How We Work With Advisors

Your clients trust you to help them best manage their assets, including meeting their charitable goals. We add our expertise to yours to achieve the best results for your clients.

No matter what type of professional you are – attorney, accountant, financial planner or other advisor – we can help you find the right solution for your clients to meet their charitable, financial and emotional needs now and for the future.

Think of us as an extended member of your team. We are a resource and a partner to help you build stronger relationships with your client – at no cost to you.

We offer:


We have in-depth knowledge of our community’s nonprofits and needs, so we can help you and your clients structure gifts to have the maximum impact. We also have the ability to handle complex donations, including retirement plans, real estate, life insurance, business interests and more.


Our staff handles all the paperwork — from asset transfer to record keeping and tax reporting — even if your clients want to support multiple charities with a single gift.

Personal Service

Our staff is always available to answer your questions about charitable giving or local nonprofits. We also will arrange site visits so that your clients can see for themselves where their gifts are going.


We do our best to accommodate your clients’ wishes. We listen and offer strategic solutions to your clients’ needs.

Anonymity, if desired

We understand that some donors prefer to give anonymously, and we are happy to work directly with you on their behalf.

Learning and networking opportunities

We frequently host gatherings that provide insight on topics of interest and chances to network with fellow legal and financial advisors.


Our strong history of financial stewardship, integrity and focus on the benefits to future generations work together to assure your clients that their philanthropic intentions will remain intact in perpetuity.

As a part of my estate planning practice, I have the pleasure of talking to my clients about their legacies. Many of them want to benefit the community after they are gone, but they are not quite sure how that can be accomplished. Fortunately, the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay has become a trusted, low-pressure resource for my clients, whether they want to make gifts now or at their deaths.

The Community Foundation offers many flexible, tailored solutions that accomplish my clients’ charitable goals. I have great appreciation for all of their patience and thoughtfulness in working with my clients.

Joshua T. Keleske, P.A.

Attorney, Trusted Counsel of Tampa Bay