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Supporting local nonprofits on the front lines of making a difference is at the heart of what we do. The Community Foundation serves nonprofit organizations through grants, endowments, reserve funds, initiatives and more. We create connections and inspire giving that invests in the powerful work you do for our community and helps ensure long-term success and sustainability. Let’s build a more vibrant future together!


Community Foundation Tampa Bay invests directly in your nonprofit organization’s work through our donor-directed grants and our competitive grants process. We award competitive grants each year to support a wide range of projects and initiatives, while donors who have established giving funds with us can recommend grants to nonprofits at any time.


We offer endowments—long-term funds invested to generate growth and income—to provide stability and a consistent source of income to support your mission. Endowments held at the Community Foundation Tampa Bay range from the minimum of $25,000 to more than $5 million. We manage, administer and invest the endowed funds, and you may receive a specified amount distributed to you annually to support your operations.

How Does it Work?

Community Foundation manages your endowment as part of a high-performing investment pool. An annual distribution is made to your organization, consistent with the spending policy adopted by our board. The current distribution amount is 4.25%. 

What is the Return?

Endowment funds are intended for perpetual asset growth and are invested for the long-term. We target an average annual return of 7% and the administrative fee for service is 0.75%.

What are the Advantages?

Our large $300+ million investment portfolio increases the opportunity for a better return with lower administrative costs. An endowment also shows potential donors that your organization has prepared for long-term stability. And, if your organization ceases to exist, donors have the assurance that their contribution will continue to support a similar cause.

Other Ways Nonprofits Partner with Us

Reserve Funds

Community Foundation Tampa Bay offers nonprofits the opportunity to save reserved or emergency dollars in a professionally managed fund that remains fully accessible. We offer this service as a flexible, simple way to build reserves for a project, emergency, capital needs or future operational needs. Reserve funds range from the minimum of $25,000 to more than $2 million and can be invested for short-term, intermediate or long-term growth.

Community Initiatives

Community Foundation Tampa Bay takes on ambitious initiatives to address issues of critical importance to our community, such as education, workforce development, social entrepreneurship, hunger and homelessness. We work in cooperation and collaboration with a variety of community partners, both private and nonprofit.

Endowment Match Program

Ask us for details on our NEW Endowment Match program for nonprofits and individual donors. You may be able to add an additional $25,000 to your endowment contribution of $100,000 or more.

Critical Needs List

We know that a single, unexpected event can dramatically impact your ability to provide crucial services. To address these unexpected needs, we have created the Critical Needs List for you to share those urgent needs with community philanthropists. 

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