Extending Our Fundholder Match in this Time of Need

The Nonprofit Needs List continues to grow and evolve. To encourage additional support for the nonprofits who place their urgent needs on the list, we are continuing the Fundholder Match Program for a limited time and adjusting the parameters. Previously, only one donation from each fundholder’s donor advised fund to each organization was eligible for the match, up to a maximum match of $5,000 for a single gift of $15,000 or more.

We are removing the one-donation limit. Now, each CFTB fundholder can receive a match of up to $5,000 total toward each individual Nonprofit Needs List organization, whether your gift comes in one, two, or many separate donations. So if you are a Community Foundation of Tampa Bay fundholder who has already donated to a nonprofit from your donor advised fund, you can now donate again and receive the match if the total of the matches does not exceed $5,000 since the beginning of the Fundholder Match Program.

As a reminder, here’s how the Fundholder Match Program works:

  • Make a grant from your donor advised fund or Family Foundation to meet a request on the Nonprofit Needs List
  • Indicate in the grant request that you would like grant to be matched
  • The Community Foundation will match one  dollar for every three dollars donated
  • Minimum match = $250 on $750 grant
  • Maximum match = $5,000 on $15,000 or more grant.
  • Matches will be made on each grant until the total reaches a $5,000 match per organization per fundholder.

For details on the Fundholder Match Program or questions about how to help, contact Nicolette Rea, Director, Donor Relations.


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