Achieve Your Clients’ Giving Goals

You are your clients’ trusted advisor. You’ve helped them build their businesses, provide for their families and grow their assets. They rely on you for advice. They want you to offer options and suggest solutions, including times when charitable giving may be right. You have your clients best interests at heart. So do we. 

We specialize in strategic, impact-minded givers

Many of my clients have a passion for making a positive difference through their charitable giving. The Community Foundation connects their passion with purpose. I rely on the Community Foundation as a trusted partner to advance and protect their charitable intentions. 

William R. Lane, Jr.

Holland & Knight LLP

Giving Opportunities for Your Clients

We have a variety of ways to help your clients meet their charitable giving goals. Whether those goals are for immediate or lifetime giving, part of an estate plan or focused on strategic family philanthropy, we can customize a charitable fund that works best for them. Options include: 

Traditional Donor Advised Fund

A versatile way to make charitable contributions when and how your client chooses.

Foundation Within the Foundation

Offers the benefits of a private foundation without the cost, time and administration.

Legacy Fund

Assures that charitable dollars are earmarked for the future and will be expertly managed.

Creative solutions to meet your clients’ goals, including Charitable Gift Annuities, Charitable Remainder Trusts, gifts from IRAs and more. 

How We Can Work Together

Our trusted philanthropic options intersect your expert financial advice and your client’s interests

A client may come to you for advice about a life event. The event may have already happened or be on the horizon. Either way, it’s likely there are tax implications.

The Community Foundation staff works as an extension of your team. While you direct what is best for your client’s individual situation, we follow your lead to administer the charitable component of their plan.

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