Expanded Eligibility Criteria for the Critical Needs List

Attention Nonprofits

You may now be eligible for funding through the Critical Needs List. Please visit here to learn about the expanded criteria including the need to address circumstances external to the organization that interfere with the provision of mission-critical services. Examples may include gas costs, added security measures, or shelter costs.

About the Critical Needs List

Nonprofits provide services to those most in need within our community, many are often under-resourced and a single, unexpected event can dramatically impact their ability to provide crucial services. To address these unexpected needs, Community Foundation Tampa Bay created the Critical Needs List for nonprofits to share those urgent, unexpected needs with community philanthropists. A critical need is defined as unbudgeted, unforeseen, and time-sensitive, and one that significantly interferes with a nonprofit’s ability to provide crucial services or presents an imminent threat to the organization’s continued operations.

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