need.

Covid-19 has increased demands for food assistance from both the homeless, low and middle income class families. We have had to increase our staff of volunteers, add extra distribution days and times, travel and additional 2hrs monthly to another county to acquire additional food and resources. We have increased from 6 refrigeration units to an additional 4 (10 total). Funding campaigns have had to be shifted from quarterly to monthly, to meet the growing demands. Outside agencies, such as churches, daycares and local feeding programs have begun to seek assistance from out of our monthly initiatives. Marketing has increased.
$0.00$11,250.00The acquisition of an Enclosed Cargo Trailer will allow us to transport grocery items from Distributor in Citrus County to our location safely. In addition, we will be able to use this means to make mobile our ability to serve remotely. The acquisition of an Industrial Forklift and Pallet Jack will allow for food items to be delivered to us directly through our partnership with Farm Share, Inc. of whom would donate approx. 42k pounds of food monthly. This enables us to serve other local agencies, more of our community on a more frequent basis. Presently, we travel to pick up food items monthly approx. 4hrs.08/28/202055Active
Not Funded0%Grant requestSpiritual Family Church of God IncBasic Needs$20,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)15 the covid-19 has an impact on every organization around the country, it also affects our church's contribution. As a result, we are unable to pay our land's mortgage, continue our food pantry, take care of our pastor as we should, and other bills. Our congregation is newly founded, we don't have a lot of members to support our church's needs in this crucial circumstances.$0.00$20,000.00Pay mortgage, buy food for family, help the pastor, and take care of other bills.08/28/202055Active
Not Funded0%The Florida OrchestraThe Florida Orchestra, Inc.Arts and Culture$150,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas200,000 Florida Orchestra (TFO) is the largest performing arts organization in Tampa Bay and the largest professional orchestra in the State of Florida. TFO’s mission is to enrich the life of the Tampa Bay area as it inspires, entertains, and educates a wide and diverse audience with the unique experience of live symphonic music, ensuring that future generations will continue to enjoy this legacy that so magnificently celebrates the human spirit. In response to the Covid-19 crisis, TFO launched TFO at Home in April 2020 to ensure our community had access to digital music resources such as performances, educational opportunities and more. We plan to expand our online offerings during the 2020-2021 season in order to build community through the transformative power of music.$0.00$150,000.00TFO is planning the 2020-2021 season with everyone’s safety and comfort in mind, without sacrificing the triumphant and inspirational music our community needs at this challenging time. We are diligently exploring options that include spaced seating, no-touch experiences in the lobby, smaller orchestra performances and outdoor venues. In addition, TFO will offer digitally streamed concerts to ensure that everyone has access to music, whether or not they feel comfortable attending concerts in person. TFO’s costs for digitally streaming concerts this season will be $150,000, a vast reduction from the normal cost for this type of endeavor. We hope our generous supporters will help keep the music going at a time when the unifying and healing power of music is more important than ever before.08/27/202056Active
Not Funded0%COVID-19 Community Recovery EffortsFlorida Dream CenterWorkforce Services and Career Development$60,000.00Pinellas150http://www.floridadreamcenter.orgThe COVID-19 pandemic decimated the American workforce. This year unemployment reached its highest in over 28 years at 14.1% in Pinellas county. We went from 2.9% unemployment in February to 14.1% in April. The slow and steady decline to 9.0% in June shows that companies are beginning to open their doors and hire again. Recovery will be a process of stabilizing dislocated workers as businesses have trimmed their employment dockets. Our Work Readiness Training program teaches current, valuable skills that give previously, and suddenly, jobless new opportunities in an ever-changing workforce. Classes include coursework from a retired military instructor in the fields of construction, soft skill reintegration, and forklift operation and certification. Readiness advocates incorporate essential job placement skills to further educate clients and prepare them for the job world.$0.00$60,000.00Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak we initiated a Lealman Workforce Committee. This collaboration was intent on bringing local social services and stakeholders together in a joint effort to tackle employment barriers, but progress halted in light of the pandemic. Your funding will support reinvigoration efforts to bring local businesses together with our Work Readiness Training program and provide class materials, course tools, certification costs, forklift upkeep (fuel and rental) fees and instructor salaries. Additionally, we provide initial employee assistance with work uniforms, food, hygiene and transportation (as needed).08/26/202057Active
Not Funded0%Ortholinks Care Foundation COVID-19 Initiative Ortholinks Care FoundationHealth and Wellbeing$25,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas75,000http://ortholinkscare.orgOrtholinks Care Foundation was formed to financially support orthopedic care for patients who lost jobs or insurance coverage because of the pandemic. These families will still have a mechanism to receive the best orthopedic care. All funds raised will be used for surgeries, rehab, and treatment for those affected. $0.00$25,000.00Funds will be used to pay for surgeries, rehab, and treatment of families who have lost their job and insurance coverage because of COVID-19. Injuries and medical conditions include but not limited to treatment of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Families impacted by COVID-19 will receive free orthopedic care. 08/26/202057Active
Not Funded0%High-quality Breast Ultrasound Imaging MachineUniversity Community Hospital, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$121,040.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)400http://uch.orgAdventHealth Carrollwood’s (AHC) outdated ultrasound machine increases the risks for breast cancer patients to be exposed to COVID-19. Due to the 10-year old machine’s poor specificity and false-negative results evaluating breast tissue, patients must often travel to other locations for further testing. AHC estimates that 40% of the machine’s ultrasounds are inconclusive, requiring additional testing and delaying diagnosis. Any delay in breast cancer diagnosis can exacerbate or further complicate patient outcomes. The current machine interferes with an immediate diagnosis and increases patient exposure to COVID-19 with the potential to compound health problems. Given that Florida has the second-highest rate of breast cancer deaths in the US, and the state has been a hotspot for COVID-19 cases, it is imperative to limit COVID-19 exposure for these patients with already compromised health.$0.00$121,040.00With funds received, AHC will purchase a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine specific to improving the accuracy of breast cancer diagnosis through high-quality imaging capabilities. Equipped with advanced software specific to breast imaging, our clinicians will perform exams efficiently with a higher level of diagnostic confidence. The machine will improve the delicate performance of precision biopsies increasing the clinician’s confidence during interventional procedures. Ultimately, the new machine’s high quality imaging capabilities will reduce time patients spend being screened, treated, and will limit their exposure to the virus by eliminating the need for further testing at other locations.

AHC is committed to reducing breast cancer deaths in Hillsborough County with state-of-the art equipment that will provide the most efficient path to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Not Funded0%LUCAS Resuscitation Device saves lives while reducing the spread of COVID-19 University Community Hospital, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$18,896.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)12http://uch.orgIn the face of this pandemic, AdventHealth Carrollwood (AHC) is committed to providing all individuals care that gives them the highest chance of survival. On August 19, the reported number of new COVID-19 cases on a single day in Hillsborough County was 4,115. As of August 20, 35,061 COVID-19 cases have been reported in the county, up from 1,300 cases on May 5. Critically ill COVID-19 patients reportedly have a 10 times greater risk of having a cardiac arrest than hospitalized patients with less severe COVID-19 infections. To address the most severe cases, AHC requests funding to support its purchase of a LUCAS Resuscitation Device. With the severity of the illness, a resuscitation device is paramount in saving the lives of individuals with the virus in AHC's service area. Fatigue, individual variations, and psychological factors are removed from CPR administration with this machine.$0.00$18,896.00Due to the recent surge of COVID-19 cases in AHC’s service area, and the increased number of severe cases with cardiac arrest, the LUCAS Resuscitation Device has been purchased to save lives. Funds received will reimburse AHC’s purchase of the LUCAS Device. In contrast to manual CPR, the LUCAS™ Device does not fatigue or interrupt compressions. It provides consistent depth and rate of chest compressions while sustaining life-saving circulation during prolonged resuscitation. It frees up the healthcare provider to focus on other care critical to the patient’s survival. It is beneficial when conducting CPR while transporting the patient safely within the hospital or to another location via ambulance. It is also designed to perform defibrillation when indicated. Other benefits include reduced staff exposure to COVID-19 and conservation of Personal Protective Equipment.08/26/202057Active
Not Funded0%ISTG Tampa Bay Program SupportFor the Girls, Inc. DBA I Support the GirlsHealth and Wellbeing$5,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas10,000http://www.isupportthegirls.orgAs COVID-19 continues to spread and wreak havoc on our communities, more neighbors are facing the threats of unemployment, eviction, utilities being shut off, and food scarcity in the home. I Support the Girls provides menstrual products, bras and underwear, and other essential items through partnerships with organizations providing more comprehensive wrap-around services. This both allows the organizations to cross a line item off their budget as they no longer have to acquire these items, and provides a modicum of dignity for the recipients. Without access to these products, menstruators may utilize menstrual hygiene products beyond their recommended time limits, or may substitute other unsanitary items such as an old sock or paper towel. It is a matter of health and comfort for folks in need.$0.00$5,000.00The funds will be used for the following purposes, as needed:
- Storage unit to allow for reception of pallets of donated items
- Purchasing of discounted or wholesale products to supplement donations in the face of great need
- Items to allow for distanced drop-off centers, such as tents, tablecloths, bins, etc.
- Volunteer engagement and appreciation items to encourage and thank distanced volunteers
- Online posts for greater visibility and donation requests
- Staff time to coordinate donations, deliveries, research and connect with discounted opportunities, and more
ISTG Tampa Bay is headed by a volunteer, and has used minimal funds in the past. However, there has been a surge in requests, up more than 38%, since COVID-19 hit in March, and we are struggling to meet the incredible need.
Partially Funded40%First Night St Petersburg-funding to support this years artistsFirst Night St PeteArts and Culture$3,000.00Pinellas10http://www.firstnightstpete.comFirst Night St Petersburg has a 28 year tradition of bringing a wide variety of artistic mediums to the hearts center of downtown St Petersburg. The event supports over thirty artists each year as we all bring the City a variety of performance and interactive arts.$2,000.00$5,000.00First Night St Petersburg is the largest family friendly New Year's Eve celebration of the arts and each year over 30 artists participate in the event. Due to the pandemic, our 28th annual event will not be able to be held live, so in order to continue to support our artists and to carry on the tradition First Night will go virtual. One hundred percent of the contributions will go towards our artists and their performance during the two hour virtual celebration.08/24/202059Active
Not Funded0%Homeless & Low-Income Students COVID 19 Assistance Reach Services Inc.Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$25,950.00Pinellas132http://reachstpete.orgA digitally inclusive city is one where all individuals have access to online resources, as well as the skills to use them meaningfully. This is necessary for lifelong learning, employment, civic participation, and the ability to reach essential services.??

In the South St. Petersburg Community Redevelopment Area (CRA), 44.4% of households with income of less than $20K are without an internet subscription and 27% of households with income of $20K to $75K are without an internet subscription.??

We are looking to meet students' needs with access to computers, laptops, school supplies, internet to help them succeed amidst COVID 19. COVID 19 has left many parents and students to learn from home and we want to ensure they have the tools to be successful and motivated.
$0.00$25,950.00$15,570: 30 students to receive refurbished MAC laptops, mouse, and headphones costing $519.95 per bundle

$10,380: 102 students to receive supplies, aid, requested items needed to be successful while learning at home.
Not Funded0%New Horizons in Community TheaterThe Pelican PlayersArts and Culture$5,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas2,000 are working to create more opportunities for people in our main stage theater programs ( acting/directing, sound/lighting, set construction, artwork, writing new plays, video projection ability,etc. ) We also have monthly Sun Radio programs, school programs,etc. Staying active and creative is so important for people as they age. We are blessed in this community to have so many retired people who are still very talented and full of energy. We have been exploring places other than the Veteran's Theater to offer mini-plays, musicals, mystery diner theater and comedy club. Pelican Players produce programs for the entire area that are very reasonable in cost often where they can bring their own snacks and drinks. $0.00$5,000.00We are not collecting yearly fees from Pelican Players because we are unable to use the facilities. We have no ticket sale revenue. We will reimburse playbill advertisers and people who bought tickets to shows that had to be canceled. We have to buy rights to plays and music. We still communicate with large numbers of people and groups in the community. We have bought some equipment so we can produce a monthly radio show on Sun Radio (96.3 FM) I am interested in trying to develop rear screen projection video to enhance and replace traditional sets and backdrops. This may also allow us to have sets that have moving parts and can quickly change as the players move through the play. Our new Writers Group is designing plays that will be unlike anything we have done before.08/24/202059Active
Not Funded0%Tuition/Grant Program Academy of Ballet Arts Inc.Arts and Culture$1,000.00Pinellas10http://academyofballetarts.orgMany of our Academy of Ballet Arts Families were affected by the Covid 19 crisis and lost their jobs. The Academy would like to sponsor their children with a tuition/grant , which would allow the students to continue training at the Academy until their parents secure new jobs. The Academy feels that continuity in their training helps these students overcome the insecurities of their current lives. Dance provides focus, self-discipline, team building, self-esteem and a means to express feelings that they are not ready to speak about. The Tuition/Grant program also includes new studes from economically disadvantaged families.$0.00$1,000.00These funds would pay for tuition for students who parents lost their jobs during the Covid 19 Pandemic and for economical challenged families. When necessary, it would also pay for dance supplies:shes, tights, leotards, and boy's supplies. 08/22/202061Active
Not Funded0%Support for Abused and Human Trafficked Homeless Moms and Babies During PandemicALPHA House of Pinellas CountyDomestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$24,215.00Pinellas32http://www.alphahousepinellas.orgALPHA House of Pinellas County’s mission is to prevent the cycle of homelessness and child abuse by providing a safe shelter and residence along with supportive services to homeless pregnant teens, women, and their babies. Since the COVID-19 crisis, we have taken drastic and costly measures to protect the health and well-being of the pregnant women, moms and babies in our care. We have been on lockdown since the outbreak and have been impacted by the additional resources required to maintain 24-hour care for our clients. We have incurred additional costs for increased demand in food, electricity, biweekly sanitizing, cleaning supplies, water consumption, activities to occupy restless moms and babies, and compensation for staff to perform regular COVID testing. We also lack devices & stable internet connection to support our residents as they must now participate in online schooling. $0.00$24,215.00Requested funds will be used to support the increase in costs from April through September (anticipated) 2020 due to COVID-19. Our expenses have increased in food, water & electricity, sanitizing & cleaning supplies, activities to help with restlessness, pay for staff to take COVID tests outside of working hours, improvement for adequate internet connection for studies, electronic devices for residents to continue schooling, and the Life Skills Counselor position which lost funding due to the crisis. The consumption and supplies required for the pregnant women, moms and babies to be housed at the facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week has resulted in an increase in costs from April through July 2020 of $13,510 compared to April through July 2019. The projected increase in costs from April 2020 carrying through September 2020 that were not anticipated in the budget totals $24,215.08/18/202065Active
Not Funded0%Maple Tree Cancer Alliance Maple Tree Cancer AllianceHealth and Wellbeing$5,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas25https://mapletreecanceralliance.orgA cancer diagnosis during a global pandemic exacerbates one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Maple Tree Cancer Alliance has partnered with Moffitt Cancer Center to offer critical virtual support to cancer patients isolated by COVID-19. Maple Tree offers free individualized exercise oncology training and nutrition education programs, to improve the quality of life for individuals battling cancer. A cancer diagnosis during COVID-19 places patients at high risk for isolation. Our evidence-based exercise oncology has had proven results not only for physical health as a resiliency to treatment, but also decreased feelings of depression and anxiety, empowering cancer patients and fostering emotional well-being. Third party research demonstrated these virtual sessions decreased feelings of loneliness, fatigue and improved fitness. $0.00$5,000.00Maple Tree Cancer Alliance is responding to the isolation of cancer patients in the Tampa Bay area through requesting funds to support individual oncology exercise trainers to offer virtual exercise oncology sessions designed to decrease the side effects of treatment, facilitate their rehabilitation and recovery, and improve their quality of life. Our request for $5,000 would support 12 weeks of individual sessions for 25 cancer patients, while also connecting them to virtual resources, including supplemental exercise instruction, nutrition education and resources, and an online community for support.

The funds provided will directly impact Tampa Bay area cancer patients referred through Moffitt Cancer Center. In partnership with Moffitt Cancer Center, Maple Tree Cancer Alliance will bridge the gap between these critical support services and cancer patients currently in isolation.
Not Funded0%COVID Relief Request- Junior League of Tampa Diaper BankThe Junior League of TampaBasic Needs$4,500.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)1,000 mission of The Junior League of Tampa’s Diaper Bank is to combat diaper need by providing necessary supplies such as diapers, ointment and wipes to our nonprofit community partners that directly support families in need. Our goal is to improve the overall health of children at the poverty threshold. 1 in 3 families in the US report having diaper need and lack sufficient supplies to keep a child clean, dry and healthy. Daycare providers also have a minimum diaper requirement in order to provide care. In some cases, this can lead to stretching the use of diapers, affecting overall health and well being of the child or parents missing work due to lack of care. JLT has seen an increase in requests for assistance and has distributed over 207k diapers during the crisis. Further assistance would help us reach more families in need, especially those affected by unemployment due to COVID.$0.00$4,500.00The JLT Diaper Bank is requesting $4500 to cover the cost of one pallet of 30,000 diapers, our minimum bulk order, which we are able to obtain below cost, allowing us to further stretch any grants funded. As the first and only diaper bank serving Hillsborough county and the only National Diaper Bank network initiative in the City of Tampa, our volunteers work to provide supplies to pre-screened families in need. Due to COVID, we have seen an increase in requests for assistance. Our ability to fulfill these requests depends on our budget constraints and present inventory. We do not anticipate having the necessary funds to fulfill the amount of requests coming in without help. Your assistance would allow us to purchase an additional palate of diapers, provide roughly 30 additional diapers per child at minimum and reach more families in our community that need one less thing to worry about.08/18/202065Active
Not Funded0%Creative Clay Connects Virtual ClassesCreative Clay, Inc.Arts and Culture$18,793.00Pinellas55http://www.creativeclay.orgWe are addressing the needs of both our contract teaching artists and our clients. According to Cornell University’s 2017 Disability Report, people with disabilities experience joblessness, isolation, abuse, and discrimination at a higher rate than the general public. At Creative Clay we address these problems every day by creating a safe and inclusive art-making space for artists with disabilities. Their artwork is sold in our gallery and placed in offices, galleries and museums. Producing and selling artwork gives our member artists a sense of identity that equalizes and connects them to the community. The COVID-19 crisis has closed our studios indefinitely, which has isolated our member artists from our program and the community. Creative Clay’s teaching artists are also hard hit because they cannot teach while we are closed. Our proposed project addresses all of these needs.$0.00$18,793.00Creative Clay wants to ensure that our artists with disabilities have access to art-making, socialization and earning potential. With the requested funds, we propose creating a virtual art class with online access and an art kit that is free to our member artists and also will include public participation for a fee. This would create an inclusive environment, which is part of our mission. It would also enable Creative Clay to contract our teaching artists to help support them during this uncertain time. Creative Clay's virtual online gallery and online shop will also be utilized to sell the member artists' artwork, furthering their earning potential. Expense detail: Teaching artists=$12,000; Program staff (social media, marketing, training)=$4935; Insurance=$810; Teleconferencing six licenses=$104808/17/202066Active
Partially Funded50%Fill The NeedReach Services Inc.Basic Needs$10,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas200http://reachstpete.orgWe've run our "Fill The Need Program" for 3+ years and are now providing direct assistance to anyone with an impaired immune system, disability, or dynamic that prevents them from being able to drive, use public transportation, or has an impairment/ailment. Our applications come from referrals through churches and homeless shelters, as well as online applications. The top requests we will fulfill with this funding are:

- Requests for groceries
- Requests for Miscellaneous Resources (diapers, formula, specific food, hygiene items, incontinence supplies)

All items are delivered directly to the client's doorstep via volunteers or Grocery Delivery services. Due to COVID 19, we've had an influx of clients who need assistance due to job loss/wages cut, and specifically those who cannot participate in drive-thru resources or are immunocompromised. Therefore we deliver straight to the client.
$10,000.00$20,000.00200 families and individuals will receive groceries, hygiene item, and specifically requested supplies delivered to their doorstep

$15,000: Up to $150 worth of groceries for the week for 100 individuals
$5,000: Up to $50 worth of specifically requests items (incontinence supplies, hygiene items, specifically requests items)
Not Funded0%Crisis Relief: COVID-19 Emergency LoansThe Capital Good FundBasic Needs$20,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas200http://www.capitalgoodfund.orgCOVID-19 continues to severely impact the health and finances of Tampa Bay residents, including people of color, veterans, immigrants, and low-income families writ large. While the federal government passed a $2 trillion relief package and is contemplating more relief, the funds have been insufficient to meet Great Depression-level suffering; what’s more, for a variety of reasons, many families are ineligible. Our stakeholders are struggling to stay afloat: 45.7 million Americans have filed for unemployment, a figure likely to increase due to a resurgence in cases: 54 Florida hospitals have reached ICU capacity and statewide only 16% of ICU beds are available. There’s now a surge of families lacking the funds to cover rent, buy food, pay bills, etc. Our Crisis Relief Loan creates crucial liquidity for Tampa Bay families in the face of the pandemic. $0.00$20,000.00Crisis Relief Loans (“CRL”) are $300 - $1,500 and have a 5% APR, 15-month term with a three-month deferment period, and are reviewed based on pre-crisis income. We’re seeking $20,000 to provide our equitable and credit-building CRL to families in the five Tampa Bay counties. Given an average loan of $800, with this grant we will finance $54,000 of loans to 68 households, or 200 individuals reached. (10% of the grant is for operating costs; the remaining $18,000 is a loan-loss reserve which we will leverage 3-to-1. This means that for every grant dollar, we will lend out three of our own loan capital.) Borrowers will use the loans for key expenses--rent, utilities, food, cell and internet service, etc. As an online lender, the entire loan process can be completed in English or Spanish without meeting someone in person--essential in a time of social distancing. 08/17/202066Active
Not Funded0%Covid Cleaning Service for Service Dog FacilityValor Service DogsHealth and Wellbeing$1,440.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas20 Service Dogs provides mobility and PTSD service dogs to veterans and first responders. We have three staff members in Tampa and 12 volunteers. We are a small and efficient organization but due to COVID-19 we have had to increase the amount of cleaning and sanitation at our facility in Tampa to make the work environment safe for our staff and volunteers. While many jobs can be done remotely, service dog training still needs human interaction. It takes approximately 2 years to train a service dog, and delays can cause hard to remedy issues. We are requesting funding to help with the increased costs to keep our facility safe and clean. Our mission is to be a partner in independence and we are working hard to continue to serve the veterans and first responders who have sacrificed for us. Thank you for considering our request.$0.00$1,440.00Donated funds will be used to hire a locally owned small business to provide deep cleaning and sanitizing every other week for our 1,500 square foot facility. Cost is $120 per month. 08/17/202066Active
Not Funded0%Bayaan Academy Reopening of Campuses during COVID-19 Bayaan AcademyEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$8,600.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)200 Academy is a private pre-k to 10th grade founded by parents and educators looking to provide an outstanding education in both the standard academic areas as well as in Qur’anic studies, Arabic to Understand Qur’an and Character Development. Bayaan Academy fosters a God-conscious culture where everyone is valued and respected, providing a nurturing environment which cultivates students’ creativity and their academic, social-emotional, physical and spiritual growth. Bayaan Academy prepares its students to be torchbearers for future generations and to be successful in life. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are looking to open up our two campuses and will also have e-Learning. As a result, many unforeseen expenses are needed to be cover necessary sanitary and health safety measures as well as the technological devices and software needed to have e-Learning be successful. $0.00$8,600.00We will be using the funds to purchase the following items:

For safety measures:
1 pack of 20 700ML Touchless Automatic Induction Soap Dispensers
1 Automatic Touchless Sensor Faucet
3 FDOC Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer Infrared IR Digital Medical Body Laser Gun to Measure Temperature Fever

The following items will be for the teachers to set up E-Learning in their homes:
30 Logitech USB Headset H570e Stereo
6 Logitech Zone Wired Noise Cancelling Headset, Certified for Microsoft Teams with Advanced Noise-canceling mic Technology for Open Office environments
36 Logitech Zone Wired Noise Cancelling Headset, Certified for Microsoft Teams with Advanced Noise-canceling mic Technology for Open Office environments
36 Logitech M525 Wireless Mouse
36 TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp
40 Zoom for Education packages for Hosts
Not Funded0%Operations support to help kids beat cancerBeat Childhood Cancer FoundationHealth and Wellbeing$50,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas300https://beatcc.orgWith fundraising low during COVID, operations support to cover our small 3 person team helps us keep funding bold and innovative childhood cancer clinical trials, and growing options for kids fighting cancer today. Thank you! $0.00$50,000.00Funds would be used to cover operations, including our 3 team members. Helps us to continue creating visual art telling the stories of kids fighting cancer, sharing the need, and working on our September Childhood
Cancer Awareness programs. All these exist to do one thing: continue funding hope-bringing clinical trials in nearly 50 children's hospitals and research institutions in North America.
Not Funded0%COVID-19 Assistance requestCitrus County Children's Advocacy Center, Inc. d/b/a Jessie's PlaceDomestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$65,000.00Citrus388http://jessiesplacecitrus.orgDue to the COVID-19 pandemic we have lost significant private donations and grant dollars ($74,051.24 FY 2018-19 to $33,041.40 FY 2019-20). Additionally, the agency's annual fundraising event, which was projected to raise $20-$25K, was cancelled due to social distancing and lack of sponsors. These unrestricted dollars are used to pay for unfunded administrative and building expenses which are vital to the agency's continued operations. Taking necessary health and safety precautions has also added significant expense; we purchase masks for clients and staff, additional cleaning/sanitizing products, air purification units, and professional sanitization services. We have had to purchase additional IT equipment and use of an approved telehealth platform in order to continue providing the 60+ children/families with the weekly trauma-focused therapy they need-particularly during these times.$0.00$65,000.00These funds will be used in place of lost unrestricted funds (private donations, grants and fundraising proceeds) to pay for necessary maintenance and repairs to the building security system, pay for indirect service costs such as monthly facility utility expenses as well as administrative salaries, subscription costs for the telehealth platform, supplies and equipment. Unrestricted funds and payment of these administrative expenses are vital to the continuation of services. We are a relatively small non-profit organization and the loss of these unrestricted funds reduces our ability to provide services to children and families who have experienced violence and abuse during a time when many of those families are experiencing significantly higher levels of stress and children are more isolated than ever.08/13/202070Active
Not Funded0%Donation for Mental Health Initiative League of ElitesHealth and Wellbeing$5,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)100 Movement Tampa is a mental health initiative developed on behalf of a 501(c)(3) League of Elites, Inc. We have partnered with black and brown professionals in the Tampa area to provide counseling sessions to minority Tampa communities. While our goal is to provide therapy sessions to minorities who do not otherwise have access to mental health care due to; inequalities, financial barriers or systemic oppression we also strive to diminish the stigmas surrounding mental health in minority communities. We seek to empower the community through therapeutic healing. Due to COVID-19 three fundraising events were cancelled indefinitely and were not offered virtually. COVID-19 has significantly impacted the ability to fund this program, specifically as a startup non-profit with no existing capital.

For more information on our program please visit
$0.00$5,000.00The funds requested will be used primarily to pay the professionals that are providing the therapeutic services. All the providers participating in Mindful Movement will be paid per individual session. Additionally, we will have overhead costs for meetings, events and marketing fees. Our program will provide 3 complimentary sessions to each client. Once they complete all 3 free 1-hour sessions we will provide a "continuation plan" to each client to encourage the journey of healing08/13/202070Active
Not Funded0%Support to Safely Reopen our Child Development Centers and Charter SchoolsRedlands Christian Migrant Association, Inc.Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$256,078.64Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco3,500https://www.rcma.orgAs we approach the start of the next school year with no end to the pandemic in sight, it has become clear that we will need to prepare our facilities with the equipment and personnel to safely serve the families that depend on us for child care, meals and education. RCMA leadership has worked closely with health officials to prepare a plan that will allow us to welcome children to our Tampa Bay area child development centers and charter schools. This plan will address three main issues:

The monitoring of symptoms so as to keep from spreading the virus
Infrastructure that will help us to limit the spread of germs
Disinfecting supplies and personnel tasked with daily deep cleaning
Technology and educational supplies to assist with virtual learning

By meeting these needs, RCMA will be able to avoid further losses to educational progress while keeping our families safe and healthy.
$0.00$256,078.64The funds would be used to meet the three challenges listed above. Specifically the following items are needed:

25 Non-Contact Forehead Thermoscanner at $99.12 each
26 Hand-Free sanitizer Floor Stand Station at $195.00 each
18 FDA Approved Cleanpak Instant Hand Sanitizer 4/1gal/case at $45.00 each
23 Disinfectant Sprayers at $15.00 each
18 Disinfectant Liquid 4/1gal /cases at $98.49 each
13 Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer at $750.00 each
35 Disinfecting Spray 4 rolls of 800 sheets at $260.00 each
38 Disinfectant Lemon Spray 12/32 oz. bottles EPA approved at $96.00 each
410 Plexiglas partitions for classroom tables at $150.00 each
3 Custodian Salaries at $25,000.00 each
3 Custodian Benefits at $6,240.00 each
120 Chrome Books for School age children at $230.00 each
85 Ipads for Families with infants and toddlers at $399.00 each
122 Learning Packets for children at $50.00 each
Not Funded0%Clear Masks, PPE, and Rapid Tests for Child Care ProvidersEarly Learning Coalition of Pinellas County, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$200,000.00Pinellas6,000http://www.elcpinellas.netChild care providers face the challenge of caring for the youngest and most vulnerable in our community, not just in order to keep their businesses open but to support workers who are now going back to their daily jobs. Local and CDC health and cleanliness guidelines have raised the average operational costs of all child care centers. The ELC aims to support centers and homes by providing Covid-19 rapid tests to open centers in order to support pro-active safety. Providers, especially those who care for infants and toddlers, are in need of clear face masks. These specialized masks allow our youngest to see the facial expressions of their caregiver, an ability which is responsible for a great deal of the development of young children. PPE materials are also in high demand and place a financial burden on providers.$0.00$200,000.00An estimated 50% of requested funds will go towards purchasing Covid-19 rapid tests. Rapid testing will be used only for adult staff when necessary, in an effort to monitor and reduce contagion. The ELC is currently working with the Florida Department of Health to determine the cost of the tests.

The remainder of the funds will go towards purchasing clear masks and PPE for child care providers. The cost of PPE has financially strained open centers and we want to ease that burden. PPE includes all cleaning and hygiene products needed to maintain a clean and safe environment. In regards to clear masks, the ELC has purchased 2,500 clears masks via the Florida Association for Infant Mental Health (FAIMH)'s "Faces are Essential" campaign. Masks were purchased from Clear Mask, LLC. Individual masks were delivered to centers; many need a box or more to properly maintain safety guidelines.
Partially Funded17%Frameworks Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Strong Support for a Strong Transition Back to School ProgramFrameworks of Tampa Bay, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$16,667.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)30,000http://myframeworks.orgFrameworks will provide virtual social emotional learning education for students, grades 3-12, to return to school strong and resilient with a goal of decreasing stress, anxiety, loneliness, and related behaviors that have always present for the youth, but now include the unknown circumstances of a pandemic and are more pervasive than ever.

SEL is critical in unpredictable environments of crisis and stress. Research demonstrates that the harmful effects of stress can be stopped or reversed when children are exposed to safe and predictable learning environments and have positive, nurturing relationships with key adults, such as caregivers and teachers, who actively participate in SEL activities. SEL helps children heal from stressful experiences, defines a path for self-reliance and success in school and beyond, promotes healthy relationships, and increases community cohesion.
$3,333.00$20,000.00Funding will support Frameworks’ online education for grades 3-12 grounded in the five core competencies of SEL: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and decision-making. These interactive workshops aim to enhance what students need to return to school strong and resilient after the impact of COVID-19. Resources will also be provided to parents/guardians for at-home support through 1-hour virtual workshops via Zoom (M-F).
The evidence-based programming is based on:
Elementary: PATHS® empowers children to handle emotions, empathize, resolve conflicts peacefully and make responsible decisions.
Middle: LifeSkills® Training is a substance abuse prevention program that focuses on the psychological and social factors which cause engagement in risky behaviors.
High School: School-Connect® increases students’ sense of belonging and connectedness to school.
Not Funded0%COVID-19 Recovery Fund Needs RequestBill Edwards Foundation for the ArtsArts and Culture$400,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas250,000http://billedwardsfoundationforthearts.orgBill Edwards Foundation for the Arts solely supports (curates, promotes and funds) Duke Energy Center for the Arts-Mahaffey Theater. Our theater typically hosts more than 300 events per year. COVID-19 forced our closure from March 15 through today. As a result, more than 40 shows to date,were rescheduled or cancelled. We are unable to host large gatherings in our 2,031 seat venue and our operating budget has been drastically reduced. We are requesting funding for operations, ticket revenue losses, marketing, payroll and COVID-19 re-open supplies.

With our closure in March, we have orchestrated several multi-month outreach partnerships to aid our local community. Our theater was a site for packaging, pick up and distribution for meals to those in need, and currently operating as a free COVID-19 testing site.

We successfully held several dance recitals following all CDC guidelines.
$0.00$400,000.00We are exploring additional partnership opportunities and will hold virtual events and socially-distanced events when possible to serve our community.

All funds awarded would go toward helping the following areas of our nonprofit organization:

• Lost admissions revenue since March due to COVID-19
• Operating costs – utilities, insurance, cleaning and sanitizing, etc.
• Marketing expenses – advertisements, website maintenance, and social media campaigns
• Supplement the reduced employees' salaries
• COVID-19 reopening supplies in adherence to CDC guidelines
Not Funded0%Multi County Sustainable/Equitable Business Recognition ProgramFor Good Movement, IncProfessional Services$30,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas40,000 are seeking funding for a Sustainable/Equitable Business Recognition Program that would be used as the framework for community wealth building and to scale into other cities/regions. This program would award businesses that have implemented impactful initiatives for diversity, equity, inclusion, community, and the environment. Businesses would measure and track their impact using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This would be a feeder program to get companies in the door and then eventually become candidates for our universities to help them create a shared and durable prosperity through B Corp Certification.

With this funding, we plan to partner with the Sustany Foundation in Tampa to expand its Sustainable Business Awards program to include a larger audience with a more verifiable and credible measurement platform in their application process.
$0.00$30,000.00Because our non-profit is partly funded by a resort company in Florida, we are expecting a dramatic decrease in sponsorship, based on the unfortunate COVID-19 tourism projections. Instead of accepting the fate of putting our valuable programs on the back burner, we are actively seeking grant funding. Businesses desperately need to operate with a "new normal" and focus on the triple bottom line (people, planet & prosperity). We can provide all businesses the guidance needed to achieve this.
We would specifically use the grant money in this manner:
• $10,000 used to market the awards program in the surrounding counties of Tampa Bay to businesses
• $10,000 used to create and maintain a website for applicants to view resources for raising their sustainability score and a way to continuously track their impact
• $10,000 used for awards and ceremony programing
Not Funded0%COVID-19 Relief for Income Restricted Community’s Vulnerable PopulationDivine Destiny CenterEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$5,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas100http://divinedestinycenter.comCOVID-19 has changed our world; but low income families have been disproportionately impacted. Cries of helplessness have reached our ears, as residents of income restricted communities fear their children’s return to school. Single parents are overwhelmed as they struggle to work, find childcare, and navigate the daunting virtual education mandates. Meanwhile, children suffer from educational loss and mental health stress.

Residents often lack the means to travel to and locate help. As a remedy, our program will take the resources to them. Our team of dedicated volunteers and expert consultants will partner with property owners to provide onsite (socially distanced), virtual, and small group interventions in areas of need identified by the residents. We will respond to their cries for tutoring, family mental health support and basic needs resource acquisition.
$0.00$5,000.00For tutoring and blended learning support: 10 Laptops ($400 each) = $4,000
Educational Materials for tutoring and blended learning support ( $1000)
Our program benefits from a vast network of Volunteers ( Certified Teachers, Mental Health Counselors, Social Workers), who donate their services ( in-kind).
Not Funded0%Meals for Hungry, Low-Income SeniorsMid Florida Community Services, Inc.Basic Needs$115,500.00Hernando200 to COVID-19, and to protect the vulnerable senior population, MFCS closed all congregate meal sites on March 18, 2020, and they remain closed until the seniors can safely return. As a result, MFCS developed the Senior Services Restaurant Initiative Program in order to continue providing hungry, low-income seniors with access to nutritionally-balanced meals. Through the Senior Services Restaurant Initiative Program, enrolled clients have the option of ordering three nutritionally-balanced meals per day at no cost. $0.00$115,500.00Current funding for this initiative, which is allowing us to serve more meals to hungry, low-income seniors over the age of 60 who are in need or are homebound because of COVID-19, is expected be exhausted by September 30, 2020, which will result in the placement of hungry, low-income seniors on a waiting list. The requested funding will be used to continue the Senior Services Restaurant Initiative Program in Hernando County from October 1, 2020 - December 30, 2020, to ensure that these hungry, low-income seniors have continued access to nutritionally-balanced meals. The Senior Services Restaurant Initiative Program was incepted as a means to address the nutritional needs of hungry, low-income seniors due to the closure of the congregate meal sites. Since inception in June, this initiative has resulted in 1,500 more meals being served to hungry, low-income seniors in our community.08/07/202076Active
Partially Funded40%Best Buddies Virtual ProgrammingBest BuddiesHealth and Wellbeing$15,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas2,245 programs are more critical than ever for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Studies are showing that compared to the general population, people with IDD are 4 times more likely to contract COVID-19. If they become infected, they are then 2 times more likely to die from the virus, especially for children and young adults (Turk, Landes, Formica, & Goss, 2020). Best Buddies is fighting the mental health concerns that can be created by being physically isolated from one’s peers. This can have a long-term impact on their professional development and social skills for employment. Many of our participants with IDD struggle to fully understand the reasons for being furloughed or why they are being kept at home. Instead of seeing it as a safety issue, it can be viewed as punishment. Best Buddies is providing virtual programs that break barriers to social inclusion.$10,000.00$25,000.00Support will be used to fund online software and programming for participant management and programmatic events to support students with and without disabilities. This includes weekly check ins with student leaders, weekly leadership development trainings, weekly professional development workshops, and weekly online events to promote friendship and socialization. Funds will also be used for program staff time to run and manage online programs and continue training student leaders. Support will also towards virtual local leadership training days for all newly elected student leaders and virtual match parties, where one-to-one friendships will be formed between students with and without IDD. Funds will also be used for program evaluations, online chapter tracking, supplies, equipment, and community engagement. 08/06/202077Active
Not Funded0%Junior Angels Equine Programcharli's angels horse rescueHealth and Wellbeing$25,000.00Pasco110http://cahorserescue.comCAHR have so much in common with at risk youth. This inspired CAHR to create the Junior Angels Equine Program. The Junior Angels Equine Program teaching model is designed to introduce horsemanship to at-risk and disadvantaged youth. By helping promote positive mental health and reduce suicide and backer acts by providing a positive, fun, educational and safe environment. The effects of covid-19 have been harmful to the program because we have been unable to raise money due to lack of donations steaming from Covid-19 right now more then ever these youth need to be able to have a safe haven that promotes overall wellness. We were in the process of partnering with project bridge which has at risk youth from the 6 surrounding counties to come to our facility.However, that is currently on hold due to lack of funding. $0.00$25,000.00Funds will be used to operate the overall program by funding materials such as computers, payroll, transportation, food, enrichment activities, personal protective equipment pertaining to covid, classroom materials, taxes and space rental. 08/06/202077Active
Not Funded0%Great Explorations Children's Museum General Support Great Explorations Inc. (Great Explorations Children's Museum)Arts and Culture$5,000.00Pinellas2,000http://greatex.orgGreat Explorations Children’s Museum’s mission is to stimulate learning through creativity, play, and exploration. We are one of thousands of nonprofit organizations throughout the US that engage and educate the public on issues of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM). We are asking for your support toward relief for the economic impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Great Ex has had to close, temporarily, to the public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our communities and “flatten the curve.” We reopened our preschool in late May and started summer camp both at 50% capacity. In early July, we started to offer very limited hours for members and guests to reserve playtime in our exhibits. With only being open 1/3 of our typical operating hours, this has also impacted our staffing and funding for our incredible programming for our community children.
$0.00$5,000.00The museum has been bringing early education to underrepresented youth for over 30 years, offering hands-on learning, bringing “learning on the go” to outreaches in low-income and at-risk areas, and creating programs introducing STEAM topics in non-traditional ways. Every year, more than 200,000 people per year visit our institution and participate in our public programming. We employ more than 40 full- and part-time staff.
Closure has a severe impact on our ability to weather the current crisis, as we are heavily dependent on earned revenue—which includes admission revenue, education and program fees, memberships, and facilities rentals—to deliver on our mission.
Funds received from this opportunity will go back into our museum programming so that we can continue to serve all children and families in our community.
Not Funded0%Providing Hope During Covid-19Women Helping Others of Tampa Bay, Inc.Basic Needs$1,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)30http://womenhelpingotherstb.orgWe would like to be able to continue to provide those less fortunate a monthly meal, toiletries, resources and hope during this pandemic.$0.00$1,000.00Funds would be used to purchase supplies, food and toiletries.08/06/202077Active
Not Funded0%Kids in the Kitchen: Pack-a-Snack, a COVID 19 Hunger ProgramJunior League of St. PetersburgBasic Needs$14,400.00Pinellas360http://www.jlstpete.orgIn Pinellas County, over 50% of all school-aged children qualify for free or reduced school lunches and more than 7,000 children are considered chronically hungry. The school system and other community resources provide meals for many of these children while school is in session, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to close early last spring, putting a financial strain on families that has lasted through the summer.

Funding is sought to expand the services provided through the Kids in the Kitchen initiative by partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Pinellas to provide food-insecure children with weekend food resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. This Pack-a-Snack expansion has already provided 3,410 snack packs since March, with a goal to continue distributing 360 packs of different snack packs every other week, equating to 1,440 meals per month.
$0.00$14,400.00At $8 per pack, it will cost approximately $28,800.00 to continue through the rest of 2020. We are seeking $14,400.00 in support of our goal. In addition to this request, The JLSP Kids in the Kitchen Committee is currently working hard on a weekly basis to fund this project and has so far received support through online donations via Amazon, personal donations through our Junior League Website and Facebook donation page. We expect to receive the remaining $14,400.00 from these efforts. 08/05/202078Active
Not Funded0%Cleaner Air, Healthier GuestsRuth Eckerd Hall, Inc.Arts and Culture$150,000.00Pinellas30,000http://rutheckerdhall.comRuth Eckerd Hall, a renowned performance center in Clearwater, normally presents over 500 events a year. In March, the Hall had to temporarily close our doors due to COVID. As a result, more than 70 events were rescheduled or postponed. The inability to host large groups of patrons has impacted our operating budget drastically.

This summer we began presenting performances for patrons in a small, intimate setting, while diligently following state regulations. It is of the upmost importance that people who choose to return to the Hall feel safe. We are purchasing and installing UV Light Commercial HVAC-PHI Air Purification Cells, which are designed to reduce viruses. Funding support will help with these efforts, ensuring that the cleanest possible air flows throughout our venues.
$0.00$150,000.00Ruth Eckerd Hall is seeking funding to purchase UV Light Commercial HVAC-PHI Air Purification Cells. Installing these will ensure that safe, clean air flows throughout our organization for patrons, students and performers.

The goal is to adopt the latest technology in air purification to ensure public health where people come to gather. It is based on three facts:
1) this is technology commonly used in hospitals and other health care centers to eliminate the spread of disease,
2) the technology is proven highly effective in destroying the virus that causes COVID-19, in addition to other viruses, bacteria, mold and air pollutants,
3) the system works by active filtration of the air as it circulates.
Not Funded0%animal care and program financial assistance charli's angels horse rescueAnimal Welfare$15,000.00Pasco33 COVID-19 has impacted us, we had fosters lined up. However, people are unwilling to adopt horses during the pandemic, they are worried they will not have jobs to care for them. Some rescues have closed & we have been getting a larger amount of people turning in horses.Horses still have to eat, they still have to be taken care of.Fundraising is challenging, too. Would-be donors worried about their own financial security are either committing to smaller contributions or eliminating them altogether. Virus-related restrictions limit social gatherings, shows and events have been cancelled.We have taken in over 13 rescues since January. Each horse is on average $400 to care we need help with additional vet, feed and housing bills. Some horses we are getting in are extremely malnourished or the Race horses we are getting in require xrays some have even had broken bones from racing. $0.00$15,000.00The requested funds would service as medical assistance for equine, food assistance, operational expenses and will help in keeping our youth program functioning. 08/04/202079Active
Partially Funded9%PPSWCF Virtual Health Center – Telehealth Planned Parenthood of Southwest & Central FloridaHealth and Wellbeing$22,667.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas15,000 Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida (PPSWCF) has introduced the use of telehealth to create a virtual health center for direct patient care visits. Telehealth expands our reach to those unable to come to our traditional physical health center. And it assures optimal safety for our patients and staff by limiting in-person contact whenever possible.

The virtual health center is an extension of our service offerings, positioned alongside our existing health centers as a distinct entity. In-depth care is provided by our dedicated team of clinicians and support staff that currently serve in our physical health centers.

Current services administered through telehealth include:
- Pregnancy tests and pregnancy verification for Medicaid
- Gender-affirming hormone therapy
- Birth control consultations
- Family planning
- UTI and STI diagnosis and treatment

$2,333.00$25,000.00Many of our patients who currently choose to come to a traditional health center will now choose telehealth. We anticipate that we will attract new patients who could not previously access our care enabling us to support health care equity and reduce health care disparities in the greater Tampa Bay region.

Based on strong leadership and donor support, this project moved quickly despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual health center successfully opened in just six weeks. We are seeking $25,000 in additional funding support to ensure program growth and sustainability.
Not Funded0%BEST Healthy Futures Initiative.Brain Expansions Scholastic TrainingEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$5,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco300http://bestmedicalacademy.orgThe BEST Program serves to empower minority high school and college students who aspire to become health professionals. We do so by engaging,encouraging , nurturing and exposing them in health care facilities and subsequently training them to give back to their communities. As a deadly pandemic has impacted mostly the poor and minorities, our minority youth interested in becoming a health professionals must be given hope and their need of the future profession. The BEST Program wants to invest in them making them participants in the planning and delivery process serving their community by planning, developing and executing health fairs at a free clinic, churches,schools and/or community centers.The BEST Program BEST Healthy Futures Initiative will be a student run initiative whereby students from the BEST Academy will be engaged in planning,organizing and implementing health fairs. $0.00$5,000.00The requested funds will be used
Personnel Recruitment and Training Staff Stipend $ 2000.00

Blood Pressure Machine and Glucometer Machine Kits to give out for free $1000.00
Printed Handouts, activities, recipes, coloring books, etc - $250.00
Gifts: buttons, magnets, sports/water bottles, pedometers, etc. $250.00

Pro Copy Printing Brochures, promotional materials.- $ 250.00

Table Covers - $250.00
Medical Scrubs/T-Shirts: $500.00

Food & Nutrition $ 500.00
Refreshments (including cups, water, plates, napkins, forks, spoons, knives, fresh fruits, etc.) for committees, partners
Not Funded0%Food Insecurities/Covid 19 PandamicH.E.L.P.Ministries,Inc.Basic Needs$15,000.00Pinellas60,000http://help-ministries.comWe are addressing food insecurity helping those in need. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we are some days overwhelmed. Many days trying to provide food and supplies to the many in need.$0.00$15,000.00Funds will be used to purchase items that many are in need of; food,Toiletries,paper,fruit,veggies and other essentials that is needed08/03/202080Active
Not Funded0%Special Needs Support thru Equine Therapy Inspire Equine Therapy ProgramAnimal Welfare$10,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas150http://inspireequinetherapyprogram.orgInspire Equine Therapy Program serves teens and adults with disabilities and disabled veterans thru equine assisted activities. Due to Covid 19, Inspire has been closed since March 14, 2020. Being a nonprofit, Inspire relies on donations and grants to feed and care for their 7 therapy horses. Inspire is in need of funding to feed and care for the amazing 7 therapy horses so they are ready to go back to making a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities and disabled veterans when it is safe to do so. $0.00$10,000.00The funds would be used to purchase hay ($1200) per month and grain ($350) per month for the 7 therapy horses. 08/03/202080Active
Not Funded0%PPE, Sanitizing Supplies for Senior Services Congregate Meal Site ClientsMid Florida Community Services, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$3,000.00Hernando175 Florida Community Services, Inc., Senior Services programs offer a wide array of services designed to support aging seniors in their efforts to live independently and improving their ability to function. As part of the Senior Services Program, Mid Florida Community Services, Inc. (MFCS), operates congregate meal sites throughout Hernando County to serve the hungry, low-income seniors in our community. The senior clients who frequent the congregate meal sites in Hernando County are offered daily hot, nutritious meals at no cost, and are provided with ongoing nutritional education and the opportunity to participate in various activities to increase socialization. Congregate meal sites were closed as a result of the public health emergency associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in an effort to protect this vulnerable population. $0.00$3,000.00In an effort to protect MFCS' most vulnerable client population, the requested funding will be used to purchase personal protection supplies such as gloves and masks to be distributed to the hungry, low-income seniors who frequent Hernando County's congregate meal sites; and, to purchase sanitizing and disinfecting supplies to be utilized at the congregate meal sites to ensure the health and wellbeing of our senior clients.08/03/202080Active
Not Funded0%Suncoast Kids Place Family Support Grant RequestSteadfast MentoringHealth and Wellbeing$15,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco400http://www.suncoastkidsplace.orgSuncoast Kids Place is a place of comfort and solace for families after experiencing a significant death in their families. For the past 11 years, Suncoast Kids Place has been servicing the Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas communities by providing a safe and comfortable environment for children, teens and their caregivers to navigate through the emotional turmoil that is often experienced after the death of a significant person in their lives. According to the Childhood Bereavement Estimation model, from 2014 to 2018, 1 out of 40 children in Hillsborough County experienced the death of one of their parents. In Pasco this number increased to 1 out of 27 and Pinellas 1 out of 29. Unresolved Grief Issues has been shown to be a precursor to many adulthood mental health disorders; by supporting them at the onset of grief we can teach families healthy grieving.$0.00$15,000.00In today's world with COVID-19, we are experiencing an influx of grieving families needing so much more than just emotional support. We are seeing our families struggling financially due to job loss, many of our families are reporting lack of food and ability to provide the basic necessities for their families. If awarded this grant, we would utilize the money to continue the operations of Suncoast Kids Place supporting kids from the ages of 3-18 years of age; we would continue to support their caregivers and we will have the ability to go one step further to be able to help families with their financial needs. As we all know, when a person's basic needs are being met, they can begin to address their emotional needs. We would like the ability to help our families to get back to a secure place within themselves to grieve their significant person. 08/03/202080Active
Not Funded0%Patient and Provider SafetyTampa Family Health Centers, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$20,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)109,126https://tampafamilyhc.comAs the COVID-19 crisis continues, personal protective equipement and sanitation supplies are needed more than ever. Unfortunately, due to increases in demand and the shift from international supply lines to domestic, the cost of items such as masks, gloves and gowns has grown from less than $1 to sometimes more than $5 or $10. We struggle to keep up with the quantities required due to this increase in cost, especially while the need for our services also increases. As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), TFHC sees all patients, regardless of their insurance coverage or ability to pay. Care offered by TFHC supports those vulnerable populations who are most at risk for not having access to preventative care and those most likely to suffer negative outcomes due to the social determinants of health. $0.00$20,000.00Personal Protective Equipment and Sanitation supplies for 15 centers across Tampa and N Hillsborough County. TFHC is an accredited Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), which brings all health and enabling services at one location. Each center serves as a healthcare hub providing a combination of primary care, dental care, pharmacy and specialty care (pediatrics, women’s health, podiatry, mental health and/or chiropractic) through an expert care team of physicians, nurses and other medical staff. Maintaining a clean and safe environment is currently one of the biggest hurdles we have to connecting patients to this type of comprehensive care. Examples of items for purchase with awarded funds include:
• Safety Goggles
• Face Masks (Level 3 or Above)
• Face Shields and Visors
• Surgical Gowns
• Booties and hairnets
• Nitrile gloves
• Hand sanitizer
• Disinfectant Spray
• Germicidal Wipes
Not Funded0%Pediatric/Family Medicine Continuity of CareTampa Family Health Centers, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$30,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)21,800https://tampafamilyhc.comAs resources are diverted to respond to and treat the worsening COVID-19 pandemic, our health centers risk leaving behind many children who rely on high quality care through annual well-visits or through more frequently specialist visits. Costs for personal protective equipment and sanitation supplies are rising, meaning that money is not available that might normally be spent maintaining and updating equipment for our pediatric and family medicine clinics. In order to provide accurate medical information and to make our visits with families most efficient, we must have up to date equipment to complete screenings and guide patients to further care as needed. Our request is for resources to maintain our primary care services, and not sacrifice quality of care because of a need to address coronavirus concerns. $0.00$30,000.00Funds will purchase the following prioritized equipment, with more added if funds allow:
• Hearing screeners for child well visits (~$5,000 per unit)
• Point of Care lead levels test machine (~$3,000 per unit)
• Blood pressure and vitals measuring cart/"Dinamap" (~$3,000 per unit)
• Weight scales (~$400 per unit)

These machines would all be used multiple times daily as part of the treatment protocol in our pediatric and family medicine clinics. In 2019, we saw over 20,000 patients under 18, and in over 80% of cases we also provided primary or specialty care to an adult in their household.
Not Funded0%Wheelchairs 4 KidsWheelchairs 4 Kids, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$20,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas12http://wheelchairs4kids.orgWheelchairs 4 Kids is a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of children with physical disabilities by providing wheelchairs, home and vehicle modifications as well as other equipment at no charge to the families. COVID 19 has impacted our work greatly. Donations are down by 70% since the pandemic began as donors are uncertain about what the future holds and 4 grantors that have always supported us diverted funding to COVID causes such as food banks which we completely understand. We are struggling to fulfill the needs of the kids we serve. We are currently working on 44 applications for help (at an average cost of $2,000 each) with another 25 on a waitlist. The requests for help has increased dramatically with parents losing jobs and insurance. We desperately need help to be able to get these kids the wheelchairs and other equipment they need.$0.00$20,000.00The average value per child is over $6,000. However, due to our relationship with manufacturers, contractors and distributors, our average cost is about $2,000. We would use 90% of funds received towards direct program costs (wheelchairs, home modification costs, etc) and the remaining 10% toward indirect program costs (shipping, HIPPA compliant data base, phones, etc). No funds would be used for salaries or rent.08/03/202080Active
Not Funded0%Emergency Weekend Food PantryExtended Hands/Reasonable ServiceBasic Needs$18,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)300https://reasonableserv.comWe are asking for funding to continue operating our bi-weekly weekend food pantry. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have seen a dramatic increase in requests for assistance. Unfortunately, we have had to turn people away because the demand far outweighs our current resources. Resources needed are non-perishable food items and toiletries (e.g. feminine products, toothpaste/toothbrush, deodorant). We anticipate serving approximately 900 individuals a month over the next 3 months. We will set up a
drive-thru food pantry so that we can assist those in need while adhering to CDC and county government rules regarding social distancing.
$0.00$18,000.00Funds will be used to purchase non-perishable food, paper goods, and toiletries. Currently, we serve on average, approx 80 individuals per month @ $16.88 per individual = $1350 a month. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic we have experienced a dramatic increase in assistance requests. Therefore, the funds will be used to expand our services to assist 250 individuals @$16.88 per individual=$4220 per month, for the next 3 months ($12,660). Other expenditures requests include rent and utilities paid to our landlord in the amount of $3620 over the next 3 months. 08/02/202081Active
Not Funded0%Measuring Antibodies and their Ability to Protect from COVID-19H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute FoundationHealth and Wellbeing$150,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas350 vaccine trials progress, it will be critically important to effectively prioritize those who receive the initial limited supplies. This research projects takes an in-depth look at COVID-19 infection and immune response in Florida. Working with the state health department, those who are or have been infected with COVID-19 participate in a study of the long-term immune response. The goal is to measure antibodies in the blood of study participants, determine if they are protective, and see how long they last in circulation. This project is unique as compared to other research efforts underway nationwide because it includes a large, diverse population in age, race, ethnicity, different stages of COVID-19 infection, and those with cancer or who are otherwise immune-compromised. Findings will be shared with public health entities to help determine those most in need of early vaccination.$0.00$150,000.00Dr. Anna Giuliano, director of the Center for Immunization and Infection Research in Cancer, will lead this study. Moffitt seeks a philanthropic partners who share our vision to sustain the best outcomes for cancer patients in the face of an unprecedented challenge. Additional financial support is needed to build the sustained infrastructure required for this study. Funding from generous donors to the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay would contribute to study costs including:

• Highly specialized antibody testing developed by the National Cancer Institute
• Clinic and laboratory supplies
• Recruitment of study subjects
• Messaging platform to communicate with study subjects
• Data management
• Two senior staff scientists
• Three post-doctoral students in the areas of:
— Immunology
— Epidemiology
— Mathematical modeling
Not Funded0%Complete Tampa Bay Support ServicesLEAP Tampa BayEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$30,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas60 June, LEAP Tampa Bay College Access Network (LEAP) launched an initiative called Complete Tampa Bay (CTB) to re-engage adults in education and training, specifically targeting Black, Hispanic and low-income populations. Those with prior college get free, personalized coaching to help them navigate re-enrolling, identify resources and complete a degree or credential. More than 330,000 Tampa Bay adults have started college but never finished a credential (2017 American Community Survey) and HCC, SPC and USF identified 60,000 past students who stopped out the last five years. An estimated 50% of those are students of color. COVID-19 has created even greater need, with recent numbers showing 13.1% of residents facing unemployment; 187,000 newly unemployed. CTB can also support those students who may have decided not to re-enroll in school because of loss of employment due to COVID-19.$0.00$30,000.00CTB is committed to serving Black, Hispanic and low-income adults (whose graduation rates lag far behind those of whites and high-income adults). These students have access to coaching and support to help them finish school. Many stopouts are tied to finances. Coaches guide CTB students who need financial support to those CTB partner schools and community NPOs who would be the grantors of these funds for tuition, fees and basic needs to help them complete their education. This is crucial because we know earning a career or technical degree beyond high school can add an average of $10,000 to annual pay; earning an Associate’s degree can double what students expect to earn with a diploma (Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, 2017), helping adults earn a living wage to bounce back from COVID-19. The request is the cost for funding 60 students in completing their schooling. 07/31/202083Active
Not Funded0%Faster Virus Detection for Safer Residential CareLife Concepts Inc. dba Quest, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$30,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)300http://www.questinc.orgQuest, Inc. serves individuals with developmental disabilities.

Quest is testing the residents and front-line caregivers of our Hillsborough County region group homes and intermediate care facilities for COVID-19 every two weeks.

We are converting to rapid detection tests, as the standard kits are taking 2-3 weeks to obtain results. Providing testing with faster results (average 5 days) will make a potentially lifesaving impact, reducing or eliminating the spread of COVID-19 infection in our residential facilities. Quest will continue to test for COVID-19 as long as is necessary to ensure the health and safety of those we serve.

It cannot be overstated: the reduction in lab time will help not only with the reduction of spread of COVID-19, but also will give greater peace of mind for our residents and their families, and our dedicated front-line caregivers and their loved ones.
$0.00$30,000.00Quest is requesting funds to support the purchase of SARS-COV-2 rapid detection tests to be run on the BD Veritor Plus system. These COVID-19 rapid test kits will serve Quest's eight residential facilities in Hillsborough County, helping us complete testing for all our residents and front-line caregiving staff. (Three rounds will cost approximately $28,000-$29,000)

Additionally, funds will be used to purchase additional personal protective equipment for use in our facilities. (Approximately $1,000-$2,000)
Partially Funded20%Operating Expenses to Continue to Meet the Demand of Feeding Our CommunitySomebody Cares Tampa BayBasic Needs$20,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas6,000https://sctb.orgWe typically get 2-4 surplus food trucks per month from Operation Blessings, an arm of The 700 Club.
These trucks are then offloaded and organized for our 16 partners in addition to a group of 20-25 organizations. In addition, we receive Farm Share trucks that receive loads from a variety of places that deliver both frozen items and produce. Funds from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay would be used to continue receiving and processing food trucks to distribute to pantries and individuals throughout the Tampa Bay area.
With the economic downturn and affected working households, we are seeking the possibility of doubling the surplus food trucks for distribution. We want to provide as much assistance to individuals and pantries to relieve the pressure of food insecurity and supplying food for families, individuals, food pantries, and, URGENTLY, school lunch programs.
$5,000.00$25,000.00We had to cancel our annual fundraising banquet. In prior years we are able to raise between $10,000 and $15,000 during this event held in April. In 2020 we were planning a much larger event and were projected to raise close to $50,000. Because this event was canceled, and because of social distancing, we have no opportunity to replace this income or hold alternative crowdsourcing and funding.
Projected costs: Administration expenses such as $1,700 a month for rent (2/3 of our facility is a warehouse), $500 per month for electric, and additional expenses that average $8,000 a month which include a warehouse coordinator and staff. So much of our administrative expenses are offset by a significant number of volunteers. Otherwise, our monthly expenses would be so much greater.
Our urgent need: increase food distribution for schools re-opening and stimulus insecurity.
Not Funded0%Wellness-U Holistic Health ProgramUniversity Area Community Development CorporationHealth and Wellbeing$5,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)40https://www.uacdc.orgng that seeks to find positive ways to cope and practice self-care, Wellness-U is about tapping into a participant’s mental health needs to realize their true potential. A focused approach to mental health is critical now more than ever as community members are facing daunting new challenges related to health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, funding has run out for these sessions and we would like to bring them back to offer a safe, professional place for people to get the mental health services they need. $0.00$5,000.00Funds would be used to support a 6-week Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Program, meeting once a week for 2 hours, with 8 to 12 participants per session. Topics covered include: stress management, coping skills, mindfulness, finding life balance, self-care, goal setting, and more. The series would be led by a licensed therapist.07/31/202083Active
Not Funded0%Request for Funds to Continue to Provide Accelerated Resolution Therapy and Counseling to our Special Operations Active and Veteran CommunityBrian Bill Foundation, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$90,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas90http://brianbillfoundation.orgThe Brian Bill Foundation's Warrior Healing Program contains six modalities of Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), equine assisted learning, yoga, meditation and breathing techniques, iRest and nutrition. Normally, we introduce all of these modalities at an introductory retreat on a ranch. Attendees are Special Operations men who have been deployed and as a result have combat post traumatic stress, mild traumatic brain injuries and chronic pain.

During Covid-19 we have not been able to have the retreats. However, our licensed mental health therapists trained Accelerated Resolution Therapy have been working by Zoom, Skype and phone with our Special Operations Community.

$0.00$90,000.00Our Special Operations men in need normally will have a one hour session a week with their therapist at the Brian Bill Foundation.

This will allow for our therapists to be able to work with ninety men a week for ten weeks.
Not Funded0%Family Support Warm LineChildren's Home Society of FloridaHealth and Wellbeing$15,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas100 indicates that there is a significant increase in child abuse and neglect as a result of natural disasters and economic downturns. CHS seeks to flatten the curve, reducing as much as possible the projected increase in child abuse and neglect. Nearly 75% of children involved in the foster care system are there because of family issues including unemployment, inadequate housing, lack of medical care, and food insecurity. In the first two weeks of social media outreach 5400 individuals clicked on warm line ads.

The family support warm line will serve anyone, but outreach will target families with young children, adoptive parents, teens, and new mothers who need an immediate session with a therapist because of the impact of COVID-19. The warm line is providing crisis counseling (and a text option) to families at no cost.
$0.00$15,000.00• Warm line - $125 per hour for after-hours and weekend support and brief 100 people. Available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. $12,500
• Community education - $2,500 for increasing awareness of this service

The warm line is available 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. Because the Warm Line does not require client to provide any personal information, However, we request that clients provide the county where they live. We will have data (race/ethnicity, economic status) only on those persons who request additional assistance from CHS programs.
Not Funded0%COVID19 Capacity ChallengesCommunity Food PantryBasic Needs$17,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas80,000http://thecommunityfoodpantry.comThe Community Food Pantry has felt the dramatic fallout of COVID19 from families experiencing furloughs, unemployment, and underemployment. We served four times the “normal” amount – from an average of 140 families to 550-600 per week – during the March through July time frame. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, most of whom are students on summer break, we continue to serve “inside-out” in a drive-through mobile pantry model. We have provided more than 500,000 meals during this time, bringing our total to 3,252,518 meals since our start in 2008. Since we are no longer restricting our service area to parts of North Tampa and southern Pasco, we have served families as far as Spring Hill, Riverview, and southern Pinellas county. It has been a sobering yet uplifting experience for all concerned. We are blessed to serve our neighbors with the strength and support of the community. $0.00$17,000.00With a four-fold increase in the number of families served, along with COVID19 restrictions, comes a myriad of unbudgeted expense: personal protection for our volunteers and staff in the form of masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and a thermometer for temperature checks; plastic and paper bags for serving; cleaning and sanitizing supplies; supplemental food costs and associated transportation costs for sourcing the same. As an example, we had budgeted $2,000 for the entire year for basic pantry supplies but estimate that we will spend at least $9,000 by year's end. Transportation and food sourcing costs have increased at the same pace as supply costs, and we need a third commercial freezer for storage. We also hope to add two temporary pantry leads; one for inventory control on our non-perishable food items, and one to lead a second shift of volunteers during the week. 07/30/202084Active
Not Funded0%Computers Needed to Empower Employment Success for those Impacted by COVID-19Connections Job Development ProgramWorkforce Services and Career Development$4,000.00Pasco300http://connectionsjobdevelopment.orgThe economic impacts from COVID-19 are being felt more acutely in the Tampa Bay area and Florida than in many other parts of the country due to the state economy's heavy reliance on the tourism and hospitality industries, as well as the state's fiscal dependence on sales tax. Approximately 218,000 Tampa Bay area jobs have been lost. Many of these workers have not had to look for a job in years and need help in their job search. Connections Job Development helps the by providing the unemployed and the underemployed the skills and resources they need to find and keep a good job. All of our clients do not have access to computers or internet. They come to us to help them learn new skills and learn how to find employment through online resources. We are currently in need of $3000 to purchase 3 new computers to accommodate the increasing number of clients coming in for services. $0.00$4,000.00We need to purchase 4 new computers that will be used by our clients to help them in their search for employment. Our clients do not have access to personal computers and / or access to internet. Many clients had limited skills working in restaurants, bars, retail and hotels. We help our clients by assisting them in computer training, making resumes, teaching them how to search for jobs online, conducting mock interviews, setting up clients with mentors and helping them with other resources that may be impacting their ability to find a new job. Prior to COVID-19, we would service approximately 10-12 clients a week. We have a computer lab with 4 computers. We are currently seeing 25-30 clients a week, assisting them with unemployment claims, resumes, job searches and computer training. We need to purchase additional computers so clients do not have to wait when they come in.07/30/202084Active
Not Funded0%Dress for Success Tampa Bay Moving Forward Program Participant Required LaptopsDress for Success Tampa BayWorkforce Services and Career Development$3,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)36 to Covid-19 we have had to transition from in-person workshops to Zoom workshops. The requested need is for six refurbished laptops. To enable women without technology access to participate in Dress for Success Moving Forward Program (MFP) Zoom workshops. There are 6 cohorts (12 women each) per year. This Dress for Success MFP professional development program trains women how to create email accounts, cover letter and resume writing skills, interviewing skills, how to research careers, conduct internet job searches, build a LinkedIn page and using social media strategically. The MFP prepares women to express themselves positively and effectively in a job interview. Guest speakers from companies within the community present real-world scenarios and applications of successful interviewing skills and present opportunities for employment. The laptops will help 36 women every year.$0.00$3,000.00The funds would be used to purchase six refurbished laptops. OnPoint IT Solutions has been in service to Dress for Success Tampa Bay as a part of their commitment to community engagement. Kim Bullard, the owner of OnPoint IT Solutions, oversees care of Dress for Success Tampa Bay technology. They have provided technological assistance over the years that we would otherwise be unable to afford. They will be providing professional technological counsel and assistance in obtaining refurbished computers to ensure high quality, software content, efficacy and economical value to meet the needs of our programming.

Kim Bullard, Owner, OnPoint IT Solutions
Not Funded0%Thrive By Five Operational Costs Financial SupportEarly Learning Coalition of Pinellas County, Inc.Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$10,000.00Pinellas100http://www.elcpinellas.netThrive By Five is a 100% grant funded collective. The granting period was slated to end December of this year; however, we have been approved to continue to use funding until June 2021. We are stretching the funds as far as they can go once the we begin the fiscal year in August. There is a deficit when we strive to account for marketing for community based projects, developed through our collective impact work, as well as basic digital operational costs since the initiative is 100% digital due to COVID-19.$0.00$10,000.00TB5 connects is a digital tool that uses an online questionnaire to customize results to connect families with programs and resources within Pinellas County. These programs collectively support the early childhood development of children, ages birth to five. This tool has not been launched, and we would like to fund an online marketing campaign to advertise this unique tool to support parents, especially during this pandemic. Maintaining a digital presence is vital in our efforts to educate and help parents and caregivers access wrap-around services to ensure their children are successful upon entering kindergarten. The funding will be used to place a marketing firm on retainer to strategically assist TB5 to market this project and other digital initiatives such as Family Friendly Workplace Pinellas and website hosting and maintenance.07/30/202084Active
Not Funded0%A Home To Stay Safe In Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas and West Pasco CountiesBasic Needs$50,000.00Pasco ; Pinellas300http://www.habitatpinellas.orgOver the past few months, many of us have come to realize the extreme importance of “home”. Home has become the place where we shelter, where we work and for many children where they will attend school this year. During this time, Habitat PWP has continued to build homes for our families. Many that are waiting for their Habitat home are currently living in substandard, over crowded situations. Most have a lease that is ending soon so it is imperative that Habitat PWP continues to build so that they will have a home to move into. In addition to needing a home, they need one that is affordable and decent. Habitat homes are sold to homeowners at no-profit and for a zero interest mortgage. They are all five star energy efficient. Homeownership will change the course of a family for generations to come, breaking generational poverty and allowing families to have a stable place to live. $0.00$50,000.00Habitat PWP will use the funds to continue to build homes during COVID. During this time, we have not been able to utilize volunteers so we have had to rely on staff and subcontractors. In order to keep building homes while adhering to increased restrictions, Habitat PWP will need additional funding. The funds are used for construction materials, tools, permit fees and landscaping.
An entire home sponsorship is $50,000, but any amount of donation is greatly appreciated. Habitat plans to build 60 homes this year in Pinellas and West Pasco Counties.
Not Funded0%NOMADstudio Neighborhood MicroCampsNOMADstudioArts and Culture$30,000.00Pinellas1,200http://nomadartbus.orgRestrictions, shutdowns, and safety concerns due to the COVID-19 pandemic have led to an increased demand for children’s enrichment activities. In response to this need, NOMADstudio organized our new MicroCamp initiative, providing free, small-scale, pop-up art programs in Pinellas county neighborhoods. Beginning in July 2020, NOMAD teaching artists began hosting weekly MicroCamps with children in their own neighborhoods, facilitating creative, socially-distant, two-hour engagements. Participants take home new art supplies each week. Artists observe CDC guidelines on social distancing, masks, and sanitizing practices. Camp locations are chosen to maximize access by foot or bicycle and to focus attention in areas of need. If the demand for enrichment activities continues and MicroCamp attendance confirms continued interest, we hope to expand the program beyond the initial 10-week period.$0.00$30,000.00Requested funds would be used to pay teaching artists for MicroCamp facilitation ($11,000); purchase portable studio equipment ($11,000); purchase art supplies*, sanitizing supplies, and protective equipment ($5,500); and provide administrative support for this program ($2,500).

*When working with large groups we normally purchase a shared set of art supplies. However, to avoid potential for viral transmission on surfaces, we provide an art supply kit for each participant to keep instead of share. This increases our usual costs, but with a longer-reaching impact and benefit, bringing art supplies permanently into the homes of youth in the neighborhoods we serve.
Not Funded0%PARC Programs & Services Support - COVID-19PARC, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$20,000.00Pinellas600https://www.parc-fl.orgCOVID-19's mandated closure of PARC's on campus was devastating to our individuals. The vital and wonderful programs they enjoy each day were abruptly stopped. Thankfully our amazing staff developed and implemented daily activities and programs that they could take part in within the safety of their homes. This provided tremendous comfort and enjoyment for our individuals. This closure also caused a huge loss of income to PARC. While PARC is open again, only at 50% capacity, our income is still greatly reduced due to the limited number of community participants allowed on the PARC campus. We are very thankful to be open again, but the strain of the pandemic continues. This grant would have such a positive impact and provide much needed relief to our organization during these difficult & uncertain times.$0.00$20,000.00These critical funds would be used to continue support all of PARC's vital services and programs. PARC's participants are greatly relying on us to provide the programs they are accustomed to receiving each and every day. With COVID-19, PARC has incurred additional expenses, such as personal protective equipment (PPE) for our Direct Support Professionals who care for close to 100 individuals in our group homes, additional cleaning and disinfecting supplies, PPE for our campus staff who assist our community participants, additional supplies to provide new and creative activities for our group home residents, and increased Respite trips for the health and well-being of our families. All these pandemic driven expenses are in addition to the expenses of our daily programs offered on campus. 07/30/202084Active
Not Funded0%General Operating ExpensesSpanish Lyric Theatre, Inc.Arts and Culture$8,950.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)1,200 has a long history of Spanish and English programming throughout the County. And while COVID has lingered on longer than we originally thought, the inability to physically perform has caused us lost revenue in ticket sales as well as created economic hardships for our donors and sponsors. Our June production of In the Heights was postponed and moved to June 2021. But due to the uncertainly in being able to physically perform in 2021, we are now having to refund tickets to the tune of $3,100. We rely on ticket sales to cover the costs of our monthly operating expenses which are:

• Warehouse storage sets and costumes $950/mth
• Insurance $125/mth

During this time, we have moved to original virtual programming, utilizing as many local Tampa artists as possible who are willing to donate their time.
$0.00$8,950.00We are planning a virtual concert for Hispanic Heritage Month and we have the rights to two virtual Broadway productions, Disenchanted and Silver Belles which only approve streaming through Broadway on Demand which is an additional cost. We have been using artists cell phone camera’s for our programs, but we need to increase the quality of these performances by purchasing equipment that can be shared easily with our artists for these upcoming productions.

• 8-10 ring lights $50/each
• 8-10 USB Microphones $200/each

Our general operating expenses for the next 6-months are approximately $6450. Virtual programming equipment expenses are approximately $2500. Neither of these expenses include any advertising or show expenses. Total cost to fund is $8950.

Thank you for your generosity and for your consideration.
Not Funded0%SPC Student Emergency FundSt. Petersburg College Foundation, Inc.Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$25,000.00Pinellas50 a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, many of our students are still struggling with financial hardships brought on by job loss, furloughs or reduction in working hours. Since the pandemic, we have seen an incredible increase in the number of requests for our SPC Student Emergency Fund. In a 36 hour period, we received over 500 requests for funding. Due to the financial impact and lack of resources close to 6,000 had to make the difficult decision to either lessen their coursework or drop out. We are in dire need to raise more funds. Your gift to the SPC Student Emergency Fund will assist our students as they continue to pursue their academic dreams. $0.00$25,000.00In response to this need, the SPC Student Emergency Fund is uniting the community. Funds are available to all of our students. Students may request up to $500. Applicants provide a signed statement explaining their need for funding and how it will be used, along with documentation supporting the amount requested.

A gift of $25,000 will help us change the lives of approximately 50 students whose financial hardships during this pandemic forced them to either lessen their course work or stop out completely. Though our campuses are located in Pinellas, your gift will potentially support students from any and all of the Community Foundation’s focus counties due to our large online enrollment from across the region. SPC is a Community of Care, your investment will help us continue our mission and will give hope during these uncertain times.
Not Funded0%Reopening The Florida Holocaust Museum Safely and Securely Florida Holocaust MuseumArts and Culture$50,000.00Pinellas150,000 FHM is one of the nation’s most comprehensive Holocaust museums reaching over 150,000 people inside and outside its walls annually. It is a significant resource for Holocaust study and genocide history for mandated Holocaust education (FL Statue 1003.42(g)). To reopen, The FHM will need to implement several new protocols to ensure the health and safety of visitors. This is in addition to several security flaws previously identified through expert study. Most notably, the entrance doors open wide, allowing visitors to walk directly into the Museum before going through security. Due to COVID-19, there will be even more challenges and risk potential. Social distancing requires visitors to enter one-by-one creating more gatherings outside Museum doors or the doors being open for greater lengths. Further, Antisemitism & vandalism has escalated including defacing two Temples in Sarasota.$0.00$50,000.00Funds obtained will be used to purchase equipment, supplies and signage to comply with CDC COVID-19 guidelines to safely and securely reopen The FHM to the public. This includes, the installation of sneeze guards, redirecting visitor’s traffic patterns, and potentially replacing several interactive displays. In addition, funds will be put towards the 1.3M redesign project of the front entrance that allows all visitors pass through security before entering the Museum. Although the immediate goal is to ensure a more secure environment for students and other visitors, redesigning the front entrances creates additional opportunities to make the Museum a more attractive and welcoming experience for visitors, allow for more external and internal signage and allow for local attraction information. This is an important piece of the long-term economic recovery of our region. 07/29/202085Active
Not Funded0%Food Pantry AssistanceMinisterio Voces AngelicalesBasic Needs$10,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)150 is a non-profit that serve homeless population and low-income families. MVA wants to make sure eone has enough to eat, hygiene products for personeeds, and information required to make it through the COVID-19 pandemic with as little discomfort and distress as possible. Our requested need is to supply enough food and hygiene products to our food pantry. Due to the high demands, our food pantry goes low very quickly and we are strugguling to maintain it full. Your assistance will help us keep it full at all times.$0.00$10,000.00Due to the recent outbreak, and the unemployment rate, more families are in need. The requested funds will be used to purchase dry food, meats, produce, and hygiene products. Most of the purchases are done through Feeding America and local meat markets that will provide low cost to help those in need. This will help us keep our doors open and fullfilling the local demands.07/29/202085Active
Not Funded0%Covid-19 Response of Free Webinar Series for Nonprofit Professionals and Organizations.Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay, Inc.Workforce Services and Career Development$10,000.00Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas3,000 NLC conducted a survey in early April revealing that 100% of nonprofits had made changes in service delivery and 72% had cancelled fundraising events. Top concerns centered around sustainability, paying employees, and meeting increased demand for services from clients. In response, the NLC created a series of free webinars, addressing common concerns such as Grant Writing in Times of Crisis, Fundraising Dos and Don’ts, and Managing Mental and Emotional Exhaustion. With the needs of nonprofit organizations and their constituents at our fore, the ability to pivot in support of our sector is a top priority. We have seen an average of 71 students per webinar and have impacted 471 organizations since our first free webinar in March. As we continue to monitor the progress of COVID19, we understand that there will be continued need for free resources for the nonprofit sector.$0.00$10,000.00Funding will be used to develop and present free webinars to leaders in the nonprofit sector, centered around data driven topics of critical importance to nonprofits.
• Develop: The NLC is committed to producing relevant content of importance to nonprofit leaders and continuing to listen and collaborate with master trainers to provide training free of charge. Funding in this area will support data driven strategies to align programming with the current and emerging needs of nonprofit organizations and leaders.
• Present: NLC commits to a level of excellence that is easily seen in our free webinar offerings presented to date in 2020. Funding in this area will support staff time in the production of these webinars as well as the curation of topics with subject matter expert presenters.
Not Funded0%Transition to Virtual ProgrammingPalm River Family ServicesEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$5,500.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)287http://www.palmriverfamilyservices.orgDue to the Covid-19 pandemic, Palm River Family Services can not continue the after school program and must look at implementing a virtual program to continue supporting children in the Palm River area with STEAM programming and tutoring to help them succeed. Along with continuing to help the children we would be able to do virtual parent engagement events so we can continue supporting the family unit and they can continue being involved with their children's education. Our goal during this unprecedented time is to continue to provide services and support needed for the local area. In order to continue offering service and support, technology is the key for virtual programming.$0.00$5,500.00Funding would be used to support our conversion and implementation of virtual programming. This would include laptops that meet the technical specifications for Zoom for 2 full time employees, Microsoft 365 licenses for 2 full time employees, Zoom Pro annual subscription for 2 hosts, IT set-up fees and 2 full time staff time to develop and convert program to virtual format and train on Zoom.

Not Funded0%Weekend Blessings BackpacksPeople Helping People in Hernando County, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$6,500.00Hernando650http://www.phphernando.orgWeekend Blessings is a unique program designed to feed children whose families qualify for Federal Free/Reduced Price Meals and have little or no food on the weekends. We provide backpacks full of food to take home over the weekend. Proven results from this program are better test scores, improved reading, positive behavior, improved health & increased attendance. Our WB program provides for approx. 650 students in 11 Hernando County preschool, elementary, middle and high schools, and two Head Start programs. Our program has the support of many local community groups, civic organizations, churches, a synagogue, and a mosque, who partner with PHP to help stuff backpacks each week. Additionally, we receive financial support from the United Way Hernando and Suncoast Credit Union. Because of recent events, our donor who purchased backpacks in the past has decided not to help us this year.$0.00$6,500.00Throughout the Covid pandemic, we continued to distribute bags during the summer using plastic grocery bags. With our current fundraising capabilities limited, we haven’t been able to hold any events to raise funds to provide for our WB program but there is still a huge need. Although some students won’t go back to the classroom and will proceed with e-learning, we still provide everyone with the opportunity to pick up their backpacks at school each Friday. The cost to purchase bulk quantities of backpacks is $6.50 each. To purchase cheaper backpacks isn’t feasible as they fall apart quickly and often times the bags are lost or damaged and we need to give students a new bag. We go through around 1,000 bags in a school year. With a grant of $6,500, it would enable us to purchase 1,000 new backpacks for our Weekend Blessings Program.07/29/202085Active
Not Funded0%Adult Education and Workforce Development Services for Homeless and ALICE HouseholdsHomeless Emergency Project, Inc.Workforce Services and Career Development$20,000.00Pinellas100http://hepempowers.orgFor the past several months, HEP has had to significantly reduce operations due to the pandemic and the resulting statewide orders to curb the spread of the virus. We have lost significant amount of anticipated revenue that would normally be generated through regular funding streams, yet we have remained fully staffed throughout this period.

North Greenwood is underserved, with one of the highest rates of poverty and unemployment in Pinellas County. These issues are further exasperated by COVID-19 , resulting in higher rates of unemployment. The ALICE population of adults and families living in North Greenwood must have access to workforce development services co-located in their community in order to help them secure jobs that pay a living wage to support their families and essential skills that improve their behaviors and lead to greater financial and housing security.
$0.00$20,000.00In partnership with the Pinellas County School Board, HEP provides workforce development services to ALICE residents in North Greenwood including homeless and formerly homeless residents of HEP. We are conducting community outreach, career counseling, ABE/GED courses, self-enrichment courses, job training, resume’ writing,
interviewing skills and job placement and certification opportunities. Certification programs include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and ServSafe food safety certification among many others. All certification programs are online and self-paced. Funding will be applied toward certification fees that would otherwise have to be paid for by our program participants since funding is not currently available to cover these costs. During these trying times, funding is needed more than ever to help marginalized households achieve greater financial and housing stability.
Not Funded0%Assistance due to COVID 19Impact Academy SchoolEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$60,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)28https://impactacademyschool.orgWe are requesting assistance for our payroll needs as well as our daily operations needs. We are a non-profit private school for special needs children ranging in age from 4-22. Due to the COVID 19 situation, we were forced to close our school which left our employees without work for several months. We want to do everything we possibly can to ensure that our employees are taken care of during these stressful times and want to be able to continue to pay them. We also want to prevent our employees from looking for other jobs due to financial needs and due to the uncertainty surrounding these times. As we prepare to return to school, we are taking extra measures to prepare our building. We are also unsure of the impact COVID will have on our enrollment. We follow Hillsborough County when making decisions about our closings, and at this time we are preparing to open August 24. $0.00$60,000.00We would use the funds we received to meet our payroll needs. We would also use the funds to continue building preparation and the labor costs associated with preparing for the start of school. 07/28/202086Active
Not Funded0%Improving the Safety of our Campus Preparing for new GuidelinesJunior Achievement of Tampa BayHealth and Wellbeing$5,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)10,000http://jatampabay.orgJA Tampa Bay is committed to providing a safe campus for our students, staff and visitors.Currently our campus, like the schools we serve is closed, JA is committed to be ready to open following the strictest of standards as soon as we are able to. Adhering to the State as well as the CDC guidelines requires us to add additional cleaning and sanitizing precautions as well as configuring our space in order to keep our students safe. $0.00$5,000.00Funds will be used to purchase, mobile ultraviolet disinfectant devices that eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Bolstering the strict cleaning protocols already in place. Additional sanitation stations will be added along with equipment needed to meet the current social distancing requirements. Due to the strict social distancing JA's 35,000 square foot facility will need to be reconfigured in order to meet the requirements and provide a safe environment for the over 30,000 students who visit us annually. We do expect that student visits will be delayed until mid October providing us the opportunity to properly prepare. 07/28/202086Active
Not Funded0%Eviction Prevention SupportLove INC of Metro TampaBasic Needs$15,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)30http://loveinctampa.orgLove In the Name of Christ (INC) mission is to mobilize Christian Churches to serve individuals who have a needs that are not typically addressed by other organizations. They are the people who fall through the safety net and often end up at a "church door". Since the COVID 19 crisis began, Love INC's staff and volunteers have
worked without a break in services to ensure people referred to us were served with dignity and respect and received one on one support in navigating the various challenges they faced because of the pandemic. We worked to ensure people received any benefits for which they were eligible but for various reasons many could not access the CARES and unemployment resources. We are now preparing for an increase in people seeking assistance to avoid eviction. We we leverage all available resources but know public resources will not be adequate to meet need.
$0.00$15,000.00This money will be used to enhance an eviction prevention fund already been established through a generous donation of $10,000. The total funds will be used to prevent evictions for the individuals who are referred to our Love INC Help Center where we determine their needs, assign a volunteer resource navigator to work with them to make sure they have accessed all available resources, have a plan for maintaining their rent going forward, and are willing to receive mentoring and coaching related to budgeting and financial management. We will leverage benevolence funds from our member churches to help pay for those we approve for the eviction prevention funds. Currently, Love INC has ten families seeking assistance for eviction prevention. We know that for these families, they are behind at least two months behind in rent. We want to enhance the community's response to eviction.07/28/202086Active
Not Funded0%Mental Health Resources to Reduce Stress and Anxiety during, and after, COVIDYoga 4 Change, IncHealth and Wellbeing$6,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas250http://y4c.orgDue to COVID-19 and the longevity of social distancing, Yoga 4 Change (Y4C) is requesting funds to provide mental health resources to decrease stress and anxiety and increase mood and sleep. The pandemic has fomented a critical need for programs that are devoted to improving the health, well-being, and physical and emotional functioning of individuals and Y4C offers a holistic, novel, cost-effective program. Y4C offers evidence based programming to veterans, youth, individuals who are incarcerated and those living with mental health conditions. The pandemic has revealed an increase in loneliness, as well as an increase in substance use and substance use overdoses. Y4C attests that by offering mental health resources (physical movement, breathing exercises, self inquiry), through the Y4C curriculum, more individuals will embody self acceptance, empathy and healthy coping skills. $0.00$6,000.00Yoga 4 Change has pivoted to offer all programming virtually to facility partners and has gained new partners invested in the long term health of their clients. In transitioning all programming virtually, due to COVID-19, Y4C has encountered financial needs unforeseen before the pandemic. The funding requested will enable Y4C the opportunity to supply pre-recorded videos to 2-3 facilities, in Tampa Bay, to use as mental health resources for their clients, therefore increasing the positive impact on the local community. Pre-recorded videos will give each facility proprietary means to offer classes based on their schedule and what is best for their client. In addition, the funding will provide technology/equipment needed to ensure the virtual programming offered by Y4C is consistent, clear and high quality, in an effort to give students the best experience possible. 07/28/202086Active
Not Funded0%Student Scholarship ProgramBees Learning, Inc.Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$22,440.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas22http://beeslearning.orgBees Learning, Inc is addressing the need for low to moderate income families to have access to safe and effective educational programming. Many lower-income families have fewer options regarding school placement for the fall. Our dynamic programs alleviate the barrier by providing scholarships to students that attend a public school and qualify for free/reduced lunch. Each student that receives a scholarship will be able to attend our day classes and receive 580 hours of tutoring annually. Two scholarships will be funded through this grant.

Funding from the Community Foundation will also allow us to partner with Bear Creek Elementary to enroll 20 4th grade students in our virtual learning program. Each student will receive 200 tutoring hours annually. All tutors are certified teachers that provide live teaching sessions for our students for 1 hour, Mon-Thursday.
$0.00$22,440.00$14,040 will be used to enroll 20 4th grade students in our virtual learning program. Dollars will allow us to pay a certified teacher that will be assigned to the class, cover the cost of necessary software, and purchase take home books for students to engage in a daily book discussion. $8,400 will provide two scholarships for two primary students from Pinellas Park Elementary to attend our day sessions at our learning center. Funds will support personnel cost (tutors), books and educational supplies.

All students enrolled in our educational programs receive a Student Success Plan that is updated every 3 months. Leah Veal, a Specialist level educator, oversees all assessments and standards-based diagnostic tools to track and monitor learning gains.
Not Funded0%The Florida Holocaust Museum Digital Education ResourcesFlorida Holocaust MuseumEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$25,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas150,000 has had a devastating economic impact on The Florida Holocaust Museum, resulting in loss of revenues from admissions, event and school group tour cancellations, etc. Although our building is closed, The FHM is preparing to help teachers and students throughout Florida return to the classroom. Whether they’re learning at school or home, with your help, we can ensure that they have the quality and consistent free resources they’ve come to depend on from us to fulfill the Florida Holocaust education mandate. This is a moment in history when we all need the lessons that Holocaust Survivors have shared with us: lessons of hope and resilience. During this time of uncertainty, our commitment to never forget and to educate remains strong. It is critical right now to teach about the consequences of unchecked hatred, and the inherent worth and dignity of people of all races and cultures.$0.00$25,000.00The FHM Education Team is working directly with school district officials and educators to assist with teaching the Holocaust either in the physical or virtual classroom. Some of the things we are offering free of charge include: 1. Grade appropriate Zoom Classroom lessons with a Holocaust Survivor or a Second Generation (adult child of Holocaust Survivors) 2. Primary sourced curriculum guides helping educators prepare lessons that can be paired with our Museum virtual tour that now includes 3D images of select artifacts, audio clips and more. 3. Dynamic age appropriate Teaching Trunks filled to the brim with classroom resources complemented by a new digital library which will soon be available to students and teachers. 4. In-Depth educational workshops and self-paced online courses to support teachers who need guidance on how to teach about the Holocaust. 07/27/202087Active
Not Funded0%STAYING SAFE TOGETHER: Personal Protective Equipment for MTC Students and Staff MacDonald Training CenterWorkforce Services and Career Development$2,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)100http://macdonaldcenter.orgMTC is carefully planning for the re-opening of its campus for in-person instruction, reconfiguring classrooms and common areas to allow for social distancing and smaller classes. Students will need proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and sanitizing products to stay healthy and safe upon their return. MTC students will be entering a radically different learning and social environment of physical distancing and limited interpersonal contact. Students will be excited to see teachers and fellow students after months of isolation (and possible regression of social skills), so it will be critical for MTC to be prepared with all the necessary health and safety supplies to support student success. Funding would be used purchase this life-saving equipment for students to continue progress toward their employment goals.$0.00$2,000.00TC’s doors to the first cohort of returning students. (For example, air purifiers for each classroom cost between $200 and $500 per unit. A grant from the Community FoundatioN would support the purchase of this life-saving equipment as students return to in-person programming and instruction.07/27/202087Active
Not Funded0%Equipment to Support Virtual Arts ProgrammingNew Tampa PlayersArts and Culture$6,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)2,000http://newtampaplayers.orgNew Tampa Players has not been able to open our space to public performances due to the resurgence of COVID-19 in our area. We have been supporting our community through virtual arts projects using participants cell phone cameras. In the future, we would like to increase the quality of these projects by purchasing videography equipment that can used in the space to prerecord performances for streaming. We would also like to purchase 10-15 sets of videography equipment to supplement cell phone cameras for Penguin Project. This equipment would be lent to our Penguin Project families, so they can participate in an online Penguin Project production from their own homes. Penguin Project is a theatre program for children and young adults with special needs, and this equipment is essential for Penguin Project to continue during COVID-19. $0.00$6,000.00New Tampa Players would like to purchase:

For general use:

- 1 camera for use in our space and outside to prerecord programming for later streaming and possibly for livestreaming
- Camera microphone equipment to enhance sound quality when camera is used outside
- 1 computer to process video and to use to livestream from our space

For use in Penguin Project:
10-15: Ring Lights to enhance the lighting of cell phone cameras for home use
10-15: Pop-up backdrops
10-15: Microphones to enhance the soundquality of cell phone cameras for home use

The Penguin Project kits will be used to produce a Penguin Project online production.
Partially Funded40%Emergency staff for RCS Food BankReligious Community Services, Inc.Basic Needs$11,263.00Pinellas30,500 Pinellas is requesting $18,673 to cover temporary emergency staff for the RCS Food Bank. At the start of the COVID-19 quarantine, the Food Bank was forced to hire a temporary employee to cover operations traditionally handled by volunteers. Many of our volunteers are elderly, among the high-risk group for COVID-19. For example, COVID-19 has resulted in the following volunteer workforce impacts:
• 106 active volunteers prior to COVID-19 to 25 active volunteers.
• 161 group volunteers prior to COVID-19 to 0 group volunteers due to cancelations.
• 5 community service volunteers prior to COVID-19 to 2 community service volunteers.
• 6 student volunteers prior to COVID-19 to 0 student volunteers.

RCS has maintained this emergency position for 14 weeks. RCS expects we will continue to need emergency staff through at least October.
$7,500.00$18,673.00Funding will support one temporary staff member hired to assist with daily food distribution and management. With only 8 paid employees at the Food Bank, serving 200 people a day and distributing food to 79 subsites is a challenge. Food Bank budgets are currently stretched due to equipment needs and shortages of food donations. RCS has already paid $10,120 in unbudgeted expenses for emergency staff. Extending the position another 3 months will cost approximately $8,553 ($712.80/week). The COVID-19 pandemic has increased food insecurity in Clearwater and the neighboring municipalities. RCS Food Bank has experienced a 24% increase in first-time households requesting food bank services.07/27/202087Active
Not Funded0%Meals, Hygiene Items, and Mental Activity Needs for Isolated SeniorsSuncoast PACE, Inc.Basic Needs$19,850.00Pinellas150 PACE’s Adult Day Center (ADC) regularly serves 150 seniors who are facing chronic illness and aging, helping them stay healthy, nourished and socially connected. Our clients are among those most at risk from COVID-19 and in order to keep them safe our ADC closed in March. However, these seniors still require direct and ongoing support to stay healthy and mitigate the serious mental and cognitive impacts of social isolation. The PACE team has risen to the challenge of meeting our participants’ needs in this context by completely reinventing our day program to support our now homebound participants. The team is making phone calls, conducting home visits, organizing virtual group activities, and delivering food and necessities to participants in their homes on an ongoing basis. We need support to continue funding the purchase of essential food and supplies for weekly deliveries.$0.00$19,850.00This funding will provide 10 weeks of support for 150 participants, including: socialization activities (1 activity kit per participant per week with puzzles, games, and etc.), food support (two bags with shelf stable food and/or fresh produce per participant per week), hygiene items (one delivery per participant per week of items such as deodorant, soap, lotion, etc.), and COVID-19 safety items (masks and hand sanitizer delivered to each participant weekly). These funds will also provide for 10 weeks of hot meals (5 days/week) for 25 of our most nutritionally vulnerable participants. Please note that while Medicare and Medicaid continue to support the operation of the PACE program and the costs of medical care for our participants, the additional costs incurred for these services are not covered by the funds the program receives from these sources. 07/27/202087Active
Not Funded0%Studio EquipmentBallet Academy of St. Petersburg Inc.Arts and Culture$4,700.00Pinellas25http://balletacademyofstpetersburg.comWe have been able to bring back the majority of our dancers to a safe environment this past month. Unfortunately, our facility is a city building and because of Covid 19, the city is not bringing all children programs back into the recreation centers, as a result our building is now hosting another program and we are having to move to a new studio. We have to furnish the new studio with flooring, ballet barres and mirrors. Current estimates are $4,700. We continue to struggle with our traditional fund raising and several of our dancers are not comfortable in coming back with the surges we have been having in Covid infections. Any funding to help with the move would be greatly appreciated. We are on our way back to a strong recovery. Like everyone else we are trying to cover lost tuition and keep our bills paid.$0.00$4,700.00The purpose for this request is simple, We need additional monies to move into a new studio forced by social distancing limitations of the City program. Not knowing if or when restriction may let up we had to find a new location to get back to dancing together. The new studio requires Marley flooring, portable ballet barres and mirrors. Any funding would be greatly appreciated toward this relocation.07/24/202090Active
Not Funded0%Program Security UpgradeBayou Outdoor Learning and Discovery, Inc.Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$5,000.00Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)120http://campbayou.orgWhile most of our programs have slowed due to Covid restrictions, one program is still drawing interested participants- our monthly river paddle. These educational paddle tours allow up to 9 participants to experience the river and its environs, lead by our knowledgeable volunteers. They are also great for exercise and to relieve some anxiety or de-stress. Canoes and kayaks can be rented if the participants do not have their on boat. While we have a small number of kayaks, enough for 5 people, an additional 4 kayaks would help accommodate anyone who needed to rent one on the tour. Our greatest need, however, is the purchase or construction of a storage shed near the launch ramp to keep these kayaks. For security reasons (we had 4 stolen from a less secure onsite location in past years), we've had to keep them much further away from the river, making these trips harder to expedite. $0.00$5,000.00We have researched storage sheds in different construction types- from metal cargo containers to pre-constructed sheds to the cost of lumber and volunteers to build our own. The most cost effective, aesthetic and timely storage shed is a portable shed such as this: . In conversations with sales folk, we can get an adequate lockable shed for $5000 delivered. While we would love to also purchase more kayaks (or accept donations from folks who don't use theirs anymore or who have upgraded), we need a place to store them securely first. This would help us achieve this goal.07/24/202090Active
Not Funded0%Emergency Health & Human Services Program (EHHSP) Coptic Orthodox Charities, Inc. (COC)Health and Wellbeing$10,367.77Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas10http://www.copticcharities.orgCOC is a 501(c)(3) grassroots organization, with solid successful track record providing services to survivors of torture, refugees, and human trafficking victims for 20 years. COC has 8 full-time bilingual employees. COC served 2,049 clients in the past three years. In response to COVID-19, COC will expand its services with this grant to help 10 individuals pass this crisis. Through our culturally and linguistically staff, COC will provide direct client services by assisting the clients with filing for food stamps, and Medicaid applications. Also, will assist with healthcare, doctors' appointments, and interpretation during the doctor's appointment, assist with access to medical prescriptions, explaining the prescriptions guidance per the doctor and pharmacist instructions. $0.00$10,367.77Salaries
•Project Manager to oversee project $40 x30hrs =$1,200.00
Coordinator &bookkeeper for Payroll checks and reports$20x60hrs =$1,200.00
Social Worker to meet with clients $16x 412hrs =$6,592.00
Salaries Sub-Total $ 8,992.00

Fringe Benefits
Fica@7.65%, Social Security@6.2%; Medicate@1.45% (total 15.3%) =$1,375.77
Fringe Benefits Sub-Total $1,375.77

Not Funded0%Air Purifiers for Classrooms to Prevent COVID-19 SpreadCristo Rey Tampa High School at Mary Help of Christians, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$10,800.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)208 students and staff with the utmost protection against COVID-19 (and other viruses) with an air filtration system derived from NASA Technology used on the International Space Station.$0.00$10,800.00The funds will be used to purchase 10 Air Scrubber by Aerus with Certified Space Technology(TM) units to be installed to each HVAC system at the school. As we know, COVID-19 is primarily spread airborne and the Air Scrubber will help protect students and staff from contracting and spreading the virus. Cristo Rey Tampa is following all CDC guidelines including practicing social distancing and requiring everyone to wear a mask. The lifecycle of the unit is estimated to be more than 10 years.

The ActivePure(R) Technology is derived from NASA Technology as used on the International Space Station. The unit actively targets contaminants in the air and on surfaces, eliminating them on contact. Detailed information on the unit can be found here:
Not Funded0%Laundry Project SupportCurrent of Tampa Bay, Inc. dba Current InitiativesBasic Needs$10,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas1,000http://engagecurrent.orgThe Laundry Project by Current Initiatives assists lower-income families with meeting a basic need – washing clothes and linens, by turning laundromats into community centers of hope. Laundry fees are paid for while volunteers assist with laundry services and create a caring space at the laundromat. Clean laundry is not just an on-going financial burden for many families due to low income and/or out of work due to the crisis but is also a contributing factor to health and wellness. We are committed to doing what we can to bolster the health and wellness of families in need by safely providing clean laundry during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the past 4 months we have worked with the City of Tampa and City of St. Pete to safely provide 52 different Laundry Project days at 22 laundromats across the Bay Area serving 1,100 families (5,000+ individuals) with washing 11,000+ loads of laundry.$0.00$10,000.00Funds from this grant will be used to directly help financially struggling families and out of work hospitality employees by paying for laundry fees and purchasing laundry supplies. Washing clothes at a laundromat is not only a logistical issue but can be a big financial burden. It can cost the average family upwards of $40 per trip to the laundromat. Funds will be used to safely host several free laundry days at local partner laundromats to pay the laundry fees of families coming to the laundromat on those days. Funds will be used to provide laundry supplies for families to use during the Laundry Projects i.e. soap, softener, bleach, stain remover etc. Funds will also be used to provide safety products during the Laundry Project for families and volunteers i.e. face mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies to clean touched surfaces and sitting area.07/24/202090Active
Not Funded0%Virtual Programming SupportFranciscan Center Tampa Florida, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$5,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas1,000http://www.franciscancentertampa.orgThe Franciscan Center, a retreat center and spiritual oasis for the Tampa Bay community for 50 years, was forced to temporarily close it's doors in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since we are unable to provide retreat space or on site programming for now, we have quickly pivoted to providing virtual programming via Zoom. So far we have had great success with educational, spiritual, professional and personal development programs. Some titles have included: Spirituality Book Club, Unleash Your Creativity, Rome's Female Saints, Interfaith Devotional, Conscious Contact 12 Step, and Insight Meditation. We intend to expand and continue with this very successful initiative as we hear and feel the thirst and need for this from our community. $0.00$5,000.00We strive to make our offerings accessible to all no matter what their financial situation may be. Some of our programs require a small fee or pay what you can, some are free. We are asking for funds to help with the administration costs of this type of programming including staff time, upgrade Zoom subscriptions, digital consultant, speaker stipends and materials. 07/24/202090Active
Not Funded0%Lower Elementary TechnologyHillel AcademyEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$14,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)48http://www.hillelacademytampa.comHillel Academy is a non-profit preschool through 8th-Grade institution open to the entire community. Preparing students for the technological world in which they live is important to us and pedagogically, we begin that education starting in the 3rd-Grade. Through 2nd-Grade, outdated Ipads and laptops are used to supplement reading and math education.

Now, these technological tools have taken on even more importance due to Covid-19. 60% of our student population receives financial discounts to attend. Many of this 60% and even some of the 40% have requested additional aide due to the recession. We have had to cut our expenses dramatically. So not only are we struggling to replace these important educational tools, these are the same tools we will lend to students if we have to learn from home due to Covid-19.
$0.00$14,000.00The requested funds will be used to purchase a class set (20) of Ipads and a class set (20) of Chromebooks for the Kindergarten through 2nd-Grades. These tools are used throughout the primary school to supplement reading, writing, and math education using dynamic software platforms aligned to students' individual learning levels. Additionally, our young students do not have much access to these tools at home and as an institution that reduces 60% of its population's tuition to attend, these same families cannot afford these tools in their homes. We expect that some tech tools will need to be loaned to our children if they fall ill or we have to stay home due to Covid-19. 07/24/202090Active
Not Funded0%Support Students & Teachers' Mental & Physical Health Indi-ED FoundationEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$7,750.00Pinellas75's mission is to empower children by re-imagining the concept of school.

Typically, we focus on designing strategic educational opportunities that connect to the real world so that our students become energized about learning. We tailor the experiences to our students’ interests and abilities, and collaborate with the community so that our students will be supported academically and socially.

This year however, our focus has to shift significantly.

When our teachers, students, and families begin their school year in August, they will be doing so after being sent home to unexpectedly not return to school since March 13th. They will have spent the last 5 months dealing with a global pandemic. Most of them in strict isolation.

We will be teaching traditional content both virtually and in person. But our main focus will be their physical and mental health.
$0.00$7,750.00To address our students' mental health we would like to offer at least through Aug. & Sept. to start:
-yoga and meditation classes: 4 classes a week x 7 weeks x $50 a class = $1,400
-expressive arts classes: 2 classes a week x 7 weeks x $150 a class = $2,100
Both classes would be conducted by two other local businesses so the funds would be invested back into and supporting our community threefold.

To support our students' physical health, we need to implement the following:
-EPA approved spraying of our facility, van, outdoor play equipment, A/C vents, etc. bi-monthly $850 x 5 months = $4,250
Also conducted by a local business.

$1,400 + $2,100 + $4,250 = $7,750

Thank you for your consideration and support.
Not Funded0%Immediate, daily needsLiving Life Outreach, Inc.Basic Needs$25,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)1,000http://livinglifeoutreach.orgOur ministry seeks help in providing recovery resources for various populations affected by the coronavirus and COVID 19. Those resources include basic, essential, needs such as clothing, food, and housing as well as transportation. Living Life Outreach also provides assistance with Hillsborough County Healthcare application and assistance with food stamps. $0.00$25,000.00The people we serve in our serving usually are in need of clothing such as work clothes, such as jeans, and shoes; day laborers need boots They may also need perishable and nonperishable food items and minor eating utensils and cookware. Transportation can be an issue for them and we do our best to make provisions via bus passes or other modes of transportation. Immediate shelter (hotels) is a must. A healthy number of our service seekers need mental and/or medical health services; therefore, connecting them to Hillsboro County Health Care can be paramount to their long-term recovery. However, before those services can be rendered, proper identification and Social Security cards are needed; many, if not most, of our participants, lacked those essentials. Our program facilitates the replacement of those credentials, however, sometimes, state and/or federal agency fees have to be paid.07/24/202090Active
Not Funded0%Funding for our Youth program. Tampa Bay Hurricanes Youth Football and CheerTampa Bay Hurricanes Football and CheerBasic Needs$15,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)250http://tampabayhurricanes.comDo to the Covid-19 we were unable to fund-raise as normal.... We are in need of football and cheer uniforms and most importantly new equipment for our football program such as helmets, shoulder pads, football tackling dummies, and other useful football equipment.$0.00$15,000.00Funds would be used to help us with uniforms and and football equipment....and last help with the basic functioning of our program and helping come off the ground.. 07/24/202090Active
Not Funded0%PPE for COVID-19 TestingThe Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$5,760.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)5,580https://www.crisiscenter.comIn April, the Crisis Center’s TransCare Medical Transportation Service began supporting the county by offering mobile COVID-19 testing to individuals in Hillsborough County who were unable to travel to a testing site or did not have their own transportation to access one of the designated sites. We are the only service in Hillsborough County providing mobile testing. Since the county knew we were successfully managing the mobile testing, they approached us in June and asked for our assistance in running two additional COVID-19 testing sites in Sun City Center and Wimauma. While grateful for the additional opportunity to support our community during this time, it has placed a strain on our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies and budget. Each day of testing requires us to have full PPE for each of the six EMTs present, and we are currently staffing test sites four days a week. $0.00$5,760.00While we budget for PPE equipment each year, the unprecedented events of 2020 have resulted in the allocated PPE funds depleting months ago. Any funds received from this grant would be utilized to purchase PPE for our TransCare staff. As the number of cases in Hillsborough County and throughout Florida continues to rise, we know the number of individuals being tested will only continue to increase. PPE allows us to ensure that our staff are protected as much as possible while testing community members for COVID-19, while also ensuring that those being tested feel safe. The $7,760 in funding covers the costs of PPE for our EMTs at testing sites for five months of time. 07/24/202090Active
Partially Funded1%Feeding PascoThe Volunteer Way, Inc.Basic Needs$39,700.00Pasco35,000http://www.thevolunteerway.orgWe are addressing the need to supply healthy food to low to no income consumers which has been exacerbated since the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many within our community have lost their jobs due to businesses closing and them being laid off. This has caused an
enormous increase in the amount of consumers coming to us for food.
We are feeding individuals and families, children, seniors, veterans and the homeless through our food pantry, mobile food pantry, brown bag program and soup kitchen.
Our current needs: (1) be able to purchase additional food to meet the needs of all affected by COVID.
(2) address the needs of our seniors by supplying them with pet food through our "Animeals" program. Many seniors are utilizing their food to feed their pets instead of for themselves. For many of our seniors, their pets are the only company they have. Provision of pet food reduces their anxieties.
$300.00$40,000.00Funds will be used to pay handling fees for in-kind donations from Operation Blessing,
purchasing food through other food distribution companies to supplement foods received from USDA and Feeding Tampa Bay, to purchase pet food for our Brown Bag Program seniors through our "Animeal" program, and to pay Arlisa's Events who has been preparing hot meals distributed through our food pantry. Their contract with the county through FEMA is due to run out at the end of July, 2020. They have been preparing approximately 500 meals per day for us to distribute.
Not Funded0%Personal Protective Equipment for Program ParticiipantsUniversity Area Community Development CorporationHealth and Wellbeing$5,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)8,000https://www.uacdc.orgCurrently, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UACDC has transitioned most of our programing to a virtual environment. With the anticipation of resuming our in-person programs and service in late August, the need for personal protective equipment for our participants, staff, and volunteers will be overwhelming. UACDC programs that would need PPE include: Steps for Success (350 household members), Prodigy Cultural Arts Program (1,500 participants), INVEST Workforce (1,500 participant), Get Moving (4,470 participants) and Harvest Hope Park. Approximately 58 percent of the people in this community live below the federal poverty level; 80 percent represent minority groups; and 9 percent are unemployed (prior to COVID-19). Residents are not financially equipped to take care of their own PPE needs. $0.00$5,000.00Funds would be used to buy Personal Protective Equipment: masks, hand sanitizer, Lysol spray, face shields and gloves for all program participants (youth and adults) to safely run in-person classes. University Area Community has one of the highest COVID-19 cases per zip code, while residents still need immediate access to resources and services. Masks are required for programming and we believe the most equitable thing to do is to provide at least 1 mask/PPE supply bag to participants who may not have financial or transportation resources to get the items they need safely. 07/24/202090Active
Not Funded0%Ready for Tomorrow - Technology for a Sustainable FutureReady for LifeBasic Needs$4,620.00Pinellas550http://readyforlifepinellas.orgReady for Life (RFL) provides support, resources and guidance former foster care youth need to successfully transition to adulthood. Our solution-based skill center supporting youth (ages 15 to 25) in homelessness prevention, education & employment, and lifeline support networks.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we continue to provide services to this vulnerable population, however, now much is done virtually or by appointment. While our technology was adequate for how we did business yesterday, today things are different in every way. How we communicate as a staff, talk directly with clients, and share our stories and solicit donations changed nearly overnight.

RFL has purchased, upgraded or subscribed to technology to survive this crisis. We continue to explore "virtual" fundraising options, knowing how different fundraising & fundraising events are in today’s environment.
$0.00$4,620.00Communication technology upgrades at RFL for the next 12 months include: Zoom $180; Constant Contact $840; IGTech $1000; Tech Soup $160.

Fundraising upgrades for the next 12 months include: Donor Perfect On-Line Forms Plus $600; Text to Give $720; Payment Services $720; transaction swipe capability $400.

Total Request $4620

This investment in Ready for Life’s communication and fundraising technology will have immediate impact today and create sustainability for our uncertain tomorrows.
Thank you for this funding opportunity and for considering helping us be Ready for Tomorrow!
Not Funded0%Digital Inclusion Helps Kids & SeniorsSeniors in Service of Tampa Bay, Inc.Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$51,840.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas960http://seniorsinservice.orgWe urgently need to equip 160 low-income senior-aged volunteer tutors with technology to serve virtually. Last year they served 20+ hours/week helping K-3rd graders. Teacher assessments show 95% improved literacy. Now COVID-19 may stop volunteers from physically returning to school. Kids facing many life challenges will need their help more than ever. Armed with technology, volunteers can serve kids remotely thru rotating centers on laptops set up by teachers or after-school staff. We will meet children where they are with consistency from a caring adult that all kids need, especially now.
COVID-19 made clear the gap for seniors who need digital access to essential services (e.g. health/food delivery). Plus they’re missing the kids and a reason to get up every day. We need to provide a safe way for them to continue serving kids who desperately need their support.
$0.00$51,840.00Funds cover devices, connectivity, training/support, protective tablet cases for 160 volunteer tutors who each provide 1-on-1 tutoring/mentoring to at least 5 at-risk children. This helps both the children & volunteers. We will help low-income seniors embrace & effectively use technology for teacher-guided activities that support children virtually during COVID-19 and also to help seniors access essential services digitally. Costs include: 1) Tablets (160 volunteers @ $150 each); 2) Connectivity for 40 volunteers who don’t have internet (40 @ $30/mo x 12 = $14,400); 3) Cyber Seniors: Group training followed by one-on-one ongoing support for 1 year (Group rate for 20: 36 hours @ $30/hr x 8 groups = $8640); 4) Cases: 160*$30= $4800).
Total requested: Tablets $24,000 + Internet $14,400 + Training/Support $8640 + Cases $4800 = $ $51,840
Not Funded0%TBNEH Expansion of COVID Emergency Hunger Response Programs for Tampa Bay HomeboundTampa Bay Network to End HungerBasic Needs$150,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas4,200https://networktoendhunger.orgTo meet the need of feeding children that opt to go to school virtually, we will continue and expand the Meals on Wheels for Kids program (MOWs4Kids) in Tampa Bay. Since launch 3/23, we have expanded the program to serve all of St. Petersburg and outlying areas (to include Lealman, Gulfport), East Pasco, and Wimauma. The program utilizes volunteers to deliver a week’s worth of shelf-stable meal ingredients and a 5-meal pack per child, to transportation-disadvantaged homebound children and families. We are also providing each family a hurricane pack to include a week’s worth of ready-to-eat, shelf-stable foods, water, and a flashlight. As of now, 80% of our parents say they will not send their child back to school in-person. The program is a necessity, as there are thousands of food insecure children that will not receive food from school and have difficulty accessing other feeding sites.$0.00$150,000.00The Meals On Wheels for Kids program was developed as an alternative option for: 1) kids that are not able to access any of the school meal distribution sites; and/or 2) kids that have difficulty accessing food pantries. Average cost per child served a week’s worth of meal ingredients, fresh produce, and a 5-meal pack is $41/child per week including head of household. We aim to serve over 4500 with this additional funding. Our St. Petersburg program began with 20 children, 4 months later we are serving 550 per week and the need is growing. The funds will help cover the costs of expansion of our MOWs4Kids program in Pasco, Pinellas, and Hillsborough August 1 – December 31, 2020 to serve the homebound children this coming School Year.07/23/202091Active
Not Funded0%United Support FundUniversity of South Florida Foundation, Inc.Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$25,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas2,000 has disrupted all our lives, but USF students, many of whom are far from home, have been especially affected. Students have lost their jobs, and due to family financial challenges, may face further reduced financial support.

USF received a large economic relief package through the federal CARES Act to assist with emergency student aid, but we anticipate that these funds will be depleted before student needs are met. Also, international and undocumented students, including those protected under DACA, are ineligible to receive CARES Act funding.

While USF is providing remote instruction, counseling, and other support services to these students, their new financial realities are a source of significant stress and unease. Urgent needs like food, toiletries, rent money, and other basic essentials are beyond the reach of some of our students.
$0.00$25,000.00In response to this need, the USF United Support Fund is uniting the community to assist our most vulnerable. Funds are available to students of any USF class year, major, college, or campus.
Students may request up to $1,000. Applicants provide a signed statement explaining their need for funding and how it will be used, along with documentation supporting the amount requested.

A generous gift of $25,000 will help lessen the burden of at least 2,000 students who face financial hardships during this pandemic. With campuses in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota/Manatee, your gift will potentially support students from any and all of the Community Foundation’s focus counties. The success and well-being of our students remains our top priority; your investment will be invaluable to many students struggling through an overwhelming time.
Partially Funded0%Safer at Home with WEDU PBSFlorida West Coast Public Broadcasting, Inc./WEDUArts and Culture$363,667.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas5,000,000http://wedu.orgRunning a public television station with a mostly remote workforce has been extraordinarily challenging. As the pandemic carries on with new cases on the rise, WEDU has never been more important. Yet, our infrastructure has not been built for this kind of long-term remote work. WEDU needs to invest in new technology that will not only benefit our colleagues working from home, but also the voices we bring on-air to share important information with our community. Our programming provides accurate news to help navigate the pandemic, inclusive programming to help give context to this moment of social unrest, and respite from the noise and rancor with comforting programs. An investment in technology is essential to navigate for WEDU our new normal. $1,333.00$365,000.00These technological investments will have long-term value regardless of when, or if, our studios operate at pre-pandemic levels and will ensure production staff are safe when collecting stories, that our administrative workforce will have a reliable digital infrastructure, and most importantly that our broadcast equipment reliably delivers our six channels to more than five million citizens. These funds will provide:

-hardware and software for our production team to produce broadcast quality content from the safety of homes
-mobile computer systems for editing
-professional remote IT support contracted services, providing a infrastructure for support to a decentralized workforce
-server and cloud-based software upgrades for a faster remote network
-new antenna system to ensure signal stability for increased viewership
Not Funded0%Operational Costs for Help Line ProgramManners Housing Foundation, Inc.Basic Needs$50,000.00Pinellas175http://mannershousing.orgWe have been unable to fund raise due to Covid-19 and we are in need of funding for a case manager to operate our Help Line Program for one year. The program connects homeless students with local shelters and food pantries for an immediate solution to being homeless. Once we receive a call and figure out the need of the student, we do one of several different steps. Questions must be answered in order of our flow chart to determine the students path to a shelter or alternative housing. Intake at shelters are usually on a first-come-first-serve basis and we aim to make sure the student is safe. With this in mind we will provide the student with a night or two at a B&B or hotel before shelter intake or other arrangements can be made. If needed we will drive the student to the shelter or B&B or help to pay for drug testing to enter the shelter.$0.00$50,000.00Funds would be used for one year of operational costs for the Help Line.
This is projected to include:
● 30 students with a paid college application fee in order to start enrolling in classes and receive access to academic advising, bus passes, food pantries, etc.
● 84 students put up in an Airbnb to keep them off the streets while waiting for an open bed and case management
● 60 students with background checks in order to shorten the time it takes to find an open bed
● A full tank of gas every month to take students to the school if needed and to a safe place to sleep
● Due to Covid-19: Masks, gloves, and sanitizing solutions for the safety of the student and case manager
● A Student Resource Director (case manager) to help students navigate the housing system, find open beds, provide life skills coaching, and connect students to resources
Not Funded0%GrantsUnite the Wright's WayBasic Needs$10,000.00Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas1,890http://unitethewrightsway.comThe programs we offer at Unite the Wright's Way are Financial Counseling, Life Coach, Credit Assistance, Self Confidence, Parenting Strong, and Peer Counseling. By offering services that are concentrated on serving those less fortunate, we can make a positive contribution by helping the families we serve lead more fulfilling and positive lives. These programs are mandatory for all residents. Parents who are taught the basics of smart and healthy living, will not only pass these lessons onto their children, they will also begin making positive contributions to society for generations to come. Our goal is to provide safe and affordable living situations for deserving families.$0.00$10,000.00Unite the Wright's Way has been directly affected by CoVID 19. Instead of offering our normal assistance programs we were limited to feeding families in need because of quarantine and limited resources. Due to CoVID 19, many families were forced to choose between paying bills or buying groceries. We did not want families to have to suffer this fate, so we went out and brought food to families and dropped it on their doorsteps. Recently the government has started issuing food assistance, which has allowed us to start shifting back to our original mission. Due to CoVID 19 our donations have drastically decreased. This has had a major impact as we are still in the process of seeking an apartment complex to purchase. Until we can provide housing, we work with our families on the other programs we offer. CoVID 19 has directly limited out resources and therefore we are seeking help.07/22/202092Active
Not Funded0%Support our Students (S.O.S.) Emergency Funding - short term assistance for those affected by COVID-19Pasco-Hernando State College Foundation, Inc.Workforce Services and Career Development$10,000.00Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Pasco40http://phsc.eduPasco-Hernando State College has surveyed the immediate needs and challenges of our more than 11,000 local students, and the nearly 900 results received to date revealed that 1/3 are experiencing loss of income due to the COVID-19 crisis, followed closely by stress, anxiety, and worry. This is not surprising, since 2/3 of PHSC students are part-time, managing not just classes, but frequently full- or part-time jobs, raising families, caring for other loved ones, and more. Over 70% of PHSC students qualify for financial aid. PHSC has moved 1,100 in-person classes online so that students can still complete their coursework, obtain credits needed to graduate, and allow them to keep moving forward despite challenges. The needs of the students are diverse, so the PHSC Foundation has established the Support Our Students (S.O.S.) Emergency Fund to provide for unforeseen financial challenges.$0.00$10,000.00Funds will be used to respond to the urgent needs of PHSC students during the COVID-19 crisis, such as food insecurity, loss of income, technology to access online learning, and mental health supports for the increased stress that students are experiencing. The S.O.S Emergency Fund was created to respond to the life-altering challenges and uncertainty that students are facing so they can continue moving forward towards their career goals. We recognize that when the crisis is over, the more than 600 nurses being trained at PHSC will be needed in hospitals and clinics; and the economy and community will need skilled workers. Through one-time grants of up to $250 each from the SOS Fund, PHSC students will be awarded some assistance to help them flexibly address whatever financial challenges they are facing so they can focus on what's important and get through these challenging times.07/21/202093Active
Not Funded0%Non-Profit Theater needs help with rentLAB Theater Project Inc.Arts and Culture$25,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)500https://www.labtheaterproject.comWe are a small non-profit theater company in West Ybor in Hillsborough County. We provide education and performance opportunities to emerging artists in theater in our community. Due to the pandemic, we have been unable to generate the revenue necessary to keep our doors open. We need help with our rent and utilities, on average $2900 per month. We have been a small start up company who only in January signed a lease for a new space, which we just opened. You can learn more about us and our mission at Your grant will keep us alive and serving our community as we have for the past five years.$0.00$25,000.00Funds would be used to keep the company open, to provide a place for emerging artists to learn and study theater as well as allow the company to continue to try and find innovative ways to produce live theater in the age of Covid-19.07/20/202094Active
Not Funded0%Refrigerated Truck for Food Outreach Ministry Operation Hope of FloridaLighthouse Gospel Mission, IncBasic Needs$28,900.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)2,090,050http://lmin.orgWe are in dire need of a refrigerated truck, because our food ministry has been directly impacted by COVID19.
1)We've been receiving a surplus of food, especially fresh food from Feeding America and other grocery stores, and a refrigerated truck MUST be used for fresh goods.
2) We've had to turn down loads due to not having enough trucks, and due to our other much older refrigerated truck having problems and out of service at times.
3) We've had to change our model, and adjust due to COVID19. Instead a focus on partner ministries picking up food from us, we now are directly transporting food to those in need. COVID has caused many of those ministries to lose volunteers, and therefore losing the ability to pick up food from us.
This truck will help us to carry the need COVID has brought about in our community.
$0.00$28,900.00The funds will be used to purchase a 2013 refrigerated truck that costs exactly 28,900.
This truck will be used to:
1) Continue the mission and work of Lighthouse Gospel Mission's Operation Hope program.
2) Take on the many more loads of food being offered right now so that our hurting community can get the food they need.
3) Help us to start delivering the loads of food to those ministries, who because of COVID, do not have the volunteers to come pick up the food themselves.
Not Funded0%Tampa General Hospital Center for Infectious Diseases- ICU Monitors Tampa General Hospital Foundation, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$2,000,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas1,000 General Hospital (TGH) is on the front-line fighting the pandemic and taking care of our community. Due to the surges in COVID positivity,our hospital is increasing COVID ICU capacity by renovating our existing Rehabilitation Hospital into an Infectious Disease Hospital. The former rehab hospital is located on the far end of the campus, and only connected by a walking bridge, which allows for natural separation of our infectious disease patients from all of the other patients at TGH. This new hospital will not only let us care for those with COVID-19 and other infectious diseases, it will position TGH among the nation’s leaders in the response, treatment, mitigation and prevention of current and future infectious diseases. This renovation includes construction, purchasing 59 ICU beds, 59 ICU monitors, and other necessary equipment to create the negative pressure isolation rooms.$0.00$2,000,000.00These funds will be used to purchase 59 ICU monitors for the new Infectious Disease Hospital. This will allow TGH to have all COVID ICU patients in one area, instead of separate floors, which makes it safer to care for them. The ICU monitors track patients vitals, like heart rate, oxygen, etc. Each patient needs their own monitor. TGH is hoping to complete construction of the first floor of the hospital and have all of the equipment purchased by the projected open date of October 1, 2020.07/20/202094Active
Not Funded0%Virtual Youth InitiativeThe Master Chorale of Tampa BayArts and Culture$40,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas5,000https://www.masterchorale.comGiven the current and anticipated challenges facing educational institutions and teachers around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Master Chorale of Tampa Bay is requesting funding that would support a new, online component of our Youth Initiative. With rapidly evolving updates to social distancing guidelines and information about the risks of ensemble singing, educational leaders will have to make difficult decisions about making special electives, like music, a priority. The Master Chorale firmly believes that musical opportunities offer invaluable experiences to young students and the organization is uniquely positioned to help supplement existing music education curriculum.$0.00$40,000.00The Master Chorale intends to design, create, and implement a free, virtual alternative to our existing Youth Initiative program, which would be accessible by any educator with an internet connection. The program would be designed with specific guidance and feedback from Hillsboro and Pinellas County music supervisors to ensure synergy between The Master Chorale’s educational program and school board approved curriculum. A series of pre-recorded programs, each focusing on different topics that sequence and build upon each other, would be created by The Master Chorale’s Artistic Director, and would be distributed to primary and secondary music educators to be utilized and incorporated into their curriculum. Musicians from The Chorale will also be active collaborators, and will provide a “voice” for a myriad of musical subjects through demonstrations and performances.07/20/202094Active
Not Funded0%Books of Hope for Victims of Domestic Abuse & Human TraffickingThe Priceless JourneyDomestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$2,500.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas2,000http://thepricelessjourney.orgHope is lost for many right now as they face the devastating effects of COVID-19. Many who feel there is no way out and no one sees them. The Priceless Journey wants to bring them hope, one book at a time. Giving the opportunity for victims of human trafficking and domestic abuse to experience freedom from situations that hold them captive. Awakening a deep-down desire for something more and letting women know that they are truly priceless. Abusers are abusing more. Traffickers are on the lookout for runaway teens. Prisons are overrun. COVID causes problems across our country and for many no safety can be found. Let's bring the message of hope and redemption to each one, giving them outlets to reach out to and gain the help that they desperately need. In the back of every book, there are resources for victims to reach out to and get the help they need. No one is ever too far gone!$0.00$2,500.00We would use all the funding received to print, distribute, and deliver 2,000 books to our various partners in the following counties... Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas counties. We would provide training from our advocates on how best to use the book to save lives and restore hope. We will visit all sites three times over the next three months ensuring they have a constant supply of books and all staff are well trained. Each visit we will then evaluate the number of books issued by the partner, demographics, and circumstance of the victim, outcome of the resource and suggestions and recommendations the evaluation data will then be presented in a report that will be shared to all parties including police partners & The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. 07/20/202094Active
Not Funded0%COVID-19 Response fund for Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Children Knowledge Action InitiativeHealth and Wellbeing$10,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas9http://kaiinternational.orgFamilies that have a child with the rare disease of Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CDLS) are greatly effected by the COVID-19 crisis. CDLS children require high cost needs that put an additional strain on low-income families who are struggling financially due to lack of work or resources. Our fund helps to relieve the financial burdens and daily challenges families have. We have identified so far 9 possible CDLS children in the Tampa Bay area. We will continue to get a better count. We greatly appreciate your consideration for funding our initiative.$0.00$10,000.00Funds will be used to help support respite care, therapy, special food, equipment or other emergency needs. The 10,000 requested is the base amount. Any amount above the base amount would have a greater impact on the needs of families.07/18/202096Active
Partially Funded1%Chapters Health Foundation - COVID 19 PPE and Support for Caregivers, Patients, and Families Chapters Health FoundationHealth and Wellbeing$198,667.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco7,500 Health System (CHS) affiliates continue providing quality care for patients and families as COVID-19 (C19) rages on in Florida. CHS has been impacted financially, with over $1.2M in PPE costs and curtailed fundraising activity, caregiver exposure, with hundreds of volunteers on hold and staff either ill or quarantined.

In March, CHS established the C19 wing at the Melech House in Temple Terrace—the first hospice wing dedicated to C19 patients. Today, the entire house is dedicated and full. CHS is working to provide more space to care for the influx of patients.

CHS caregivers serve on the front lines caring for thousands of patients each day. They are dedicated to patient and family comfort, risking their own health. Hospice patients deserve a peaceful transition, families deserve comfort, and hospice caregivers deserve adequate protection, support, and fatigue relief.
$1,333.00$200,000.00Grant funding would be used to offset costs for

• PPE, including N95 masks, gowns, gloves, booties, face shields, and surgical caps.
o As the number of C19 cases increases, combined with the CHS average daily census of 3,500 patients, CHS will need more PPE than ever before to protect its caregivers and remaining volunteers.
• Food and staples
o Food pantry items for patients and families in need.
• Digital/Communications Equipment
o iPhones and iPads (used and new) for telehealth patients without access and safe family visitation with C19 patients.
• Legacy Teddy Bears
o Voice recording teddy bears offer solace and comfort to grieving families who may not get the chance to visit with loved ones dying from coronavirus.
• Care Packages for Caregivers and Staff
o Morale-boosting items, such as coupons for free coffee and meals, personal comfort items, and more.
Partially Funded<1%Straz StrongDavid A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing ArtsArts and Culture$2,996,667.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas500,000 you understand and support how the arts can serve as a lifeline to people in isolation, and in times of crisis, then we need your help.

Since March, the Straz has cancelled or postponed more than 1000 events. Our doors may be closed, but our mission has never wavered.

Although Tampa Bay's children are learning remotely, they still need to build the critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills that are taught in our award-winning arts education offerings.
Your support today could help us hang onto our remaining essential staff as we create and deliver the pivoted arts learning experiences that homeschooling parents, underserved schools and children throughout our region depend upon.

And together, we can plan and deliver the uplifting community celebration of our cultural resilience when we can safely emerge from this crisis.
$3,333.00$3,000,000.00Your support today could help us retain our remaining essential staff as we create and deliver the pivoted arts learning experiences that schools throughout our region depend upon.

As a nonprofit institution and vital economic generator in the Tampa Bay region, any and all funds awarded would be used to help:

• Keep our community workforce working,
• Keep Tampa Bay artists working to develop and deliver pivoted safe and accessible quality arts education and community engagement offerings,
• Engage with our education partners and other community institutions such as VA hospitals to identify and mitigate emerging community needs through our individual and collaborative resources,
• Maintain and protect cultural resources for our Tampa Bay community,
• Maintain minimal facility operations while ensuring a clean and safe facility for our community to return to when it is safe to do so.
Not Funded0%Fund a Director of Education position to conduct remote learning sessions with teachers and studentsFlorida Council on Economic EducationEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$30,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas50,000http://www.fcee.orgSince the pandemic teachers are in dire need of assistance setting up remote learning environments and addressing the current state of our country. We have heard from hundreds of teachers who are seeking guidance as they prepare to deliver classes in a way in which they were never trained to do. The FCEE is ready and capable of working with teachers to build a framework for their social studies, economics, personal finance, business and other core classes.
Our Director of Education will create content, administer virtual training sessions on delivering that content, vet and review outside resources to make recommendations, and work with local school districts to meet teachers' needs. Additionally, teachers who participate in professional development training will receive classroom materials and are eligible to receive Continuing Education Credits toward their teacher's license renewals.
$0.00$30,000.00The Florida Council on Economic Education is requesting funding for a Director of Education position. The ideal person for this position would be a retired or out of work educator with experience using online platforms. Currently, the FCEE has funded smaller projects of this nature with tremendous success (over 600 teachers and students will be trained just this summer alone). This funding would allow us to bring someone on part time to continue this important work. Topics to be covered include:
- Utilizing digital platforms at all grade levels
- Macro and Micro Economics
- Personal Finance
- Teaching students about the economics of a pandemic
- Addressing the economics of the BLM movement in your classroom
- Entrepreneurship
- Addressing inequities in our society
- Investing in Women & Girls
Additionally, we will cover any requests by district or school personnel for specific topics.
Not Funded0%Museum Operational ExpensesPinellas County African American History MuseumArts and Culture$22,500.00Pinellas225http://curtismuseum.orgWe have an urgent need to begin an oral history and preservation project since the elders in our community are needed as the primary source of information. Their personal memories and collections may be lost since sooner or later they will no longer be with us. Our hope for funding to begin to digitize our collection was derailed by the financial difficulties caused by Covid-19. Also, to begin the oral history project with the creation of a media production area in one of our rooms was delayed by financial difficulties caused by Covid-19.$0.00$22,500.00The Curtis Museum, formerly and historically known as the Pinellas County African American History Museum, has for over 20 years preserved and told the story of triumphs and tribulations of African Americans of Pinellas County. The Curtis Museum is the last remaining preserved schoolhouse built for African American children in North Pinellas. It has operated on a mostly voluntary basis. In preparation for our first longer term lease, the Curtis Museum began preparing to expand its offerings and partnerships. In addition to various museum offerings, we host other programs including a youth development initiative program where young men and women are tutored and mentored for success. In another partnership, Pinellas youths obtain building trades knowledge and skills for life as productive adults. The program expansion was sidelined by the difficulties created by Covid-19.07/17/202097Active
Partially Funded50%COVID-19 RELIEF FOR FOOD ASSISTANCESOUTHEASTERN FOOD BANKBasic Needs$10,000.00Pinellas20,000http://www.southeasternfoodbank.comSoutheastern Food Bank has been ‘Feeding the hungry and caring for those in need…’ throughout Central Florida for the past 28 years. We have been a beacon of hope in our community, reaching more than 137,000 families last year alone. Currently, we are feeding an average of 10,000 families per month and with the current health and financial crisis, we need to reach so many more. As many business continue to remain closed or operate on limited hours, the need continues to be high and we are stepping up our efforts to meet that need by increasing our distribution efforts. One of our current partners in Pinellas County, St. Petersburg Free Clinic (SPFC) has seen a huge increase in services these past months. Southeastern Food Bank is a food source for the SPFC, and we have doubled our distribution to them in order to meet the need in Pinellas County. $10,000.00$20,000.00Funding from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay (CFTB) will be used to procure food, hygiene items and other essentials for organizations such as the St. Petersburg Free Clinic for those they serve. Our increased efforts during this time of crisis presents unique challenges to Southeastern Food Bank. With many of our donors facing financial crisis due to job loss and local businesses closing their doors, the funds needed for operations have decreased as a result. Southeastern Food Bank has been procuring as much food as possible and distribution has increased tremendously. It is necessary to keep our trucks on the road to pick up donations of perishable and non-perishable food and essentials from grocery wholesalers and distributors. Funds from the CFTB will be used to keep our warehouse operational in a time of increased need for food for our neighbors in Pinellas County.07/17/202097Active
Partially Funded17%Jobsite Theater Unemployed Artist FundThe Jobsite Theater, Inc.Arts and Culture$10,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)10,000https://www.jobsitetheater.orgWe have close to 60 artists (actors, composers, designers, directors, etc) who have been un/deremployed since 3/13. Many of them have lost all income since they are also fitness instructors, coaches, teachers, and so on as "gig-life" workers. Many have still not received proper unemployment benefits and it is uncertain whether any additional stimulus assistance will come. These 1099 contract workers -- the reality for most artists in this region -- are in a precarious place, and we want to help in this time of crisis. We will identify the most needy 24 and arrange for $500 honoraria for each of them to submit a short digital feature for us to distribute free online as a gift to the community. This is a critical time -- we risk losing these artists forever if they leave the region or are forced to enter a new industry due to the economic reality. We are less than nothing without them.$2,000.00$12,000.00The $12,000 represents the 24 honorariums at $500 each that will be offered to to regional artists currently suffering un/deremployment due to the coronavirus closures. We will identify the most needy first, and then work up to take care of as many of these folks as possible. Each artist will then be contracted to create a 5-15m video they can do with proper health and safety in mind that somehow showcases their talent. These will be a collections of "how-to" videos, time-lapse videos showing off their artistic process, music, monologues, storytelling/spoken word, movement/choreography and so on that showcase the individual artist's talent. Collaborations are being encouraged, and we are encouraging work that centers marginalized voices. We will work with the artists and assist in video production and editing then distribute these for free online as a goodwill gesture to the community.07/17/202097Active
Not Funded0%Tutor deaf & hard of hearing youth virtuallyFamily Center on DeafnessEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$3,000.00Pinellas200 Covid19 pandemic has prevented us from having fundraisers. We have been offering virtual tutoring, on line social time, competitions, ASL (American Sign Language) classes, Robotics and family support services. In preparation for these virtual events we make "supply" bags to deliver to participants front porches so they have everything they need to participate. We have gotten low on funds to purchase these items, pay tutors and mentors and pay for staff mileage. It is important for the deaf and hard of hearing youth to have interaction with others that use ASL, especially those youth whose parents and siblings do not know ASL.$0.00$3,000.00To purchase needed supplies for upcoming projects, pay for tutors, mentors and staff mileage and "participation" gift card rewards
See description above
Not Funded0%Basic ExpensesHANAFI ISLAMIC CENTER INCBasic Needs$3,200.00Pasco3?We are a small non profit organization, We usually run on donations provided by our community members, but in recent moths, due to Covid-19 pandemic, we were unable to collect donations to cover our expenses. We have missed few months of rent, other expenses like electricity and water we are able to cover that but rent is what we are struggling with. We don't need salary for the management because we all volunteer. I hope your organization can help us out during this difficult time.

Thank you
$0.00$3,200.00Funds would be used to pay the rent for 4 moth.
$800 rent of March
$800 rent of April
$800 rent of May
$800 rent or June
Not Funded0%Literacy Instruction for Ruskin ElementaryParents and Children Advance Together (PCAT) Literacy Ministries, Inc.Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$10,000.00Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)50https://www.pcatliteracyministries.orgPCAT is an after-school, grassroots non-profit agency since 2003, serving low-income kindergarten and 1st grade students that are at-risk of school failure with reading and reading comprehension. All students are recommended by their school teachers and receive intensive one-on-one instruction. The program was established in Sulphur Springs, Tampa and presently serves Ruskin Elementary in Ruskin. At this school, 88.7% of the students are economically disadvantaged, 86.9% of students are minorities, and only 33% of school students tested satisfactory or above in language arts (below the district rate).
A typical PCAT student:
Tara’s mom was in prison. Leaving school each day was fretful for Tara. She never knew whose house she would be sleeping at that night. As Tara began to receive the consistency and trust she needed, she began to read with confidence and with zeal.
$0.00$10,000.00When schools closed due to COVID-19, individual tutoring continued through Zoom conferencing to ensure that students reached their full potential. Due to our efforts, 95% of our students had an on-time promotion. Parents sat in on all remote sessions and became more engaged in their children’s learning. During the coming school year PCAT anticipates providing both in-school and virtual services. Thus, staff members will need to work additional hours including evenings and weekends to work with students and parents at home.
The pandemic has created a significant short-fall in our funding sources, planned fundraisers are on hold. Expenses to provide remote virtual learning will greatly increase. Funds are needed to assist with: the cost of Zoom; paying for increased hours for teachers during afterhours Zoom sessions; and postage costs to mail instructional material for the students.
Not Funded0%Operating FundsPaws For Friendship IncHealth and Wellbeing$6,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas100,000http://www.pawsforfriendshipinc.orgDue to the coronavirus all events we would normally attend have been cancelled. We received donations and recruited new members at these events. This is our 27th year of volunteering in nursing homes, care centers, V A facilities, cancer units, LBGT facilities, women and children abuse centers, schools, libraries, etc. We take our registered, certified and insured pets into the facilities and brighten the residents and patients day. Our operating costs continue regardless of the coronavirus. Our program covers the State of FL and the rest of the USA. We are continually growing into new communities because the need is there to help those who need the unconditional love of a pet to brighten their day. We would sincerely be grateful for your help, thank you$0.00$6,000.00Primarily pay our insurance that covers our program, purchase supplies such as membership shirts, and service vests for our pets. These items easily identify who we are so the residents, patients, children in schools, abuse centers and libraries know our pets are safe and will never hurt them. 07/16/202098Active
Not Funded0%PAL Back-to-School EventPinellas County Sheriff's Police Athletic League, INCBasic Needs$4,000.00Pinellas600http://pinellaspal.comThe Pinellas County Sheriff’s Police Athletic League (PAL) was formed in 2001 and incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) organization in 2002. It was created to provide opportunities for disadvantaged youth in Pinellas County. PAL programs serve children ages 5-18 in two separate facilities in Lealman. Participants receive mentoring, leadership skills, academic support, and a variety of recreational sports activities.
PAL programs target the Lealman area, which sits between St. Petersburg and Pinellas Park, in an unincorporated area of our county. Lealman is one of the most neglected areas of the county. Census Bureau statistics from 2018 show a median household income in Pinellas County of $48,968, but in Lealman the figure is $31,771. The two main zip codes PAL serves (33709 & 33714) are identified by Pinellas County Health and Community Services as one of the county’s five at-risk zones.
$0.00$4,000.00Pinellas PAL will use the requested funds for our Back-To-School event on August 8th. Because of covid-19 and the restrictions that are in place, this year's event is going to be far different than past years. Normally this is a free family event that includes backpack distribution, food, vendors, games, and water slides. Obviously we can't have an event like that this year, so we are going to have a drive thru distribution of backpacks. They will be filled with school supplies, basic hygiene products, new socks that were donated, and other miscellaneous items. This is a community event where we normally pass out between 500 and 600 backpacks. We will make sure all PAL kids and families that sign up on our website get a backpack, any leftovers will be distributed to our partner schools. We will use funds from Community Foundation of Tampa Bay to purchase backpacks and school supplies. 07/16/202098Active
Not Funded0%Put live performers back to work;.Wiley House ConcertsArts and Culture$5,000.00Pinellas100http://www.wileyhouseconcerts.orgThe 2020 pandemic has found musicians around the globe unemployed and working for free to keep the rest of us entertained, support our essential workers, and donate to the needy while others remain Safe at Home. Additionally, students have been left with virtual learning for so many hands on, group participation classes in music, drama, and other performing arts. Wiley House Concerts, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit has access to a special intimate venue where artists and students alike can showcase talent in our community. We will make every effort to provide a safe atmosphere allowing for social distancing and comfort but we need help to sustain the actual venue and get the doors open, as well as bring income to as many artists as we can, access for students who have lost their year-end performance opportunities, and a safe place for performance based learning. $0.00$5,000.00Funds will be used both for costs in opening the venue for perfomances as well as to offer a minimum of 10 independent artists live performance income spread over the coming months.07/16/202098Active
Not Funded0%WUSF Needs Technology to Work from Home Indefinitely because of COVID-19WUSF Public MediaArts and Culture$29,400.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas300,000 March 2020 when COVID-19 rocked our world, we at WUSF Public Media were not prepared to move to our home offices and seamlessly deliver the high-production quality news and information on-air and online programs that Tampa Bay area residents depend on and expects from us. From our ongoing pandemic experience we’ve learned we need better tools to do our work from anywhere, at any time. Consequently, we are seeking funding to help us to purchase upgraded work-from-home technological resources and computer equipment for use by our reporter/hosts and support staff. Right now, our employees are dialing into their office work stations using remote access from their own computers, tablets or even cell phones. Because they use their own equipment, there is no standardization and at times it is difficult for them to work effectively or efficiently. Our work is critical in emergencies.

$0.00$29,400.00As a result of mandates by USF, to which WUSF radio is licensed, many employees will continue to work from home indefinitely because our office space is not large enough for required COVID-19 social distancing. Thus, improving work-from-home capability becomes increasingly urgent for us as we adapt our work processes even while prepare for hurricane season in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

WUSF seeks funding to purchase 7 work-from-home kits that each include a laptop, printer/scanner, monitor/mouse/keyboard, headset, microphone and software. Additionally, to improve our broadcast sound, we also would like to purchase three Comrex units. These will allow our local reporters and hosts to provide HD quality audio from consumer-grade equipment, such as a cell phone or a computer with a microphone. Comrex is an interview solution, a call management system, and a telephone interface.
Not Funded0%Food Assistance Covid KittensSt Francis Society Animal RescueAnimal Welfare$2,500.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas500 Francis Society is an all-volunteer, 501c3 dedicated to improving the lives of homeless cats and dogs by providing placement in suitable, forever homes.

Since March, Hillsborough County animal shelter has stopped taking in animals due to COVID-19. Every day the shelter continues to refer dozens of animals to rescue groups who are the only option for help and often the difference between life and death. As one of the area's largest private rescue groups, this has placed a tremendous amount of stress on St. Francis Society as we try to save as many lives as we can. Since March, we have helped the community by taking in over 400 kittens!.

In addition, many of our adoption outlets at area pet stores have been forced to close and we must house kittens weeks longer until the centers re-open. All of this has led to a dramatic increase in the costs of both food and supplies.
$0.00$2,500.00Funding of $2,500 would allow us to purchase enough kitten food to last us approximately one month. We are hoping that, within 4-6 weeks, the crisis will pass and normal operations will resume. With adoptions resuming, we would again be able to raise funds at our adoption centers, as well as resume shorter lengths of stays for animals in our care thereby decreasing our operating expenses. We truly appreciate your consideration.07/15/202099Active
Not Funded0%Artists Economic Future - Virtually!St. Petersburg Arts AllianceArts and Culture$20,000.00Pinellas250http://stpeteartsalliance.orgSPAA supports the arts community with funds, resource assistance & education. All have lost income without ArtWalk or festivals (including us), and many do not have an online presence. SPAA launched the Pinellas Arts Relief Fund with 2 funding partners, providing emergency awards to 246 artists/creative businesses. From reading 520 pleas for emergency aid, we learned how unprepared our creatives are to emerge after COVID19, just as they are unprepared to apply for current government relief. SPAA is now providing innovative opportunities for engagement, education, and equitable economic development that may be implemented now and sustained long-term. We can develop social media into sales sites, and produce artist/gallery videos and collectively market them. We are currently filming 30 businesses and have 20 more to fund. Your support will provide a hand up, not a hand out.$0.00$20,000.00Develop a Curate St. Pete webpage that is inclusive and provides equity for all via the web.
Video "owners" personal tours of studios/galleries. Produce an online gallery "page" that aggregate the pages on our website.
Provide arts navigators to those who do not have a website to create an entry level sales site and train them to use it.
Collectively market the gallery far beyond what they can do with Visit St. Pete/Clearwater and national art markets.
Produce webinars that feature arts navigators on how to access aid, and also how to conduct business.
Continue to monitor relief aid for those in our area, update our COVID Arts Resource webpage regularly to guide artists from all disciplines to resources, and push the info out on social media.
20 videos $6,000; 14 Websites $14,000. Includes instruction and monitoring for a year.
Not Funded0%Emergency Financial Assistance for Disabled Veterans and Families in the Tampa VAMC RegionWounded Veterans Relief FundBasic Needs$20,000.00Citrus ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco200 disabled veterans returning home from service are reintegrating to civilian life while managing their disabilities and facing issues concerning physical and psychological adjustment. In addition to these stressors, added financial problems can lead to crisis situations such as homelessness, loss of transportation leading to unemployment, and other problems that can escalate exponentially if not addressed immediately. WVRF provides emergency financial assistance to qualified disabled veterans and their families.. Any funding from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay would be allocated to assist veterans and their dependents served by the Tampa VAMC (Veterans Administration Medical Center). Since the pandemic, WVRF has seen a greater number of veterans reaching out for housing support and other necessities, as well as an increase in the amount of assistance needed.$0.00$20,000.00Disabled veterans experiencing financial crisis are referred to WVRF by VA case managers, who screen veterans for eligibility. Once a veteran referral is approved and the required documentation is received from the case manager, WVRF intervenes and provides emergency financial relief within 48-72 hours by distributing payment directly to the creditor (e.g. paying rent to the landlord; paying the utility service directly; making a car payment to the loaning institution). The most pressing need among veterans and families is housing assistance and this is where most of our program revenue is being utilized. In 2019, 88% of direct assistance was utilized for housing-related needs.

In order to comply with CDC guidelines during Covid 19 we are using a program called HelloSign, which is HIPPA compliant and allows our veterans and social workers to digitally sign the required documentation.
Not Funded0%Celebrating New Home Dedications SafelyHabitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County Florida, Inc.Basic Needs$18,750.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)15,000https://www.habitathillsborough.orgWhen a family takes ownership of their new home, they accept the keys at a joyous ceremony with Habitat Hillsborough staff and Board, volunteers, sponsors and their new neighbors. Our Home Dedications offer symbolic gifts like bread and flowers to launch the family on an abundant future anchored by their home. In addition to celebrating the family’s achievement, we recognize key volunteers & donors.

Dedications are an invaluable tool for stewardship and building awareness of Habitat’s work, 2 essential ingredients to continuing and expanding our impact in the community.

Unfortunately, large-group celebrations in a new home are not safe during the pandemic. Habitat still holds a small ceremony where staff hand keys to family members. However, we can have much more impact with video Home Dedications that promote the work, the joy and the commitment of community partners on social media.
$0.00$18,750.00We will create a Home Dedication video for each family that takes ownership of a house completed in the next six months. In addition to a ceremonial handing over of keys, these virtual dedications can show the house’s construction progress, the family’s journey to ownership and sponsors’ contributions.

The videos will share the life-changing impact of Habitat’s work and promote the role of donors in making it possible.

While we cannot be certain how long the COVID-19 health crisis will prevent in-person Home Dedications, we are planning on a hiatus for the next six months. We anticipate completing 15 homes during this period, with individual videos will cost $1,250 each. We respectfully request $18,750 to cover the cost of 15 Home Dedications videos to celebrate with new homeowners and share our mission for the next six months.
Not Funded0%Help Needy Families Secure Safe Shelter During the PandemicHabitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County Florida, Inc.Basic Needs$183,480.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)45https://www.habitathillsborough.orgNow more than ever, vulnerable families in our community need safe, stable shelter. Habitat Hillsborough has continued to build new homes throughout the pandemic, safeguarding the health of construction teams by adopting CDC-recommended practices & closing our sites to volunteers.

Since March, 12 local families have moved out of unsafe apartments with exorbitant rent & into their own homes.

But completing this vital work without volunteers is challenging. Annually, nearly 4,000 volunteers perform meaningful jobs like carpentry, painting & landscaping. Their donated work helps keep homes affordable for low- and moderate-income families.

To complete the tasks that volunteers usually perform, Habitat has to hire contractors that add an average $12,232 in costs to each new home. We respectfully request $183,480 to cover subcontracting fees on 15 homes we will build in the next 6 months.
$0.00$183,480.00Habitat has set an ambitious goal for the next fiscal year of helping 30 local families find strength, stability and self-reliance through homeownership. As the virus continues to surge in our community, we cannot be sure when we can safely open construction sites to volunteers again.

In the next six months, we anticipate building an additional 15 homes without volunteers; funds will pay contractors to perform:

Framing: $1,552 per home x 15 homes = $23,280
Finish Carpentry: $2,100 per home x 15 homes = $31,500
Exterior Painting: $2,262 per home x 15 homes = $33,930
Interior Painting: $2,160 per home x 15 = $32,400
Insulation: $433 per home x 15 homes = $6,495
Landscape/Site: $3,725 per home x 15 homes = $55,875

The total cost for contracted services for 15 homes will be $183,480. However, Habitat will be grateful for funding for an individual home ($12,232) or for any number of homes.
Not Funded0%Rebuilding Our ReStore’s Capacity In Order to Help Fund New HomesHabitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County Florida, Inc.Basic Needs$50,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)30https://www.habitathillsborough.orgTo help slow the spread of COVID-19 during the pandemic, Habitat Hillsborough temporarily closed our ReStores, thrift stores that recycle gently used furnishings & fixtures donated by community members & businesses. Habitat operates 3 ReStores in Hillsborough County to generate much-needed revenues that help advance our mission.

Our ReStores closed in March and reopened in June after we sanitized stores, and put additional protective equipment and measures in place. Unfortunately, the losses in income and staffing from that interval are taking a toll on our ability to return to full productivity at ReStores. We are rebuilding our team, but still short of drivers who collect donations, which reduces the amount of stock we can offer, as well as staff to run the store.

We respectfully request $50,000 to offset the financial impact of 3 months of revenue losses and current staff shortages.
$0.00$50,000.00As we rebuild our full capacity over the next six months, your donation will supplement much-needed revenues and provide support during our hiring process as we add drivers and ReStore staff. Sales from our ReStores are vital to our mission: they generate funds that build homes that transform vulnerable families in our region from renters in desperate need of safe, stable shelter into homeowners.07/14/2020100Active
Not Funded0%Busting COVID19-Creating Safe Surfaces for Individuals with Intellectual & Developmental DisabilitiesThe Arc Nature CoastHealth and Wellbeing$20,000.00Hernando ; Pasco450http://www.tancinc.orgThe Arc serves apx 100 individuals with (I/DD) in our group homes. The residents are staffed 24/7, to meet daily needs including personal care, meals, medical appts. & transportation. We also serve a number of individuals who live alone or with a roommate. We provide employment transportation for individuals with I/DD. None of these individuals drive and rely on us to support them in accessing their community for medical appointments, groceries and other essentials. Due to COVID, those we serve are struggling with a loss of community access. It is crucial to the mental health of those we serve to allow them the opportunity to get out of their homes to safely access our 4 daily Life Skills facilities, visit parks and to be outside while continuing to adhere to social distance guidelines.
We are in need of help to purchase electrostatic disinfectant sprayers to sanitize our vehicles.
$0.00$20,000.00We maintain a fleet of more than 60 vehicles that serve to transport more than 300 individuals with I/DD in Hernando & Pasco Counties, providing over 130,000 trips and travelling over 675,000 miles last year alone! Prior to and after taking residents into the community, it's the direct service provider’s (DSP) responsibility of keeping the vehicle clean and sanitized on site. Most are 10 passenger vans, and a big burden on DSP's valuable time to sanitize/disinfect the vehicles after each trip; their focus is to provide direct care to and assure the safety of the residents. We are requesting $20K to purchase 17 electrostatic disinfectant sprayers (one for each of our locations) and supplies to sanitize each vehicle, group home and Arc day facility to help assure the safely & health of our fragile residents. These would benefit our clients & staff over the long-term, as well.07/14/2020100Active
Not Funded0%COVID-19 Grief Counselling and Mental Health CareThe Hospice Foundation of the Florida Suncoast, Inc. dba Suncoast Hospice FoundationHealth and Wellbeing$9,000.00Pinellas100http://suncoasthospicefoundation.orgCOVID-19 has already resulted in considerable and unexpected loss in the Tampa Bay community. Families have lost loved ones without being able to spend time with them in their last days, without being able to hold their hand as they passed. Families have lost elderly relatives, but also young loved ones – “out of sequence” deaths which can often be amongst the hardest to recover from. Families are also struggling financially and grieving the loss of dreams and opportunities: loss of family businesses into which they have poured their hearts and souls, fear of losing a family home, education that is no longer affordable. The broad impacts of grief, trauma, and fear are already being felt. This recovery will be long, and needs to start now with no-cost access to mental health support.$0.00$9,000.00Empath Health has been providing individual and group grief counselling for over 35 years. Our licensed and credentialed counselors are often called upon to help our community process trauma and losses resulting from many different causes. We are known as a trusted provider that provides grief counselling services that no one else offers. This funding will support 50 people to receive 6 free individual group counselling sessions (in person or virtual) and support an additional 50 people to participate in 6 weeks of free group grief counseling (once we are able to gather again). Our services are open to anyone in need in the Tampa Bay area.07/14/2020100Active
Not Funded0%COVID-19 Mental Healthcare for Healthcare WorkersThe Hospice Foundation of the Florida Suncoast, Inc. dba Suncoast Hospice FoundationHealth and Wellbeing$10,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas100http://suncoasthospicefoundation.orgHealthcare workers are under extraordinary mental strain in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are working exceptionally long hours at great personal risk. They are being forced to make life and death decisions about treatment for a poorly understood disease for which treatment protocols are only just emerging. They are losing patients and seeing first-hand the tragedy of people dying alone. In the midst of this, they are self-isolating from their own families in order to keep their loved ones safe. In many cases, they are worrying how to ensure care and education for their children. In some cases, they are also worrying how to make ends meet as spouses have lost jobs. Our healthcare workers need access to free, high-quality mental healthcare support, and they need access to that support starting now – to both sustain them through this crisis and help them recover from it.$0.00$10,000.00Empath Health has been providing specialized individual and group counselling for over 35 years. Our licensed and credentialed counselors have been called upon before to help our community process trauma and loss resulting from collective tragedy, and they have the experience and skills to support recovery from this crisis. We are known as a trusted provider that provides services no one else offers, and we can provide counselling services via telehealth. This funding will support 100 healthcare workers to receive free individual counselling sessions (estimated 5 sessions each) or group counselling (if preferred). Sessions may be provided in-person or virtually. Our services are open to any healthcare worker in need in the Tampa Bay area.07/14/2020100Active
Not Funded0%Craft Crazy Literacy & Cultural Art InitiativeCaribbean American National Development Organization, Inc.Arts and Culture$7,500.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)300http://www.wicando.orgMany children in the University Area and East Tampa are challenged by poor academic performance in school. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated this issue as parents were forced to have their children educated online. The Craft Crazy Literacy & Cultural Art Initiative reinforces literacy through craft and culinary art projects. During each three-hour event, children ages three and older read a story and then complete a project based on their reading. Children are then given a copy of the book they read along with their completed art project. Because a family that reads together grows together, parents and caregivers participate as well. This initiative is part of Canboulay, an art gallery and social enterprise created by the Caribbean American National Development Organization (CANDO) to provide free cultural art programming to under-served communities in Hillsborough County.$0.00$7,500.00Each workshop costs $250 to administer. Funds would support the purchase of books and art supplies for 30 cultural art and literacy workshops. Funds would also support stipends for art instructors and administrative costs. The program would have been supported by profits from CANDO's fee based cultural events. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, CANDO postponed these events, resulting in a lack of financial support for free cultural programming for the community.07/13/2020101Active
Not Funded0%General Operating & Fall ScholarshipsGirls on the Run Greater Tampa BayHealth and Wellbeing$25,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas800http://www.gotrtampa.orgGirls on the Run uses running and other physical activities as a platform for teaching life skills and promoting holistic health outcomes for girls in grades 3-8. Girls learn critical life skills such as how to manage emotions, help others, make intentional decisions, and resolve conflict that they use at home, at school, and with friends. The COVID-19 pandemic is having a devastating impact on girls as they are being isolated from their peers, caring teachers, and daily structure, increasing their risk factors even more. More than ever, schools need program to teach girls Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills, and GOTR is a leader in this field. However, when girls return to school, many families will still be recovering from the financial impacts and will need even more financial assistance to be able to participate in our program.$0.00$25,000.00This past spring, the pandemic caused us to lose revenue honoring refund requests for program fees and cancel planned events (such as our Spring 5K, Annual Campaign and Summer Camp fundraiser) while taking on significant new costs (virtual programming implementation costs, additional safety measures like masks, hand sanitizer, etc.). We have launched an incredible Task Force made up of Board Members, Coaches, Parents and Administration to make very intentional decisions about our operations in order to ensure that Girls on the Run Greater Tampa Bay will host a fall season that is safe and effective. Along with significant measures to reduce costs, we need to raise an additional $25,000 to ensure that we will be able to serve girls in Tampa in a fall season and beyond. Funds will be used to close the gap in missed income and provide scholarships for girls in our fall season.07/13/2020101Active
Not Funded0%HOMELESS Families - HOUSING and EDUCATION supportJust Initiative IncBasic Needs$5,656.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)40http://www.justinitiative.comWe are addressing two needs with this grant request – the need for holistic care for moms and children who are homeless, and the need of tutoring and mentoring for struggling students in the community who are living in poverty.

These programs were drastically affected by COVID-19. Our residential program capacity was reduced to 33% and the use of our multipurpose room used for community tutoring and mentoring was discontinued. Tutoring shifted to online, and some one on one tutoring in the community; this has affected the overall impact of our tutoring program.

These buildings required structural changes of additional bathrooms, and we are close to completion of the bathrooms.

The plan for the residence and the multipurpose room to return to full capacity has two final requirements – separate cooking and eating utensils per family and professional daily sanitation.
$0.00$5,656.00For the residential program to reach full capacity, we will purchase three color coded sets of cooking and eating utensils. Residents cook their meals and wash their dishes. We will provide separate cooking and eating utensils to allow for each family to be responsible for the sanitization of the items assigned to their family. The cost is estimated at $906.

Secondly, in addition to daily chores that residents complete, we are adding a layer of sanitization protection. We will hire a professional cleaning person to daily sanitize frequently touched surfaces in the house to minimize the spread of the virus should someone become exposed or infected. Doing this for the remainder of 2020 will cost $4750.

This project has the capacity to impact an estimated 40 people on a residential, holistic level and through the tutoring/mentoring program.
Partially Funded54%Mommy, I'm Hungry: Filling Pinellas County's empty tummiesThe Kind MouseBasic Needs$23,000.00Pinellas1,750https://www.thekindmouse.orgWe have all heard our children occasionally whimper, "Mommy, I'm hungry." Imagine NOT having food to comfort and satiate your child. It happens every day in Tampa Bay.

28% of Florida’s children are at risk for hunger. Covid has made life harder with high unemployment and springtime school closures.

36,000 Pinellas kids are food insecure, not knowing where their next meal will come from. Their lifelong consequences as a result of limited access to nutritious foods include: Weaker immune systems; More stomachaches, headaches, colds, and Chronic Fatigue; More hospitalizations and behavioral difficulties. Inevitably, they demonstrate impaired performance in every aspect of school life - academically, athletically and socially.

A large percentage of them will depend on safety net programs as adults. They depend on us now. The Kind Mouse is there for them with immediate food assistance.
$27,000.00$50,000.00ughout Pinellas County.

To serve the requirements and expectations of our school and agency partners, we must maintain the highest operational standards. Proper handling and storage of all incoming, outgoing and warehoused foods is the only way to ensure food quality and safety. Expenses also include rent, utilities, storage equipment and supplies, cleaning and maintenance, and insurance.

To keep costs low, our lean staff oversees program administration and volunteer management as well as supporting pantry operations. Funding will help offset a portion of wages, taxes and benefits.

Our goal is to cost-effectively meet and maintain the commitments we’ve made to our partners and our hungry little constituents. We appreciate your help.
Not Funded0%Mobile Community Empowerment Centers during COVID-19We Care Food PantryBasic Needs$50,000.00Citrus ; Hernando9,000http://wecarefoodpantry.orgIn 2020, We Care began the process of joining our two newest programs to create Mobile Community Empowerment Centers. Our mobile pantries provide more than 600 people with food per month while our SNAP and Medicare representatives assist our neighbors in need with the often complicated application process. We are creating a one stop shop to truly help those in need with as much as we can. While in the process of creating MCECs, the country was hit with an unprecedented pandemic. This crisis has changed We Care as well as the lives of everyone in this country. Grocery stores are low on food and food donations have decreased significantly, unemployment numbers have skyrocketed from 4.9% in January to 12.9% in May, our new client enrollment numbers are far exceeding what we can comfortably handle. It is imperative that our program not only continue but grow to help even more of in county $0.00$50,000.00Our mission is to support the most vulnerable, food insecure people in our communities by fighting hunger and the plight of poverty that ravages Citrus County. During this health crisis, we are seeing many of our friends and neighbors losing their jobs which is putting their families in difficult positions. The elderly in our community are at serious risk of contracting this virus any time they leave the house. This should not mean that the community and our neighbors in need do not have adequate access to food. We Care wants to bring the food and household supplies right to the people who need it most. We want to expand our program to ten locations across the county including Crystal River, Lecanto, and Inverness. By doing this we can alleviate some of the financial difficulties of those that are most affected by the current pandemic. 07/13/2020101Active
Not Funded0%After School All Stars Resume & RecoverAfter School All Stars Tampa BayEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$20,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)250http://asastampabay.orgAfter School All Stars Tampa Bay provides free out-of-school-time programming for Title 1 schools in the Seminole Heights and University Area communities in Tampa. Our goal is to help close the achievement gap & to support under-served families, attempting to break the cycle of poverty. We were forced to suspend programming and layoff 95% of our staff due to COVID-19. We lost restricted funding because without structured, in person instruction we could not achieve outcomes. As we reopen, students need our support, even more, to overcome both COVID slide & summer slide. When you consider the existing disparities and combine it with the COVID crisis, the inevitable result is the widening of the gap that we were working so hard to close. As our program resumes - both in person & virtually, restricted funding will not cover the additional expenses required to keep students & staff safe.

$0.00$20,000.00At $80/student, a significant portion will provide for safety & sanitizing supplies. Currently, we plan to resume programming on August 10th. Studies show families we serve have higher percentages of essential workers and higher percentages of multi-generational households so it is critical that they have reliable childcare while also having confidence that safety measures are in place to protect their families. Estimates are that masks & sanitizer may cost up to $50/student (NBC News reported schools will spend over $50/student in masks & hand sanitizer alone). ASAS will also enhance training and curriculum to address family needs that have grown more critical over the course of the pandemic. If funding is available, our 1st priority is having staff certified in Mental Health First Aid and 2nd is to partner with Kid-Grit to provide evidence-based social-emotional learning curriculum.07/10/2020104Active
Not Funded0%Veterinary CareCompassion Kind FoundationAnimal Welfare$2,000.00Pinellas15http://www.compassionkind.orgDuring the pandemic, we are experiencing a higher request of owner surrenders and are trying to help as many as possible. It's very important to us to ensure that the animals being surrendered during this time do not struggle as well. Veterinary care can be very expensive and since the owners are struggling right now, we are experiencing a higher intake of sick surrenders as well. Financial help towards veterinary bills would greatly impact the pets in our community and to help us insure that we can help more owner surrenders find forever homes.$0.00$2,000.00Standard vet care for an animal can cost $100-200. Standard vet care includes spay/neuter, DHPP (plus booster for puppies), 4dx test, microchip, and rabies. This can also help us with extra issues that may arise in an owner surrender, for example, a puppy with an incontinence issue was very recently surrendered to us. We are awaiting her vet consult, but she will require more vetting than others and she was surrendered to us due to this issue. By having more funds to pay for the vet bills of local surrenders, it allows us to take more surrenders in to ensure that they end up in wonderful homes as opposed to a shelter and eventually a euthanasia list due to their potential health or behavior issues that resulted in surrendering.07/10/2020104Active
Not Funded0%Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Child Welfare ProgramsDevereux Advanced Behavioral HealthDomestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$10,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)5,500http://www.devereux.orgDevereux changes lives by unlocking and nurturing human potential for people with emotional, behavioral or cognitive differences. Devereux Florida’s Hillsborough child welfare case management team provides critical support to the most vulnerable children in our community, those who are victims of abuse, abandonment, or neglect and those who are at considerable risk. Our team monitors the well-being of children while addressing factors that place children at-risk of out-of-home placement. Our goal is to prevent the occurrence of abuse or neglect by supporting families and caregivers.
Services offered include assessment, monitoring, supervision, case planning, connection to community resources, independent living skills, family preservation, intact family services, extended family support services, protective services, reunification, adoption, foster care and permanency services.
$0.00$10,000.00The sole purpose of this program is to ensure that children throughout Hillsborough county are safe, protected and safeguarded against risk factors that contribute to threats of well-being. COVID-19 has evoked the need to take swift and thorough measures to ensure all of our staff remain safe and healthy amidst this global pandemic. These funds will be used to ensure appropriate supply of PPE for those we serve and our staff members, who are performing the critically essential role of making in-person home visits for our most vulnerable and at-risk cases. An appropriate supply of PPE is critical to preserving our workforce so that they may continue to provide this vital support for our community.
The children and families we serve, who have already experienced trauma, need us now more than ever during these times of crisis and hardship. The funds will help keep our community safe.
Not Funded0%Safe/secure food pick up and deliveryFlorida Food Force, Inc.Basic Needs$50,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas50,217http://floridafoodforce.orgDUE TO COVID 19, DONORS HAVE BEEN OVERWHELMING FOOD BANKS WITH HEALTHIER FOOD OPTIONS TO INCLUDE FROZEN AND REFRIGERATED FOODS. We have an immediate need for a 26ft Box reefer truck to pick up refrigerated and frozen foods to give our recipients healthier food options.$0.00$50,000.00We will acquire a well qualified used 26ft reefer box truck.07/10/2020104Active
Not Funded0%Senior & Medically Challenged Animals - Food & Medication NeededThe Greener Side Haven, IncAnimal Welfare$8,100.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Pasco37 pandemic has affected all of our donation sources. We have had to cancel our two largest fundraisers for the year. The events of other organizations that we attend have been canceled too. Our steady donors have lost their jobs or are working limited hours and no longer have the ability to help us. We used to receive about $200 a month from various donation jars in businesses, but that has dwindled to almost nothing. Unfortunately, we offer specialized programs and have no paid employees so we did not fit into the guidelines for receiving any government help. We are only asking for funds for the basic necessities for our senior and medically challenged animals. Costs run about $450 a month for food and $225 for medications. Our small reserve is shrinking fast. We are looking into virtual fundraising, but we are still learning. Any help would be tremendously appreciated.$0.00$8,100.00Funds would be used for basic essential care (food and medication) for our senior and medically needy animals. At this time, we have 23 dogs, 10 cats, 3 birds and a pig. The amount requested would cover their essential care for a year. Hopefully by that time, there should be some semblance of normalcy. Any other donations received can then be used for other care such as veterinary visits, grooming, bedding, toys, treats and cleaning supplies. We have separated these out because if people can donate, they tend to give us used items or ones they received and can not use themselves.

Our programs are helping senior citizens sheltered in place alone during this crisis too. At least they have animal companionship without carrying the financial burden. If their animal needs anything and they can not go out, we will bring it to them. Same goes for the senior forever foster themselves.
Not Funded0%Pregnant Women and Infants Safer at Home for Pinellas Healthy Start Families Healthy Start Coalition of PinellasBasic Needs$10,000.00Pinellas400https://www.healthystartpinellas.orgThe Healthy Start Coalition of Pinellas County, Inc. will be addressing hardships families are facing as the national pandemic of COVID-19 continues. By focusing on the health and safety of pregnant women and infants we can help prevent the spread and risks to this vulnerable population. According to the Center for Disease Control Prevention, pregnant women may be at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Many of the Healthy Start families that are expecting a child or have an infant were laid off or furloughed and/or currently are homebound.
We will be supporting these families by providing assistance with basic living essentials such as cleaning and household supplies and basic newborn/infant items to provide a “child-proof” and safe home.
$0.00$10,000.00Healthy Start home visitors will arrange for delivery of items to each family’s home, or pick up, based on each family’s needs and concerns. By supporting families with these resources, who can’t otherwise access support, we can keep families safe and healthy. Cleaning and other household supplies will help fight the spread of germs and basic newborn/infant items will protect infants and prevent unsafe sleep practices. Specific items include anti-viral supplies such as soap, disinfectant wipes and spray, childproofing kits, portable cribs, boxes of diapers/wipes, gift cards for WAWA gas and Walmart. Our families face many financial constraints during this challenging time and these high need items will help relieve their hardship. Our staff are at the frontline to address the needs of these families and to ensure they remain safe, healthy, and combat the spread of COVID-19.07/09/2020105Active
Not Funded0%Foster Care & Adoption SupportHeart Gallery of Tampa, IncBasic Needs$10,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)100http://www.heartgallerytampa.orgThe mission of the Heart Gallery of Tampa is to raise awareness of local foster children, engage the community in their welfare and secure permanent, loving adoptive families. By investing in community outreach, the Heart Gallery seeks opportunities where the public is introduced to this population of children, often for the first time. We also focus efforts on bettering the quality of life of our kids while they wait to be adopted. COVID-19 has presented us with the opportunity to offer enhanced support to our children. We have pivoted to meet the emerging needs of our youth through a COVID Response Project. At the onset of social distancing and virtual schooling, our staff was concerned these changes would be especially challenging for foster children. Changes in routine, stress, and anxiety can trigger trauma, magnify behavioral challenges, and put foster care placements at risk. $0.00$10,000.00Early in the COVID-19 crisis, our team reached out to each foster/group home where Heart Gallery children reside to offer support and identify needs. Once needs were identified, we began ordering supplies and sending care packages to each home. We quickly realized our budget needed to be expanded to include all children in the home, not just those who are part of the Heart Gallery. Our team has provided care packages and supplies to 102 children in 60 homes. Packages included school supplies, toiletries, snacks, games, activities, and restaurant gift cards. We also delivered bicycles to ten children. This was an unexpected cost which was not part of our annual budget which was created prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. Assistance and support to continue or normal Quality of Life initiative is now needed to supplement the funds that were used during this time. 07/09/2020105Active
Not Funded0%Back to School Basics OASIS NetworkBasic Needs$10,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)1,000http://www.oasis-network.orgOASIS supplies at-risk, low-income Hillsborough County Public School Students with clothing and essential hygiene items. COVID-19 closed schools in March and OASIS staff was unable to access our four sites or utilize any of our volunteers. Even now our access to our school-based sites is severely limited. OASIS has come up with a way to serve students by providing socks and underwear to 25 students at 40 of the schools with the highest rates of poverty in the county. Packs will be sorted off-site and delivered to schools. OASIS believes with the job losses in our community, families will need immediate support with providing the most basic of clothing to their children. As students’ families are struggling to pay rent and put food on the table, OASIS will ensure that students who have outgrown their clothing will not go without socks and underwear. $0.00$10,000.00OASIS will provide socks and underwear to 1,000 students at the highest needs schools (25 kids at 40 schools with new packs of socks and underwear at $5 per pack). $10 x 25 students x 40 schools = $10,000.   

Volunteers will pack boxes and School Social Workers will identify and distribute items to low-income, at-risk students during the first weeks of school. Thus, there are no administrative overhead costs for this program. 
Not Funded0%Healthy Hygiene to Keep Students Safe OASIS NetworkBasic Needs$5,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)1,000http://www.oasis-network.orgOASIS supplies at-risk, low-income Hillsborough County Public School Students with clothing and essential hygiene items. COVID-19 closed schools in March and OASIS staff was unable to access our four sites or utilize any of our volunteers. Even now, our access to our school-based sites is severely limited. OASIS has come up with a way to serve students by providing packs of hygiene items to 25 students at the top 40 highest needs schools. Packs will be sorted off-site and delivered to schools. As students’ families are struggling to pay rent and put food on the table, more families than ever before need help to provide hygiene items not stocked at food pantries. Hygiene items will help keep students healthy and prepared to attend school by having access to items such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste.

$0.00$5,000.00OASIS will purchase hygiene items at stores where everything costs $1. One thousand students will benefit with 25 students at the top 40 highest needs schools in the district receiving $5 worth of hygiene items for a total of $5,000.

100% of funding will be used to purchase hygiene items. There are no administrative costs because volunteers purchase items, pack the boxes and deliver them to schools.

When the mom from a family of 5 children was asked if they needed OASIS’ hygiene products this summer, she broke down in tears of joy and said, “I have been watering down our shampoo and telling the kids to not rinse their toothbrushes so they will have toothpaste for the next time.” She was not sure when she would be able to buy hygiene items again.
Not Funded0%Food Boxes for Needy FamiliesSuncoast Haven of Rest Rescue MissionBasic Needs$5,000.00Pinellas30,200http://www.havenofrest.comWe are servicing poor and needy families who are on the edge of poverty and given the impact of the COVID 19 outbreak, this has been heightened. Many families have had one or more persons laid off during the shutdown and curtailment of businesses. Although, there has been only a partial recovery, many remain out of work and the stimulus check only partially covers the loss of income. Food prices in the grocery stores have increased, further stressing these families. The Rescue Mission provides a very important safety net for many in our community. Since the Mission moved to a larger campus in St. Petersburg in 2013, the total amount of foods distributed has exceeded 20 million pounds!
The Rescue Mission has suffered a loss of donations resulting from the economic downturn associated with the Corona Virus, so any assistance your organization can provide would be greatly appreciated.
$0.00$5,000.00Two of our larger expenses for the Food Box program are vehicle expenses. Our Rescue Mission truck and vans travel 8,000 miles per month to pick up foods. In May, the Mission vehicles picked up and brought in over 444,000 pounds of food. Some of the foods were parceled out to persons picking up food boxes at the Mission. In 1999, roughly 250 families per month got food boxes, by this year 1700 families receive these food per month! Other foods were delivered to many local nonprofit groups. The annual costs for our vehicles including fuel, maintenance, repairs and insurance amount to $42,000.
Another great expense is the air conditioning required to keep these foods in good condition for those families coming in for food as well as the bulk deliveries made to the local community organizations. The climate control for our main warehouse amounts to $35,000 per year.
Not Funded0%Girl Scouts of West Central Florida, Inc. (GSWCF) Camp Readiness Sanitation ProjectGirl Scouts of West Central Florida, Inc.Health and Wellbeing$4,373.00Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas10,000http://www.gswcf.orgTo protect the health of our community, Girl Scouts of West Central Florida, Inc. (GSWCF) cancelled its spring camp programs due to COVID-19. GSWCF wishes to purchase commercial-grade disinfection sprayers, soap/hands free soap dispensers and safety signage. To safely re-open, these items are necessary to properly sanitize our properties and educate visitors on CDC safety protocols.
GSWCF owns four camps with 969 acres of diverse landscapes for girls to explore. Camp Wai Lani (Pinellas County) is on the Gulf of Mexico and offers marine science programs; Camp Wildwood (Marion County) features a horse stable and equestrian programs; Camp Dorothy Thomas (Hillsborough County) hosts STEM Camp and Camp CEO; and Camp Indian Echo (Pasco County) has teepees and primitive camperships. GSWCF camp activities include kayaking, zip-lining, archery, map reading, hiking, arts/crafts, and cooking.
$0.00$4,373.00Purchase: 4 Disinfectant sprayers ($1,200); 10 Hand Sanitizer Stands ($1,680); 10 Auto Foam Dispensers ($887); 10 1-gallon soap ($390); 60 Labels for Education/Safety signs ($216).
10,000 people annually visit GSWCF camps where girls: 1) engage safely/responsibly outdoors; 2) develop an interest in the natural world; 3) confidently take on new challenges; and 4) learn environmental stewardship. All camps are accredited by the National Camp Association. The health and safety of visitors is of upmost importance.
GSWCF is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion; and has nearly 28,000 members including more than 19,000 girl members and more than 8,500 adult members. GSWCF serves girls K – 12 across Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Marion, Pasco, Pinellas, Polk and Sumter counties. Our mission is to build girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.
Not Funded0%Help Us to Help ThemHealing Hearts Cafe, IncBasic Needs$5,000.00Pasco1,000http://www.healingheartscafe.comWe are a small outreach that because of COVID-19 our donations of staples and groceries has dried up. We feed anyone who needs a hot meal and supply some groceries to help their food dollars go farther. In some cases, we deliver meals and groceries to those unable to come to us. $0.00$5,000.00Funds would be used to restock our food pantry and allow us to continue to to serve those less fortunate and the families that are struggling to put essentials in the house.
Items to be purchased include but not limited to:
Canned meats (tuna, chicken, Spam), fresh meats (when available), staples such as rice, pasta, flour, sugar, canned vegetables (fresh when available), dairy products (when available). Laundry soap, personal items.
Not Funded0%Child Abuse Victim Increased NeedsPasco Kids First, Inc.Domestic Abuse and Human Trafficking$26,645.00Hernando ; Pasco757https://www.pascokidsfirst.orgChildren who have been victimized by a crime or trauma require on-going therapy services especially during this time of uncertainty which can exacerbate trauma or anxiety symptoms. We provide child abuse prevention, assessment and treatment services in Pasco and Hernando Counties to more than 1,800 kids per year. 2019 data included 4,367 home visits, 3,425 therapy sessions, 593 medical exams and 723 forensic/specialized interviews. With kids are out of school and isolated, we expect the needs to be even greater as children are absorbing the stress from their family members; financial, health or simply being isolated from others. Stress is piling on top of trauma can be a dangerous combination. The funds will allow more children to receive support virtually. A high quality telehealth program ensures the privacy of our clients using a HIPAA compliant platform is critical for their healing.$0.00$26,645.00The funds will supply our small non-profit with the technology support needed to provide more effective and efficient services to children and families served by our Children's Advocacy Center providing child abuse assessments, therapy services and Healthy Families prevention services remotely. The investment will allow more children the opportunity to receive the needed high quality care remotely.

ZOOM for Healthcare - $5,000 per year - Currently using Profession Clinic version of but quality isn't as good as it freezes and drops calls
3 Laptops with warranty and mice @ $715 ea. = $2,145 (3 Trauma Therapists)
100 Earbuds with microphones and bluetooth/adapter to allow greater privacy during telehealth = $500
Computer software for remote software IT - Teamviewer = $1,000
Part time IT employee - $1,500 per month = $18,000 per year - assist all 4 locations

Grand Total: $26,645
Not Funded0%Virtual (Web-based) Cross-Cultural Symposiums for K-12 Student Journalists in Pinellas CountyWorld Partnerships, Inc.Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$10,000.00Pinellas150http://worldpartnerships.orgSince 2010, World Partnerships and Pinellas County Schools K-12 "Journeys in Journalism" program have teamed up for “meet the press” encounters between our US State Department International Visitor Leadership Program journalists and student journalists. Students have met with and interviewed over 1000 journalists from more than 100 countries. This project will maintain this cross-cultural dialogue while IVLP travel is paused during the Covid-19 pandemic, enhance the Journeys in Journalism educational experience in underserved communities and broaden interaction with leading foreign journalists throughout the Pinellas County school system through recorded podcasts and use of videoconferencing. Our project helps students gain a global perspective, draws upon the experiences of working journalists around the globe and applies their critical thinking skills to real-world interactions.$0.00$10,000.00The Project funds will be used to acquire the best and most cost effective digital communications platform needed for conducting, recording, and distributing virtual dialogues and roundtables, and to support the administration of the project. All media will be edited and made available to educators and the general public through podcasts and video archives available on the World Partnerships website, Pinellas County Schools website, and social media. Once our in-person professional exchange programs resume, World Partnerships will maintain a virtual engagement initiative with Journeys in Journalism and selected individuals from our 2,200+ IVLP journalists in 150 countries. The grant request funds will ensure that no matter the learning methodology (classroom or virtual), there will be continuance and expansion of this educational experience and partnership throughout 2020-21. 07/08/2020106Active
Not Funded0%Expanding Virtual Art Experiences and Learning to the PublicArts Center Association, Inc. dba Morean Arts CenterArts and Culture$33,265.00Pinellas128,000https://www.moreanartscenter.orgThe Morean Arts Center has a mission to connect people with art and wants to build greater capacity to serve the public through vital website improvements and an online education platform to expand virtual art experiences to the public. Investment in this project will increase lifelong learning options and continue to grow public use and access of improved online and digital learning resources. Even when galleries and classrooms are closed we can still provide, through technology, both personal connection and direct visual arts experiences to visitors. With shifts in personal behavior imposed by COVID-19, some audiences will remain engaged virtually indefinitely. Building and delivering more robust online content allows us to reach these visitors, foster different learning options with others, provide online retail options for revenue recovery, and continue to engage new audiences. $0.00$33,265.00Requested funds outlined below helps us connect people with art, expand virtual art experiences, improve our website, add an online education platform, and leverage technology for podcasts, audio program enhancements, robust new video offerings, online retail sales, and other adaptations for the needs of new audiences. Artist/teachers we contracted to develop initial online content with less than ideal current resources would help us create new virtual offerings, including artist talks, virtual gallery tours, STEAM content specific to glass and clay art making processes, and more. Funds would be directed as follows:

$7,774 to consultant fees for website improvements
$4,491 toward an online education platform (9 months at $499 per month for 9 months)
$21,000 toward artist/teacher payments over the next 9 months for online content development and retail sales platform improvements
Partially Funded5%Tampa Bay Watch General Operating Support and Educational Curriculum Development Tampa Bay Watch, Inc.Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$19,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas4,000http://www.tampabaywatch.orgTampa Bay Watch has a need for general operating support to compensate for the numerous canceled fundraising events, weddings, summer camp sessions, and general decline in donations during the pandemic. Additionally we need support to advance our capabilities in new ways during the pandemic. Our staff is committed to creating enriching virtual lesson plans and activities that incorporate our mission and can be done from home, so that teachers and parents can be successful at keeping kids engaged while at home. A few other examples of new online learning materials which we seek to distribute on a biweekly basis are Kids’ Pages Investigations which are in-depth worksheets and answer keys, educational videos, and live teaching sessions, all to provide at-home learning opportunities.The goal of these online resources is to inspire learners to act as life-long environmental stewards.$1,000.00$20,000.00Tampa Bay Watch requests $10,000 for educational curriculum development and $10,000 toward general operating support.07/07/2020107Active
Partially Funded18%Operating Funds For Online Arts ProgrammingThe Studio @ 620Arts and Culture$12,333.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas1,000http://thestudioat620.orgSince the risk of exposure to COVID 19 increases indoors and in large groups, The Studio@620 has had reconfigure its arts programming to a purely online approach. Much of our operating funds have been historically derived from admissions revenues but monetization of online content is not as fruitful as at the door income.
The Studio@620 continues to be a leader for local arts programming embracing social justice issues while promoting local artists, dancers, musicians and other performers of all kinds.
Our organization is in need of operating funds to continue this important work in the community. Now with online content our reach is limitless!
Funds are needed for rent, salaries, utilities, and to cover expenses like cleaning supplies so that The Studio can host local performers to create live stream content.
The impact is far reaching in terms of audience and participating artists.
$2,667.00$15,000.00Two months rent: $6600
Two months utilities (electric, internet, insurance,etc): $1200
Two months employee salaries: $7200
Not Funded0%Urban Youth JusticeUrban Youth JusticeBasic Needs$30,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pinellas100http://uyjinc.orgYouth need food, school resources, clothing, and transportation. My organization has been impacted by Covid because we are not able to enter the juvenile detention centers and now we have to wait for the youth to be released. This has affected our work productivity and has caused us to to use other virtual methods. We have had to purchase new audio and video equipment to produce DVDs to send to the facilities. We have also created a podcast they can listen to and are in need of life skills curriculum materials to provide for them inside to do self study. Also the youth have been impacted by not being able to see their families and want to aid them in being able to use virtual methods for family contacts. We want to allow the youth a successful transition upon release but also prepare them before they get released. We serve several facilities in St. Pete, Clearwater, and Tampa areas. $0.00$30,000.00Purchase school supplies, bus passes, clothing, and feed them . 07/07/2020107Active
Not Funded0%Food Distribution Operations for COVID-19/Coronavirus ResponseFeeding Tampa BayBasic Needs$500,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas1,700,000http://www.feedingtampabay.orgThe scale and scope of the challenge is beyond anything we’ve seen in foodbanking. Usually events are shorter and impact a regional area. We are now supporting a lot of different folks not normally in our network. Requests for food are up 400% and we are projecting the number of food insecure people to more than double, from 600,000 to 1.7 million. We have doubled our food distribution during the crisis to over 2 million meals weekly.

We are focusing our efforts on covering both those we already serve as well stepping into the gaps that are created by the crisis, specifically:
- Children out of school without access to school meals or after-school meals.
- Seniors and others who are at greatest risk and cannot reach food.
- Families who are experiencing higher expenses and lower wages who would not normally have needed our services.
$0.00$500,000.00Because we have to limit, for social distancing reasons, the number of volunteers and agency partners we can work with, we are taking on a much greater share of labor and delivery. This translates to extra hired person power, trucks, other equipment (pallet jacks, forklifts) and supplies (bags, boxes, meal containers, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.). The silver lining is that we are trying to employ displaced workers to assist us. But, if the pandemic spreads our labor pool will grow smaller and smaller while our responsibilities increase. Minimally, we see an increase of $250,000 - $500,000, depending upon duration. This operational support is vital to providing needed meals into the community and supports Feeding Tampa Bay's other needs request application to Community Foundation of Tampa Bay.07/06/2020108Active
Partially Funded9%Food for COVID-19/Coronavirus ResponseFeeding Tampa BayBasic Needs$727,667.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas1,700,000http://www.feedingtampabay.orgThe scale and scope of the challenge is beyond anything we’ve seen in foodbanking. Usually events are shorter and impact a regional area. We are now supporting a lot of different folks not normally in our network. Requests for food are up 400% and we are projecting the number of food insecure people to more than double, from 600,000 to 1.7 million. We have doubled our food distribution during the crisis to over 2 million meals weekly.

We are focusing our efforts on covering both those we already serve as well stepping into the gaps that are created by the crisis, specifically:
- Children out of school without access to school meals or after-school meals.
- Seniors and others who are at greatest risk and cannot reach food.
- Families who are experiencing higher expenses and lower wages who would not normally have needed our services.
$72,333.00$800,000.00Food purchasing: supplies cannot withstand our current clients, new clients and the reduced amount of food being donated. While the availability of food at grocery stores has mostly stabilized, supply chain disruptions are still limiting local food donations. To maintain a supply, we are sourcing more food from across the nation and our expenditure on food so far is now over $2 million.

We are also being asked to stand up kids’ meals and feeding programs normally supported by the school systems and to support homebound seniors who cannot access food. Our Trinity Café is preparing 15,000 meals weekly to be delivered to seniors and other homebound individuals.
Partially Funded44%FMoPA COVID-19 Needs Request Form #2Florida Museum of Photographic ArtsArts and Culture$8,333.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas150,000http://www.fmopa.orgFMoPA respectfully requests funds to cover a portion of the salary costs for the following positions as we are slowly reopening the museum for small groups of visitors. Visitor Service (front desk), Education Manager , Exhibition Manager and Membership Manager. These past few months has been extremely challenging as we rely on admission and program revenue to cover these costs normally and without them we are in jeopardy for the future.$6,667.00$15,000.00Funds from the Community Foundation will cover the following:
Visitor Service (front desk) 3,000.00
Education Manager 4,500.00
Exhibition Manager 4,500.00
Membership Manager 3,000.00
Not Funded0%Payroll training during RecoveryFresh Start of PascoWorkforce Services and Career Development$52,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Pasco2 are a 501(c3) Long-Term Recovery Organization, normally we are in the disaster field but when this pandemic hit we were called into action by the President. We already have our resource center where we help people navigate through unemployment, job search, food stamps, health insurance, we are a food pantry. Our job is to find out why this individual isn’t working, what went wrong, is it physical health or mental health or lack of education? Then working together with other partner agencies, we can help repair the problem so they can become a functioning part of society. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world; you’re a part of a society. We all have a responsibility to help others and improve the state of the community that we live in. We host quarterly meetings of Community Impact Council made up of other agencies. Please see our website;$0.00$52,000.00I work with the Pinellas Urban League Senior work program; they send me seniors looking to be retrained into the work field. I am training these people in the line of work I do. We have a few that were doing great then were sent home because of the pandemic. They want to get back to work but I need to hire them because the program will not allow them to come back or even volunteer because of their age. I am trying to run everything alone; volunteers only work a couple of hours a day, one or two days a week. For us to hire 2 1099 contractors that can be trained in case management and or grant writing, we would need $10.00 per hour x 25 hours a week x 52 weeks $13,000 yearly. That would be $52,000 that would cover 2 years payroll for 2 people at least.07/06/2020108Active
Partially Funded79%Support for Student & Family Service Continuity - Academic & CounselingPace Center for Girls of Citrus CountyEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$1,300.00Citrus50http://www.pacecenter.orgPace Citrus is a day school for girls, grades 6-12 w/ full-service counseling. We serve 50 girls with academic and counseling needs that hinder their success in their home schools. Over 90% of families qualify for free/reduced lunch and approx. 75% of families have had job displacements, food insufficiency or financial losses during the pandemic. Pace has purchased Mifi devices and paid for monthly service when families were unable (or when services were disconnected). Pace has also provided several food deliveries to nearly 90%. For approx 10 students, we anticipate a return to school may pose health concerns within their family, so we expect they will continue to need Mifi service through the end of the year. The need we are addressing is access to academic and counseling services (via mifi and monthly service) and food support for families.$5,000.00$6,300.00Purchase of 5 additional Mifi devices, 5 x $60 = $300
Monthly prepaid wifi service for 10 students for 6 months, July-December, 10 x 6 x $50 = $3,000
*July food delivery (average delivery $30/student), 50 x $30 = $1,500
*Fall food delivery (average delivery $30/student), 50 x $30 = $1,500
*If it more students/families are determined to need continued remote internet access, we will additional devices and services from these funds.
Not Funded0%We need funding to bring 27 women in off the street into a safe homeCons Helping Cons - Free to Serve, Inc.Basic Needs$13,500.00Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas27 homeless women need our help. Because of COVID-19 donation losses, our organization is without funds. We have housing for them but need funds to pay for the electricity and water to open the homes. In addition, we wish to provide each woman with hygiene products, a clean set of underclothes, a cell phone, and a bus pass. Our mentors, who have a 99+% success rate in helping women become successful tax-paying contributing citizens, have contributed their own funds to already bring 16 women into our existing homes but we need funds to get the currently identified 27 off the streets (the number increases each week, unfortunately). Please help these human beings become an asset to society. In their current situations, they are potential victims of rape and theft. Left on the street long enough, many females turn to prostitution for funds. Help us to help them get off the street...$0.00$13,500.00Pay for electricity and water in the transition home. Purchase hygiene products, new underclothes, a cell phone, and a bus pass for each woman. (Food and outer clothing are available at pantries which bless our women). Pay for any licensure a woman may need to become successful in our society (driver's license, professional license, etc.)07/03/2020111Active
Partially Funded15%Food Pantry Expansion to meet the demand of people needing food.Dunedin Cares, IncBasic Needs$42,500.00Pinellas1,250http://dunedincares.orgDunedin Cares, Inc is a Food Pantry that opened in November 2015. We have experienced exponential growth in the number of clients, especially new people who are unemployed, receiving food during the period of March 2020 to present. Since March 2020, our distribution of food increased from 10,000 lbs. (8300 meals) to 20,000 lbs.(16600 meals) per month. We primarily distribute food to Pinellas County with a few clients from Pasco County.

Our greatest need is always having a supply of food. We are now purchasing food monthly to ensure our diverse and in need population does not go hungry, We struggle to keep up with the demand as our donations are unable to shift during the extreme time of COVID-19. In addition, we are in severe need of a walk-in cooler to keep our items safe for pick up. In addition, we have had purchased canopy tents, parking cones, thermometers, and floor decals.
$7,500.00$50,000.00Funds will be used to purchase food, including perishable and non-perishable food. Secondly, with demand, we are forced to increase our refrigeration and freezer capacity thus requiring more storage space. Our expansion plan is to double our current 1800 SF and to add a 12' x 10' cooler in the new addition or on a concrete slab outside. A walk-in cooler is a must and will be ordered soon. Permitting, construction, installation, and cost of the cooler will be $15,000 - $20,000. Expansion to our existing building is estimated at $30,000. 07/03/2020111Active
Not Funded0%Improving the Quality of Life for Residents and Seabirds of the Tampa Bay in the Wake of the COVID-19 PandemicSeaside Seabird SanctuaryAnimal Welfare$96,200.00Pinellas9,000https://seasideseabirdsanctuary.orgThe Seaside Seabird Sanctuary is dedicated to the rescue, treatment, and rehabilitation of sick and injured wild birds and is the largest like it from Sarasota to the panhandle of Florida. Approximately 3000 sick and injured birds are treated and 9000 visitors come to the SSS each year to see and learn more about the importance of seabirds in the Tampa Bay. We visit 27 offsite institutions per year to put on educational presentations.

On March 21, we officially closed to the public. While we were able to reopen the end of May, our two major funding sources (donations by visitors and the sale of merchandise at our gift shop) have not returned to their pre-Covid levels. This has severely impacted our ability to provide adequate care for the birds and access for the public.
$0.00$96,200.00Our funding request is based on the loss of donations at the SSS, loss of donations in general because of the loss of expendable income in the public at large, and the loss of income from our gift shop. We anticipate the loss in revenue from these sources this year as approximately $96,200 from March 21 to the present.

We are requesting emergency funds for general operating expenses. Currently, 62 % of our operating budget goes to medical expenses for the birds. Thirty-eight % is used for payroll, utilities, and maintenance. We are requesting $59,644 (62% of our requested funding) to cover medical expenses for the birds and $36,556 (38%) for payroll, utilities, and maintenance. We can provide you with a more detailed breakdown if requested.
Not Funded0%Bringing the eLearning Gap through Summer Enrichment at Pepin AcademiesThe Pepin AcademiesEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$17,710.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)150http://pepinacademies.comThe Pepin Academies, Inc. (PA) is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit, independent, public charter school serving students in grades 3-12 with campuses in Tampa, Riverview, and New Port Richey. All students enrolled in PA have been diagnosed with a learning or learning-related disability, such as ADHD or Autism, and have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in which they receive classroom accommodations and therapeutic interventions on campus every day. The shift to online learning mandate as a result of COVID resulted in struggles for many of our students when losing the direct instruction, face-to-face therapies and interaction, and loss of routine. The result was many students failing behind and losing many of the gains achieved at our schools. This grant would cover the costs of a summer enrichment program to help ameliorate deficits realized during this time. $0.00$17,710.00To help ameliorate the achievement gaps created by the shift to eLearning for the students of Pepin Academies, we are offering a summer enrichment program to interested 3rd- 11th graders. This program will not focus on grades and tests, but rather focus on the learning and knowledge acquisition that was increasingly difficult to achieve in the new eLearning environment. In this enrichment, we hope to prepare the student for success at the start of the 2020-2021 school year. The programs will be comprised of 22 teachers across our Tampa and Riverview campuses teaching focused lessons to approximately 150 students who expressed increased, via a parent/guardian survey, in needing this enrichment after falling behind during the eLearning experience. Students will be given enrichment lessons each day in math and/or reading and then afforded one-on-one time with the teacher if desired. 07/03/2020111Active
Not Funded0%Backpacks for HungerThe Thomas Promise FoundationBasic Needs$2,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Pasco2,000https://www.thethomaspromise.orgWe are helping feed children from food insecure homes. Each week we are helping 2000+ children (18 and under) with packs of meals to get them through the weekend when most food pantries aren't available for service.
Since COVID-19 started we have went from helping roughly 1600 children a week with food to over 2000 children. We even extending our program into the summer this season where we will be distributing over 100,000 more meals than we did the previous year.
Help is up over 20%, food costs are up over 30%, and overall distribution for the fiscal year will be up over 30% as well. This year alone we will have distributed over 500,000 meals to children in need.
$0.00$2,000.00The funds we are requesting are to be used for the purchase of food. The funds would help us purchase roughly 4000 meals for the children on our program.07/03/2020111Active
Partially Funded8%CMA Animal Care FundClearwater Marine Aquarium, Inc.Animal Welfare$92,000.00Pinellas52https://www.seewinter.comDue to health concerns surrounding Covid-19, Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) closed to the public for 60 days. We have since reopened our doors and have implemented significant additional safety precautions to protect staff, animals, and guests, while ensuring a fun and educational visit for a limited number of guests. CMA relies on revenues from admission to support our animal care program. We have experienced significant financial losses due to our closure and now limited guest capacity.

Donations to CMA’s Animal Care Fund allow us to continue the lifesaving work of our mission, which remains a dire need. Our staff is working even harder to ensure that our animals are safe, healthy, and receiving the highest level of care.
$8,000.00$100,000.00Donated funds will be used by Clearwater Marine Aquarium to provide uninterrupted care for 52 resident marine animals including dolphins, sea turtles, otters, pelicans, and fish in addition to rescued animals in need of rehabilitation during this crisis. We remain a working marine animal hospital and our work never stops. The goal of CMA is to safely and purposefully work through this uncertain time in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. 07/02/2020112Active
Partially Funded67%Pharmacy and Laboratory ServicesGood Samaritan Health Clinic of PascoHealth and Wellbeing$20,000.00Pasco800http://www.goodsamclinic.orgThe Good Samaritan Clinic of Pasco, Inc. (GSHC) is committed to providing top quality medical and dental
services, including prescriptions, free-of-charge to eligible residents of Pasco County. Founded in 1990, we
provided over 3,500 patient visits in 2019, including 333 new patients. Through our partnerships with
foundations, government, hospitals and licensed healthcare professionals, GSHC is the only free clinic in Pasco
County that provides a full range of services to adults ages 18-64 - medical exams, lab/diagnostic services,
dental services, limited scope behavioral health and prescriptions - all at no cost to the patient. We treat
serious chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD and high cholesterol prevalent in our
population, with effective pharmaceuticals and education regarding diet and lifestyle. Our patients must be
at or below 200% of Federal Poverty Level.
$40,000.00$60,000.00Prior to the pandemic, funds from our three board-driven annual special events (May-Nurses Gala, September-Golf Tournament, November-Festival of Trees) would have been allocated to fund these programs. These three special events netted $145,000 in ‘19. As of 7/10/20, we’ve cancelled our Nurses Gala and our Golf Tournament. It is highly unlikely that those events will happen before 2021. We are exploring efforts to make the Festival of Trees a virtual event this November. Between 3/16/20 and 6/30/20, we’ve lost 975 volunteer hours. This is the equivalent of a FT employee for 5 1/2 months. We have had to add between 8-12 hours a week of additional staff time to make-up in a very small way for the volunteer attrition. Finally, within the next 4-6 weeks, we expect to see an influx of new patients, who through job and/or health insurance loss, will now be eligible to receive our services.07/02/2020112Active
Not Funded0%Central Heat and Air Unit for one of our recent mobile home acquisitions.My Warrior's PlaceBasic Needs$7,500.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas1,560http://mywarriorsplace.orgVeterans and their families are extremely prevalent in the Tampa Bay area, not to mention the families of the Fallen. Tampa Bay is also home to MacDill Air Force Base, the US Central Command, and the US Special Operations Command. The State of Florida has the 3rd highest veteran population in the United States – 1.5 million veterans. Statistics also show that our First Responders are even more vulnerable to things like PTSD, substance use, depression, anxiety and suicide — ten times that of the national average. Even more so with COVID.

We see the extreme need in this community for our American Heroes and their families to have access to vacation/transitional housing during the COVID-19 pandemic that My Warrior's Place provides on the Little Manatee River where healing can begin. Mobile homes on this property have been transformed into homey and cozy cottages just for this purpose.
$0.00$7,500.00We recently purchased a used 2 bedroom/1 bath mobile home that was owned by a snowbird so they only had 2 small window air conditioners for the entire mobile home. We need to have a central heat and air system installed. We have an AC company prepared to deeply discount the cost to do this. The cost to install a new heat and air unit, all required duct work and electrical to run the unit along with labor to install it all will be $7,500.00 (without discounted rate it would have been $12,500.00).

While we have already remodeled this mobile home to make it homey and cozy, to be able to have an American Hero and their family stay in this mobile home comfortably during the extreme heat of the summer we need to have central heat and air installed.

Right now, due to COVID-19 we have 7 American Heroes & their family members staying with us at My Warrior's Place.
Not Funded0%Eliminate HomelessnessReach Services Inc.Basic Needs$150,000.00Pinellas5,000http://reachstpete.orgAt Reach St.Pete our mission is to prevent, alleviate, and eliminate homelessness. In 2020 there is no excuse for anyone to go without a roof over their head and food in their stomachs in our ever-growing and flourishing community. Earlier this year we had plans to lease a building that would help us eliminate homelessness in The City of St.Pete but due to a majority of our church partnerships having to put their funding on pause due to COVID 19 we have had to put those plans on pause.

With our influx of applications and growing needs due to COVID 19, it will be crucial for us now more than ever to have this space available for our community. The building we are looking at has a large outdoor space that we will turn into an awning to make sure no one sleeps in public areas who are homeless, along with emergency rooms for families to sleep, and office and warehouse space.
$0.00$150,000.00Lease: $5,000 a month
Time: 2 years = $120,000
$30,000 for updates to space

Our organization is sustainable through grants, corporate partners, private donors, monthly donors, and community partnerships. Our Executive Director and Admin costs are sponsored by a private donor for the next 5 years ensuring additional funding is able to go direct to the community. This is done with the intention.
Not Funded0%Influx of COVID 19 related applicationsReach Services Inc.Basic Needs$16,800.00Pinellas1,800http://reachstpete.orgOur Fill The Need Program has operated for over 3+ years fulfilling need requests filling the gap between people and resources. Our main goal in this program is to help people in need get access to resources that will impact them both short and long term including but not limited to rent, bill, and grocery assistance. We have received as many as 75+ applications per hour and this is only the beginning of the effects from COVID 19.

As we work hard to efficiently meet needs we would like to hire 2 part-time seasonal workers to help us process applications. Not only will this create jobs during a difficult time for many, but it will also help us reach people's urgent needs. Hiring two additional part-time workers will mean we get to continue preventing people in our own community from going homeless and help our low-income communities recover from the financial damages of COVID 19.
$0.00$16,800.00$1400 a month (part-time/seasonal 25 hrs a week) / $8400 for 6 months

$1400 a month (part-time/seasonal 25 hrs a week) / $8400 for 6 months
Partially Funded1%TMA COVID Relief FundTampa Museum of Art, Inc.Arts and Culture$99,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas30,000http://www.tampamuseum.orgWe are addressing the need to maintain jobs, secure our cultural heritage and rebuild the community. The Tampa Museum of Art(TMA) recognizes its role in offering a mentally and physically healthy environment which the public can use as a safe place to visit during this pandemic. However, attendance free-falls, event cancellations & layoffs will result from museum, government and CDC social distancing practices without short-term financial assistance.
Without community support to maintain operations, TMA is in the midst of a financial threat. Postponements and cancellations of public programs and fundraising events will have a lasting impact on our current and future operations. We are seeking out assistance as TMA is not able to grow its income from ticket sales, class registrations, food & beverage and store sales as a result of fears of social interaction during the spread of COVID.
$1,000.00$100,000.00Funds will be used to ensure TMA's core staff are retained and supported to carry out and develop virtual and interactive community programming off-site while developing on-site education programming for the late summer and fall. It is a critical time for the museum to retain its staff to ensure community partnerships that rely on our services remain intact. All of us need to come together to set an example that we will not have long lasting financial challenges due to this temporary crisis.
Your support will help bridge the financial gap until the Museum community is able again to provide and underwrite many vital programs for the citizens of Tampa Bay. Funds will provide badly needed dollars to sustain our existing efforts to provide programming both in person and virtual immediately and in the future. Your support now will help TMA weather this storm and prepare for safer times.
Not Funded0%Title: Multi County Sustainable/Equitable Business Recognition ProgramFor Good Movement, IncProfessional Services$30,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas40,000 are seeking funding for a Sustainable/Equitable Business Recognition Program that would be used as the framework for community wealth building and to scale into other cities/regions. This program would award businesses that have implemented impactful initiatives for diversity, equity, inclusion, community, and the environment. Businesses would measure and track their impact using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This would be a feeder program to get companies in the door and then eventually become candidates for our universities to help them create a shared and durable prosperity through B Corp Certification.

With this funding, we plan to partner with the Sustany Foundation in Tampa to expand its Sustainable Business Awards program to include a larger audience with a more verifiable and credible measurement platform in their application process.
$0.00$30,000.00Because our non-profit is partly funded by a resort company in Florida, we are expecting a dramatic decrease in sponsorship, based on the unfortunate COVID-19 tourism projections. Instead of accepting the fate of putting our valuable programs on the back burner, we are actively seeking grant funding. Businesses desperately need to operate with a "new normal" and focus on the triple bottom line (people, planet & prosperity). We can provide all businesses the guidance needed to achieve this.
We would specifically use the grant money in this manner:
• $10,000 used to market the awards program in the surrounding counties of Tampa Bay to businesses
• $10,000 used to create and maintain a website for applicants to view resources for raising their sustainability score and a way to continuously track their impact
• $10,000 used for awards and ceremony programing
Not Funded0%General and operations support during COVID-19 Freefall Theatre Inc.Arts and Culture$500,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas100http://freefalltheatre.comfreeFall Theatre Company's professional and educational outreach programming includes the employment of 7 year round staff members and more than 30 seasonal actors, technical and hourly support staff. Since March 16, our programming including live theatrical performances and educational outreach programs has been put on hold. The loss of more than 50% of our ticket revenue has compromised our organization's ability to provide employment for our salaried, hourly support staff and technical theatre teams as well as key funding support from the cancellation of our season. freeFall is seeking general operational support to mitigate the loss of ticket and event revenue . Funds will go directly to our COVID-19 recovery campaign to limit the financial impact to the company ensuring our reopening in 2021.$0.00$500,000.00Funds will go directly to staff, actors, creative teams, general operations and the shows in our new season.
$20,000 new COVID-19 cleaning and sanitizing procedures including hand wash stations and extra hourly support staff and additional hours
$80,000 general operating expense support due to loss in ticket revenue
$300,000 full-time staff, hourly support staff, seasonal actors and creative teams for four-six months
$100,000 alternative programming including actors, sound system, outdoor stage and seating
Not Funded0%Research Study on UV Light Prototype’s Ability to Destroy Coronavirus on Human Corneal Tissue Lions Eye Institute for Transplant and ResearchHealth and Wellbeing$16,820.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas6,654http://lionseyeinstitute.orgCOVID-19 has severely impacted the ability to fulfill the wishes of organ, eye and tissue donors worldwide, prohibited the recovery of human tissue from decedents with suspected cases of COVID-19, and hindered the ability to restore sight and enhance lives through tissue transplantation.

We are developing a prototype of a novel UV light applicator. Our research showed its efficacy against patient isolated Candida Albicans, Candida Tropicana, MRSA, and fungus.

We propose a new study utilizing six UV light applicators to validate:
• UV light destroys cells of SARS-Cov-2 virus
• UV light does not destroy the cells of human DNA (utilizing human cornea research tissue)
• Safety for the user

This study will have global implications for the tissue donation industry as detailed antiviral recommendations and procedures will be written for eye and tissue banks and transplant surgeons worldwide.
$0.00$16,820.00We request support of a study to validate that UV light applicators can decontaminate human corneal tissue contaminated with SARS-Cov-2. The tissue will be evaluated prior to contamination, post-contamination, and post UV light application. All samples will be sent to a qualified microbiology lab to determine effectiveness of decontamination of the cells. We will determine the distance from surface and exposure time for optimal antiviral effectiveness of UV light against SARS-Cov-2.

$3K UV bulbs
$12K UV light apparatus
$400 UV light meter to assess light intensity
$120 Dye for staining/swabs for viral cultures
$700 Microbiology lab testing
$600 Five hours statistical analysis

On June 26, Florida reported 3,327 coronavirus deaths. Had we been able to recover and decontaminate tissue from eye and tissue donors, we could have restored sight to 6,654 cornea transplant recipients.
Not Funded0%Tools to Succeed - Adaptive Education InitiativeSunrise Children's ServicesEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$7,250.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)20http://www.sunrisegroup.orgFormerly known as United Cerebral Palsy of Tampa Bay, the newly renovated Sunrise Children's Services center has been providing early learning programming to children from low-income households with and without developmental delays such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Down syndrome since 1955. Our curriculum focuses on providing children from infancy to five years of age with the tools and supports necessary to enter the school system ready to succeed. For the last 37 years, we have held a golf tournament to raise program funding. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have lost a significant amount of support from many of our funders, leaving our "Tools to Succeed" Initiative in a state of limbo. Because of the unique population we serve, the adaptive equipment and educational tools we need are often the difference between a child's success or struggling when they begin kindergarten.$0.00$7,250.00The funds will be used specifically for the purchase of adaptive educational equipment to create a more enriching and accessible learning environment for all the children enrolled in our program. Specifically, funding will be used for the purchase of assistive technology such as computers ($350 each) and the LearningBoard computer keyboard for children ($45 each), cause and effect toys for children with autism (average of $30 each), indestructible reading books for our school's library ($7 each), and other adaptive equipment such as activity mats, sensory tables, and educational toys. These peripherals play a critical role in the development of the children at our center. Additionally, due to the adaptability of these tools, children can use them throughout the learning process, regardless of whether or not they have a disability so that they are better prepared to enter kindergarten.06/30/2020114Active
Not Funded0%Caring for the CommunityFaith Life Outreach MinistriesBasic Needs$15,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)300http://www.faithlifeoutreachministries.orgSupplying food, hygiene products, over the counter medicine, face masks and gloves, mainly to those are Shut-in round about us in the community.$0.00$15,000.00Purchasing food, hygiene products,(Tissue,soap,tooth paste etc) medicine,face masks and gloves.
Rental of reliable transportation to pick up and distribute products.
Ensuring proper storage and distribution
We have worked over the years with different facilities with huge amount of Shut-in, and would love to be able to continue reaching out to these individuals in this time of crisis,
Thanks in advance for your help.
Not Funded0%Urgent Assistance for Outreach Facility in South TampaHope on the Horizon IncBasic Needs$40,000.00Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)375 on the Horizon is the only non profit 501c South of Gandy Blvd that is presently serving individuals food, clothes, furniture, etc.. to the homeless, low income families, veterans and fixed income elderly in our general demographic area. $0.00$40,000.00We are in desperate need of a location for growth due to the increased requests for assistance. At present, we are working out of our residential properties and storage units which is presently $1000 per month. Our plan is to create an outreach location for those in needs to pick up food supplies, a clothing store for donations and exchange, laundry facilities for those to wash clothes by appointments, community service opportunities for high school students and others to meet court ordered needs as well as a location for case workers to meet with individuals in dry and safe environment. We will need to lease a commercial space for around 2500 sq feet as a specific general location aka "one stop shop" for all these services to occur in order to increase the hours of service and consistency to those in need compared to our present situation of rotating of hours and locations. 06/29/2020115Active
Not Funded0%Fighting Hunger and Food Waste through the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Tampa Bay AreaMove For HungerBasic Needs$5,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas40,000https://www.moveforhunger.orgFor food banks/pantries, transportation of food is a prohibitive expense that often means losing out on an opportunity for food rescue/meals. This challenge has been further exacerbated by COVID-19, as food banks reduce staff and volunteers to comply with social distance requirements in the midst of facing heightened demand. By building a network of 1,000+ transportation partners, 1,500 apartment partners, and strategic corporate mobility partners, MFH helps to keep food banks’ shelves fully stocked year-round and engages communities in hunger awareness, food drives, and special events. MFH leverages the existing transportation resources of entire industries to collect and deliver surplus food to food banks. B/C MFH’s model is designed around and powered by community partnerships, by encouraging donation of food when people move, MFH is poised to quickly spring into action. $0.00$5,000.00Grant funds will be used to sustain MFH’s crucial work despite financial losses, maintain the increased programming required by the pandemic, and build the necessary capacity to remain responsive to this unpredictable challenge. Support MFH’s efforts in Tampa Bay will:
Increase & continue support to local food bank/pantries through our network of transportation volunteers
Expand outreach to supermarkets & local CPGs for product donations to food banks/pantries
Coordinate warehouse storage for food w/MFH’s local moving partners to assist food banks/pantries
Host food drives with current partners in area to help replenish inventory in food bank/pantries
Work with local partners in the area to increase volunteer efforts to support food banks/pantries
Work with local marathons and races that were postponed to rescue food and beverages throughout the region and provide to food banks/pantries
Not Funded0%Homeless NeedsBlanket Tampa BayBasic Needs$2,500.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River)500http://www.blanketampabay.orgBlanket Tampa Bay is requesting funds so we can provide more hygiene products to the homeless and the working poor we serve. We have been passing out "blessing bags" and masks to the people we meet on the street that need these items. Since 2015 we have been serving the homeless and working poor. Before COVID 19 started we served every Monday in the parking lot at St Peter Claver Church, we served about 225, The received their items and got a hot meal. We also provided food, leashes, bowls, and water for their pets.$0.00$2,500.00The funds would be used to purchase additional hygiene products like toothpaste, deodorant, razors, feminine items, masks, sleeping bags, rain ponchos, mosquito bands, foot powder.06/28/2020116Active
Partially Funded27%Teacher Resilence ProjectMetropolitan Ministries, Inc.Education: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$18,334.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas2,300http://www.metromin.orgHigh quality early learning experiences for children ages birth to five influence child development and strong outcomes for youth, especially those in poverty. Early learning experiences shape the brain, providing the foundation for future learning. Unfortunately, the people responsible for these experiences, childcare workers, frequently experience widespread burnout, impacting the quality of care children receive. In the age of COVID 19, childcare workers are often considered essential workers, risking their own health and health of their families to provide care for the children they serve. Researchers in a 2018 study published in the Journal of Early Learning and Development concluded providing teachers with more positive work environments and training on handling work stressors was more effective in improving teacher well-being than other tested strategies. $6,666.00$25,000.00EFFINITY’s Teacher Resilience Project strives to impact Florida’s early education system by providing tools which combat teacher burnout. Funds will be used to offset the training costs of 175 early educators. Approximately 2,125 children in the care of those trained will be positively impacted as their teachers are empowered through training aimed to improve teacher psychological well-being. EFFINITY, a social enterprise start-up launched by Metropolitan Ministries in 2019 delivers organizational training utilizing trainers who are certified by national accreditation agencies or considered experts in their field. Metropolitan Ministries is an accredited Trauma Informed Care agency from the Sanctuary Institute. Each participant will receive training in the areas of compassion fatigue, self-care, and trauma informed care and complete a self-care action plan to utilize in the field.06/26/2020118Active
Not Funded0%Healthy Births for Minority InfantsReach Up IncHealth and Wellbeing$10,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)260 Inc. provides eleven programs that serve the low income and minority population in Hillsborough County to ensure the availability of equitable healthcare to minorities. The signature program of REACHUP is reducing the infant mortality in the black community by providing in-home nurse or doula (healthcare worker) weekly visits to coach, monitor and educate first time mothers through the pregnancy and through the infants first year of life. Due to stresses on funders and cuts received in funding there is a need to receive new funds to ensure continuence of the program for all clients . The Covid 19 pandemic has made in-person visits impossible so the mothers need to participate in weekly telemed visits with our nursing staff. Some mothers need the equipment to participate in such visits.
This program has helped achieve a 58% decrease in black infant mortality since 2009
$0.00$10,000.00The funds would be used to help additional first time expecting mothers participate in the program to ensure their childs healthy birth. In addition the funding would help support the added cost of doing remote visits and supplying all the participating families with the additional supplies needed due to Covid-19 to support them through the pregnancy and first year of the infants life.06/25/2020119Active
Not Funded0%Into the Rhythm- Connecting Through Music While Social DistancingRhythm ChangesEducation: Early Childhood, K-12, and Post-Secondary$10,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas30,000 provides musically interactive enrichment programming through drum circles and drum making programs across the state of Florida.
When social distancing began, we lost our entire calendar of booking. We began adapting our enrichment programs to an online format and produced video content. We have seen a very positive response from the community - recently being asked to produce 10 musically interactive learning concept videos for Lighthouse for the Blind, as well as producing interactive musical play along videos for schools, libraries and special needs groups. We believe these can be adapted for senior populations as well.
We are seeking funding to produce online content for schools, youth detention centers and special needs groups. I am including links to demonstrate the nature of the content.
Thank You
$0.00$10,000.00Funds received will be used to produce interactive and educational online content as well as to purchase additional equipment needed. Funds will also be used towards operating expenses until we are able to start generating more revenue - either with the sales of videos or the careful easing of social distancing guidelines to allow in person drum circles to resume. We anticipate the 2020/2021 school year to be one where kids will be doing significant virtual learning and where teachers and aftercare providers will need engaging content for their students. Due to the strong relationships we have built over the years with schools and aftercare providers across the state, we are confident we can shift our model and provide quality online content and enrichment programming to the students we would see face to face during a typical school year. 06/25/2020119Active
Not Funded0%Funding for Children Battling CancerSmall but Mighty Heroes Inc.Health and Wellbeing$50,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas25 are requesting a consideration of funding for our pediatric cancer organization. We are a small, local nonprofit and serve the Hillsborough and surrounding areas by helping children who face the battle of childhood cancer. We have been effected negatively by COVID-19 as we are not able to do our events or fundraisers. Our funding is being depleted and expenses are being covered by personal expenses. Our mission is to continue to help the children feel the love and support and to help them smile in the face of the dark and insidious monster called cancer. We aim to help the parents focus on their children during the battle and for the siblings to have a welcoming hand as they too, feel the effects of childhood cancer. We aim to keep the family together and to help make memories. Thank you for your consideration. $0.00$50,000.00The funds will be used to provide the children battling cancer the following: Travel expenses, lodging expenses, Hero boxes (ways to make them happy/smile during such difficult times), Memory trips, Wish fulfillment, end of life expenses, meal cards, and assisting with home needs as parents tend to lose their jobs being home with their children during their fight. We aim to help the children feel the love and support and to help them smile in the face of the dark and insidious monster called cancer. 06/25/2020119Active
Not Funded0%Covid Kids Meals and SuppliesThe Storehouse of AmericaBasic Needs$12,000.00Pinellas500NAWe will provide home and hygiene products for children, senior citizens and families that have tested Covid 19 positive or awaiting results from Covid 19 testing and are unable to leave their homes due to quarantine. Our goal is supply their immediate need by delivering products in a no contact interaction.$0.00$12,000.00Products i.e. medicines, food, hygiene and cleaning products would be purchased and delivered door to door in an effort to keep quarantined families and individuals inside without the pressure of having to go out in order to meet their personal and family needs.06/25/2020119Active
Not Funded0%COVID Relief for Farm WorkersColectivo Arbol, Inc.Basic Needs$5,000.00Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River)500NARequesting funds in order to continue to offer weekly food, milk and clothing distributions to the migrant farm workers of Central Florida who have kept food on our tables during this pandemia, but are now finding a drastic increase in positive COVID cases in this community. This renders them unable to work at all, and unable to pay bills or services. We have been delivering food to their homes and helping as we can with electric bills, etc.. This grant would allow us to continue to provide these services for families in need.$0.00$5,000.00Any funds received would be used to:

1. Provide food & water for entire families unable to leave their homes or able to work
2. Help to pay doctors visits, as needed
3. Help to pay utility bills to avoid shut-off
Not Funded0%COVID-19 NeedFlorida Cancer Specialists FoundationHealth and Wellbeing$20,000.00Citrus ; Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas150 Foundation and the patients we serve have greatly felt the impacts of COVID-19. FCS Foundation has received almost 1,500 application since January of this year. Patients are not only feeling the economic impact of undergoing cancer treatment, but also the loss of income due to COVID-19. The need has increased during COVID-19 pandemic, with a 36% increase in the past 30 days, compared to the same time period last year.

To do our part in reducing the spread of COVID-19, FCS Foundation made the difficult decision to cancel four of our major fundraising events which were scheduled to take place from March to May. The economic loss of these canceled fundraisers is devastating for the FCS Foundation, with an estimated loss of $300,000.
$0.00$20,000.00FCS Foundation provides patients with up to $2,000 in financial support per year while they undergo cancer treatment. These funds will be used to pay non-medical, essential bills like rent or mortgage, car payments, or utility bills. FCS Foundation does not give direct cash payments to recipients; instead, FCS Foundation pays the companies directly from which the bills are due.06/23/2020121Active
Not Funded0%Job Connections - Fulfilling the Power of WorkGoodwill Industries-Suncoast Inc.Workforce Services and Career Development$17,000.00Hernando ; Hillsborough - North (north of the Alafia River) ; Hillsborough - South (south of the Alafia River) ; Pasco ; Pinellas6,000http://goodwill-suncoast.orgCountless individuals have lost their jobs since the onset of COVID19 and today’s overwhelming competition for jobs is even more challenging due to job scarcity. Job Connections (JC) offers assistance with the employment process; job search/application and placement support, career exploration, planning and advancement, courses and certifications to up-skill/re-skill work skills to enhance/advance employment opportunities. Nearly every person served by Goodwill are from low-income families, including those with employment challenges. (offenders, addiction etc.) The JC helps people to get back to work and offers support to area businesses seeking to hire qualified workers. Goodwill is enhancing the technological capability of the JC Centers in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties to address today’s need for virtual access. JC served 5,913 people and placed 255 persons in jobs in 2019. $0.00$17,000.00 Technology and tools plays a vital role in the JC program, especially with social distancing measures in place for an unforeseen time. Virtual access allows individuals to obtain help no matter where they may be. We submit this application to support the enhancement of technology and tools for our JC program to position the JC to address virtual employment support, training, workshops, job search/placement assistance to the overwhelming number seeking help to gain or re-gain jobs to support them and their families. Specifically the funds will be used to upgrade computer equipment for our Hillsborough and Pinellas County Job Connection (12 PC's and 6 Laptop's), at a cost of approximately $17,000. The new equipment will advance virtual access through today’s technology needs, and allow for people to train and work online in compatible programs comparable to today’s workforce needs. 06/23/2020121Active
Not Funded0%E-Mental Health ServicesNAMI - PinellasHealth and Wellbeing$10,000.00Pinellas15 providing e-mental health services, NAMI Pinellas can partner with behavioral health providers to maximize exposure for individuals that need personal attention to help with recovery and resiliency. Virtual support helps empower people living with a mental health condition to feel confident and optimistic about their recovery. E-mental health services can help individuals that are transportation challenge to receive services how and when they need to in the convenience of their personal space. NAMI Pinellas would offer these multiple virtual platforms to fifteen individuals with a mental health condition. NAMI Pinellas would evaluate the outcomes of using these services by surveying the individuals. Our goal is to create positive outcomes for individuals with a mental health condition who may be challenged to access counseling services during COVID19.$0.00$10,000.00The funds would be used to pay for online memberships/subscriptions for virtual mental health services for individuals that need counseling/support services for their recovery and resiliency (i.e. Life Recovery Program, Cope Notes, EmergU). A small portion of these funds would help support the costs of administration expenses to oversee the evaluation of these online programs. 06/23/2020121Active