Creating Charitable Solutions for Your Clients

Denyve Boyle, Director, Philanthropy

Sheila Kinman, SVP of Philanthropy – or (813) 609-4857
Denyve Boyle, Director of Philanthropy – or (813) 609-4868


Whether you are an attorney, accountant, financial planner, or other advisor, we work with you to find charitable giving solutions for your clients. We provide our expertise and resources to help you provide options for your clients that offer maximum tax benefits, flexibility, and impact–now and in the future.

How We Work with You 

Our staff handles all the paperwork — from asset transfer to record keeping and tax reporting — even if your clients want to support multiple charities with a single gift. We answer your questions about charitable giving or local nonprofits and can arrange site visits so that your clients can see for themselves where their gifts are going.

You seek effective charitable giving channels; we offer sustainable and customizable charitable investment options for your clients.

We have in-depth knowledge of our community’s nonprofits and needs, so we can help you and your clients structure gifts to have the maximum impact. We can handle complex donations, including retirement plans, real estate, life insurance, business interests and more.

What is Your Client Looking to Do?  

Create a Charitable Fund 

Traditional Donor Advised Fund – a giving fund – offers a convenient, versatile way to make charitable contributions when and how you choose.

Think of it as a charitable checking account: Your client makes an initial donation and claims the maximum tax benefits allowable by law. Then they decide which nonprofit organizations they want to support with grants. They can add to the fund any time they want with cash, stock, or other assets. Click for more Information.

Foundation within the Community Foundation – offers the benefits of a private foundation without the cost, time, and administrative hassles.

For Clients with a deep commitment to philanthropy, a personal, family, or corporate foundation within the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay offers all the practical benefits of a Donor Advised Fund along with added support from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay.  A foundation within the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay also garners a more favorable tax treatment and lower operating expenses than a private foundation. Click for to see a comparison between a Private Foundation and a Foundation within the Community Foundation.

Leave a Charitable Legacy

Personalize Legacy Funds – Legacy Funds

Creating an endowed Legacy Fund can reassure your clients that their charitable dollars are earmarked for the future and will be carefully, expertly managed. Their Legacy Fund can benefit specific organizations or a cause.

Annuities and Trusts

If your client is looking for vehicle that allow both income and charitable donation with a favorable tax advantage. Please contact us for details on Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Lead Trusts or other trusts and annuities. Click for more Information. 

Here are some additional resources for you and your client:

Stock and Cash Transfer Instructions

Sample Bequest Language

Administrative Fee Schedule

Other Creative Solutions for your Clients

Individually Managed Account Program (IMA)Individually Managed Accounts Program

Our IMA program is a win-win for you and your clients. Your client can use a donor advised fund to support the causes they care about, and you can manage your client’s charitable assets after they are donated to the fund. Both you and your clients will have access to a knowledgeable staff of professionals who empower donors to become organized and efficient philanthropists.


Please see our article here on Charitable Giving Tools: Unsung Heroes in the Demise of the Stretch IRA

For philanthropic IRA owners who want to provide income to their children, grandchildren, or other loved ones but are worried about tax liability, a T-CRUT or T-CGA could be a viable solution. When selecting a charity -beneficiary, IRA owners should be sure to select a charity that is experienced with accepting these types of charitable gifts.

Qualified Charitable Distributions

Please see our article in the May/June Issue of Lawyer Magazine – Qualified Charitable Distributions and The Secure Act – Page 62

“My clients have a passion for making a positive difference through their charitable giving. The Community Foundation of Tampa Bay connects their passion with purpose. I rely on the Community Foundation as a trusted resource to protect their charitable intentions.”


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